it's so adorable how much he loves his kids

I love how jungkook isn’t even phased about others calling his nose big. He embraces it and flaunts it every chance he gets, and that’s just so sexy ? Confidence is sexy ❤ Jungkook’s nose is so gorgeous, words cannot even explain its majestic existence. It has so much dimension and cuteness. It can look sharp and sexy from the side but round and adorable in the front. Sometimes you just want to admire his profile and sometimes you just want to boop his nose and cuddle him. #brb gtg write my masters thesis about Jungkook’s holy nose

For the anon who requested the guys being first time fathers/seeing their newborn baby for the first time:

Yo its Mod Gonta! This is my first time posting a prompt on here and I spent a lot of time on this one so I hope the anon who requested this and everyone else here enjoys!

Rantarou Amami:
-is probably the most calm out of everyone in this situation
-He’s very slightly nervous that some complications could possibly happen and you or the baby could get hurt.
-When the baby is born, he is smiling so much his jaw begins to hurt, but he can’t stop smiling anyways.
-“S/O, they look just like you!”
-He’s literally the chillest dad ever. He barely lectures his children at all.
-His child ends up having tiny double ahoges just like him and he finds it adorable.
-Is very supportive of his child and everything they do!
-They want to play basketball? he’ll go to every game! They want to become a musician? He will pay for everything!
-His favorite thing about being a dad? teaching his kid how to ride a bike.

Kokichi Ouma:
-He acts like he’s chill when his S/O is going into labor but he’s internally screaming.
-When the baby comes out he immediately takes the baby in his arms and is in awe over how cute and innocent he looks.
-“You’re gonna be the most evil supreme leader some day!”
-The nurses have to stop him from feeding Panta to the baby.
-is a huge jokester for a dad!
-all of the kid’s friends find him to be the coolest dad ever, but the kid finds him somewhat embarrassing
-likes to prank his kid a lot, but his pranks towards the kid are quite harmless (airhorns, putting honey on the doorknob, etc) even the SHSL supreme ruler has slight morals when it comes to kids.
-He likes to purposely embarrass his kid sometimes just to annoy them. Sometimes he’ll blast inappropriate music out the window when going to pick up his kid from school.
-Kokichi also likes to send his kid memes while they are at school.
-Basically he is more of a best friend than a father.

-Obviously a robot can’t get anyone preggo, so he adopts a human baby with his S/O!
-Does a TON of research on taking care of human babies before he gets one!
-When he gets his human baby, he’s amazed at how adorable they can be and that all humans once started out this small!
-“where are you going? Get home before dark! its unhealthy to stay up too late! Do your chores! Get your homework and studying done! Finish your fruits and vegetables!”
-encourages his child to be respectful to everyone. Does not tolerate an ounce of disrespect and will lecture his child if they disrespect anyone.
-He is a master at helping his kid with their homework and studying for tests; his kid ends up getting straight A’s in all of their classes just because he’s amazing at tutoring his children.
-D r e a d s parent-teacher conference day
-Poor Kiibo gets so many weird and disturbed looks from the teacher.
-“This teacher is a robot racist!”

Shuichi Saihara:
-Oh boy he’s a nervous wreck
-he’s shaking, sweaty, and very red in the face while watching his S/O go into labor.
-“What if I’m not a good enough father??? What if I let something happen to my child??? Will (S/O name) be okay???”
-When the baby is born, it looks a lot similar to him. It has beautiful grey eyes and long eyelashes
-he’s very surprised that he managed to hold his baby without dropping it after it was born.
-The kid likes to take his baseball cap and wear it around the house, and he just melts whenever the kid does this because its really adorable.
-He even lets the kid wear the baseball cap to school sometimes.
-Shuuichi tries to distance his kid and his job from each other as much as possible, he doesn’t want his child to see anything disturbing.
-His child thinks that his job is really interesting though, and considers their dad a hero.
-Shuuichi tends to spoil his child a lot unintentionally, its just so hard for him to say ‘“no” when his child asks for the toy they want.

Korekiyo shinguuji:
-He tries to stay calm about having a child, but is a bit nervous.
-“Will it be frightened by my appearance???”
-cannot believe his sight once he sees his child for the first time, “What a beautiful human baby!”
-If the baby starts crying in the middle of the night, he gets up and rocks it, singing it to sleep. The baby falls asleep so fast because his voice is so soothing
-If the child ends up growing their hair out, he likes to braid and style their hair in a bunch of neat and unique styles before they go to school (the kid’s friends are jealous)
-Lets the child play with his hair and won’t get mad if they knot his hair by accident.
-He reads his child a bedtime story every single night before they go to sleep, he has a whole stack of books filled with bedtime stories to tell his child.
-Whenever the child has nightmares, he lets the child lay on his chest while he reads them a calming poem.
-After the child ends up falling back asleep, Korekiyo falls back asleep himself and its literally the cutest thing ever.
-He sometimes tells his child creepy folktales that involve misbehaving children so his child won’t misbehave, but he makes sure it isn’t too scary.
-Him and his kid love to bake and cook together! They just both genuinely enjoy it and its just a cute bonding activity for them.

