it's so amazing how both of these two have experienced terrible things in the past

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You have no Demon Hanzo Headcanons or Story, so i request this, where s/o is soulbonded to Hanzo since the birth. The Parents don´t know about Hanzo, for them it´s just an imaginary Friend. The s/o can see and touch him, grows up with him. As Time flows by they fall in Love and stay together no matter was comes. :)

Ohh, cute, I like it! Went for HC’s for these, hope you like them :)

- The demon realm was one that was not visible to most human eyes. The creatures lived in secrecy, afraid of the judgmental world above them. You see, there were many wrong accusations about demons and their way of life as most people were terrified of them, fearing they were the devils of hell themselves and ate children for breakfast. This, however, was an incredibly narrow-minded outlook on the in fact, rather timid, creatures that lived in the spirit realm. People seemed to forget that even angels were not always as pure and kindhearted and that they often even tried to bring demons into a bad daylight. Demons themselves were neutral creatures, who were actually quite curious about the lands of the living and often tried visiting humans who were not despised by their presence.

- One certain demon was currently on such a visit and had found the innocent mind of a child suitable for his visit. It was said that human children were often not that hysterical around demons, as they were simply too small to understand the frightening tales their parents would tell them. The first time he saw you, you were laying in a cradle at the hospital, watching you from afar and waiting patiently for the nurse to leave the room to tend to your mother. He was invisible before he thought it was safe enough to approach you while no one would scream in fear of his appearance. Slowly, Hanzo stalked up to your crib and carefully peeked inside. He was met with a pink bundle of joy as you looked at him with the biggest human eyes he had possibly ever seen, not hesitating to smile cutely at his presence. How extraordinary… The demon mused to himself as he took in your complete innocence, even at the sight of his monstrous horns. It seems his comrades were not lying when they said that a baby was the perfect start of getting to know the lives of humans, as they knew no fear and only held curiosity. Hanzo put one of his clawed fingers in your cradle as an experiment, to see how you would react and he grunted slightly in response once he felt one of your chubby hands gently holding on to it. The touch felt unusually warm to his own ice cold skin, a feeling most demons were not familiar with as warmth was something only available in the heavens and the angels were not willing to share. Seeing you had already fallen asleep while still comfortably holding on to his digit, the demon was certain that you were the human he wanted to learn from and follow for the time being. To be able to know your exact whereabouts whenever he had to find you and make you know he was near you, Hanzo needed to create a seal between the two of you, a binding you could say. This was harmless of course and caused you no pain. He created a small mark on your wrist, one that only you could see as he was afraid that your parents probably would not be as excited to spend time with him as you would. Demons had binded with humans in the past, although not nearly as much as in the present, Hanzo still knew the technique that had been passed down on to him by his ancestors however. A tradition that was born centuries ago, before the angels took over the care of the human beings.

- The demon archer continued to watch over you, as your own guardian angel, throughout your whole life. He had devoted himself to this cause from the beginning, having been entranced by you and your gentleness. You were still the only person being able to see him appear though and you always started giggling or smiling as you noticed that mark on your wrist giving out a faint glow, a sign that he was coming. Your parents were often very confused in the beginning, as they could see you laughing at nothing in the air or running around chasing a so called ‘horned friend’. Later on, they just brushed it off as an imaginary friend you must have come up with as children were known to be fond of those. However, they sometimes grew worried as you would tell your friends about your imaginary friend and described what they were. “A demon as a friend? You shouldn’t be scaring your friends with such stories Y/N, it makes them sad.” Was something you often heard from your parents and afterwards you would try to show them that the creature was friendly and a great companion to you, but they could see nothing. It frustrated you to no end as you got older as well, but you chose to ignore the protests from the people around you who told you to come up with a more sophisticated friend, who in fact was not made up at all and kept on spending your time with Hanzo. The demon was aware that confrontations like these could happen, but he was always there for you whenever you felt misunderstood or not taken seriously, assuring you that he was not imaginary and came from a land far away to aid you in your life. Hanzo told you many things about his homeland and about the true nature and purpose of the demons, you quickly discovering that the terrible tales your parents used to tell you were not the truth. You never understood it in the beginning anyway, as your own friend had always been kind and gentle to you.

