it's so beautiful !

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Aahh yes the silent part in Yuri on Ice! To me though, I interpret it as a moment when Victor and Yuuri are apart. At first, he feels a bit lost, not knowing where to go, but then as the piano starts to pick up, that's Yuuri making his own way and carving out his own path. Victor is always with him in spirit and Yuuri has gained confidence in his own decisions. Then the strings come back in and I picture Victor just rushing to embrace Yuuri as if to say, "look at how strong you are! I love you."

wow, so true!! you put it really well! 

i also see it as a moment of introspection where yuuri becomes aware of all the love surrounding him, especially victor’s!

aaaahhfhsdfjkghk i just love that song so much!! it’s so beautiful, filled with emotion and meaning!!


Memories… of that 2 seconds where Kat Dennings (Darcy) and Chris Evans (Steve) were in the same room, breathed the same air, and even hugged. 

A poem Tyler wrote about Vessel and performed in Tulsa ( 2014) I think more people should know about

Summertime has come to a close,

now everybody knows.

And just like every summer time comes to an end

so does this show.

We’ve played this great city more than 

once or twice and we hope

we’ve made them dance, we’ve made them sing , 

we’ve made them proud of every note.

It’s a little sad to say

this is the last time that we’ll play

at this place, with this album 

Where Vessel ruled the day.

When the summertime did fade,

Vessel is what you’ve made

And Tulsa ruled the day, yes Tulsa ruled the day

source ( 04:10)

You want to know what I love most about the development of Kaneki and Touka relationship. It went from Touka not wanting anything to do with Kaneki

Basically telling him he isn’t wanted and doesn’t belong anywhere

Slowly warming up to him

Putting herself in harms way to rescue him

Making a home for him

Becoming his lover and a source of comfort for him

I just love seeing where their relationship started and where it is now. It really come a long way.