Gonta Gokuhara:
-He is filled with so much anxiety on the delivery day.
-“What if the kid doesn’t think I’m a gentleman?”
-Once the baby is born, he is stunned and amused by how adorable it is and how small it is compared to him.
-The baby smiles and coos at him when Gonta holds it in his arms for the first time, it feels very safe and secure in his arms.
-His s/o will have to help him out quite a bit with raising the baby, due to his upbringing he doesn’t know too much about raising a child properly.
-He loves to find new insects for the child and let them keep some of them as pets! of course not the poisonous ones, though.
-If his child is male then he preaches to him about being a gentleman and makes sure he treats everyone with respect.
-especially women
-If his child is afraid of bugs then he is willing to help them get over their fear!
-Is respectful if his child is not interested in insects, though
-Like Shuuichi, he has a problem saying no to his child since he is too nice. He ends up unintentionally spoiling them.
-But if you aren’t acting like a gentleman or if you intentionally kill a spider? you’re grounded

Ryoma Hoshi:
-Before the child is born he is hoping to god that the child won’t grow taller than him.
-After the child is born, his depression starts to improve a lot
-It makes him so happy to have a child in his life !!
-Tries to be a strict dad but whenever his child does something cute he m e l t s
-He likes to take his child to the park afterschool everyday and practice tennis with them
-its a very cute bonding activity for them and they both enjoy it very much and have a lot of fun!!
-He sometimes loses his patience with the kid and gets angry with them, but will feel bad and apologize profusely later.
-The child ends up growing w a y taller than him and he is pretty upset about that.
-He likes to tease his child about them being tall as much as the child likes teasing him about him being short.

Kaito Momota:
-Is very excited to have the baby!
-He does a lot of shopping ahead of time while his S/O is pregnant!
-The first things he buys are a space mobil and glow in the dark stars for the ceiling
-if his baby is crying he will take it outside and gaze up at the bright stars and moon at night with the baby.
-Is the dad who constantly takes photos of his kids when his family goes on trips!
-Also the generic dad who wears an apron and flip flops and flips burgers on a grill in the summertime
-buys his kid pajamas with stars and moons all over them
-Will sometimes scold his kid if they do something wrong, but he keeps his composure and tries not to get too angry.
-He still apologizes later though
-Teaches his kid about all of the different planets and stars and shapes in the sky when they look up through his telescope together
-The kid ends up getting all As when they learn about space in science, thanks to kaito.

Dating Clint Barton would include

⦁ You had just moved to a rural New York for college, you thought being away from the city a bit would help you focus
⦁ Your neighbor saw you carrying boxes twice your size and offered to help. When the boxes were in the house, you thanked him, he laughed and said, “no problem princess. my name is Clint.”
⦁ You quickly found out about his hearing impairment, and as soon as you left you went to the local bookstore and bought books to help you learn sign language.
⦁ He spent a lot of time at your house helping you fix it up.  You felt bad about him doing so much, but he said it kept him feeling sane.
⦁ You quickly became friends with tons of flirting
⦁ “If i fix the heating, i get to take you out to dinner.”
⦁ Heating? Fixed. Dinner? Amazing.
⦁ Your first kiss was in your backyard while the two of you were trying to build a picnic table
⦁ He would stay at your house one night a week
⦁ Barton liked to sit with you while you did your homework
⦁ You noticed sometimes he would be gone for days. when you confronted him about it, scared he was cheating on you, he told you about his day job.
⦁ Being close to Natasha
⦁ Being called princess unless its serious (but even then he would sometimes call you princess)
⦁ You were the only sense of normal in his life
⦁ Slow kisses
⦁ Him almost crying when you showed him how much asl you had learned
⦁ Sleeping in one of his T-shirts
⦁ Your parents adore him
⦁ Clint cooks when he gets stressed, but he loves to surprise you with breakfast in bed
⦁ You loved listening to him talk about his childhood
⦁ He is so insecure about the almost 25 year age difference, he is so sure you would leave him for a college kid
⦁ “If i wasn’t so proud of my princess for trying to become a lawyer I would insist you quit school because I miss you sooo much.”
⦁ Dates with Natasha totally being a third wheel because why not
⦁ Clint and you deciding your first time together should be when you get married, he was more traditional when it came to relationships
⦁ Slow dancing to old songs
⦁ Planning a future that involved kids and a large farm house with a garden
⦁ Deep conversations on the porch swing on the back porch at two in the morning in summer
⦁ He decided to sell his house and move in with you after a year
⦁ Horrible, awful, painful jokes that you absolutely love
⦁ So much Taylor Swift
⦁ Teaching you archery
⦁ “Natasha go home, you’ve been here for seven hours, im ready for bed.”
⦁ Him introducing you to Pietro and Wanda and then immediately asking if they could stay with you for a few weeks.
⦁ Okay so you basically end up adopting two kids who are five years younger than you, but you just adore them.
⦁ “Clint Barton I wanna marry you.” “Just give me a date princess. I am more than ready”


