it's so beautiful it's almost poetic

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The producers of the show didn't quite use that many illusions and metaphors like they did with season 3 compared to 1 + 2. Like the whole Romeo and Juliet comparisons and the locker metaphor, and how on 21:21 in the pool, Isak was 'reborn' like in Psalm 21 or whatever it is and it was almost like he got baptized? I just think this just ties in with that timeless and magical vibe you get from season 3 because its just so poetic, you know? Its all great, best show ever (:

!!!! i dont know if there could be any season more beautiful than s3

Little White Butterfly

I was on the bus the other day, feeling extremely depressed about the events happening in Gaza. Especially after hearing that there were 164 deaths (and counting) and over 1000 people injured within less than a week of constant Israeli attacks on Palestinians. Those people being INNOCENT civilians: men who are fathers, sons and brothers; women who are mothers, daughters and sisters; and more devastatingly, children who are completely innocent to what is going on and who have had to grow up in a place where targets are placed over their heads as soon as they are born.

So with my heart heavy and unable to even focus, I did the only thing that I knew could bring at least some sort of peace to my mind and made Du'a right then and there. I sat there with my hands reaching to Allah, praying for the people of Palestine, for Allah to have mercy on them and to give back the freedom that was taken away from them and the peace that they deserve. Ameen.

When I was finished, not even two minutes later, a little white butterfly flew into the bus and became trapped within it. Every time it would fly towards the windows, the strong currents of the wind would push it away and it would tumble back further. I just kept watching it. It was so fascinating yet sad, and in a way symbolic. White symbolizing peace, and a butterfly symbolizing freedom. Eventually it gave up, and out of all the people on the bus, it landed on my arm. SubhanAllah. It stayed there so peacefully for 20 minutes. It didn’t even try to fly away, even when the wind would blow directly onto it, it remained its grounds. Maybe because it was tired and needed something to hold onto. When my stop had finally come, I slowly and gently got up, trying not to shake it off, and as soon as we were out of the bus, i gently tapped on it’s wings to initiate it to fly away. And that it did. It was so beautiful. Almost poetic. Like I was the one who had helped in restoring its freedom, and released the peace that was trapped within itself.

It’s like the people in Palestine. Right now they are stuck, isolated within illegal borders with no where to go and left completely helpless as the world ignores them. Everything that they embody, their motives in this conflict; is for peace and for freedom. Every time they try to take a step forward on their own, they are pushed two steps back by the “wind.” And like that butterfly, they need US. They need humanity to LISTEN and to not leave their sides. I could have easily shaken that butterfly off, but how could I do that in its time of need? When all it wanted was to be free? We must come together and HELP them, because this is a war they can not fight on their own for long. This is something bigger than themselves, physically. But spiritually and mentally, they are the successors. InshaAllah, like that little white butterfly, we can come to a place in time where the people of Palestine can be free from the walls they are bound by and restore their peace and the peace in humanity. We are their wings to help them fly.

I’ve never experienced anything like that before, but SubhanAllah, that butterfly was a sign from Allah. Something I will never forget. And that same night, there was also a full moon which symbolizes a new beginning. It can not just be a coincidence. There was a purpose behind it all, and Allah knows best. He has a plan for everything. And we are a part of that plan.

Allahu Akbar. 

- Hina Ali