- Once you entered adolescence, the demon made sure to protect you from other juveniles who dared to bully or manipulate you through your high-school period. He was always looming in the background, invisible to everyone but you and if he noticed someone acting up in front of you, threatening to hurt you if you did not hand over your lunch money, he was there in an instant. The reason why most people could not see him, was because he chose not to do so, only showing himself if he was sure that the person would be trustworthy enough. However, he could show himself if he wanted to and these were the types of situations were it was necessary and he made for a quick but very frightening appearance, making the bully scream in agony and leaving you in peace. Demons had many powers, incredible speed being one of them and he could make himself disappear afterwards just as quick as he could appear before them, causing slight confusion to the people around you as they weren’t sure if they just witnessed a demon striking down a bully or not. The bully himself was so frightened that he dare not even speak about the creature baring its fangs to him, in fear of it taking its revenge. You were always very thankful for his help though and couldn’t help but feeling proud over his abilities. The person never bothered you any more in the future and even seemed to run away from you whenever you came in sight as he was aware of the demon aiding you. You didn’t mind though, as you thought he deserved a little scare. Hanzo was also there for you when you forgot your lunch or school books, being able to easily retrieve them at home. You often told him that you didn’t know what to do without him and the demon was slowly beginning to think the same as he saw you growing more beautiful every day, both inside and outside. He grew attached to you in more ways than just feeling pride for your achievements as you blossomed into an experienced adult.

- He had watched over you from high-school and had seen you graduate in shining colours while you made your way to college and university. It was often thanks to his help with your homework and tests that you had such an amazing time as well, never missing out on any important matters. Another thing that kept changing, was the way his heart beat in his chest and the demon almost worried that the was falling ill as his heart rate was speeding up when he looked at your gorgeous features. Hanzo felt a little disgusted with himself at first once he found out that you were looking rather attractive for an adult human being, he watched you grow up after all and did not think he deserved to have another purpose at your side besides being your companion and protector. He wasn’t aware however, that your feelings for the demon had changed over time as well and it took you a quite a while to realize that you might be perhaps falling for him. He always took such good care of you after all and you had never felt as comfortable around anyone else before and you were mature enough to know that hormones was something that humans developed. Strangely enough, you were also rarey even attracted to creatures of your own species, always joking to the demon that he was better looking than any sloppy human. Those were just innocent teasings back then, but as you grew older, the thought became a realization. For you, Hanzo was no different from the humans you hung out with, you did not care for his grey skin or the sharp claws resting on top of his fingertips. You even found his horns and tail rather cute and often groomed them for him. It was when you started grooming him in those ways, that his feelings were changing for you. The gentle caresses were not the same as the way you would cheerfully pull on his tail or tug on his horns. These touches were loving and affectionate in another form. One that adult humans shared with each other he learned from his fellow demons. A risky field for demons to tred upon, but Hanzo was already too far gone to be able to leave you now, without him even realizing it. You had grown up and he had fallen in love with you. Relationships between demons and humans were not uncommon, but not always succesful either as many humans were not as devoted as demons were and often changed their minds later on, wanting to spend their time with one of their kind instead. But you were different, he was sure of that. You would never leave him, as you made so clear every day and he believed you as he could see no lies in the depths of your soul. 

- Demons can see the truth themselves and had you been lying to him, he would have known a long time beforehand already. You often brought him back to earth from his doubting mind, with your sweet strokes on his cold cheek and your warm plump lips on his chapped and ragged ones, assuring him that it was alright for him to love you, that times can change and people grow up. He made sure to always be gentle with you, as humans were fragile and demonds possessed of thicker skins, making them all the more tougher. The demon was already a master at your comfort though, as he had been watching over you for so long already, practising his control over his power and strenght around humans at an early stage. Hanzo could not help but smile widely at the thought of how thankful he was to have you by his side for eternity, being able to bask in your warmth, the unique warmth he always so desperately craved but was never able to achieve in the past, as he held you close. The two of you moved away together, living comfortably on the countryside, away from prying eyes and people who meant harm to demons. Here you would build up a life for one another and perhaps even have children of your own, not minding the seemingly odd combination as you were sure they would look beautiful either way. Most of all, you would always have each other by your side. This was a content thought the both of you shared, as you looked out over the piece of land you two had bought, Hanzo’s arms protectively holding you against him, your own hands resting on his arms while you nuzzled his cool cheek . Here you two would be happy and no one would ever disturb the peace you had created.

Fools in love

5+1 AU with ohmtoonz; or, 5 times Luke tried to tell Ohm he loved him, and the 1 time he did. Hope you all enjoy! :) 

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Sage Wisdom (Jake x MC/Zig x MC) -- #ChoicesCreates28

Summary: A struggling teen finds that old acquaintances may bring the answer to his problems. This is an entry to the crossover prompt for Choices Creates hosted by @ladyashtonofcordonia​ and @holly-park.

Starring: Brian Crandall, Zig Ortega, Victoria Bradshaw (TF MC), Jake Mckenzie, Erika McKenzie (ES MC), and Caleb Mitchell

Guest Starring: Brandon (TF) 

Before Homecoming:

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Behind the Shades

Blue Fox Production: A WolfTale! FreshBerry Fanfic  

~Inspired by @blogthegreatrouge~  

(BTW I do not own any of these characters!)