I’ve been watching the show for a long time and just like everyone else I rage when something shit happens because I love the show so much but I’ve never gotten involved in the online fandom. I just talk with my friends about it.

Recently I have been taking notice of drama that has surfaced with Mark leaving and the drama on here and Twitter that may or may not be happening between Misha and J2. I’ve been looking at people accounts and have come across the whole ship thing, I knew it was around but I never knew the extant of it and how serious some people take it. Things I have found out.

- Wincest and Destiel are pretty popular.
- Jensen has denied Destiel and seems to be uncomfortable when people continue to ask about it.
- Jared and or Jensen are closeted gays. No idea why people think that, you don’t know them personally so how would you know?.
- Gen faked her pregnancy and photo shopped her bump in photos.
- Danneel and Gen are beards.
- Gen is an asshole/bitch.
- Misha hates Mark. Mark hates Misha.

People can believe what they want but I don’t think ill ever dive into this area of the fandom again because its kinda scary how mean people can be. Jared and Jensen especially are all about being kind, supporting each other and the Always Keep Fighting campaign and encouraging people to be kind and not tear each other down but they get hate from some of the so called fans of the show and the cast which isn’t right. Their wife’s get hate which isn’t right either. The mothers of their children.

Jared and Gen both spoke about bullying and are full supporting anti bullying which is amazing but all I see is people online bullying both Jared and Gen, and even Jensen. Danneel is pretty quite on social media so I understand how she doesnt get as much hate at all. Bullying is never okay. I don’t think the boys would be happy to see their fans bullying their wife’s and talking shit about situations they have no idea about and no business knowing.

Asking about their personal lives at cons doesn’t seem to bother them too much, I know Jared adores his kids and loves talking about them, he lights up and so does Jensen. I just don’t understand how fans can talk shit about their families. You don’t know personal details so you shouldn’t talk shit. All you do is make assumptions which we all do but I will never talk shit about them or their families. Its rude and they wouldn’t be happy to see fans doing that.
This fandom is called #spnfamily but it doesn’t seem to be much of a family when its full of bullying and constant hate. So Im asking people on here:

- What do you think about the hate?
- Is it right to bully and harass Gen and Danneel.
- Is it right to put down the boys when they’ve given so much time and effort to keeping this show going for us?
- Does everyone take Destiel and Wincest and all the other ships seriously?
- Does everyone believe Jared and or Jensen are closeted gays?
- Does everyone think Gens pregnancy was fake?
- What is Bibro and TinHat?.

I would like to hear other peoples opinions because I find it hard to believe every person in this fandom is full of hate.

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So glad I turned on notifications for this blog❤️ Headcanons with Kankuro and Viktor of Yuri! On ice: when their s/o doesn't want to have kids, but wants to adopt. How do they react to that and how they are with the kid? If that makes sense, and if it's not too much❤️❤️

Ahhh this is sooo adorable! Thank you soo much for the purely amazing ask!! Love you!!! :) ~Admin Shadow

Viktor Nikiforov and Kankuro Adopting a Child With Their S/O Headcanons

Originally posted by dazaiosamu-s

Viktor Nikiforov

• Viktor would be completely unfazed by his partner’s wish to adopt, it wouldn’t surprise him in anyway. He would just take it as an amazing sign that his s/o was even considering having children with him in any capacity. He’s excited the moment the idea comes out of his s/o’s mouth and right away he will pull them in for a kiss and relay how the thought seems so fantastic.

• When they went to an adoption home or an orphanage, Viktor would have to steel himself before hand – otherwise he would be heartbroken from every child looking for a home. Seeing other’s pain really gets to him more than he would like to admit. Once he met a few kids, he would be hugging them and want to take all of them home immediately.

• Once him and his partner actually met the child that was set up for them by the adoption agency, Viktor would have a hard time containing himself. He would start trying to learn everything he could about his new child – Viktor has no problem slipping into the role of a father. He has every intention of having a very active role and a strong bond with his kid’s life. He would also be the type to right away start hugging them and giving them kisses before bed or right before they had to leave for school. He’s the motherly type of dad and would pack his child the most thoughtful, cute lunches too.

