it's seriously a very funny show

Jay Park went on IG Live for the very first time just to show off his blue socks lol! Since its his Bentley, of course he can put up his feet up on the dashboard ey…. his driver/manager is pretty good looking too! Jay then went live for at least three more times! In his words: “Shit is fun.” xD

“DEADASS BRUH, DEADASS! SHIT IS MAD CORNY YO!” Omg hahaha he’s imitating fans comments about his deadass antics lmao

Fan: Aye B!
Jay Park: C D! E F GEE! hahahaha omg Jay is seriously mad corny for sure. xD

Jay singing Merry Christmas is priceless. xDDDDD

Grandpa Jay with his wise words of wisdom. 

Look at my feet for inspiration……ahahaha…okay Jay, okay.

It’s like, sure, I love cute bunny videos, but most ‘cute’ videos actually show stressed or mishandled animals. If you have no clue of proper rabbit care or rabbit communication you won’t even notice it.

A rabbit taking a bath and splashing water on its owner? Super cute right? Nope. All I see is a stressed animal in a potentially very dangerous situation. (Don’t bathe rabbits, seriously)

A sped-up video of a rabbit eating an entire carrot? Haha so funny! Nope. All I see is an animal being fed an improper diet and the health issues it will bring. (Carrots are high in sugar and should not be fed as anything other than small pieces of candy)

I’ve been tagged in so many ‘cute’ bunny videos these past year, and frankly, they mostly make me upset. It pisses me off that there’s so many uneducated and irresponsible owners out there, and that their mishandling of animals is played off as cute and funny. What bothers me most is that I myself had no idea about these things before I got rabbits own my own and started researching. There’s so so much misconceptions about rabbits and rabbit care. It just makes me sad. They’re such wonderful animals when treated right.

The 100 3x07, confirmed Illuminati

The 100 3x07, titled Thirteen.

The = 3 letters

100 = 3 letters

3+3 = 6

Season 3. 3 seasons its had + 3 it won’t = 6.

Episode 7. One less than 7 is 6

Thirteen. That’s Taylor Swift’s lucky number. What isn’t her lucky number? 6.

The show aired at 9pm EST. Which is 6 on the west coast. 6.

666. 666.

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The episode aired March 3, 2016. 3-3-2016. 

2+0+1+6 = 9 = 3+3+3.

Five threes. That means five triangles. TRIANGLES.

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Titus had a gun. Bullets go in guns. The Illuminati support the right to bear arms. Titus is Illuminati.

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shof up titus, you little shit.

He also drew a line on his face. With Lexa’s blood. A woman he was close to. Illuminati have something called a Blood Oath, where you kill someone close to you or a family member so you will become famous.

Titus took the Blood Oath. Commander ritual, mY ASS. ALIE 2 kept the Illuminati alive during the apocalypse so she could get Titus to kill Lexa.

Basically, this episode was all Illuminati. AND I HAVEN’T EVEN LOOKED AT  JASON YET. Imagine all the secrets he’s hiding. He’s hiding the full original Clexa kiss, he’s probably hiding his Illuminati badge somewhere, too.