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even if you make the executive decision to never watch classicaloid, please watch this scene. I’ve rewatched episode 11 fifty times just for this one scene. please. watch it. watch the scene. I made a youtube account for it

How I draw Sebastian: Toboso Style

This is my tutorial on how I personally go about drawing Sebastian Michaelis, from Kuroshitsuji! (It isn’t the only way, I just find this works best for me. Many others will do it differently, its just about finding what works best for you) It is quite long, so i’m sorry if it drags on… This is especially for @bannu219 <3 I hope you find this helpful! I apologise for taking such a long time to finish it ^^ 

  • I first start with a circle for the top of the head, and roughly outline the chin. You will probably change this later and modify it, so don’t focus too much on making it ‘perfect’. Its simply a foundation for you to work detail into later. Make sure you are always light with your pencil, as you will be rubbing this out. You certainly don’t want dark lines remaining there. 
  • Yana herself stated that when she always draws Sebastian, she starts with his bangs. I find this give me a rough idea where the place the eyes and proportion his features correctly. The top of his head will always be a little higher than your sketched out circle, as you can see. In this particular sketch of mine, the wind is picking up Sebastian’s hair, that is why I have drawn it in this particular way. Also, have a rubber handy, so you can erase your foundation layer of pencil work. 

  • Next is the sketch of features. If you do a rough ‘prototype’ of his features, you can use your judgement on whether the proportion is correct and if it looks like him. Instead of working a lot of detail into an eye for example then realising it is out of proportion, too wide or small and having to erase it. This rough basis is perfect for testing out facial expressions and how to size everything correctly. 

  • Remember when I said that it was likely that you would rub out the outline of his face? Well I had to. I saw that the features I had drawn were too big and his facial shape too small; I needed it to be longer and more defined, to match his masculine jawline. 

  • When you are fairly happy with your outline of facial features and proportion, next is when it starts to come together; the finer detailing. You need to make sure you have erased all out of place lines and anything messy-looking. You want lines to look fine and concise. Bring together lines and shapes to form a more rounded and fluid finish. Make your ‘rough outline’ look more like a ‘sketch’. Basically, join lines together and tidy it up.  
  • Work into his eyes. Remember Seb has very distinctive, streamlined eyes. They usually look calm and strong, fringed with dark lashes. They are not cutesy and wide (Like our Ciel’s…) more fierce and intimidating. Work in finer detail, and tidy it up. 

  • Yay!

  • Now, I want to make a point here. This was my first finished Sebastian. It looks okay, however, to me something is a bit off about him. ಠ_ಠ I worked hard to get this result and I found that it wasn’t quite what I had imagined. (I’m not saying it’s bad, but because I drew it, I can point out flaws. You are naturally more critical of your own artwork. I am a bit of a perfectionist too, which is frustrating for me because sometimes you think something is wrong when its fine.) BUT I changed it. If your drawing frustrates you, go have a break and eat some chips or something then come back to it. A clear mind set really helps (Or maybe I just love chips  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )  What I’m trying to say is: Don’t be disheartened if your drawing did not turn out as you wanted it to. This happened to me, but I kept working into it and I changed it to what I wanted. After eating chips.

Now ladies and gentlemen, we are finished. As you can see, I changed the size of the eyes, and played around with their location. I also changed his jaw line once again. Everything needs shifting and changing when it comes to art. Proportion is everything - if you feel there is something not quite right about your Sebby, it is likely you need to change the size or position of your features. Sometimes a too long nose or chin will result in a too long face and vise versa. Sometimes this small difference is hard to spot, but once you do it can turn your picture around. If you cant spot it, just send me a picture and I can give some advice (to the best of my ability anyway) Even i’m still learning. But of course, the only master of drawing Sebastian will always be his creator!              If you have anything to say or questions, please feel free to message me!                   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ     Thanks for reading, have a sinfully sweet night everyone <3 

  • Jeremy Corbyn: turns up unannounced after Grenfell Tower fire, chats to people, offers condolences, shows basic humanity.
  • Theresa May: I simply cannot visit the Grenfell Tower victims, it's too much of a security risk.
  • The Queen: visits victims in hospital. For all her faults, understands the need to visit the scene of a tragedy, nod sympathetically and show a smidge of compassion for one's subjects.
  • Theresa May: uhhhhhh,,,,,,


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OMG STOP MAKING ME SHIP YOU WITH HACHIMI SO BAD LIKE THIS! It's simply too much for my poor heart ❤ TTwTT

but I didn’t do anything, did I?