• Of course, Viktor will try and direct his child into ice skating, because it’s one of the biggest passions in his life – and he feels it would be a crime to not expose his child to it. Viktor would be there helping his child learn the basics and he wouldn’t get discouraged if they struggled with a jump or maybe a technique. He just learns how to play to his child’s strengths.


• Kankuro would be a little upset and bewildered at first when he discovered his s/o didn’t want to have kids directly of their own. He just believed it was in the cards for them all along; them having their own kids running around, playing together. He might even try to  persuade his partner to change their mind initially – because the revelation would be so shocking to him at first. Only after learning their reasons behind it would he fully accept the decision.

• He would be very nervous about going to an adoption home or orphanage. The whole process and even the place doesn’t sit well with him. Seeing all the helpless children just hits close to home – mostly with his experiences of being afraid of Gaara and his father – and knowing there was nothing he could do to change his situation. He’s just relieved once the whole adoption process is over.

• I could see it being harder for Kankuro to really ease into a father’s role at first. He worries, and even in some cases doubts his potential and ability to be a father – he didn’t have the best role model and he fears his father’s own ways will come loss. Of course, the more time he actually spends with his new child the more attached he becomes. He loves reading them books, or telling them some crazy stories from his childhood and the Great Ninja Wars. And slowly his anxiety about being parent just melts away with time.

• It wouldn’t take him long to start teaching his kid how to fix things and how to make puppets. He loves the idea of a child that is mechanically wired like him. Of course, if that’s not the case, he’s flexible and is willing to get in child into new things like music or art – because he has a high appreciation for it.

Affectionate cats (Jun. K)

Anon Requested: Hey :D can i request a Jun. K, Taec and Khun (If have to choose one just Jun. K) reaction to coming your house first time and seeing you have 5 very affectionate cats (you are in a relationship). In my experience if guys like cats its fun but if they dont like cats it gets awkward lol. I love your blog btw :D

I think Minjun would find it adorable, despite being a dog person. He’d love the attention he’s been getting from the cats. He’d have so much fun playing with them and keep saying how cute they are. He’d absolutely adore them and wouldn’t want to leave. He may even want his kids to get along with your kids. 

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GOT7 reaction to their child looking like their wife.

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

How would got7 react if their child looked like their wife (I baby sit a little boy that looks a lot like his mom and its the cutest thing ever)

Omg how adorable!! thats the sweetest thing ever!
Thanks for the request :) i hope you like it 
~ahgase Omma


is simply smitten over the both of you, he stares and stares hoping that she doesn’t change.


loves it so much, he would walk around with her all the time thinking of his wife


only makes him even more excited to have more kids!


he’s not even mad that they don’t have he’s eye wrinkles.


stares at her as she sleeps, whilst she eating, just constantly staying by her side


loves to make her laugh because she laughs just like you do.


would insist that the child actually takes after him

Gifs are not my own

  • What I say: goD,, I fukken h8 Ritsu,,,
  • What I mean: I "hate" how much I love this character. He's so complex and multi-dimensional. He acts so edgy during his chuunibyou arc but in reality he's such a goddamn child it's adorable. Every time he does something I ask "why are you like this" since he's always a goddamn surprise. He's my son and he's far from being a perfect person but he had such amazing character development throughout he series and I am so proud. He's booksmart yet so dense. He's a gullible 13 year old. He loves his brother and his friends and honestly he's a good kid. I will defend my son with my life.
  • What I say: HAH,,, anywayS,

[mystic messenger spoilers] I just. have so many feelings for zen. the way he covers up for his insecurities by being too full of himself. his hard work, his ambition. the super relatable feeling of disappointment and self-deprecation when he couldn’t participate in a major production because of an injury he himself caused (that has happened to me, too).

it is a bit strange, considering he doesn’t really fit my type. but I just look forward to all his chats, I adore his calls, I smile when he uses “babe” so liberally. I was literally so excited when MC visited his apartment for the first time. he’s a good kid and I don’t know how or why this game is making me feel so much.

i think one of the main reasons why stefan referring to memes so much is really cute over “cringey” is because he was genuinely excited and happy over the we are number one meme blowing up, and found it legitimately entertaining, as well as being aware of just how much it helped with the funding of his gofundme. like, he wasn’t pandering or referring to memes because that’s “what the kids are into these days”; he was being legitimate. idk i feel that if he hadn’t been so clearly happy and entertained by the we are number one meme, it would’ve come off as being pandering and uninspired.

idk what my point is other than stefan is adorable and i love him

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Hi, I love your tumblr. I've only seen Martin on Sherlock. What do you recommend me to watch next?


First off, thanks so much for liking my blog! I’m obviously a huge Martin fan, so it means a lot when people say they enjoy it.

Now for what to watch next, well… he has quite the filmography, but I can give a few recs.

