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Extreme Jupiter weather and magnetic fields

New observations about the extreme conditions of Jupiter’s weather and magnetic fields by University of Leicester astronomers have contributed to the revelations and insights coming from the first close passes of Jupiter by NASA’s Juno mission, announced on May 25.

The astronomers from the University’s Department of Physics and Astronomy, led by the UK science lead for the Juno mission, have led three papers and contributed to four papers in Geophysical Research Letters, a journal of the American Geophysical Union, that support the first in-depth science results from Juno published in the journal Science.

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okay but really the portrayal in trk of being in love as a sense of stillness and calm and belonging is so incredibly important!! so many stories describe romance as these clichés of constant excitement or butterflies in the stomach, but really scientifically speaking those feelings are actually anxiety/nerves and they’re not supposed to be permanent parts of a relationship bc you will inevitably grow more comfortable around that person! but people think that’s what love is supposed to be because of movies and books, so when those feelings subside they think that means they’re not in love anymore, and idk it’s really nice to see a ya novel that refutes that idea and says that actually being in love is a whole different beast than butterflies, it’s a lot bigger and a lot more complicated and a lot longer-lived.

When the villains ship your otp.

We as fans often joke that even the villains ship Olicity on Arrow. And there are more than enough moments that certainly make it seem that way. However, I’ve been giving this a little more thought. Probably more thought than I should. But if you want to find it, there is a pattern that could be looked upon to support the idea that Olicity is endgame based on how the arc and ultimate goal of the seasonal villain plays out. Season one: Malcolm Merlyn; destroyed the Glades. During this his son Tommy died. After which, Oliver and Laurel felt so guilty about their betrayal that they decided to put an end to their relationship. Season 2: Slade Wilson; wanted Oliver to suffer. At the end of the season he kidnapped Laurel, wanting to kill the woman Oliver loves the most. This then caused Oliver to realise that Felicity Smoak was that person; the one he loved the most. Thanks Slade ;) Season 3: Ras Al Ghul and the LOA; wanted Oliver to join the league and be his heir. After succumbing to his demands, Ras encouraged Felicity to tell Oliver how she really felt which lead to a beautiful night of declarations and consumations. Ultimately, his stint in the league leads Oliver to give it all up and chose to be with Felicity. Season 4: Damien Dahrk and HIVE; kidnapped Felicity and the gang putting into focus how Oliver really felt and gave him that extra push to propose to Felicity. She said yes and then HIVE ruined the happy by shooting up the limo and paralysing Felicity. Oliver screwed up by lying about his son, they broke up and Felicity left the team. Then Damien killed Laurel. This brought Felicity back to the team. Season 4 ended with just the two of them together but apart. Season 5: Prometheus; wanted to make Oliver believe that he was a monster, that he enjoyed killing. However, he then trapped Oliver and Felicity in the bunker together giving them the chance to finally hash out their issues. One major issue for Felicity being Oliver’s lack of trust in her. Oliver then confessed his darkest secret to her, allowing them to both have more clarity with each other going forward. I smell a reunion on the cards. Thanks Prometheus/Adrian Chase/Simon Morrison/whoever the hell you are lol. I’m sure there are probably many more instances that corroborate this theory. As Oliver has journeyed to becoming the Green Arrow; a hero in his own right, his evolution has been so tightly woven and intertwined with his relationship with Felicity Smoak. She is the one who lights his way. However, when the writers start interlinking the main villains stories to emphasise the importance of this relationship…haters might as well just give up. It’s happening. It was always happening. I’m not saying that these villains are all going to get wedding invites. But they can take comfort in the fact that they helped get them there. They all played a part in the epic love story of Oliver and Felicity.

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imagine yuuri being an all or nothing drunk. yakov is at first impressed with how well katsuki can hold his drink, especially by russian standards. and right next to viktor who is already half-naked, singing, and permanently fused to his husband for the night. then yuuri has another drink, and suddenly it's the sochi banquet all over again and,,well, yakov is too old for this. he leaves before they manage to procure a pole. (idk if i actually hc this but it's fun to think about)