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I hope tonight went well! You asked for questions, so: Any headcanons for any of your AUs that you haven't shared yet?

Thank you, Nonny! It went very well :) Sorry I didn’t get to this sooner~ I have a bunch of headcanons, but don’t want to make a ridiculously long list. Here are a few from a couple of my AUs. If there is anything from a specific AU you want to know more about, feel free to ask :D

Hellbound AU

  • When at Roy and Riza’s respective homes, Wrath and Lust imitate their routine, down to the time they make dinner or go to bed. It’s easier for them to get inside their heads.
  • With the prolonged fighting Roy and Riza have done and the damage they have caused, there are distinct physical changes to their bodies that are irreversible.
  • It’s becoming more and more difficult to call and exchange information with each other because every time Wrath and Lust hear the other’s voice, they feel this sense of longing for Riza or Roy, respectively.

Gravity AU

  • No perfect Homunculus exists, especially the ones that are created by Father. Every single one of them gravitates toward the sin for which they are designed, even if they were once human.
  • The souls in Riza’s Philosopher’s Stone are not as disjointed and unaware as they appear.
  • Greed firmly believes he is older than Pride now and now he feels like he’s been thrust into the role as the Older Brother.


  • Roy is attracted to sunlight and warmth and will go out of his way to rest in a room with windows. One of his favorite rooms is the kitchen because of the stove.
  • Though he has a warm body temperature, if Roy gets sick or injured he cools down very quickly when outside in the fall or winter. Because of his reptilian nature, he slows down and risks freezing to death.
  • Edward has no problem setting Roy’s coattails or clothes on fire.

Guardian AU

  • Guardians are very aware of their origins. However, the deep-seated uncertainty of what would happen to them if they lived as normal human beings forces them to remain complacent. That and they learned insubordination leads to decommissioning. 
  • Even the most minute offense leads to a long trial of relearning. A single major offense more often than not will lead to decommissioning. Taking in Hayate is the first of many that weigh on Riza’s mind.
  • Riza is quick to answer to being called ‘Riza’ instead of the number and letters she was assigned, but it takes her a while to inwardly accept it.

I’m not all that worried about the smoothie scene because I don’t really see it as a bad thing for Lucaya. Sure Lucas might say something to seriously piss Maya off, she’ll pour that smoothie on him and most likely walk out of the bakery which will promptly end whatever they were together for. But Lucas certainly wouldn’t stay mad at her because he’ll probably feel guilty about whatever he said. Next time they meet Lucas will apologize, they’ll reconcile and I bet ya he’ll say something sweet and nice to Maya that will make her fall for him even more.

Problem solved? Problem solved!


LIFE via INSTAGRAM (Part Three) - June 20th to July 11th

Aaand we’ve reached the final installment of my Life via Instagram posts for the week. Recently I’ve worked on a few projects (two of which are still a secret) and tried out some new looks! Until next time…

  1. For an event I sported a slightly new hair look thanks to my friend Bryce Scarlett. What do you guys think?
  2. Hanging with my Wilhelmina agents… and yes, I made them do it.
  3. Full on reunion with Behati my favorite model last night - #COHATI is now in its 8th year!
  4. Smoothie time!! Posting this now before I blend it into a brown slurpee.
  5. Doing a little photo-challenge: I know you’re all masters of the selfie by now, but being a good model means being able to pose with someone else behind the camera. My challenge to you is to have a friend take a portrait of you and post it with the hashtags #notaselfie #mkdreambeautiful. Strike a pose and I’ll like my favorites!
  6. Working with Miss Veronica Chu on not one but TWO top secret projects today! Can’t wait to tell you all…
  7. My personal behind-the-scenes pics from my latest Blade Runner themed editorial for Citizen K with John-Paul Pietrus.
  8. All about the Prince ruffles in the city today. #takeifyouwillapicture #whendovescry
  9. Looking for the perfect gift for the fashionable welder in your family?