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Rfa+minor trio reacting to mc being the worst cook in history but she looks so goddamn optimistic that they cant say her food is shit so its THE SHIT

✿ i may or may not have done some of these things over the years. which ones? guess.


  • Didn’t realize someone could mess up more than him.
  • It’s not that your food is misshapen. Yoosung’s food is misshapen. Yours positively looks diseased - like, what are those weird spots
  • are those sesame seeds?
  • why did you put sesame seeds in your eggs.
  • Tries to be kind about correcting your mistakes, and is as endlessly positive as you are about improving.
  • “It’s really good now! But I bet if we do this, it’ll be even better!”
  • This man learns to lie like a saint.


  • Since you’re the perfect person, you have to be the perfect cook, right?
  • WRONG.
  • WRONG.
  • there is absolutely no way he’s going to spoil that delightful expression on his face though so he chugs beer to drown out the taste of Sin Itself.
  • Treats eating your cooking as a harrowing experience he must go through where the reward is your smile.
  • Always has beer with his meals, though. Always.


  • She grew up in an abusive household where her presence was constantly dismissed, derided, and unwanted, and she still has never experienced anything as awkward as this moment.
  • How do you not know?
  • How do you not see?
  • She tries to tell you but you’re just
  • you’re just so happy and
  • She starts walking cooking shows with you and prays it’ll do something to fix the travesty that is your food.


  • Never, not once, has Jumin encountered bad cooking, so he doesn’t actually realize you’re doing anything wrong.
  • He just think’s that putting a cup of black pepper instead of a tablespoon into food is “a thing commoners do”, and treats it like a curiosity.
  • “How peculiar. Does the spiciness disguise the poor quality of the ingredients?”
  • “I see… is the texture both crunchy and hard to compensate for the pasta’s blandness?”
  • “Hmn… do the black parts give it extra flavor?”
  • doesn’t understand why you get mad after that. oops.


  • He puts his hands on his shoulders. He stares into your eyes. “MC,” he says gravely, like he’s about to deliver a terminal diagnosis. “I regret to inform you that you cannot cook.”
  • your heart is shattered to pieces, but before you can emotionally collapse, Seven continues.
  • “However, my love! Do not despair. This affords us with an excellent opportunity. Do you know what that is?”
  • You shake your head mutely, and Seven’s grin lights up the room.
  • “I can’t cook either. So together, we’re going to make the worst dish possible, and we’re going to force everyone else to eat it.”
  • It becomes a game. The rest of the RFA thinks you and Seven are unaware of how bad your Ratatouille de Actual Live Rats with Diced Grape Tomato Sauce actually is, and while they’d tell Seven to buzz off, they can’t tell you. So faced with your unending cheer, they eat it.
  • They consume it.
  • You make a corporate heir, a famous actor, and a former secret agent consume your terrible cooking.
  • you are monsters.


  • Doesn’t grimace. Doesn’t cower. Doesn’t say a word. He just smiles and says “thank you” when you present him al dente pasta that probably hasn’t actually ever touched water.
  • It’s not a lie. It’s genuine. This man doesn’t care that it’s garbage. You being happy and you trying to make him happy by spending time on something is enough for him.
  • Even when you ruin a slow cooked pot-roast by putting jelly in it.
  • Even then, he still smiles, eats it, and says he loves you.

Unknown (Saeran)

  • Like his twin, he’s also bad at cooking. Unlike his twin, he isn’t going to admit it, and he unknowingly joins you in being a terrifying force in the kitchen.
  • Dishes become exponentially worse when touched by the two of you. Saeran wants to add sprinkles, you want to add frosting, and suddenly your lasagna looks like a birthday cake.
  • “Let’s add candles! It can be dessert.”
  • The person who bears the brunt of your abuse is Seven, who doesn’t have the heart to tell either of you how awful your food is.
  • It culminates in you sending him to the hospital.
  • You’re enrolled in classes after that, becoming a poor home ec teacher’s problem.


