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I have a klk question, and I apologize if you've answered it before, but, do you find any significance in Ryuko taking a big bite out of an unpeeled lemon in her introduction? Like, was it just meant to make her seem hard? Or like, does it have some subtext I don't understand? Is she ever seen eating lemon/drinking lemonade as a background thing? I've always wondered about this. Thanks.

I gotta be honest with you: I’m atrocious at talking about symbolism. There’s a reason that my hundreds of essays hardly ever mention it. 

So… I haven’t especially covered this before, but I can provide some Thoughts.

First and foremost, the lemon scene has been largely understood as a homage to FLCL, a coming-of-age anime worked on by Gainax—the studio that Hiroyuki Imaishi and Masahiko Otsuka left to found Studio Trigger, which is the team behind Kill la Kill

In the first episode of FLCL, Naota, the protagonist, refuses to drink the rest of the sour, “Lemon Squash” pop that his friend Mamimi didn’t finish. He claims that he “[doesn’t] like sour drinks” and proceeds to toss the can aside.

However, at the end of the episode, Mamimi offers Naota the sour pop again, and his reaction changes. While he repeats his sentiment—“I told you, I don’t like sour stuff”—Naota doesn’t toss the can aside this time, instead guzzling the drink down.

So, when Ryuko, the protagonist of Kill la Kill, begins the first episode of her show not just forcing herself to consume something sour, but does so purposefully, without flinching… there’s probably something there. Kill la Kill’s director Imaishi did work extensively on FLCL, after all.

But what exactly is meant to be conveyed in either series is entirely dependent on how the “sour” symbol is understood.

On the one hand, the “sourness” could be a symbol of “first love.” For Naota to accept the drink in FLCL would be to accept an “indirect kiss” from Mamimi, who had been drinking from the can previously. The “first love” idea seems supported in Kill la Kill, with Ryuko noting, after Mataro steals her lemon (at least in the original Japanese script), “You’re that eager to learn what first love tastes like?”

Mataro: Bitch, don’t try to be all witty! I’ve had my first kiss!

And with the idea of “first love” comes the idea of childishness. Though it may have some… Unfortunate Implications, in both FLCL and Kill la Kill, it could be said that getting into a first romantic relationship is a sign of growing up. The fact that Naota initially refuses to taste “first love” represents his initial refusal to come of age—and the fact that Mataro in Kill la Kill insists that he has had his first kiss (or “get[s] way more action than [Ryuko]!” in the dub) represents his desire to seem “grown-up” and experienced.

Ryuko’s utterly blase eating of the lemon would then also imply that she has had romantic relationship(s) in the past and is not afraid of them.

However, with all of this, the “sourness” could simply be a larger metaphor: a metaphor of adulthood, maturity, that kind of stuff. Naota deciding to take in the sourness at the end of the first opening episode signifies that his show is going to feature his coming of age—something he initially didn’t want anything to do with, but that the story is going to push him to experience regardless. Ryuko immediately biting into a lemon could then signify that she’s already come of age, but—and more likely, considering Kill la Kill’s ending—it could also signify that she’s not afraid of the hardships, challenges, and “sourness” that comes with coming of age.

In this way, I also see the “sourness” as a bit of a metaphor for moving forward rather than running away. The lemon pop in FLCL is first featured when Naota struggles to tell Mamimi that his brother is seeing someone else—a hard, difficult, “adult” situation that’s not fun and not comfortable. Naota throws the can away, perhaps representative of how he wants to run away from this problem. At the end of the episode, though, Naota has revealed the truth to Mamimi, and he then drinks the pop, signifying that there’s no more running away: he’s growing up, whether he likes it or not.