Original sketches for Ranger Iwaizumi based on Allie’s “I Followed Fires” (which you should totally read if you love yourself).

My plan was to draw the scene in which we first meet Iwaizumi in the story.
But I also felt bad for hiding his face, while simultaneously dying to draw exactly this?!!
So, in the end I added the 2nd one. Typical.

I decided to focus on the one showing his face, as this was a birthday present for Allie who is basically responsible for all of this (curse you.. bless you), so I had some kind of deadline to meet and just knew I’d never finish both on time.

While drawing the one you already know, the picture/atmosphere changed quite a bit and it doesn’t fit the exact scene I had in mind before, so I will just leave these design sketches at this!!

I like the sketchy-style as well :>
I gotta learn to /leave/ things be anyway!! è v é)9

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ENTPs and INFJs are supposedly compatible, but as an ENTP I honestly struggle to get along with every INFJ I know, even if I don't mind them too much. Idk if it's underdevelopment or just simply not fitting the stereotype, but there isn't a lot of material about the two types incompatibility (and it really bugs me that I can't research the crap out of it). How do you approach differences/conflicts of thinking with the INFJs you know?

Oh I don’t get along with every INFJ I meet, and I’m sure that most/all ENTPs don’t get along with ever INFJ they meet. I tend to be on the stereotypical side of ENTP, so in terms of preferences, I’m like a moth to the flame with INFJs. This being said, I do know a few INFJs who I don’t really like. (This also being said, I was attracted to them at first… I’m a woman who knows what she likes at first sight– INFJs and Jason Momoa.) 

BUT the point is, there are differences between the types, so of course there is incompatibility. INFJs are so so so private and it is hard to get to know them, and so starting off with them can be like nails on chalkboards of trying to open a door that just doesn’t want to be opened. And then once we open the door and the INFJ starts making moves in our direction and the ENTP has their private, don’t-make-me-be-vulnerable obstacle to get over. These two getting together can really be a tug of war game and sometimes it’s just not worth it because the two types aren’t ready and there just isn’t enough time for the types to grow up and click.  

INFJs tend to be perfectionists! ENTPs do not. I personally find this to be cute on an INFJ, but on other people I get annoyed with obsessive adding to a cause that doesn’t have to be perfect. ENTPs, for things that they’re only partially interested in (so most things), are ok with things that are good enough, which I know stresses  out my INFJ when he looks at my homework assignments on loose-leaf paper with inconsistent spacing and things scratched out. His homework looks like a freaking constitution and I’m like why. I just don’t get it. (Why do people put effort into things!?) But it’s cute so it’s fine. 

In terms of conflicts of thinking, the one thing that I like most about INFJs is that they are so easy for me to talk to, and they don’t take ENTP shit. In fact they call us out on it and they play along while not playing along at the same time. For example, my INFJ was complaining about a member he had on his project not showing up to any of the meetings, so I suggested that maybe this guy’s sister had lost both of her legs, and he couldn’t come to meetings because he was dealing with the tragedy. My INFJ didn’t flinch with this suggestion, he just was like, It really sucks about this guy’s sister’s legs, but he’s got to tell us about it so we can give him a get well soon card or get this project done. So once you get to know an INFJ, they play along well, if you want more reaction to your statements, then maybe you won’t like this, and that’s ok too!

INFJs also get tired pretty easily around people. It can be hard to get to them sometimes. ENTPs also burn out, and so they may see INFJs sitting there, be like, cool person, but I’m tired and not right now. And then no friendship is ever formed because of mutual tiredness. I’ve noticed that when I talk to a tired out INFJ, they get pumped up again because of the flowing brainwaves. But again, startup is the hardest thing with these two types. 

INFJs are an altruistic type. ENTPs tend to not trust others, nor do they want to do things for others because ew (logically, unless I love someone, it does not make sense for me to go out of my way to… hhhh). This can be a slight butting of heads because ENTPs sometimes come off as non-caring an maybe a bit selfish and narcissistic. INFJs can seem too giving at times (though they’re not that bad about it)… The biggest problem from this aspect is the ENTP being irritated with general niceness, and it’s something for us to grow out of or get accustomed to. 

Finally, INFJs are quite a bit more sensitive than we are, and as a result, they will take our ENTP emotional discomfort as mixed signals (which they are) and possibly dislike. For example, when I like an INFJ/anyone, ,I go through a phase where I cannot make eye contact and I’m basically ignoring whoever it is I like. Often times, this has been interpreted as the common, ‘just kidding, i don’t actually like you that much’. INFJs read into all signals, and ENTP signals are hard to read. 

