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Kinda general  knowledge:

  • they got 2 modes; weapon and instrument
  • they turn into whatever weapon and instrument the paladin is suited for
  • theres an instrument mode cause dAMN ITS FUCKING BORING JUST SHOOTING AT SHIT ALL THE TIME


  • he is sonic
  • fuckin kill me
  • blue + guitar= shitty 90s sonic
  • yes but lance has an acoustic guitar
  • and he sings very™ well™
  • he has the softer music in the group


  • gay and emo
  • no but his is drums bc loud emo means drums
  • he doesnt know how to fuckin play
  • but he tries
  • nobody enjoys it


  • it’s so soothing and calm
  • thats why everyone is confused why he has a fUCKIN TUBA


  • she a violin girrrllll
  • her bayards a violin
  • but dont think shes soft bc of that she caN FUCK YOU UP


  • shiro got his bayard too late so he never had time to try it out :(
  • he doesnt know his cause
  • he dabbles in different areas of music
  • but i stand with the idea that shiro plays the flute
This is based on that prompt about Alec asking his 'daddy' for the salt and Magnus and his dad reach for it

It was that time of the year again. Easter. Alec dreaded this day every year, since it meant having to sit at a table with his parents for hours on end. They usually talked about family responsibilities and Alec’s role in the family. His duty. And he had just sat there silently listening to all of the harsh comments coming his way. But this year was different. Because everything had changed. Alec had met Magnus and he was happy. His parents had loosened up and were no longer as judgmental. Alec was happy. For once in his life he had everything he had ever wanted.
“Alec! Come help set the table!” Maryse’s voice boomed through the room snapping Alec out of his thoughts.
“Coming!” He yelled back sliding his phone, which he had just talked to Magnus on, in his back pocket. His parents had agreed to let Magnus come to the dinner. And Alec was nervous. Even if his parents had been accepting they never really spent time with Magnus. Alec was the one to usually visit Magnus and not the other way around. He had practically moved in to Magnus’ apartment seeing as he spent almost every night there. And not sleeping 😉
That’s why he was nervous. He just hoped the dinner would be a success.
Clary was the first to arrive, after saying hello to Maryse and Robert she went by Jace’s side sitting down next to him after giving him a quick kiss. Magnus was the next to come. And Alec couldn’t take his eyes off of him. He looked fabulous as always. A red dress shirt hugging his muscles along with some black pants who did wonders for hiss ass. His usual necklaces hung loosely around his neck and the many rings shun against his caramel fingers. He looked beautiful, Alec thought. When he met Magnus’s eyes they both smiled, and in five quick strides Alec found himself in his arms.
“Hey.” He whispered against his neck, sending shiver down Magnus’ back. Magnus pulled back slightly, his arms still around Alec’s hips as they ignored the world around them. “Hello Alexander.” He smiled cheekily.
Blushing Alec placed his lips on Magnus’ warm ones in a quick peak before unwrapping himself from Magnus’ warm body.
“Come on, lets go say hi to my parents.”
Nodding Magnus took Alec’s hand as he led them to his parents.
Both of them had hugged Magnus which was a big surprise to Alec. He had expected them to be cold towards his boyfriend. Guess they changed more than he thought. Alec smiled looking at Magnus.
“Well, come on children lets eat.” Maryse called them all to the table.
Magnus had sat down across from Alec, Robert and Jace sitting on each side of Alec. As they all dug in to the delicious food. (Which Izzy had thankfully not participated in making) chatter filled the table. Alec felt so happy, surrounded by his loved ones and family. He felt complete.
“Hey Alec could you pass me the salt?” Jace suddenly asked getting his attention.
Alec spotted the glass shaker on the other side of the table, it was quite far away. “Daddy can you pass me the salt?” He asked rather than reaching across the table disturbing the others meal, he didn’t give it too much thought.
“Yeah sure.” Robert and Magnus answered at the same time. Which made all the chatter abruptly stop, letting silence fill the room.
Jace choked on his meat besides him while Alec went beet red. Clary and Izzy couldn’t contain their giggles as Magnus’ hand stopped mid air in his reach for the salt.
“Oh my god.” He whispered in embarrassment.
“Uh- I, I can explain.” Alec stuttered as all eyes turned to him.
Maryse who had frozen with her fork in the air, cleared her throat, “No need for that.” She gave a tight smile. “Everyone just go back to their meals.”
Alec nodded slowly still redder than a tomato. Robert who had said nothing, quickly reached across the table giving the salt shaker to Alec, who murmured a quiet thanks before handing it over to Jace, who was trying really hard not to let out a laugh.
“Thanks….daddy” he whispered the last part to Alec letting out a quiet giggle, Clary elbowed him but let out a laugh herself. Alec groaned as he locked eyes with Magnus who gave him a smirk clearly not embarrassed anymore. Alec wanted to smash his face into his plate at this point forgetting about all the happiness he had previously felt.
“I don’t understand, what happened?” Max’s little voice sounded through the room.