But disregarding the FLCL tribute, a character introduction that features the character biting into a raw, unpeeled lemon is powerful on its own. It tells audiences right away that this character is badass—whether her lemon-eating is because she’s not afraid of growing up or hardship or “first love” or because of any other reason, you shouldn’t mess with this chick.


i needed to practice clean(ish) lineart so i doodled stuff from two fics!! the first is I Guess We’re The Same by @heeyitsmk​ and the second is We All Get Burned by @terwho


I actually had this ‘done’ a few months ago but when I tried to line it properly…it looked bad, so I just gave up on it for a while.

But since drawing’s still difficult for me these days I figured I’d try and fix it up a bit? Colouring is probably the most fun, I swear.

Confession: Tiki is half the reason I started playing Heroes, her design’s way too cute!

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Why do people trust printed articles when something good was written? If it's bad it's bullshit, but it's good then it's true. For example the story about Harry's ring: We don't know if he actually said this, it's printed..

but why are people so pressed about this? what’s wrong with him having a ring for his goddaughter? it’s cute, it’s a lovely gesture. it’s nothing bad. i literally can’t see why he couldn’t be telling the truth. it makes sense that his ruby ring is for his goddaughter named ruby. i think you guys got too attached to the headcanon that louis bought harry all his rings. him having 2/3 rings for people he loves doesn’t erase the rings that are for sure for louis (like the peace, bear and rose ones) 




Now, I know what you’re thinking: this is a Sea Bunny. 

You are absolutely right. And wrong.

This is actually a species of sea slug, but due to its bunny ears and cottontail lookalike on its rear (as you can see above), it’s earned the name Sea Bunny.


AT (artist listed in the image above, you might have to squint a little to see, above the ear)






Screw regular rabbits; I want one of these!


Ezio Auditore x Reader

On the second day of Edmas, Captain Kenway gave to me…

A warm hand on the small of your back was guiding you through the darkness, your vision blocked by a red sash.

“Just a bit further, amore mio.” His smooth voice spoke from behind you, the sound as beautiful as the gentlest of music.

“It would be easier if you took the blindfold off.” You laughed, blindly following Ezio’s guiding hand.

“Perhaps, but not as fun.” Ezio teased, his hot breath ghosting along the back of your neck.

You shivered, a combination of his closeness and the cold, winter air. Lights were dancing beneath your eyelids, the soft tune of a sweet song echoing into the night air. You could practically feel Ezio’s smile behind you, his pace quickening as you drew closer to whatever surprise he had in store.

“Okay, caro,” he breathed, wrapping his arms around your waist and leaning in close. His chest was pressed tight to your back, his soft hair tickling your shoulder. “You can take it off.”

You smiled at the enthusiasm in his voice, your fingertips gliding along the silky texture of the sash. You peeled it away slowly, your eyelashes fluttering open. A light misting of rain drops ran down on the two of you, Ezio’s heat keeping you warm. Dozens of flickering lights met your gaze, the darkness of night lost in the beauty of the atmosphere. The candles formed a path, red petals littering the ground between each radiant light.

“Ezio,” you murmured, grinning like an idiot. He mirrored your expression, the curve of his lips pressed against your neck.

“Keep walking.” He insisted, disentangling his arms from around you. A shiver ran through your body at the loss of his warmth, his fingers interlacing with your own instead. A new wave of heat spread through you, his contact alone warming your heart.

“Are you bringing me out here to murder me?” You joked lightly, bringing his arm around your shoulders and nuzzling against him.

“You better watch out, dolce cuore,” he warned jokingly, a laugh on the tip of his tongue. The candles, still shining bright, were beginning to burn out, light puffs of smoke breezing through the air. The forest surrounding the both of you was eery, strange noises and rustling branches following the two of you like a creature hunting prey. Ezio’s brown gaze watched you from above, his soft, pink lips curved up in a smile.

“Here,” he signalled, stopping you in the middle of a clearing. The moon shone down upon the both of you, the lights of stars twinkling up above. The gentle bite of wind and light showers no longer bothered you, your eyes focused on the sky.