Chapter 12~

Fresh’s eyes slightly gaped making his vision blurry. He was still tired and a little confused. He felt strong skeletal arms carrying him into a room, gently laying him down in what looked like to be a cave, he groaned, feeling drowsy and lackadaisical. With his distorted vision Fresh noticed two monsters trying to secure a blue figure who seemed to be in destress. Blue? Fresh’s ears flicked up to the barks and whines that were very clearly belonging to Blue. His eyes widened, focusing more on his mate. They seemed to be trying to give her another dart to most likely calm her down. Fresh groggily struggled to his feet, still feeling the effects of the tranquilizer. He shook his head, trying to get it straight. His vision began to get a little better and he began to move towards the scientist, growling. The scientist noticed and seemed shocked, but slowly set Blue down, who quickly ran behind Fresh. She shivered and whimpered, while Fresh stared down the two scientist who gradually stepped out of the room, shutting the door behind them. Fresh huffed and laid down, suddenly not feeling to well. Must have gotten up to quickly or not have eaten enough beforehand. Blue gasped moving towards Fresh’s head.

“Fresh!?” She panicked. “Are you okay!?”

Fresh nodded. “Y-Yeah, just g-groggy. I think I need a drink.” Blue quickly nodded trying to drag Fresh by his jacket, but proved to be useless. Blue gave a huff of worry, trying her best to think of another way.

“Wait here!” Blue then ran off to the pond, finding a few large leaves, to make a sturdy bowl out of them. She scooped up a good amount of water, carefully carrying it to Fresh. She laid the water in front of him, nudging his head towards the refreshing liquid.

Fresh slurped up the substance with his tongue furiously scooping it up. He stopped for short breathes, until the leaf bowl was completely empty. Fresh panted trying to catch his breath before looking at Blue.

“Th- *huff* Thank you.” Blue smiled and nuzzled into his cheek.

“Your welcome. I’m glad you’re okay. I got worried when I saw the dart in your shoulder.” Fresh leaned into her nuzzle with a small grin.

“It’s okay. I’m fine now.” Fresh hummed.  

“Are you hungry? I’ll get us something to eat.”

“Uh, sure, but… mind telling me where we are first?”

“Oh, Yeah! You’re in my exhibit.” Blue said with enthusiasm, moving to the entrance of the cave.

“Your exhibit?” Fresh questioned, moving with her to look at the enclosure.

“Exhibit, enclosure, habitat, whatever you want to call it.” Blue shrugged. “Although I guess it’s not really my exhibit now, is it?” Blue giggled.

“What do ya mean?” Fresh looked at her with one of his ears down.

“Well, you’re here, aren’t you? It’s your exhibit too. Your home.” Blue blushed stopping there and mumbling the last part. “Our home.

Fresh looked out into their new ‘home’, admiring how much bigger it was. It was amazing. “This is our home?” Blue nodded, holding onto Fresh’s arm. He gave a small huff and smiled.  

The two sat in the cave entrance, listening to each other’s breaths, fawning over the chirps of pheasant, and the squeaks of mice. Relaxing at the sight of trees beginning to sprout new leaves, indicating spring was on its way. Spring. The signal for new life to be born, or in their case, created.

Fresh gave a sigh through his nasal cavity, closing his eyes to just admire to sounds. Blue looked up then slowly glanced down, trying to think of what they could do. She perked up to a certain thought and turned towards Fresh.

“How about I give you a tour?” Blue chimed, turning her body fully in Fresh’s direction.

“Right now? Uh…sure, why not?” Blue beamed as she ran out into the enclosure, dragging Fresh behind her. Fresh tried his best to keep up so that she wouldn’t strangle him, but got tripped up a few times. Blue was stronger than she looked which was another thing he admired about her.

Blue was so much like his mother it was almost awkward. Her quirky, fragile attitude. Her fun alluring personality. Her small, but fit figure that was so curvaceous it made a snake look straight. Her soft fur that could make anyone feel comfortable in a matter of seconds and most adoringly… her eyes. Her beautiful, gorgeous bright Blue eyes! With the slight smidge of lavender sprinkled in it was just enough to resemble his mother’s violet orbs.

He wished he was as perfect as her. He was problematic, anti-social, dull, and incapable of truly experiencing any emotion that wasn’t negative. All he knew is that she gave him the same feeling he had whenever he was with his mom… and he loved it. It was like a drug. As for his looks, he honestly didn’t see what Blue saw in him. He was rough and, sure, he was strong, but he still wasn’t some macho big bad wolf. Worst of all, his eyes were the most hideous thing one could look at. They would be fine if he had been born with his soul in a normal place like his chest instead of his eye socket. Not only that, but ever since his mother died his soul has had a small crack, obviously heartbroken from his past.

Fresh was snapped out of his thoughts with a wave of Blue’s paw. “Fresh? Fresh!” Fresh shook his head, looking at Blue. “Were you even listening?!”

