it's slower now

shizuo used spin attack, it was super effective!

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*squeals at cyoot bbyyssss aaaAA* Moi: Omg these bbys are too cute aaAA- seriously well done boi- these bbys are adorbsss ppftt- *moi thummbs upp* Sweetie: *giggles at the cyoot bbys and just-waves at em? sure ppftt-* (when you dunno what to do haha-)

He’s a bit confused by the compliment but accepts it anyways? The babies are confused as well but like the way the wave looks, they may copy it later imma do the next part without pictures bc it’s big and it’ll take up too much spaaaace

There’s a knock at the door, Azi uses magic to open it bc his arms are currently occupied by bbys- It’s this times Ara. yyyay the bby sitter has ‘randomly’ shown up

sometimes things just disappear from my laptop. the other day skyrim vanished. then nexus mods did. now its subnautica. wild but i accept it because  sometimes the ones you love hurt you the most

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I ate less than 500 calories for a few days and it actually helped me lose weight but it really fucked up my metabolism and now its slower than ever!! But when I ate 1,000-1,200 calories (with exercise) my body was losing the same weight without slowing down my metabolism. Just thought this would help

1000 and 1200 calories is still under eating, so it’ll still make u lose weight and it’ll be at a healthier rate too. Thanks:)

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I'm sorry asking for this, but it's important. My one friend is considering suicide. Can you to please write an imagine were anyone from Hogwarts (the golden trio, Draco, Fred and George, ect...) is cheering her up. Telling her that she means something (put her name as (y/n). Thank you so much and I completely understand if you disregard this, but please consider it. Thank you again.

I walked down the hall, burying my head down, not wanting anyone to see the tears streaming down my face. I turned a corner and began to walk faster. Tears began to fall rapidly down my cheek, why was I crying? I didn’t deserve to. I crashed into something larger in front of me. I tumbled backwards, tears drying to my face, leaving marks. It was Fred and George. 

“Oh sorry y/n, wait woah, why are you crying?” George began. I didn’t want to talk about it, they would think I just wanted attention. I shook my head, knowing I’d cry more if I talked.

Fred quickly put an arm around me and pulled my close to him as we began to walk, George on the other side of me.

“No really, please tell us why you’re crying.” No one was in the halls now, we were suppose to be in class. There was a bench next to a door we were passing and George sat on it, Fred motioning me to join. 

I sat in the middle of them, both of their eyes staring at me with concern. Some how their looks comforted me. “I’m just upset.” I began, tears falling slower now. “Its no big deal.” I tried to smile. 

Fred shook his head, “No it is a big deal. Did someone hurt you?” The twins weren’t usually like this, I was surprised at their seriousness. 

“No.” I said looking down at my hands in my lap. “I’m just…tired. I’m done. Exhausted. No one cares about me and I don’t blame them. My parents hate me. I’m just so sick of everything. I’m meaningless.” I whispered out, not looking at them.

“Y/N, we care about you loads! Ron, Harry, Hermione, they care about you too. You’re amazing, I mean where would we be without you? Me and Fred would be miserable without you.” Fred nodded in agreement. “Yeah, you’re the only one who gets us and can join in on our pranks.” Fred added.

“Most of our pranks wouldn’t have even worked without you, you always plan them out accordingly.” George continued. I smiled slightly and wiped my eyes. 

“Thanks you guys.” I said to them. 

“Y/N, we really do need you. You most certainly are not meaningless and never will be. I know your parents aren’t the best, but that’s why you come here, with us. It’s your escape.” Fred spoke soothingly. 

“Harry and Ron always talk about how funny you are, and how you always have the perfect comeback.” George spoke. 

“Yeah and Hermione just adores you, she thinks you’re really smart, and that’s saying something.” Fred said while smiling.

I started to feel better.

“This summer, you can stay with us, mum loves you, she won’t mind.” George chirped. I nodded in agreement.

“Please smile.” George said desperately. I tried my best to smile but it didn’t feel real.

“No a real smile” He said back.

Fred and George stood up, George extending his hand lifting me off my seat on the bench. As I stood he through me up and onto his back and began to run down the hall causing me to laugh. 

“Lets go sneak you some pie from the kitchen and we can go talk as much as you want in the common room.” A real smile formed on my face, realizing I had the best friends in the whole world.

I really hope your friend gets better! Suicide is never the answer, please stay with her. I’m hoping for the best. xx