“It’s beautiful.” You breathed, the stars reflecting in your eyes. So many hopes and so many dreams could be seen in their soft twinkle, the sky like a sea of aspiration. A thousand untold stories were hidden in their sweet sparkle, your hand unconsciously reaching out to trace some of the more visible constellations.

“Yes, you are.” Ezio whispered, his lips against your ear. A delightful shiver ran down your spine, a tingle left where Ezio’s lips had been against your bare skin.

“Ezio.” You groaned playfully, faintly shoving his shoulder. He chuckled, a smooth and soft baritone to your ears.

“I speak only the truth, mia bella.” Your heart warmed at his rich tone, your body automatically seeking out more contact with him. He happily obliged, his head resting atop yours and his hands rubbing patterns up and down your back.

“I hate you.” You muttered, smiling despite yourself. A twitch of his lips brought on his own smile, his palms temporarily pushing you closer into him. He smelled of the fresh rain and roses with a deep undertone of lemony thyme. Your hands tightened around his neck at the familiar scent, your eyes falling shut at the intimacy.

“You wound me.” His voice was barely audible above the pounding of his heart by your ear, his steady breathing bringing it back to normal.

Your lips, pressed tightly against his chest, curved up in a smile when he cuddled closer, seeming to be almost feeding off your contact. He was like this often, reveling in every minute that he got to spend in your arms. Which, sadly, wasn’t nearly enough for you. He’d brought you out here as an apology, of sorts, for not being able to devote every minute with you. Of course, you understood why, but he seemed adamant about making it up to you.

A short burst of wind rustled your clothing, a large exhale passing through his lungs.

“It’s getting colder.” Ezio noted, his tone wistful. “Perhaps we should journey back.”

The thought of having to endure the strange and wild roads for another few days had you gripping onto his back tightly, your body practically being held up by his arms.

“A few minutes longer?” You pleaded, opening your eyes and batting your eyelashes a few times for good measure. At his look of protest, you stuck your bottom lip out, giving him your best impersonation of a needy dog. He broke almost immediately, nodding and pulling you back into an embrace.

“Only a few minutes.” He mumbled, running a hand through your (Y/H/C) locks.

The tug of his skillful fingers had you cuddling even closer to him, your head wedged in between his head and shoulder. You breathed him in, your own fingers dancing along the curve of his spine. Muscles flexed and relaxed beneath your touch, his entire demeanour shifting to something more comfortable and familiar at the feel of your hand on his body.

“Io ti amo.” He said, the ghost of a smile on his lips. There was no desperation or anger or sadness in his tone, just a sweet, honest declaration of love. You smiled, your cheeks almost aching at how wide you’d spread them.

“I love you too.” You replied, the cloth of his robes soft beneath your fingertips.

Something decidedly colder landed on the crown of your head, your body tensing beneath it. Ezio breathed out a laugh, his fingers swiping the offending item from your head. He presented it to you with childish glee, a sole, white snowflake melting on his fingertip.

“It’s snowing.” You giggled, watching the flakes with awe.

They were beautiful, each unique in their own way. You were so lost in your observation of the snowflakes, you failed to see the way Ezio’s eyes lit up with your smile, or the way he fell even more in love with each sweet word that slipped through your lips. He could tell you how he felt over and over again, he could even show you how he felt, but for the moment, he’d rather just watch and fall even further in love with your smile, with your laugh, with you.