  • Vanderwood wakes up at 3AM to find you sobbing over the stove, its glass top shattered and spices scattered everywhere on the floor.
  • Apparently, you’d been possessed by the fae desire to make gingerbread cookies. Apparently, you were also too short to reach the cinnamon and cloves the recipe called for, and - in your flailing - the glass bottles all spilled out of the cabinet, breaking the stove, hitting you on the head, and scattering all over the floor.
  • In a vacuum, this might be an incidence of clumsy-cute, but you do this constantly. In a previous life you must have angered the god of cooking because kitchen appliances are always trying to kill you.
  • Vanderwood had to save you when you got your hair caught in the mixer. Vanderwood has had to bandage your wounds when you burned yourself on the stove. Vanderwood has had to help you pick up all the groceries from a collapsed fridge, and Vanderwood proceeds to baby-proof the kitchen and ban you from unsupervised cooking.
  • It’s for your own good, they say. I don’t want to come in here and find your decapitated body.
  • there is not a lot you can do in the face of their Motherly Tone.

Also, guys, I know I keep disappearing. I’m going to try to be better about it, starting with working through all the asks I’ve accumulated here. At the very least, I’ll aim to get through a handful of questions every Sunday.

And yes, I’m still working on it. I’m rewriting parts, in fact. There’s stuff that just wasn’t working and picking it apart has been a necessity that I’ve been loathe to do, because a part of me just… really really wants this to be over already.

But at the end of the day I want to have something I’m proud of, that I know reflects the best of what I had to offer in the moment (or several long, loooooong moments) when I was working on it. I know there’s a few people out there who have trouble comprehending this, and not all of them are going to stick around for the end when it eventually, inevitably gets here. I mean, it’s just a stupid cartoon, right? It’s just fanfic. Who gives a shit. Just finish it. Just be done with it. How much easier it would be, to just post it. I could just post what I have and be done with it. I could just be done with this.

And now I’ve sat here for a while, staring at my screen and unsure what else to say. Either you’ll be here or you won’t, and that’s fine - it’s within your right to do right by you. But I still have myself to answer to. And when I look back on TEF, I don’t want to see it in its entirety and think, “Ugh. I could’ve made that so much better.”

No. Here’s how THAT story’s gonna end:

“Fuck me. I made that. I fucking made that! And holy shit, did I make it fucking GREAT.”


Rin. Where the hell is your coat.

no words could describe the love I feel for kat edison

i thought about trying to see a shrink or some shit because of psychotic junk but i dont trust anybody, and also i dont wanna play labrat while some jerk puts me on a bunch of meds thatll change how i feel about stuff because i’ve done that before and it was ugly

and i doubt i could ever really get anything besides an emptier bank account its not like it’d earn me some government help. i have no interest in taking meds to fit in better with a work, get paid, die society EVEN IF theyd let me do things i love more

Shit My Theater Professor Said (Part Seven):
  • "We're really good at making wood look like wood."
  • "Sometimes Febreze is good enough."
  • "If I have ten minutes I'm gonna go through some videos."
  • "We're not done yet, don't go away yet."
  • "'Cause I know that's not true."
  • "It's a dark place, don't go there."
  • "They even have chocolate."
  • "It happened in like thirty seconds."
  • "Damnit, that ruins half the thing."
  • "Costumes get gross."
  • "We can't just hope for a storm every night at 8: 15 exactly."
  • "They get to listen to music that they like. Hopefully."
  • "We've kind of proven that's a bad idea."
  • "As far as I know, zombies don't actually exist."
  • "It can be done in a couple hours."
  • "We have a teddy bear costume."
  • "We can't hold it in our hands."
  • "They get to sometimes make things explode on stage on accident."
  • "He's the guy to go to, 'cause he's smart."
  • "It's out—fuck it—leave it."
  • "I just had to take a bunch of shit to the dry cleaner."
  • "If they fuck up there's a back button."
  • "They better not be wearing modern boxers."
  • "I could fix it but I don't wanna."
  • "They're generally wearing some kind of tux."
  • "It'll sound cool, but you'll die."
  • "Does anybody not like this movie? Good answer."
  • "They're generally not saying anything."
  • "There's a book?"
  • "We're not worried about seeing the face."
  • "Maybe you have to order it from the internet."
  • "We'd be taking over the world."
  • "You try to stop it before it gets to your heart."
  • "That's her thing, I guess; more power to her."
  • "Febreze can only do so much."
  • "What's his face is mourning at the grave."
  • "Hopefully someone can wash your clothes for you."
  • "All someone has to do is press a button."
  • "He was hanging over the stage."