So there are places where heads butt with these two types… though it’s pretty obvious here that I’m head over heels for an INFJ right now. So sorry about that. The overall answer to your question is that with INFJs, there is a similarity in thinking so that at least for me, it’s not difficult dealing with differences. Sensitivity and caring is a bit annoying but overall it’s just a question of whether or not you want to be open to it. I’ve had to grow a bit between each INFJ relationship– but to be honest, if you’re not feeling it, it’s totally fine because we’re all different! Also, I am 5000% percent biased on this. I’m so biased. 

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Hello! I really love your blog. Its amazing! I adore the way you write, its simply perfect. *-* If its not too much to ask, can I get some Junkrat trying to cheer his s/o, who had a really bad, because she failed at an important exam? It happend to me today and I just need some Junkboy in my life! Thank you! ♥

[Aww thanks bean and sorry this took me awhile and very sorry to hear that love]


The first thing that came to the Junkers ears when he casually used a piece of scrap to pry open your back window to sneak in was crying, loud heart breaking sobs coming from your room. He closed up the window and glanced around, he’d checked and double checked no one was around.  The sounds of mournful crying got louder and louder as he walked up the steps, he hissed when he almost touched the painfully white walls with his grubby hands..

“Love?” he called down the hallway, there was a bbrief pause in the crying, his name called back as confirmation.

He soon entered the room and saw you sat on your bed, eyes puffy and red, your cheeks were flushed and still wet from tears. Your nose was runny and in your hands was a piece of paper gripped so tight in shaking hands it could tare at any moment. He hobbled over and flopped on the bed with you.

“Woz with all the tears love? I’m ‘ere now so ya gotta be ‘appy right?” he showed off his teeth in a corny grin which caused the edges of your lips to curl into a small smile.

“Jamie.. I fucked up, I fucked up BIG” you whimpered and handed him the paper, he looked it over and squinted, looking at it like it was written in another dialect, it might have well been for all he knew, he sniffed in pretend understanding and nodded.

“I failed my biggest exam! I won’t get to the university I want.. I’m so.. so dumb!” the floodgates opened once more as you buried your face into your hands, heart wrenching sobs shook your form and he pulled you against him, his metal hand balling the exam paper up and throwing it across the room.

He cuddled you against him, flesh hand tangling in your hair and playing with the strands absently. He didn’t say anything, just let you cry your heart and soul out onto him, you needed it and he could tell, the hand in your hair soon ran down your back and rubbed circles, calming you.

“So wot right?” He pulled away and shrugged his shoulders.

“Ya ain’t gunna get into some fuckin’ posho waste o’ time an’ money kindergarten or woteva, ya don’t need tha’ ya so smart as it is an’ people will see tha’” he nodded to his own words, he crossed his good leg over his metal one and hmmed.

“You think?”

“Well I sure as shit didn’t go ta school an’ ya say I’m the smartest bloke ya know.. look wha’ I could do with no books an’ teachers” he waved his metal arm in your face, you chuckled a little.. that was true..

“Thanks Jamie.. I.. I just took it hard.. I’ll get over it… but…t..thanks” you smiled and dried your tears on your arm.

“Tell ya wot takes me mind off of a failure… not sayin’ I ever fail..” a high pitched cackle. “Blowin’ shit up! come on yeah?” he winked and for once you decided going into the woods to blow some rocks up was a great idea..

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if you're still doing the headcanon thing, can i get anabasis!padme and/or anabasis!shmi?

Technically not (and I’m answering this late anyway), but it’s Anabasis, so. :)

Nothing on Shmi because spoilers, but here are some facts about Anabasis Padme:

  1. Attempted to retake Naboo as in canon. This ended in an impasse, because Anakin wasn’t there to take out the control ship, but Padme still captured the Viceroy. An extremely uneasy truce was worked out, which broke out in periodic and violent conflict several times over the next few months, and finally escalated into the beginning of the Clone Wars.
  2. Formed a government in exile on Alderaan, as Naboo was a hotbed of conflict throughout the Clone Wars, and changed hands several times.
  3. Returned to Naboo for the last few years of her term as Queen after Palpatine declared the end of the Clone Wars and the institution of the Galactic Empire.
  4. Took in her sister after Sola’s release from the Trade Federation camps. Padme and Darred (Sola’s husband) helped Sola work through the conditioning she’d been subjected to in the camp and recover herself, in spite of their parents’ fears for Padme’s safety.
  5. (Fears that weren’t unfounded: Sola did actually attempt to kill Padme once, as she’d been conditioned to do - the Trade Federation didn’t know who the Queen was, but they knew that Padme was one of her handmaidens, and Sola was her sister, and therefore might have access. Sola’s recovery was long and difficult, and Padme has always kind of blamed herself for what happened to her sister.)
  6. Maintained the illusion of being Palpatine’s political protege, even after she’d come to detest everything he stood for (and was pretty sure he had at least some idea).
  7. Became Imperial Senator for Naboo after the rather sudden death of the former Senator, Horace Vancil, who was known for being outspoken in his opposition to many Imperial policies. Padme didn’t make that mistake. Much as she hated keeping silent, she’d learned to do it, and knew the importance of her position to the fledgling Rebellion.
  8. Kept in regular contact with several Rebel cells, including Jedi Master Dooku’s, although she always pretended to have had a major falling out with the Jedi over what happened on Naboo after the failure of their negotiations.
  9. Initially began spending time with Darth Vader in effort to learn something about him that might be useful to the Rebellion. The more she learned, however, the more he started reminding her, in the most unexpected moments, of her sister Sola.
  10. May or may not be the one who actually killed Palpatine. (Anakin stabbed him through the heart with a floating lightsaber while he was busy bleeding out on the floor, but Padme then emptied an entire blaster cartridge into Palpatine’s face at point blank range. Padme insists that Anakin killed him, but he rather likes to think that she did. And he really likes how she did it.)

TITLE: Hospitality


AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki showing up randomly at your door asking if he can crash on your couch.

RATING: General

NOTES/WARNINGS: Because you asked and I’m a pushover; have another chapter. Hope you enjoy it as much as the original. :)


    The questions came a mile a minute and she lost track of where one ended and the next began, all blurring into one long stream of static. She made out Loki’s name several times but that was about it. Kailani began to notice things about the room; the slight unevenness of the chair she was sitting in, the barely noticeable flicker of one of the lights in the far corner, the fact that one of Thor’s eyes was just a hint bluer than the other.

    He was looking at her oddly then turned to interrupt the speakers, the rest of the Avengers. She vaguely registered that he was telling his comrades that she wasn’t paying attention to them anymore. The questions then slowed, limiting themselves to how long Loki had been staying there, whether she knew where he was now, and whether he was coming back. She answered as honestly as she dared, only blatantly lying once, and then they left, seemingly satisfied. Thor hung back a bit, staring at her long enough to make her shift slightly, and then followed the rest. As soon as the door shut behind the heroes, Kailani locked it then leaned her forehead against it and breathed out a deep sigh of relief.

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Exo reaction to you being scared of intimacy

I had a ball doing this one and i hope you all enjoy it!

- Admin Bubbles 


Moments like these are his favorite. When you are pressed back into the kitchen counter, his hands on either side of you and both your lips are Locked. It doesn’t happen often, but when it’s beautiful. Because he just adores all the little sounds you make. And when your hands move to press against his chest, he pulls away slowly and looks down at your with hooded eyes.
“Jagi?” He’s scared he’s pushed you too far. Because he knows how you are with infancy and you have both been slowly working on it.
“Too much?” He asks softly then as he takes a step back, giving you some space. And you revel in the feeling of control again.
 "Just a little…Sorry.“ You say softly, still trying to find your voice.
"Don’t be. And don’t force yourself to do anything you don’t want to do. Got it?” He takes the information with intense care, and easily backs off when he knows you have grown uncomfortable again.

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 Yixing: When you say it, he’s a little confused. He wants to make a comment about he’d never attempt to hurt you, but he gets it. And it’s because he gets it that’s he’s careful when he touches you to be sure that you are comfortable. He asks to kiss you or to hold you in his arms and doesn’t get upset if you refuse. Because he understands.

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He does the first thing he can think of and that’s just put space between the two of you. Physically that is. He leaves it so you initiate and end all contact to avoid him pushing your boundaries. He’s not that happy with it, but he understands that everyone is different. He just hopes you warm up to him soon, he likes to cuddle.

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He’s fairly confused, if for no other reason then the fact that you never seemed to have an issue with him touching or sitting near you, but it takes him a moment to properly process exactly what it is you are saying to understand. and then he feels worried. He takes extreme care when it comes to touching you now, to the point that you just find yourself huffing and grabbing onto him when you want contact. He means well, but he’s goes a little to far at time.
“Suho. I’m not glass. you can touch me..just..don’t go full on with it.” you easily state one morning when he moves away from you when he’s fully awake. There’s a moment when you think you might have broke him before he laughs and envelopes you in a hug. its safe to say that he worries whenever he touches you and doesn’t want to push you past your comfort zone. 