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I'm sorry for bothering you, but can I ask for a little doodle of Choro and/or Choroko? I feel really shitty and your doodles make me always smile c: If you don't wanna it's okay. Have a nice day and sorry again for bothering you.

Here ya go anon-chan! I’m always happy to doodle the favs~ It’s a little rough but I hope it makes you feel just a little less the shitty! QuQ

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helloo. can you do #11 with fem!reader & justin? fluff if possible, lol. thanks, you're the best! ❤

sure can,, here ya go, enjoy xx sorry its a lil shitty

#11: “I lost my number, can I have yours?” “[insert their name], I will hurt you.”

It was another party, at Bryce’s, of course. You only came because of your friends, who were now God knows where. After you found yourself a drink you headed to the food table, you recognised Jeff and offered him a friendly smile.

“Hey, Y/N.” He grinned back, shoving a mouthful of chips (crisps) into his mouth.

You laughed at the boy. “Hey, Jeff. How’s your night been?”

He shrugged, offering you some chips. “I’ve been playing operation ‘Clay and Hannah’, so I’m just refueling.”

You declined his kind offer politely. “How is that going?” You smirked, knowing about this plan for a little while.

He turned to look out the window, and I followed his gaze, finding the two walking and laughing at something. “It looks like it’s going pretty good,” You noted. “Good going, Cupid.”

Jeff laughed. “I’m pretty good, aren’t I?” He joked.

“The be-”

“Y/N!” Someone shouted your name. You spun around at the voice, finding a tipsy Justin sprinting across the room before coming to an unsteady halt in front of you. “Fuck, I forgot.”

You sighed, realising he might be more than tipsy. “I’ve gotta handle this Jeff, sorry, but I’ll see you later?”

He smiled, watching his friend retracing his Naruto run across the living room in order to remember what he was going to say. “Have fun with… that.”

You choked out a laugh. “I won’t, but thanks.”

You turned back to Justin, grabbing his arm as he stopped his running near you. “Justin, we’ll go outside, maybe you’ll remember there?”

He grinned, eye’s wide with excitement. “Good idea, Y/N!” He exclaimed. “You’re so smart!” He pet your head.

You shook your head in amusement and lead him out to the back yard. It was still pretty crowded out there, but the music wasn’t as loud and you could actually find a clear place to stand.

“I remember!” Justin shouted, pulling your arm back to stop you from walking any further. “I lost my number,” He burped. Lovely. “Can I have yours?”

You furrowed your eyebrows, unsure if this was a joke or not, or even a set up from Monty or someone. “Justin, I will hurt you.” You warned quietly.

His eyes widened in shock. “Why?!” He exclaimed, covering his crotch instantly. You almost laughed.

“Was that a pick up line or are you honestly just dru-”

“I like you, a lotta lot, and so, I don’t know, I asked the guys and they said to tell you that.” You wanted to hug him for being so damn cute. “Did it work? They said it’d work.”

You looked up to where his friends usually are, finding them all turned to watch what Justin and you were discussing. You finally nodded your head, laughing to yourself for falling for such a dumb line. “Yeah, Justin, it did.”

He grinned widely, turning to his friends and holding his arms up. “Boys!” He yelled across the yard. “It worked!”

lmao what is this

Hump Day Smut!

Happy Hump Day, guys! Y’all ready for your weekly smut?

It was a fantastic week for smut, so here we go!

Along the Coast by leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid (Going to the beach with Sammy.)

Good Morning by leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid (Dean knows how to wake you up right.)

The Babysitter by fvckinpayno (Holy hotness. au!Sam is a business man and a single father. You are his kid’s babysitter.)

Out of the Rain by mamapeterson (Plotless Dean smut. Meow.)

Fun in the Sun by elyshakate (Pool smut with Dean.)

Where She Stays by ibetthathurt (Dean. My heart is sad but it’s kind of bittersweet so not quite timeout material.)

Coffee Break by deansdirtylittlesecretsblog (This Campbell’s soup Mmm mmm Good Professor Dean series just keeps on giving.)

Two Can Play At This Game by spnimpalaimagines (Reader puts on a little show for Dean while he drives.)

Long Drive by ssmar (Poor Sammy. Dean and reader are not as sneaky or quiet as they think.)

Full Marks by jensennjared (Sub!Dean is always fun.)

The King’s Throne by deansdirtylittlesecretsblog (Here’s some Demon!Dean smut for ya.)

Rated R by ilostmyshoe-79 (Movie theater smut with Dean.)

Dirty Talk by ilostmyshoe-79 (Dirty talk kink with Dean…duh!)

Only the Start, Baby by deans-colette (Some beautiful honeymoon smut with Dean bean.)

A Weekly Thing by spnimpalaimagines (Dean and reader sneak in some laundry room sex while their daughter is downstairs.)

Morning Cardio by manawhaat (Waking up next to Sammy has its perks.)

Coffee Break by elyshakate (Dean Smith and his secretary.)

New Romantics by a-lonely-string (Lazy morning watching cartoons with Dean gets heated.)