Bf! Baekhyun

  • Dating Baek is like dating your best friend, only that best friend is a lil shit most of the time
  • Baekhyun and you met at a diner, where you worked part time. He came in with his gang, laughing and wilding until he saw you
  • He stopped dead in his tracks and his laugher slowly turned into a thoughtful stare
  • Suho proceeded to order their food but he just tried to hide behind Chanyeol because he didn’t want you to see him
  • Most of the night he remained quiet, trying to seem more mature and manly and would look away as soon as you would walk past them and then proceed to look at you again
  • When you brought their food he kept his gaze on the table, he didnt dare to look at you and sighed with relief when you left
  • He then realised that he kept on hiding from you he wouldn’t have a mere chance to get to know you so when they were paying for the food, he placed his number with the receipt and handed it back to you. You stared at the tiny slip of paper, clueless and then looked up to see Baekhyun watching you intently. He smiled at you gently before shyly looking away
  • You spent the rest of the night recalling his adorable smile and fidgety demeanour which you had noticed the whole time he was there
  • So you decided to text him and god was baekhyun excited when saw your text. He was looking at his phone every two seconds in case there was a text from you. He literally jumped on the couch when he saw your text and cleared his throat when the members looked at him shocked and worried
  • You knew nothing about this boy but still went along to meet him by the river on a bright Saturday morning. Most people would condemn such an act but it had been a while since anyone had shown any interest in you so you were pretty excited
  • Baekhyun was already standing there against the cool breeze when you arrived. He was wearing loose blue jeans and a hoodie
  • “Hey,” you said, a little awkward since this wasn’t called for
  • And that’s when it all started
  • Baekhyun was the reason why you were always so happy
  • His excited texts with many cute emojis and his unexpected calls 
  • You were falling in love with the feeling of him being around
  • Although he was always happy and loud but when he was around you, he was 10000x more happier
  • Baekhyun would hug you a lot, like he would never stop hugging you and it sometimes took everything to get him off you and then he would pout
  • Sometimes you’d catch him looking at you and smiling and you’d smack him and he’d get all offended and would price a hug to compensate your smack
  • Baekhyun is actually so in love with you he doesn’t know how to express it
  • So he kisses you a lot, whether it be your cheeks or lips
  • He just holds your faces, squishes it a little, laughs to himself cuz you look so cute and just pulls you in for a kiss
  • And its so warm and loving and then he hugs you and its the best feeling in the world 
  • Whenever youre having a bad day, he’s always there to cheer you up,and it gets annoying sometimes because he’s so cheery and 0 help but you’re happy that at least you’re not alone
  • He makes fun of you all the time and always wants your attention
  • Like that one funny thing you did that one day in front of him? He’ll never let you forget it
  • Calls you by weird pet names based on that funny thing 
  • You sometimes want him to stop touching you but no, he’s always touching you
  • Playing with your hair, painting your nails, pulling you closer by the hips
  • Always touching you
  • Is a little shit 
  • Like smacks ur ass and then runs away expecting you to follow him
  • And then you HAVE to run after him cuz he’s still a child and it ends up with you playfully smacking him and him trying to kiss you
  • So many tickles and laughter
  • Like he’ll just start tickling you when you don’t pay any attention to him and that could either turn into a heated make out session or result in an injury
  • You both bicker a lot and one of the shop attendants said that you both seem like an elderly married couple
  • And he just smirked at you and said “soon”
  • He’s very picky about everything so its sort of a nuisance especially when you’re out shopping
  • “no that doesn’t look good or that skirt is too short or that top is too revealing” and you’re like “YOU DONT CONTROL ME” and he’s like “THEN WHY DID YOU ASK FOR MY HELP”
  • Forgets why you guys even fought in the first place and starts talking to you normally and then realises that he was supposed to be mad at you and then gives you the silent treatment
  • You both never fight on big issues, its just the smallest things which mostly results in him being offended
  • Your dates consist of amusement parks and lots of food. You both take silly selfies and then laugh after 
  • This is why Baek loves you because he can be himself around you and forget his daily problems
  • He doesn’t really talk about how stressed or depressed he is and you’re always worried about all the feelings he’s hiding inside
  • You told baek once that you want him to talk to you more but he was like wtf??? im ok??? let me live???? gosh???
  • Drama queen 
  • Acts more hurt than he actually is to get you all worried and then laughs at your face cuz you’re a fool
  • Back hugs you when you’re mad at him and this kisses your neck and rests his head on your shoulder how can u be mad at him when he’s like that
  • He knows your weaknesses and uses them against you all the time
  • Loves the fact that you’re shorter than him like if you call him to get something from the top shelf and then calls Chanyeol for help cuz he short af too
  • Cuddles you a lot (another reason why you want him to stop touching you)
  • And gets so worried when you’re not feeling well and takes care of you as much as he can 
  • Brings you all the junk food cuz you don’t trust him to cook in your kitchen cuz you know he’ll set something or himself on fire
  • Baekhyun is so dominant in bed like he loves taking control and watching you squirm beneath him
  • He loves the fact that he can make you feel in ways no one else can and wants to brag about it
  • smirks when he sees the hickeys on your neck
  • And then you threaten to flush his phone down the drain to get him to stop gloating 
  • You’re like a trophy for him, always putting you forward and talking about you and staring at you proudly
  • You love baek to bits and you’ve grown used to such excitement in your boring life