Some fella saying that Sam Wilson is hot as hell. See no lies here, pal

Captain America & the Mighty Avengers #1 (2015)

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I don't know how you can be excited that SPN was renewed again. It's enough. I stopped watching mid way thru season nein. It's getting old no new stories brothers fighting again Cas off doing dumb shit. I wish it would just end.


I’m not sure what kind of response you would like. I am very much a SPN positivity blog. Sure, I acknowledge that there is some crap that they have done wrong and definitely could do better, but I still love this crazy show and especially love being a part of this fandom.  If you stopped watching during season 9, you have missed some really great stuff and, honestly, a very obvious attempt by TPTB to make some positive changes.  

Here are some of the reasons that I still love SPN and am quite excited about what stories they can tell us in the future:

Dean’s storyline - I have read complaints for years that Dean’s story was always ‘protect Sammy’ and nothing else. Well, season 9 changed that for sure. He now has a story that has forced him to face some of his deepest feelings and literal inner demons. And now Dean is poised to start the second half of season 10 with Team Free Will all united in a common mission - to help Dean. Yay for TFW love and character growth!

New histories to explore - I have read lots of comments about SPN not having any more stories to tell. I couldn’t disagree with this more. One of the best things about Supernatural is that it is not bound by the limits of either spiritual or human history. It blends the Biblical with the natural and supernatural worlds without being constrained by any of them. Just in the last couple of seasons they have introduced the Men of Letters, Cain and Able, Mark of Cain, and Oz. Not to mention delving more into Crowley’s back story as well as giving us more glimpses of Dean and Sam’s youth. Right there alone is endless story potential.

Expanding cast including lots of women - SPN with just Sam and Dean travelling from town to town never making lasting connections can feel a bit claustrophobic. But in the last few seasons, they have expanded the recurring cast to include recurring characters like Jodi, Charlie, Donna, Kate, Claire, Rowena, Hannah, and Linda Tran (notice a trend here - women).

And to take that even a step further, these women all have their own stories, make their own decisions, kick ass when they need to, and call out misogyny even when its the Winchesters that need called out. And are you aware that every episode this season has passed the Bechdel test? This can’t be an accident. It is obviously a concerted effort on SPN’s part to correct some of the mistakes of it’s past.

Character centered arcs - Castiel learning ever more about humanity through his temporary stint as a human and through his interaction with other angels, especially Hannah. This friendship this season has been really beautiful. Sorry you missed it. Not to mention now he has been given yet another opportunity for growth with the return of his vessel’s daughter, Claire. Dean has spent the last year brooding - he has had to face the sometimes toxic relationship that he and Sam have while also facing his own inner demons. Sam has had to stand up for his own autonomy with Dean but also realize that holding a grudge over the Gadreel thing wasn’t the best choice. He is dealing with the complexity of his relationship with Dean. And Crowley… well, he’s regretting the responsibilities of running hell while dealing with mommy issues. 

Writing and film making talent that still gives me chills at times - We still get moments like Metatron asking us (Cas) what makes a story? Character, text, subtext. Author or you? chills! We get Jodi bonding with and adopting a girl who was a victim of Stockholm syndrome. They gave us moments of enlightenment regarding angels and free will not to mention the repercussions of taking human vessels. And Fan Fiction treating the fans with so much respect, acknowledging the validity of various interpretations. And will we ever get over Dean telling Sam he is proud of us and Sam admitting that he lied about being OK with Dean sacrificing himself? Plus every week they are setting higher and high bars for themselves with settings and direction. We get stunning sets like the MOL bunker and Cain’s house and Jerry’s set dressings that are endlessly fascinating to analyze.