Life Imitates Art by white-feather-black-ink (Reader stumbles upon some fanfic about her and Dean and Dean catches her. Then gives her the real thing.)

Date Night by takeitoffwinchester (When you take Dean to a steamy movie, you get some ideas.)

2 AM by supernatural-jackles (I don’t even know how to sum it up… It’s Dean though.)

I’ve Always Wanted You by deansdirtylittlesecretsblog (Reader pines over Dean, but Dean’s a clueless idiot. Sam helps take her mind off Dean. Nice fic for my Sam!girls.)

Two is Better Than One by abaddonwithyall (Jess sliding her threesome fic in just under the wire. Continuation of the Can You Count to 10 fics that were on last week’s Hump Day Smut list.)

Praise Jesus there’s nobody in Timeout this week. I hate doing timeout. I have to have the sads in order to make it. If I want sads, I’ll watch the show. I read fanfic to hide from the sads. 

If you want more Hump Day Smut, check out all the previous posts here! Other than that, have a great week and Happy Humping!!



The Witcher Crack video • #1 (part 1) (have tons of more ideas)

for my lovely friends i’ve met via the witcher and this fandom<33 

ya’ll waited, here ya finally go (sorry for being so slow with this request!!!) (had a lot of troubles with my PC) @lithialetheia @vaporeox @ferelden-doglord @lunedin @cirillach @queenofkadaara @dandelionandbuttercup @holy-squirrel-of-death @whitenerine ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Appreciation: Quinx Squad

Let’s make something clear. The Supercorps who bully or harass actors or Karamel shippers are pathetic trash. Calling Mon El abusive, as long as they tag it correctly, isn’t harassment. Telling people on anon or twitter to kill themselves is. Sure most Supercorp fans are great, but there is a small minority that ruins things by being hateful little scum.

I’ve seen people say that Supercorps don’t call them out, but a lot of them do. There have been times when the supercorp tag was just filled with posts calling out the shitty parts of the fandom and it was difficult to find the original post that started everything. It’s hard to call out when they post things on Twitter, which many people on here don’t go on, or when they post things in tags that supercorps have no interest in. And ya, a lot of supercorp shippers don’t say anything, and they should, but it’s hard to say something other than “don’t be a douche.”

A/N: I’m a very shitty writer and this is a good example of it but here ya go

People never fail to amaze me. Some of us look forward to a better tomorrow until we stand as witnesses to the horrors humanity has to offer. In others, that is the spark that ignites a fire in our hearts, making us not only wish for a better tomorrow, but actually take steps to make it a reality. And then there are those who are much more complex, that have witnessed things that have left them tired and wounded, but with softened edges. Hardship only makes these kinds of people more compassionate, they hold the people they care about close, unwilling to allow someone else see the horror that has made their eyes like that. I’ve only had the honor of knowing one of these kinds of people, and I’m proud to call him my best friend.

We weren’t always friends, but we were both smart enough to know that having one more person to look over your shoulder for wouldn’t be good for either of us, so we made a deal: We’d keep each other alive. He’d keep me from being murdered, I’d keep him fed and make sure he wasn’t dying from defending me or anyone else.

At first, all we shared was that agreement. Time went on, and our agreement became something more like friendship. We talked over breakfast on mornings when my mom slept in or wasn’t home, and sometimes he’d show up in the middle of the night to have me patch him up or just to talk. Talking with him at night was my favorite thing to do. We could talk about anything, anything for hours, as long as we didn’t wake up my mom. It was there, the sound of his soft laugh replaying in my head as he slipped out of my window that I had an epiphany that split my life in two.

“I love you,” I whisper to the boy that was quickly disappearing into the night.

Boys Squad!

Okay, so I got a really cute idea for the Boys Squad fic. It’s cute, so I’m writing it, damnit.

As always, characterization is probably off because today is 1/9/17, and NDRV3 releases in Japan on 1/12/17. Nonetheless, please enjoy!

“U-Um… It’s because…” Iruma sputtered, her weaker persona fronting. She twitched slightly, until a reasuring hand from Akamatsu grasped her shoulder.

“I don’t quite know what you need me for, but if you wanted to ‘borrow’ me or whatever, that’s fine.”

It seemed that was all it took for Iruma to revert to normal.

“HYAHYAHYAHYA! Then come on, we’ve got a lot of work to do, Bakamatsu!” The inventor yelled, hands now on her hips. With a forceful arm, she grabbed the pianist by the ahoge, dragging her off.

“That looks kinda gay, y’know,” Momota mutters as the two walk off. There were now just four students remaining in the dining hall - Momota, Saihara, Ki-bo, and Ouma.

“You say that a lot, Momota-kun, what does that mean?” The robot asks. He’s sitting behind him next to the wall, since his charging plug is incredibly short.

“Huh? Ki-bo doesn’t know what gay means?” Ouma snickers.

“No, I do not, and I’d like an explanation,” the robot says politely, looking up at the ruler, who had now turned around to face him.

“Here, let me show you!” the ruler giggles, standing up suddenly.

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