Martin’s breakout role was in the Office playing Tim Canterbury. It’s a really funny show and Martin is great in it. It’s defiantly worth a watch!

Originally posted by nosetothewind94

Now, Martin’s second best known role (or perhaps best known, depending on who your asking) is Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit. Say what you want about the movies (I happen to love them) Martin’s performance is always praised. He put so much depth into his character. It’s such a great performance over three films. Check them out :)

Originally posted by asstrxlxgy

One of Martin’s more recent roles that I enjoyed was Phil Rask in Startup. I did not love the show as much, but his acting was top notch, and he will be appearing in the second season, so it’ worth a watch (did i mention he was gorgeous in it?)

Originally posted by constantlyfreemaned

Another one of my favourite roles of his was as Lester Nygaard in Fargo. I admit i was a bit skeptical of the show, but it totally blew me away. Martin was amazing as one of the leads, and he really got to play a different character than we are used to him playing. It was really great to see that.

Originally posted by welcometoyouredoom

If you’re interested in seeing a sexy, gorgeous, Scottish Martin Freeman, check out Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. I enjoyed the movie a lot more than i thought i would, and he is to die for in it (freebeard love) :)

Originally posted by free-martinis

A lot of these movies are more recent roles (except for The Office) but a lot of his older work is great as well. He is really great in the movie Nightwatching (even though I did not like the film overall)

Originally posted by rominatrix

Love Actually is a classic (although he is not in the movie a whole lot) The movie is amazing regardless of how much he is in it :) (also can’t find a great gif right now)

If you want an adorable Martin film, check out The Nativity. Its a guilty pleasure… its a kids christmas movie but i love it. (my computer sucks so so gif lol)

Anyway, those are some of my favourite, he really is a talented and versatile actor, and I hope you enjoy watching some of these performances :)


{Requested by anon :3}

The moon was shining brighter than ever on this spookiest of holidays. It’s Halloween and you couldnt wait to spend it with your loving boyfriend Andy for the first time. You wanted to do something fun and spontanuous with him like go to a crazy costume party, or a haunted house or forest. Either way you wanted it to be a Halloween you would never forget.
Andy came home from another concert. He looked pretty tired, which brought your hopes a little bit down.
“Hey love!” You happily greeted with a huge smile. His face lit up a little when he caught sight of you, taking you into his arms and kissing your sweet lips.
“Hey babe.” He greeted back, pecking your nose.
“How was the concert?”
“Great, as always, but Im super tired.”
“As always.” You muttered looking down a little.

“What was that?” He asked and you shook your head smiling again. “Nothing love, soooo!!” You said.
Andy laughed a little at your goofy smile, “Sooo?!” He questioned.
“Look outside, all the little kids in their adorable costumes, the moon shining so bright and big, so much candy waiting to be devoured out there.”
You got a little irritated and pouted. “Its Halloween! Lets go do something fun!”
He chuckled once more and held your waist close to his. “Baby, I know its Halloween, Im aware of that. And no offense but, does it look like I want to do anything?” He asks. You looked down and sighed, your eyes seemed to just want to stay focused on the floor. “Youre right but..its our first Halloween together…”

Andy’s heart broke a little to see you all sad, Halloween was his favorite holiday as well as yours. And at that same moment, a great idea popped into his head. “Babe, look at me.” You did as he said only too see a huge grin on his face causing you to laugh. “What’s with the creepy smile?”
You asked curiously. “(Y/N), what really is there to do outside? We didnt get invited to a party and all the clubs in town are just filled with drunk girls dressed as sluts.”
You laughed and nodded agreeing, “Okay well, youre right about that.” You tell him.
He raised his eyebrow high and smerked, “I know how we can have our own Halloween fun in here.”
“What do you mean?”

Moments later, as Andy had just said, you really were having your Halloween fun.
The two of you played scary hide and seek, which meant you both played while wearing a very scary mask.
After that, you went ahead and made Halloween desserts together, also smuthering each other in frosting and flour. And after that, you both decided to go out and buy last minute candies, costumes, and rent scary movies.
As soon as you guys got home you changed into your costumes, Andy of course wanted to be batman, but you had a great idea to be villans instead.
So instead of batman and catwoman, you chose to be the joker and harley quinn.
“You look absolutely sexy.”
“Thanks puddin.” You replied with harley quinn’s voice, which by the way you were really good at impersonating.

Andy laughed and gave you a kiss.
You guys took many pictures together and posted them in your instagrams.
The fans gave you two nothing but compliments, a few hating comments appeared here and there, but since this night was so perfect, you and Andy didnt care at all.
You placed the DVDs in the player and Andy popped some popcorn and assembled candies and some desserts you two had made.
“Everything ready?” He asked from the kitchen.
“Yeah but I cant decide on which movie we should watch first. The Ring, Evil Dead, The Last House on the Left or Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” You say.
“Whatever you choose Im fine with it babe!” He assures you. You smerked at the DVD in your hand and popped it in.
“Okay! We’re gonna watch Seed of Chucky!” You notify him, he was completely fine with it and came with all the junk food.