“uuuhh… Yes?” Fresh said trying not to start her over. Blue gave an irritated grunt, turning back to the pond she had apparently been talking about.

“Anyway, I call this tree my thinking tree.” She said pointing at a petite curvy tree that stretched over the pond. “I call it that because I would come here when I needed to think about things. It’s my favorite tree.” Blue took a seat while staring at the tree, smiling softly, remembering all the times she had just laid on a branch and stared at her reflection in the water. Fresh glanced at the tree then back at Blue, joining her in observation. “I wish my brother could see this. Could be here.” Fresh sighed.

“I’m sure he’s watching… somehow.”

“You think so?” Blue wiped a few tears that had managed to trickle down his face.

“I know so.” Fresh said as he nuzzled into Blue’s cheek.

“I wish he could have met you. His last memories of me was being bound to that monster of a mate.” She sniffed. “He would have liked you.” Blue leaned into Fresh, letting her tears fall. “I didn’t even get to say goodbye to him.” Fresh wrapped his paws around Blue allowing her to cry into his chest.

“It’s alright. It’s not your fault.”  Blue embraced Fresh, tightening her grip on his jacket which muffled her sobs. “I’m sorry you had to go through that, I know how it feels to lose someone. I wish she could have met you too.” Blue giggled with a few sniffles.

“I would have loved to meet her.” Blue wiped the rest of her tears away to look up at Fresh. “I’m sure she was very nice.” Fresh smiled with a nod.

“She was.” Both wolves let go of their embrace looking fondly at each other.

“I’m going to go in my thinking tree. If you need anything, just ask.” Blue softly said before hopping up the tree gracefully. Fresh sighed as he saw her resting on a tree limb over the pond.

He soon walked off searching for something to eat. While he was on his search he had noticed that some of the bushes had berries on them, bright red too. He had also noticed that it wasn’t so cold like it was a few days ago. It was warm.

Fresh was yanked from his train of thought when he heard a branch snap followed by a loud splash. He ran back to the pond, tripping a few times, trying to hurry. He heard faint yelling which had to be none other than Blue’s. He stood at the pond, looking for Blue. He heard splashing and some attempts to gasp for air.  

“*Gasp* FRE- *cough* *gasp* FRESH! *Gasp* HELP M- *cough* *cough* *gasp*” Blue struggled to stay afloat to save herself from drowning, but was struggling terribly.

“Hang on Blue, I’m coming!” Fresh rushed around the pond to jump in for Blue. He immediately swam towards her, watching as she began to sink. Fresh dove under the water to grab her scarf and reeled up to the surface. He gasped for air as he dragged an unconscious Blue to the bank, laying her on the grass, he breathed heavily as he put his ear close to her chest. Nothing. He heard nothing. That wasn’t good. Fresh began to push on her chest rhythmically. After a few pumps, he put his ear back on her chest. Nothing!  

“Come on, Blue. Don’t you dare fucking die on me.” He flattened his ears knowing what he’d have to do. He placed his mouth on Blue’s, blowing air into her lungs and giving a few more pumps to her chest. He gave her one last breath of air before she gasped and coughed up a bit of water. Fresh let out a relieved sigh holding his chest, attempting to slow his heart beat. Blue heaved a few breaths, some followed by coughs.

“Don’t you ever *gasp* fucking do that *gasp* again.” Fresh said, Glaring down at Blue.  Blue panted and nodded. With a slight blush on her cheeks.

“I *gasp* wasn’t planning on it.”  Blue got up with wobbly legs and sat next to Fresh who was now laying down. She kissed his cheek causing both to blush. “Thank you for saving me.” Fresh gave a lazy chuckle.

“Well I wasn’t just going to let you die, but your welcome.” Blue giggled looking lovingly at Fresh with water still dropping of her body.

She stood up and frantically shook her body as Fresh followed to dry faster. The both laughed as their fur poofed up, but quickly settle down to its normal state. They saw as the lights dimmed and looked confused, but realized that they had been knocked out for most of the day. Blue turned around and started to walk back to the cave.  

Fresh smiled as her hips swayed and her tail swung side to side. He followed Blue to the den, never taking his eyes of her for a second. Blue curled into a ball on a large ledge and quickly dozed off. Fresh trailed behind her, curling up next to her, watching as she smiled.

Originally, Fresh had curled up with Blue for warmth, but found himself doing it even though it wasn’t cold. He figured he had kept doing it out of habit and didn’t question it, However, it might have been best to question. The warmer temperature indicated that the rise of spring is in its peak and was the pinnacle of mating season. Fresh has had his fair share of heats, but whether he liked it or not, this mating season was going to be much different. 

Make sure you get your fill of fluff before the sin! Warning the next chapter WILL have sin so you have been warned!