Acting talent that is a joy to watch - J2’s chemistry, both onscreen and off, is still as strong as ever and is the foundation of this show. And we are lucky enough to have actors like Misha and Osric, who bring such life to characters (that weren’t even supposed to stick around) while treating the fans with such respect and care they are impossible not to love. And, although we love to hate the character Metatron, there is no denying that Curtis has been brilliant in his portrayal of this villain. 

Returning beloved characters - since you stopped watching we have had episodes with the Ghostfacers, Jodi, Donna, Kevin, Chuck, Kate, Donna, Claire, and Gabriel. Plus we know that we will be seeing more of Charlie and young Dean soon as well. 

I certainly respect anyone’s decision to stop watching a show if they are no longer enjoying it or if they are finding it personally stressful. However, I am very glad I never gave up on SPN because, in my eyes, it is only getting better and better. Every episode this season has been thought-provoking and engaging. And, as I stated above, I think that the stories that they still have to tell are limitless. I encourage anyone who gave up last season to give SPN another look. Episodes like First Born, Meta Fiction, Soul Survivor, Hibbing 911, and Fan Fiction are certainly worth the time. 

For all of the people who are still watching along with me an excited to see season 11 confirmed, I’ll be here watching and spreading SPN posititivity wherever I can.

If these spoilers are true, then I hate to say it, but in that case, Naruto ended for me at 698.

Its not even about being bitter at SS (though that ship is terrible), its just that everything I’m seeing about it is done so poorly. The kids look like some fanartist drew them. Sakura’s character has gone to hell in a hand basket. Sasuke is acting OOC. And it all plays out like one of those dime a dozen Naruto fanfics.

I mean, if Kishi was going to do Naruhina and Sasusaku, he could have at least done a better job than this. This shit barely even seems like Naruto written by Masashi Kishimoto.

Naruto 698 was a great chapter that brought things more or less full circle. It was emotional and hey, who saw that ending coming? That felt like a Kishimoto chapter. Fuck that 700 weird shit. Going out with a bang on a high note with one of the most genuine, heartfelt, real chapters since Part 2 started and having an open-ended, albeit inconclusive ending, would have been a far better conclusion for everyone involved, even for SS and NH.

For me, this is about good writing. And this just wasn’t it.

I hate feeling pathetic for wanting someone.  I am better when I am alone. I am stronger when I am by myself. I am motivated and I get shit done.  But at the back of my mind I am constantly thinking how much better my life would be if I could have someone here to share it with.  Someone to give me affection on the days that suck.  Someone to be adventurous with. But its not only about me. I want to be there for someone and lift them up as well. I guess I am just asking for too much. I can’t have it all. 

happy birthday to my favorite youtube dork danisnotonfire thanks for everything dan i love you with my whole heart and i hope you have the best birthday imaginable <33

RollingStone: Nelly on his surprise Taylor Swift performance
  • Rolling Stone: This is your third time on stage with Taylor Swift. How did you guys hook up originally?
  • Nelly: Robert, a guy that she works with, is a real cool friend of mine. We've done a lot of work together, over the past years, with like 'N Sync and things like that. That's my man. And then I met Taylor and her father and her mother, and they're just some cool people. She's like a little sister, man, she straight. I've been knowing her ever since she's been on. She calls me whenever, it don't matter, I'll knock it out for her.
  • RS: How does that phone call happen? Just, "What are you doing on Tuesday?"
  • Nelly: "Yo, we're coming to St. Louis, will Nelly be around?" A couple of times, they flew me out to come wherever she was performing. I think one time it was in Houston. And, you know, the girl's fuckin' loaded, she sends her own plane to come get you and shit, so it's not a biggie. [Laughs.] It's a drop in the bucket for her, you know what I mean? It's a cool relationship. Before it's all said and done, man, she could possibly be top five females of all time. As a matter of fact, I know she will.
  • RS: So wait, what is her plane like? Is it awesome?
  • Nelly: [Laughs.] It's a jet, man. She ain't got it all doily-ed up and nothing like that. It's better than the one I don't have.
  • RS: When did they work out the choreography?
  • Nelly: When I went in earlier that day, when we talked and she was like, "Me and the girls were up all night choreographing this. We did our own choreography, we're going to kill this, Nelly." [Laughs.] She's just a dope person. She ain't got no ill wills or nothing like that, and that's kind of hard when you come from where we come from. You rarely come across those type of people. It's kind of like, Taylor Swift and my granny. Who doesn't love both of those people?
  • RS: :Did they show you the choreography before you performed it?
  • Nelly: Yeah, yeah, it was hilarious. I loved it, man. And the girls, Haim, they're just as energetic. It made me feel . . . just a tad bit old. They were like, "I can't believe we're gonna rock out with Nelly. I cannot believe it."