You smiled at how well everything was assembled. But as you read what the pieces of candy said which was “I love you sexy.” You blushed and smiled huge, “Aww, babe that is so sweet.”
You kissed his red painted lips and sat down on the couch cuddling next to him.
He pressed play and the movie started.
You didnt really care about the movie though, you just loved being by Andy’s side.
Andy chuckled at some of the parts and then he began to laugh harder, “Babe did you see that?!” He exclaimed and looked at you. Only to see that you werent looking at the movie at all, you were looking at him. “Hey cutie.” He greeted.
you giggled and played with his hair, “Hey handsome..” you softly muttered while gazing into his bright blue eyes. The black eye makeup really made them pop out. And it made them even more alluring.

His gaze became even more deeper as he took a good look at your face.
Your soft eyes just made him love you even more. You couldnt help but blush a really deep red and giggle, “Woah…why are you staring at me like that?” You asked shocked.
“You really wanna know?”
You nodded in response and he gently pecked your forehead before he told you, “Im just thinking of how lucky I am to have such a beautiful girl.” He softy mumbled..
You became so speechless that you didnt even realize you were backing away from him.

He laughed and pulled you back to him, his arm around your waist securing you tightly to him. Making you feel safe.
“Where do you think your going?”
“Sorry its just wow…how do I beat that?” You asked.
“Just tell me you love me.”
You smiled and whispered, “I love you.”
He smiled as well and kissed your lips passionately turning you on a little.
“I love you too.” He also whispered when he leaned away.
For the rest of the night, you snuggled up next to him and watched the rest of the movie until you feel asleep on him.
When the movie finished he shut it off, “What other movie do you want-“
His question trailed off and smiled at how peacefull you looked sleeping.

He grabbed a blanket and properly layed down, you were now on top of him and he wrapped the blanket on you since it was getting pretty chilly. Your lips formed a smile as you heard the sound of his heart beating in his chest.
His fingers softly scratched your scalp making you feel even more good.
“Andy?…” you muttered.
“Yes beautiful?…”
“Thank you…” you said almost whispering.
His lips kissed your hair and he kept petting you.
“For what baby?”
“For giving me greatest Halloween of my life…”
He shook your head, “No, thank YOU, for giving me the greatest Halloween of my life.” He tells you.
You smiled once more, “I still thank you..”
“I know, now sshhh, get some sleep Harley.”
Before fully closing your eyes you whispered…
“I love you puddin.”

(Most romantic Halloween ever!! ^-^)

How to know you are doing the right thing

When you start reading Artemis Fowl to your students, and one kid likes it so much he goes out and buys the whole series before you’ve even finished the first book.

Why I Love Yifan ♥

Yifan is absolutely beautiful. Beautiful not just physically, but in personality as well. What he does, how he acts, the expressions he makes, he possesses so many wonderful things that make him the most incredible human being and it makes me love him more and more everyday because of them. 

One of the things that I love about Yifan is his smile. Actually lets just go with his lips in general. I mean just look at those things! His eyes and his smile are the first things I always look at when I see a picture of him and they just make me have to smile myself no matter what. His gummy smile is also another thing I adore. It just shows pure happiness and the way his eyes turn up into little crescents and little wrinkles form at the corners and I just adore how he looks like that. His smile is something that brightens my day, its part of why he’s ‘my star’. Stars have always been something special to me. I remember when I was younger, I would sit outside on my patio and just watch the stars at night, and even now, when i have time, I’d always attempt to count how many there were in the sky. But no matter what, stars just make me happy, they make me relaxed and calm and I could just look at them all day. They make me forget about the real world. And thats exactly what Yifan does, so I felt like that was the perfect thing to call him, my star. But anyway! Back to smiles, his smile is just something that takes my breath away and makes my body feel lighter and theres just no other like it in the world, no other smile that makes me cringe because of how cheesy it is sometimes, yet at other times it makes me sigh or laugh or just stare at it for a few minutes. 

