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ah i have such a massive musical crush on salvador. his voice is so fucking pure and timeless and he’s such a darling i just want to give him a cuddle and i could listen to him sing for hours and hours. swoon*


Face it, girls, I’m older and I have more insurance.

please like this if you have seen archer / know who sterling archer is !!

celebrity au tabloid headlines!
  • War on the Set: The New Draven Film is Plagued by Rumors of Fighting Between Its Two Stars
  • Cassian’s Secret Love: Has Love Blossomed on Location?
  • The Other Woman: Has a Clandestine Kiss in the Park Ended Cassijyn Before It Even Starts?
  • Cassian and Jyn: Back Together! A Rocky Star Hasn’t Slowed Them Down
  • She’s the One! (Has Bad Girl Jyn Erso Tamed Bad Boy Cassian Andor?)
  • Behind Hollywood’s Hottest New Power Couple, Cassijyn
  • I’m Not Pregnant: Jyn Erso Denies the Rumors
  • It’s Over!: Cassijyn Calls It Off After a Year
  • “You Dumped Me!” Jyn’s Secret Hell
  • Cassian’s Broken Heart: The Former Ladies’ Man Has Yet to Move on After His Breakup with Jyn
  • Ready for Romance: Has Jyn Erso Moved On with a New Man?

Happy holidays @shiny-shinx !! I’m your assigned @touhousecretsanta for this year! I admire your artstyle a lot so when i first saw it was you i was a bit nervous but also determinated in putting a lot of effort on this. Whenever i think of cute things a pairing could do, scarf-sharing is always on the top3 … i hope you like it too!

I hope you are having / will have a good holiday time!


have you ever spoken to someone so good you wanted to cry

[Outgoing call: Day 5, Yoosung route, after 21:45 chat, “The people who make games.”]


First look at Kaji Yuki and Miyano Mamoru’s character at the Japanese dubbed ver of the movie PET 

Video title :人気声優の宮野真守と梶裕貴、吹替キャラクター初絡み映像WEB初公開!映画『ペット』

sorry about  my poorly translation of the title I tried ;v;

Mamo is the red-tailed hawk ( Tiberius )

Kaji is the guinea pig ( Norman )

Note. PET is the Japanese title for Secret life of pet ( in case if anyone is confused (´・ω・`) I didn;t know what pet was at first ;v;

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So do the nobles and other vips that visit the Black Tongues know of their secret? That they follow Lady I? I thought that was a closely held secret.

It’s not information that your common man on the street is aware of, but in certain circles it’s known. Duane recognised quite quickly and was not terribly surprised that Lady Ilganyag was their patron, if you’ll recall. As far as the noble and educated patrons are concerned, it elevates the Black Tongues as an organisation to be associated with a powerful senet beast, particularly one that’s said to have such unique access to the khert and its secrets. It’s useful for the brotherhood that this “secret” is known to the right people. Makes them seem more capable, more independent, more attractive. And not just a bunch of freaks who’ve cut their nuts off so they’re not distracted from twiddling with spell formulae all day.

In Orphans, Maur said: “All Ballanstern wants is for you to leave and reassure the world we’re fierce old bastards not to be trifled with. When he said we don’t care about what people think? That’s malarkey. We rely very much on what people think. We butter our bread with it!”

Their image is quite important to them. It keeps the wrong people at bay and the right people at hand.

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/same anon that said you were awesome/ I wasn't lying tho and who is this 'danny' btw your still awesome

*whispers* evil e-evil higher up, g-give me life j-just because, b-beat me just b-because, m-mad man, c-crazy mad man…*puts his finger to his lip* shhhh, n-nightmares c-come back, he comes b-back if he k-knows where i a-am so n-no telling, its s-secret…*looks unfocused* h-he can n-not find m-me, im h-hiding…

Welcome a new skele for you all to love, this is Lost!Sans also known as Lossi! I  know me and @butterapplego have been posting some shipping pictures of Lossi and Sai, but i haven’t properly introduced Lossi….

but I can’t.

But I can at least give you this reference for him, if you wish to draw him or enjoy his cuteness~

Also enjoy a embarrassing image i drew of Lossi in a bathing suit under the cut xD just for kicks, but he picked that suit out himself~


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Tag Game Master Post

I have been Tagged to so many tag games and I’m choosing to answer them all in this one post because I’m super lazy and super late (sorry x-x ). Anyways let’s start!

This one was tagged to me by: @pokkipo @ariukoart @lawlicht4eva @wonderfulchaos69

Name: Its’s a secret~
Nickname(s): E.K. 
Zodiac sign: Gemini 
Height: 167 cm
Orientation: Asexual
Nationality: African American
Favorite fruit: STRAWBERRIES
Favorite season: Winter
Favorite book: Don’t have one
Favorite flower: White Roses
Favorite scent: Don’t have one 
Favorite colour: Sky Blue and Black
Favorite animal:  White Bengal Tiger ( but my babies are going extinct :( ) and Sea Turtles 
Coffee, tea or hot chocolate: Tea!
Average amount of sleep: 3-4 hours; 7 on the weekends
Cats or dogs: Dogs, but I like both
Favorite fictional character: Don’t have one ( I love to many)
Number of blankets I sleep with: One or Two depends
Dream trip: Japan, United Kingdom, Virgin Islands, everywhere really.
Blog created: In May of 2013 ( But I didn’t really become active until 2015, don’t ask why I dunno)
Number of followers: 323. I have no idea why I have this many but I’m honored and I love them all
What do I post about: I don’t post much , but when I do it’s random ; I mostly reblog stuff about bungo stray dogs and other random things.
Do I get asks on a regular basis: Not really but I’d love more (Don’t be shy)
Aesthetic: Dunno
Favorite band/artist: Twenty One Pilots, Fall Out Boy , Panic! At The Disco etc.
Fictional characters I’d date:  Oh boy so many..  Dazi Osamu ( Bungo Stray Dogs), Nakahara Chuya ( or Chuuya depends on where ya are)  ( Bungo Stray Dogs), Edogawa Ranpo (Bungo Stray Dogs), Kuro (Servamp) , Lawless ( Servamp), Yashiro Isana ( The K Project), Arthur Pendragon ( The Seven Deadly Sins) and so many more.
Hogwarts house: Slytherin

OK ,Done! More questions were similar than I thought so it really just all became one. So, I know I’m suppose to tag someone at the end but, honestly anyone can take this Tag game if they want~ Alright Peace  ✌️