it's seriously an addiction i have

Turning off anon asks for a while

Too many people sending me hate mail for being concerned about my fathers health.

Seriously, he is slowly dying, memories fading away, to the point he has to be put into a facility, and I have had to watch this decline for 8 years til I moved away. I took care of the man for 8 years cause my mother was too caught up in her addiction to do anything.

Dont you ever, EVER, judge someone for grieving or why theyre grieving, especially when its someone close like a parent. He did a lot of stupid shit like my mom, you guys can call them out for that.

But no one deserves to die slowly like that and not have the love and support of their child in the homestretch of their life. And if you have a problem with that, the door is over there.

Let it hit you on the way out.

listen, listen, there’s this fanfic called My Fault by Keelynoelle, and it’s by far the best Babybones fic I’ve read so far and there’s this one part where they all sleep together in the small living area Grillby has behind the bar all in one big bed and it’s so FLippINg cute it warms my entire heart

but seriously it is sad and happy and painful and long and regularly updated all sorts of other good things, so go read it!!! (and follow them! @keelynoelleart)

Cancer & Pisces
  • Pisces, walking w/ Caner inside a cafe: Hey hey, lets get some boba tea
  • Cancer, pinches her nose as they wait in line: I think you seriously have an addiction
  • Pisces, pouts & hits his arm: Do not! I just know you will buy it for me if I ask reallllly nicely
  • Cancer, smirks & looks at the menu: Why do you say that?
  • Pisces, makes a cute face & stands on her tippy toes to lean on his shoulder: Because I'M A GOOFY GOOBER YEAH, YOUR A GOOFY GOOBER YEAH
  • Cancer, makes a face full of disgust but then joins in: WE'RE ALL GOOFY GOOBERS YEAH, GOOFY GOOFY GOOFY GOOBERS YEAH
  • Taurus, standing behind them, whispers to self: I don't even know them and I feel like I'm a freakin' third wheel
Stiles- He Was Right

Warning- Mentions of stalking

Request-  Hey, I’m seriously obsessed with your imagines it’s become an addiction, they’re just so good !! Could you do a Stiles imagine where the reader and him are best friends but they’re both in love with each other and don’t know. But Stiles is kidnapped/taken and its up to the reader to save him Thank You !!

A/N- Okay, so I’m going to start off with an apology because this is insanely long. I added a read more link because of that and it might have been unnecessary to make it so long, but I wanted to get all the details I wanted in. So enjoy and to my mobile users who don’t get the read more link, I’m so sorry you have to scroll through this. 

You sat on the edge of your bed, tapping your pen on your notebook in deep thought. “We could do a poster.”
“Everybody’s doing a poster though,” Matt Daehler pointed out as he sat across from you.
“Because it’s easy,” you stated, still thinking. “Okay, how about this? We do a poster, but we can take pictures of a bunch of things and places that have to do with the book.”
Matt grinned, his icy blue lighting up.  “I’m guessing you want me to take those?”
“You’re the one with the amazing eye,” you told him, gesturing down to his camera, which was sitting on the edge of your bed.
“Okay,” he agreed. “We could find a rabbit, and maybe an old dog for Candy’s?”
“Awesome,” you said. “And then maybe we could have, like, an extended hand on some hay or something. Just laying limp, so it looked like it was part of Curley’s Wife’s dead body.”
Matt smiled, hastily beginning to scribble what you were saying in his notebook. “This is great. Looks like I chose the right partner.”

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Feb 22, 6:30pm

Studying at Starbucks again tonight. I started off with a little planning on my Kikki K (because other than midterms, I also have case briefs deadlines and other tasks,) but I got distracted by tumblr. Now, I’m seriously about to resume my revision for Agency midterm.

PS I have a few messages pending on my inbox. I promise to work on them when I finish this. :)

Just breathe

This feeling, it’s new
Breathe in, breathe out.
Its all consuming
What has happened to me?

This feeling, it’s warm
Breathe in, breathe out.
The sensation, it’s addicting
I don’t want to be without.

This feeling, it’s sickening
Breathe in, breathe out.
Your presence, it’s nauseating
And like a disease, taking over.

This feeling, it’s everything
Breathe in, breathe out.
Mind says run, heart says stay
What have you done to me?



Dear Diary,

It’s taken approximately 17 years, 6 months and 28 days but its FINALLY happened. I’M IN LOVE! Well and truly, deeply and madly, utterly and stupidly, can’t eat sleep or think of anything else, head over heels in love! And the object of my undying affection/rampant teenage keep getting boners every 5 bloody seconds lust?? The new Russian exchange student at school Ivan! Oh Ivan. How is it possible for one human being to be so God damn bloody cute (seriously, like the cutest thing you have EVER seen) whilse also being so God damn fucking GORGEOUS?! If I described him as the most adorably gorgeous boy to ever walk the Earth even THAT wouldn’t feel like I was doing him proper justice! And oh yeah, there’s another thing you should know about my future husband Ivan. He happens to be a real life, cartoonishly huge, genuine competitive bodybuilding muscle boy!! We’re talking every single body part exploding & bulging out for miles, twice as big and beefy as any fucking lad in any of my classes and a frame so wide he can barely fit in the school fucking hallways! FUUUCKKK!!

