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okay but really the portrayal in trk of being in love as a sense of stillness and calm and belonging is so incredibly important!! so many stories describe romance as these clichés of constant excitement or butterflies in the stomach, but really scientifically speaking those feelings are actually anxiety/nerves and they’re not supposed to be permanent parts of a relationship bc you will inevitably grow more comfortable around that person! but people think that’s what love is supposed to be because of movies and books, so when those feelings subside they think that means they’re not in love anymore, and idk it’s really nice to see a ya novel that refutes that idea and says that actually being in love is a whole different beast than butterflies, it’s a lot bigger and a lot more complicated and a lot longer-lived.


The Whitetip Reef shark is a fairly small shark, not usually getting bigger than five feet long. These little guys are one of the most common sharks found on Indo-Pacific coral reefs. Its scientific name “Triaenodon obesus” means “Fat Trident-toothed” shark. During the day, the Whitetip Reef shark often rests on the seafloor and continuously gulps water to breathe, meaning it does not have to swim to breathe! This shark is more active at night, and on an island called “Cocos” in the Pacific, the Whitetip Reef sharks have learned to hunt by following divers lights.

Acmella oleracea, often known by its former scientific name Spilanthes, is a unique flower in the Asteraceae family. It has many common names, including electric daisy and toothache plant. These stem from the fact that the plant contains numbing agents. Chewing on the flower causes temporary numbness, tingling and salivation. This has made it a useful treatment for toothaches and stomach issues.