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What do you think of Tokyo Mew Mew? (imo I think it's just a cheap copy of our slaying mom Sailor Moon)

I think Tokyo Mew Mew is a cute magical girl anime.

It’s obviously heavily influenced by Sailor Moon (and I’d add that it has a bit of Cardcaptor Sakura too) but I don’t think this has to be a bad thing. Actually it’s good in my opinion because this show has the best things we love about Sailor Moon (transformation sequences, cute girls ready to save the world, a lot of sparkles, etc) while keeping its own identity so definitely check it out if you like magical girls anime like Sailor Moon.

why drama death note is pretty decent:

  1. light is a very complex and made me feel conflicted, because he was actually a really nice person
  2. he cares about misa misa’s well being? dang that’s new
  3. (also there’s no love triangle w o a )
  4. family / friendship dynamic heightened so now there’s more cuteness but also suffering
  5. L interacts with near holy crud
  6. rem looks cool
  7. everything about watari.
  8. the actors for masuda and soichiro are absolutely perfect
  9. the super unnecessary shower scene 
  10. hey it kept the chip scene 
  11. L smiling every 5 seconds. and the leg swing thingy he does
  12. there’s a lady. in the kira investigation squad.
  13. hey
  14. did i mention watari
  15. bc yeah
  16. watari

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can I ask knight the story behind it, since you so clearly don't want people to lol (you can leave this alone if you don't want to though)

It’s not even that bad honestly, I just made it when I was like 7 years old and it’s very… cringy to me now. (CuteKnight12 like jfc am i 12)
I went to my friends house one day and he gave me this game, Cute Knight. It wasn’t that good of a game but I spent H O U R S playing it and I still do from time to time because it’s just so… bad… but so good. You play as this orphan and you have to make a life before you turn 21 and spoiler alert your actually a lost princess and its so cheesy and cliche. ITS 10/10 I LOVE IT.
But I hate the username because every game I play it’s just ‘Hey Knight…. are you cute’ ‘omg are you 12′ ‘you must be cute ;)))’ lmao

-Mod Knight

Heyoo so as I’ve done before, heres the list of summer anime I will be following. Plus a short commentary on each.

(bc I am and always will be a fate/ho. Also, Joan of Arc)

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Welcome to the Ballroom
(BIG neck. Fluid animation. Nice artstyle. REALLY awesome OP!!! ((same artists as the Kekkai Sensen ED))

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Made in Abyss
(May just prove to have the most potential out of all new shows this season. Also has a super cute style)

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(Guilty pleasure show. A lot of fanservice. Interesting female characters I guess. Idk it just really drew me in, even tho the fanservice is really annoying. Good op)

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Kappeki Danshi Aoyama kun
(Really funny show. This kid is #relatable. Ima be projecting on him so hard)

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Tsurezure Children 
(Mega cute and super funny. I highly recommend checking it out. Plus its short)

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Fastest Finger First
(Sports anime but not bc everyone is just a giant nerd)

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Katsugeki Touken Ranbu
(Probably will be bad. But I’m a sucker for that type-moon animation quality)

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Plus rollover from last season

My Hero Academia S2
(Love these babes to death. Will probably be the death of me actually)

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Shingeki Bahamut S2:Virgin Soul
(Not as good as season 1. But still absolutely worth watching. Plz watch season 1 actually. Its so good, fantastic animation/artstyle, charming protag. And theres dragon girls!! And demon/god wars and stuff. And also has Joan of Arc lol.)