He’s like a miniature version of all the huge, freaky, vein splattered bodybuilders in the muscle mags I get out and have a sneaky look at/cheeky tug over every night, before hiding them under my bed, which by the way I am convinced my mum has found. That would explain why she hasn’t been able to look me in the eye for weeks, and why when my dad simply said the word “magazine” she dropped about four dinner plates on to the kitchen floor, before muttering something and scurrying out the room, face as red as a bleedin’ beetroot, with a look of sheer panic, horror and mortified embarrassment etched across it like some dirty old man in a trench coat had just flashed his penis at her!

Even when Ivan was standing at the front of the class as Mr Kennedy was introducing him, and he was covered up by his jacket, he still looked fucking MASSIVE! Like a fucking tank on two legs. Huge thick meat bulging underneath his clothing, begging to burst out. And then of course when Mr Kennedy announced “Ivan has entered muscle man competitions”, which caused a few whispers and giggles from the rest of the class, my face went bright, something started swelling under my desk and I prayed for the ground to swallow me whole. And then Mr K said, “Come on Ivan, show us those guns”! OH. MY. GOD!! Ivan blushed like mad (cuuuute) but his face erupted in a cheeky/smug smirk! He coyly took off his jacket and FUCK ME HARD his arms were fucking HUUUUGE!!! Two monstrously thick fucking cannon just popping out below the sleeves of his t shirt. A ripple of gasps and giggles rode through the room and Mr Kennedy, in his typically and excruciatingly embarrassing manner continued, “my gosh Ivan you are a big lad. Come on then boyo, give us a flex. Show us some pump”. Ivan’s cute little cheeks burned up even more as he tentatively raised his right arm and flexed into a one arm bicep, his huge hard croquet ball shaped muscle erupting and exploding beside his oh-so-gorgeous mug. At this point my face had turned so red I could have been mistaken for a 5"10 lobster in a school uniform. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life, but also just about the most incredibly freaky nand unbelievably horny thing my eyes have ever witnessed and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since!!

Now I’m not a religious man, but tonight I felt the need to get down on knees, rest my arms on the end of my bed and say a little prayer. This is how it went; “Dear God. I know we have never spoken before, and I know I’ve never really paid much attention in R.E, nor am I sure that I even believe you exist, but if you can fix it for Ivan, aka the huge, pumped, cuter than cute mountain of Russian muscle gorgeousness/rotten cute, roid stuffed, muscle God of my dreams, to return my love/affection/wanting to cream my undies every time I think of his beastly biceps erupting at the front of the class (i.e. every fucking second of the day) then I promise I will never EVER bunk off school and spend the day getting drunk in the park on a bottle of vodka stole from my parents cabinet again, I will stop sneaking into my sisters room and reading her diary, and my days of stealing the pick n mix from Woolies when the security guards not looking will be over. Oh and I will stop forging my moms signature to write notes for getting out of P.E. And I suppose I’ll try and stop screaming "get out of my fucking face you bitch I hate you & I wish I was adopted”.

Failing that God, if you could fix it for Ivan to have some kind of temporary amnesia, long enough for me to convince him that we are life long lovers and he is head over tan painted heels in love with me, thus allowing me to touch, feel and squeeze every single one of his indecently pumped outrageously big muscles before fucking him untill there’s nothing left but a pair of posing trunks and a damp patch, then I promise I won’t ask or want for anything else again".

Right diary, I’m off to dream about whatever’s hiding/bulging underneath Ivan’s shirt. My guess? A perfectly pumped pair of the most lickable pecs and the cutest little set of ripped up skin stretching abdominal muscles bursting through his tummy. Oh and if my own tummy isn’t covered in sticky white love cream when I wake up tomorrow morning it will be a fucking miracle!

Love muscleaddict, aged 17

Elsword PSA (???)

I really wish that the community could be more sympathetic in the actual game.
From experience, I’ve recognized a few very close Tumblr friends in-game because they’ve used names either similar or identical to their URLs, but it feels like we’re only strangers because we could’t recognize each other and it’s a heartbreaking thing to witness-—

If it’s not too much to ask, I’d like to have everyone’s IGN’s.

(So we can prevent everything from the above from reoccurring; It’s honestly just a game, but games are supposed to be fun???)

i don’t see why the seriousness finding lamar odom unconscious and literally fighting for his life needs to be exacerbated by adding the fact that they found him in a brothel. like he literally had so many drugs in his system and you’re saying the brothel was the worst part of it like the enviroment he happened to be in was somehow at fault for him having addiction problems for years????? please stop its not addressing the real problem and its v. gross and idk the term for it but unsettling to make where he was found such a fascinating topic of conversation

I think i’m having some sort of addiction to Snapchat. Its seriously amusing me too much and loving these effects! I should really get my own instead of spamming the bands. 

Also feeling seriously happy, just seeing the smile on Nialls face today has made everything perfect. I might have surprised him and its the cutest reaction ive seen.