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Can you believe this actual angel I’m ????


– Do you still feel that way?
– No. Not at all.

haven’t contributed jack to tumblr in ages lmao but here’s a cute pic of the best gal/justice wife because this doodle was too good

Imagine Woozi being content with doing anything as long as he’s with you.

guys i think i accidentally downloaded the entire tim wright wiki page???

man, that span of time right before the freelancer arc picks up–south’s still 4th, york’s got his eye, maine’s fine, and carolina’s right on top—is my faaaavorite place to be, and it’s not even shown

can you imagine if we had seen this team actually be assembled?? alpha squad shining in their roles and working together????

it really would have been something else.

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Can I request Tamaki, Izuku and Tokoyami with s/o who has a healing quirk and one time when the boys end up nearly death injured after a mission they do together and their s/o uses quirk on them and they heal them but because of so huge injuries and that ultimate healing s/o's quirk just disappeared? And after the boys wake up and realize that, their s/o would say sth like "It's okay, because you're most important thing in my life"? I'm not sure if the message is readable tho...

Amajiki Tamaki

  • It was almost reassuring to see his s/o dash towards him as he bled out, his vision getting progressively blurrier. His s/o gently removes his hand from over his wound, channelling everything they had into healing Tamaki!  
  • He had blacked out while his s/o was healing him and awoke a few hours later in hospital. His s/o confessed that healing him had made their quirk disappear but they’re okay with it because “you’re the most precious thing in my life, Tamaki.” He would sit up weakly and hugs his s/o, apologising to them over and over. 

Midoriya Izuku

  • A bang and Midoriya lay on the ground, blood seeping out of his stomach and soaking into the cracks of concrete beneath him. He calls out for help, his s/o’s voice responding as they ran towards him. He feels his consciousness fade as his s/o gets to work on healing him.
  • He wakes up with a jolt, attempting to figure out his surroundings. His s/o reassures him that he’s in a safe place. Once he calms down, his s/o explains that they overused their quirk to heal him and that their quirk simply disappeared after that. When asked why, his s/o responds that they “did it because you’re the most important person in my life, Izuku.” A solemn look crosses Izuku’s face as he realises his s/o is now in the same situation he used to be in, but he promises that he’ll get stronger to protect them. 

Tokoyami Fumikage

  • Pain sears through his body as he hits the ground, an enemy had stabbed him and toss him aside like it was nothing. Upon seeing this his s/o rushes to his side, readying their quirk to heal him with. Tokoyami passes out shortly after.
  • He wakes up to find his s/o holding his hand, squeezing it a little when they notice he’s awake. They reassure him that he’s doing fine, but confess that they overused their quirk and now their quirk has gone. Tokoyami goes wide-eyed and asks them why they’d risk their quirk like that, his s/o smiles and simply says “well, you’re the most important person in my life, Fumikage.” He leans forward and places his forehead against theirs, thanking them for saving his life and that should they ever need it, he’ll do the same for them too. 

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Can you do 2p america boyfriend head cannons? Thanks :)

Someone ask for some Allen?

  • will totally try to be cool
  • wear his leather jacket
  • pick up s/o on his motorcycle
  • wants to show that he is a cool, bad, bro
  • hehehe yeah, he’s just a little dork though
  • when he gets more comfortable with s/o, he will let natural him come out
  • goofy, laughing, playful him
  • tickle fights often
  • will use this to cup a feel now and again
  • while he loves physical contact
  • will respect s/o wishes
  • no grope, ok then wanna play games
  • may seem pouty sometimes cause his sex drive is high
  • but will get over it
  • s/o most important!
  • hopes his s/o either is vegan, vegetarian, or at least not nagging about how he should eat meat
  • won’t change his diet for them
  • bad movie nights are a thing
  • in that requires cuddles (at least with a blanket between him. He needs a little lovein cause super insecure on the inside)
  • popcorn
  • pajamas
  • and tons of pillows
  • most likely a pillow fort
  • also, hope you like his family, they are here to stay as well

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May we have a scenario it's dekus s/o not feeling important in the relationship anymore so maybe they want to take a break? Make it angsty if you want >:3 thank you so much and I'm glad there is another blog for My Hero Academia. Idk if my first ask got sent in so if this is a repeat you may delete, there is a bad thunderstorm here so my wifi isn't the best ATM.