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(*is not over naruto phase lmao*)

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Rin-ne S3
(I mean its by Rumiko Takahashi. What else is there to say)

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fav jikook fics???

the ocean at the end of the universe by @nikkmonoxyls / mindheist (e / 13k) is one of my forever faves and one of the actual coolest things ive ever read in my life!! its like a college au but in SPACE and its full of love and laughs and is basically perfect hhdgsdgh

love, actually by @that-jeon-guy (nr / 2k) this is my FAVORITE JIKOOK FIC OF ALL TIME. .. . its so short but its dripping w feeling?? im absolutely in love w the writing style and the love that jikook have for each other?? its quiet yet inescapable and reading this always leaves me feeling warm n content :’)) 

on my lips by gasps (m / 2k) ur basic college au party fic where many a bad decision are made.. . except jikook are awkward and cute and even though theyre misbehaving n bein nasty they somehow manage to be complete nerds in love and u GOTTA LOVE IT

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Hey! If it's not too much trouble can I request headcannons of Kacchan with a Fem! S/o (She also goes to UA) that is super nice and cute, and very very calm but!!! she has quite a bad side In the way that she can be very violent if someone pushes her buttons (She is actually very collected but it happens) and she is extremely good to scape and her quirk is very dangerous and can make her become quite sadistic? Also, your blog it's so good! I love it ❤️❤️❤️

You fit with Bakugou. You were quiet and small when he was loud and obnoxious, and people were kind of confused on how the two of you had even gotten together in the first place. But you loved each other all the same, even when he was ranting and screaming at people while you sat there squeezing his hand so he wouldn’t take off after them. He knew you were his rock, the one stable piece of his life that actually made him feel human. He could be screaming and yelling and blowing things up, and then you would come into the room and he would immediately calm down and go to you, grumbling that you took too long or everyone else was fucking annoying. The two of you fit.

But right now you were pissed. Mineta has made a pass at you while you were on the training field and you had heard enough from him. Usually you were pretty docile. Nice, shy, not too loud. But your quirk always acted up when you were annoyed, and right now…..You were really annoyed! “Mineta-kuuuun~” you cooed and he whipped around with wide eyes and a smile, no one had ever called his name like that. Bakugou would have been angry had he not seen the look on your face when you called the other boy’s name. He still let out a low growl but didn’t step towards you, he knew you could handle yourself.

You beckoned Mineta with your fingers to come closer, and he happily obliged. As he came closer he could feel himself slipping into a trance -like state. You had locked eyes with him but he didn’t remember when. He walked over to you and Bakugou watched closely. He loved you and knew you could take care of yourself, but he was always ready to jump in a beat Mineta to a pulp.”Mineta-kun, could you do me a favor?” you shifted back and forth on your feet while clasping your hands in front of you. He nodded and gave you a dopey smile. “Could youuuu….. Walk straight through the middle of the training bots without fighting them?” you smiled and he gave you a thumbs up and a slurred yes.

Everyone else was mildly confused with your orders, but Bakugou knew very well what you were doing. If you didn’t attack the training bots when you wlaked by them they would attack you. And sending Mineta straight down the center line with them surrounding him was probably going to result in a trip to Recovery Girl’s office. “Hey, you should stop her.” Bakugou growled to All Might, the one overseeing their training. “She’s gonna kill ‘im.” “Young (Y/n) would never do such a thing Bakugou!” All Might smiled and Bakugou shook his head, “Yeah she would. You just watch.” Bakugou stood back and leaned against the wall. Waiting for one of the bots to attack Mineta. He knew his words had made All Might a little weary because he was leaning closer to the screen, but he didn’t look like he was going to take action yet. That’s when one of the bots twitched and set the rest of them off.