Another thing I love about Yifan is the way he is with fans and kids. Everyone at some point saw him as the ‘cold guy’ and at times his demeanor does show it, but then you take a look closer and could just see he is genuinely happy to see them.There’s sincerity in his eyes and a gentleness and kindness in his voice thats found only when talking to them. He seems to put his fans first before himself, always telling them to be careful when they push each other around and whatnot. He is always polite no matter what, even when the fans are a bit out of line and is respectful to them and he puts them into consideration when doing things. A great example would be when he bought a new luggage to carry all the gifts he got so that he wouldn’t disappoint the fans. He was so casual with them and talked with them and signed autographs and even opened some of the presents and took his time to pick out which shirt from the fans to wear and that is just plain precious. It was so sweet and nice to see him being totally and completely normal around them with not a hint of annoyance nor discomfort. He was truly happy to be with them. He even bought chocolates for the fans for white day. If that isn’t adorable, I dunno what is. At the airport when he returned Canada, he had no duty or commitment to acknowledge or interact with the fans because he was there for his own personal business as a regular human being, as Wu Yifan and not Yifan. Yet, he acknowledged them and smiled and waved and talked and took pictures with them and signed autographs for them as well. Even when the fans wouldn’t leave him alone and surrounded both him and his friends/family, he was patient and kind towards the fans, and kept his calm even through this. Yifan cares for his fans. He cherishes them and respects them and loves them in every way possible. At times like this when he couldn’t see inside with his sunglasses on, he still put them back on anyway just to make the fans happy. And before he left, he took his sunglasses off before bowing to the fans. Not to mention that on his birthday he even sang for us. On his birthday guys. He sang for us as a gift. I dunno what guy does that seriously. Yifan is so incredibly humble and real and he acts like he’s normal, like he’s not above us in any way. There is absolutely nothing fake about how much he loves his fans, and he shows it in every action he takes around them. And finally to the kids. Yifan with kids makes me squirm okay. He’s so adorable with them and how he kneels down to their level and just the fascination that spreads across his face and how gentle he is with them and how he’s so playful ugh. 

I love Yifan as a leader. Its no easy job with all the responsibility on your shoulders yet he does it so well. As a leader, they must keep the members in line and make sure that they do what they’re supposed to, and if they don’t, its on him. But yet, despite this stressful job and theres so much pressure on him, he stays on top of things and manages to keep the others in check.  He’s mature and composed and is always ready for whatevers thrown at him. For example,  during interviews he always has an answer to whatever question is thrown at him and is always ready to help the others out if they get stuck. He’s patient with them too, like when Yixing spaces out or forgets something he just naturally takes over and finishes up the answer. He doesn’t get angry or frustrated nor does he put any pressure on them, and instead seems to hold it all for himself. The way he speaks and answers questions is also another thing. His answers are always so thought through and he seems so knowledgeable, like even if he didn’t know the answer, just the way he spoke it and the way he looks so confident gives an illusion as if he was right no matter what. And through all of that insightfulness, could include some strange and amusing comment that I cant help but laugh over or shake my head or simply smile because every time he does that it reminds me of why I love him.

Yifan is not good just as a leader though, but as a friend and brother as well. There are an infinite amount of times when he’s displayed affection towards them or when he’s showed concern for their health and well-being. He’s been known to go out and buy medicine for the others when they aren’t feeling well and pretty much everyone knows that he spoils the members as well… ahem, Tao. He knows they depend on him and he always tries his hardest to make sure that they’re getting everything they need. You can just tell that he really does love the members like family. And really thats just beautiful. 

I love Yifan as an artist. No, not Kriscasso… well that too OTL but just him as a singer, rapper, entertainer, performer. I love his intense gazes at the camera, his wink, his wiiiink and how he sometimes just doesn’t dance the right routine and how he slowly but surely showed his aegyo which everyone was waiting not so patiently for. I love the many times some MC has asked him to rap or sing for them in Chinese or speak in a different language and I must admit, I am addicted to hearing this man speak in Cantonese. Its my first language and his deep voice mixed with that just raises goosebumps for me. He isn’t as great as a dancer as Kai or Lay, nor is he as great a singer as Chen, but he tries hard. You can tell that during some performances where he was asked to sing a little for the fans that he was nervous, but he pushes his comfort zone to show that he is capable. I love it when during Weekly Idol in Random Dance he most definitely was at fault during MAMA and yet he argued anyway and its just so amusing to watch him do so. I love the many times he just randomly danced like in episode 2 of EXO Showtime before they sat down to eat, or how he dances to cover up things like when Minseok left him hanging for a high-five. I love how at first, his persona was someone who was cold and serious and his famous bitch face of course, but then as time passed, he allowed us to see who he really was, someone who wanted to be the lead dancer, leader singer, someone who didn’t think he was a visual, someone who loved to make the strangest jokes or comments, ,someone who does very weird things sometimes, someone who was the complete opposite as to who he was in the beginning, yet still the same. And I’m sure there are still so many sides of Yifan just waiting to be revealed and I can’t wait till we get to see them.