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“Good. so I don’t have to go out of my way to make you feel good.” he supplied in a sarcastic manner. He takes it wrong. At first he thinks that’s your way of telling him you don’t want him to touch you, and after a few hours of on and off arguing, you finally manage to get him to sit down and listen to what your saying. Which of course has him awkwardly patting your head.
“Jagi.” he starts then.
“So things like this are okay?” You groan and swat his hand away.
“Normal things are okay, just at a slow pace!” You’re pretty sure he gets it now.

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This nerd get it automatically. Because instead of just moving you from atop him, he drops his head to your shoulder and nods in understanding.
“So things like this are alright baobei?” he asks slowly, and you nod. Because you might be scared of intimacy, but you aren’t scared of him and the fact he understands that makes you really happy.
“…So i kinda need you stop touching me for a little..”
“Yep.” and he slowly unwraps himself from around you and helps you off his lap.

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He sighs in happiness because to be honest i feel like Kyungsoo is the same way. He doesn’t always give physical affection to any of the members and easily brushes it off when the time comes. So i can easily see him and you being stuck in this whole weird circle of accidentally pushing each other an yourselves to do more then you are willing to do. so when

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He understands, and dropping his hands to rest beside him on the couch, he simply looks you over. slowly you nuzzle yourself again him and sigh. He hands lightly rest on your back, and from this point on this is how it is. you tell him its too much, and you both simply just hang somewhere between intimacy and closeness 

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When you tell him, he nods along as if he properly understands what it is you mean. And he kinda does. He gets the whole intimacy thing and that you are scared of it; he just hopes that you aren’t scared of him by association. So he tests the water. its little things like holding you hand within the comfort of the house and in the car, and sometimes placing a hand at your waist as you two walk. despite the fact he enjoys physical contact, he doesn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. 

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right away he understands. Although his first reaction was worry because he assumed he’d done something wrong. Despite knowing that its mostly an internal thing with you, he still feels like he did something wrong, and despite you trying to reassure him he still treats you like glass.

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He thinks its a little weird when you first tell him, but he listens and tries to understand what you’re going through. and its apparent he’s making an effort. Being that he is naturally very touchy, he restrains himself around you and tries his best to ask before he touches you.

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His hands are at your waist, and he’s slowly trailing kissing down your neck when he feels still. Immediately he pulls away and looks at you with worry, afraid he’s hurt you in some way.
“It’s not you.” You quickly say then, Holding your hands up in a disarming manner as a means to relax him.
“Then what happened? Are you alright?” And you feel a surge of regret of the worry that seeping into his voice.
 "No! It’s just..I’m scared of..all this.“
"Of dating?”
“No! Just…intimacy..” He looks at you oddly then before laughing and lightly kisses your forehead.
“Then we’ll work on it till you aren’t scared anymore.” It’s safe to say he takes this new found information easily.

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I like the sentiment behind what Ginnifer said in your last gifset but don't you know it's not entirely true anymore? The women on the show are becoming less badass and more dependent on a man with every passing episode and it's just sad. I miss what the show used to be.

Sighhhh. I’m going to have to, respectfully, completely disagree with everything you’ve said. Wanting to be love and be loved does not, in any way, lesson a woman’s worth. And if you’re saying these women are less badass because they’ve found love, I think that’s a problem that you need to address, rather than a problem with the show, itself. The show has never based a woman’s worth on her relationship with a man. And by suggesting their value as characters decreases based on their relationship status, you’re the one who’s deciding their worth relative to men. 

Female empowerment has always been a primary focus on OUAT - it’s one of the things, I believe, the show does incredibly well. The females on the show are diverse, capable, flawed women.. and they’re all these things and more, loved up or not. In fact, I think it’s great that some of them (Emma, in particular) are learning that it’s okay be vulnerable and accept help. You can’t do everything alone. Having a support network of people who love you, and allowing yourself to be loved, is a strength, not a weakness. Plus, the men in the show actually tend to be complimentary characters to their female partner… so I really don’t know where you’re getting the idea that the women aren’t badass? Of course, there’s always room for improvement, as with everything. But I genuinely think this is one of the show’s main strengths and, like I said, completely disagree with your statement.