From the moment I understood the game, I knew United were the one.

You find something that you can identify with, something that resonates in your chest every single time you watch them emerge from the tunnel and walk onto the pitch. Something that is capable of making your heart burst at the seams in an instant for two directly oppositional reasons. When you hear your home stadium erupt into life, when you can feel the atmosphere bringing you to the verge of tears, when your entire body is immersed in goosebumps, when the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention, you know, you just know.

I don’t know how a football club can take over every single emotion possible, but it happens week in, week out. I find myself anchored to this club, attached by my heart strings. It is agonisingly painful in defeat but euphorically beautiful in victory. To remain so staunchly proud of a team that has not rose to the occasion and has let you down. To still have an immense amount of adoration for all the times you have been left bitterly disappointed with a rival defeat. For all the times your team has took you to that cup final and lost on penalties. When they do lift that Premier League / Champions League / F.A Cup, when Van Der Sar does save that critical penalty, when they decimate the rivals, when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer steals that last minute goal to solidify that victory, the colossal amount of elation and exhilaration is absolutely boundless.

Football is the most beautiful, powerful, evocative and emotional thing I have ever loved. People who are worlds apart figuratively and literally, join forces and unite to celebrate their devotion for not only their club but their country. Brought together for that same passion, pride and love that you are so honoured to possess. Enriching every single life that it touches, there is simply nothing else like it in the world.

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TRUTHFULLY?? I just reached a point where I realized Bryke are going to continue to be douches to their fans and try to justify all the problematic junk in their writing aND I’M JUST apathetic to the whole thing now. Like I just got back from work and I’m looking through my dash and seeing all these posts and while I am interested in Kai and seeing an actual friendship between Korra and Asami grow, it’s just too little too late for me.

And I heard how their “I’m sorry for that love triangle mess” convo went down and I’m PISSED Asami apologized because she really didn’t do anything wrong like at all??? Like she kissed Mako in The Sting but she knew he was single and I doubt she would have if she thought they were still together. aNYWAY she sounds so passive and it’s just another “korra gets a free pass for that mistake she made” and I’m just tired of that. I’m tired of the narrative making us think that she’s growing and shit when she’s not and she hasn’t because this is a conversation that needed to be done in season one or season two when it could have meant something and FORCED Korra to be the better person and learn from her mistakes.

I’m just tired of this show. I don’t care enough anymore. It’s too much of a mess for me to continue on. Even with a solid plot and decent characterization, it’s not enough to erase two shitty seasons with terrible, contrived drama. It’s not enough when they previously sacrificed the competency and agency of its female characters for the sake of building up one male character. It’s not enough when the creators continue to trivialize their fans and make them feel bad for critically analyzing a show and calling out its shoddy character development. And if they’re not going to put in the effort - if they can’t even come up with a REASON as to why certain things happen in the show THEY CREATED AND WROTE -  then why should I? Other than being examples of “what not to do when I become a published author and maybe have a fandom,” why should I care about anything Bryke create from here on out?

Its 2016 and im still upset that ai and haru could have gotten better treatment plotwise in season 2 like im happy that theyre happy as swim captain and future olympian, respectively but i feel like something else could have been done about it like ai would have just straight up gotten more screen time and haru’s career choice wouldnt have felt forced and rushed