Yifan worked so hard the four years he trained at SM, as did all the other idols and trainees. He was 17 years old when he went to Korea. He didn’t know Korean, nor did he know anybody there. He was alone in a foreign country being asked to sing and dance and learn a new language and on top of everything I’m sure he endured bullying from other trainees for being foreign, and on top of all of that he had to push through this everyday for long hours. I can’t even imagine what it was like for him being away from his family and friends and his home and not being able to turn to anyone. He has said many times that he contemplated quitting, but he didn’t. He worked towards his goals and endured the hardships, making friends and learning many things on the way as well as maturing. He has done so much, and been through so much through these short years but they’ve made him stronger and now here he is, a leader of EXO, someone who can speak four languages and dance and sing and rap. He’s known around the world by so many people and he’s leaving his mark where ever he goes, changing everyone he meets, and others that he hasn’t, people like me. Seeing him cry while winning an award makes me so happy because to him, winning that award, realizing that yes, people do recognize them for their talents, it means the world to him and that all the hard work spent bettering himself didn’t go to waste. I just wish that he could experience this happiness again and again and again in the future and that he realizes just how much of an impact he has on people’s lives. 

And as of recently, when he left exo, it has shown me just how strong of a person he is and how courageous he is. He’s shown me to fight for who I am, and for what I believe in. If it was me in his position, I would’ve never been able to just leave, I would’ve been scared to go against SM, but he wasn’t and that just makes me love him so much more. He was passionate about his dreams to act that he took the necessary actions and hopefully it leads him to where he wants to go – no, I know it will lead him to his place because thats just the type of person Yifan is, he won’t stop till he’s satisfied. 

And this is just gonna be a short paragraph about all the other small things I love about Yifan that just make me adore him even more. Him with eyeliner. The expression he makes whenever someone says ‘EXO-K’ instead of ‘EXO-M’. How he could dress from this, to this. Him in glasses and a ponytail.  When he wears these glasses. Yifan and ace. When he makes this face. And this face.  Also this one. And don’t forget these one. When he acts like a cutie-patootie. His side profile plus different hair styles. His hands oh god his hands. How bout just this post? His kid-like handwriting. How he can look so darn cute in this. How he eats. His tattoo. Yifan as a kid with picture problems. Him and archery. Whatever this is. Pre-debut Yifan. Him during running man. Whenever he pouts. How he looks snowboarding. Basketball Yifan. How bout just this post? Yeah….

Yifan overall is just a beautiful person. I won’t claim that I know him, its impossible that I do, but based on what he’s shown us, its comfortable to conclude that he’s a kind-hearted person who’s a great friend, leader, and someone to trust and lean on.  Yifan isn’t perfect - no bias is. He makes mistakes sometimes, does the wrong thing sometimes, has hurt others, but he has a kind spirit, a tender, loving heart, and a gentle soul, and despite his faults, i think he’s one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever known (not in real life of course).  He’s the most perfect mixture of serious, kindness, playfulness, politeness, style, weirdness, thoughtfulness, caring, strangeness,  childish, ‘not-my-style’ness and just everything wonderful and the thought that someone like him exists in this world makes me very happy. I don’t care what other people think. I don’t care if they only believe in OT11 or whatever, because despite what other people say, I’ll always stick next to Yifan because after all he’s done for me, thats the best I can do for him as a fan. I really cannot wait to see more of him in the future and to discover more things about him to fall in love with. 

updated: 08/01/14

I thought that the way that Warner Brothers announced the slate of DC movies could have been handled better. And I think that someone like Grant Gustin who has just launched an iconic character like The Flash to record breaking numbers, numbers that far surpassed Arrow’s numbers. All that being said I think that he should have been given a wider birth than two episodes before another actor was announced to play his character. All that being said that’s because I’m protective of Grant and that’s because I think that producing twenty-three episodes of superhero television is more difficult than producing a feature film.

Stephen Amell  [55:11 x] ARROW After Show Season 3 Episode 6 “Guilty”

External image

Can we just take a second and acknowledge how awesome and incredibly supportive Stephen is of Grant?!? I mean its so obvious how much he adores and respects the hell out of that kid. They bonded right from the start when Grant got cast as Barry Allen [appearing on Arrow in season 2] and since then Stephen has completely had his back like a surrogate big brother. Like seriously I friggin love their friendship! He doesn’t even care that Flash has exceeded Arrow in ratings; this is a true testament of how close Stephen and Grant have become. They’re the perfect superhero dynamic in the DC television universe :))


It’s officially Valentine’s Day so I think it’s time for cute fluffy barduil stuff.

Think about all the cuddles and casual touching that would happen. Thranduil would be a bit uncomfortable at first because he’s an elf and elves are like what physical touching idk, but eventually it would become one of his favourite things, the way they feel comfortable enough with each other to reach out and brush fingers across a palm or move a strand of hair back into place. Bard would love being able to casually touch Thranduil, he’s such a tactile person already what with three kids, and he would love being able to show how much he adores Thranduil with just a brush of his fingers or by leaning into him slightly.