They circled Mineta and Bakugou grinned, that’s his girl. Everyone could hear your light giggle over the intercom as you started giggling at Mineta’s predicament. “(Y/n) call him back.” All Might spoke into the mic and you shook your head, “Why should he get away with saying dirty things to girls? I don’t think that’s fair.” You pouted a little and then grinned, “I think he needs to be punished~” Jirou snickered and quickly shut up when everyone turned to her. “Okay everyone, I know Mineta isn’t the greatest at dealing with girls-” Uraraka snorted while Tsuyu rolled her eyes. Jirou arched an eyebrow and Momo tried to stay neutral only to give into and small shake of her head. “Okay, he’s awful with girls, but he doesn’t deserve to be crushed by robots!” All Might sighed at the class’s reaction. “Maybe….One, wouldn’t hurt?” Momo whispered and Jirou laughed, “Or many two?” All Might sagged his shoulder, he knew they were right, but he was the teacher and needed to keep everyone safe. “(Y/n) I’m deactivating the bots, call him back.” You let out a low whine and crossed your arms, “Fine.” “Mineta-Kuuuuun~” He turned to face you, still with a blankly dopey smile, “Come back please.” you grumbled and he ran at you, jumping and nearly shoving his face in your boobs before a loud explosion knocked him away from you.

“B-Bakugou?!” Everyone collectively yelled. “Like hell I was going to stand and watch when I knew this asshat would do something to my (Y/n).” he growled and pulled you to him, “You okay?” he growled into your shoulder and you nodded, back to your quiet self. ““Good. If he had so much as thought of you he would have been a dead man.” Bakugou turned to Mineta who was just now getting out of the trace he was in, “Stay the fuck away from my (Y/n). Got you fucking grape?!” Mineta shrunk into himself and nodded quickly, scampering away from Bakugou and back into the observation room. Bakugou watched him go and turned to you, crashing his lips onto yours and pulling away to glare at one of the cameras, “She’s mine alright. Don’t fucking touch her. Don’t fucking look at her. Don’t even fucking think about her! She’s mine and if any of you want to say anything I’ll blow your brain out!” Bakugou yelled and you grabbed his hand, tearing his attention away from the camera and to you. “Let’s get changed dearest, class is almost done.” you smiled and Bakugou turned back and growled at the camera one last time before turning back to you and headbutting your softly before pressing a kiss to your lips. He pulled away and nodded, “Wait for me after class. I don’t want anyone else walking you home.”

BTS Reaction - Telling Them You’ve Never Been Kissed

Thanks for the request! I hope you like it <3


J-Hope - *He’d pretend like this is a huge disaster to get you to notice that its not much of a big deal but he’d tell you that he could change it for you*

Rap Monster - *He’d be so cute about it first and would reassure you that its okay but after a while, he’d start teasing a little by biting his lip and winking at you to see if you ask him to kiss you*

Suga - *He’d find this somewhat amusing somehow and would tease you a little though if you actually took his teasing in a bad way, he’d make sure that you knew he was joking* 

Jimin - *He’d be such a tease to the point where he’d feel like he’s pressuring you into it but would back off a little and tell you that he’s not going to force you to do it*

Jin - *He wouldn’t tease you and would actually make sure that you weren’t upset about this at all, and maybe, he’d be your first kiss*

Jungkook - *He’d be a little awkward with this subject but he’d understand and would try to make it less awkward by joking around with it, though he’d give it time to see if you wanted him to be your first kiss*

V - *He’d be such a sweet heart and would talk to you about this situation and would offer if you wanted him as your first kiss though he’d try to make sure that you were comfortable with that idea*

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