Midoriya Izuku

All he could do was stare at them. His partner, whom he cherished and cared about with all his heart, was feeling this way the whole time? How could he not notice? How could he let this happen in the first place?

Between all the fame and and actually being a hero he had taken them for granted and was now on the verge of losing them. He was angry. Angry at himself for getting to caught up in his own dream that he set aside the dreams they had planned together.

“I’m so sorry…”

“Yeah, I’m sure you are but it’s way to late for that. It’s clear where your priorities are, and their not bad, but I need more. I can’t do this anymore.”

“I’m sorry!” In desperation, his apology slipped out. He looked into their eyes, is own beginning to pool over with tears. “You are important to me. You’re the most important person to me.”

“Izuku, it’s not enough. Maybe I’m being selfish, actually I know I am, but I need more.” Tears began streaming down their cheeks as they struggled to continue. “I know I’m terrible but I love you more then anyone ever will and all I want is to feel important. But no matter what you’ll leave me to go save the city. It’s so easy for you to drop everything for them but I can’t even get a proper date with you! I just can’t do this any more!”

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  • In all honestly gender is not something that matters to him, so long as he is happy and his S/o is happy then it doesn’t matter what gender they are! He will respect their what gender they are, and their pronouns!
  • I can see him trying to get his S/o in kilts alot, if they allow him too he’ll spend an entire week trying to find the perfect kilt for him.
  • He might be rougher with his S/o? He is a wee gent but when he play fights he ain’t gonna go easy.
  • He’ll probably borrow their clothes quite often, whether it be a shirt or sock expect him to borrow it.
  • Protection level will be exactly the same, no matter who his S/o is. He will protect them with his life.
  • Might take them to matches alot more, if they like football of course (It’s football in Scotland, not soccer and I refuse to call it such so :P) if not he’ll take them to whatever sport match their little heart wants~

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if its not too much, may i request some mihawk, shanks, zoro, and crocodile romantic headcanons? ples and than kyou (๑´`๑)♡ good luck, dear!

{thanks! i can’t really distinguish between romantic/fluffy/relationship hcs, but I hope it works!

also sorry for all typos and so on, I wanna post it before I leave so I’m typing fast XD }


  • loves it when his s/o rests hand on his shoulder/chest and he can wrap arm around their waist,
  • likes taking naps with his s/o in his arms,
  • is clingy tbh, like a grumpy teddy bear, but thanks to his intimidating presence he keeps his cool,
  • would leave red roses for his s/o to find, bc too tsundere to just give them to his partner,
  • is all up for romantic dinners with candles (he cooks) and stuff,
  • tbh old-fashioned romantic, but somehow it doesn’t make him look cheesy, but even more desirable, 
  • always brings a small gift for his s/o,
  • no rly he’s so cute, grumpy cute
  • just imagine him taking his s/o on a romantic picnic on one of gloomy, dark meadows of Kuragaina island,
  • hates pda, but craves for physical contact behind closed doors,
  • still has a lot of respect for his s/o’s personal space and demands the same,
  • he’s just really classy,


  • he loves flirting, he’s just natural flirt, but it’s just a harmless fun to him and usually doesn’t lead to anything more,
  • despite his open nature he’s not looking for a serious relationship, not that he doesn’t want to, but he knows that it probably wouldn’t work,
  • buuuut if he happens to have a s/o he’d even bigger goofball than he already was,
  • he’d pick flowers for them, buy them anything they wanted (more like he wanted/thought they’d like), sing for them, drink for them, do anything to just make them smile or blush,
  • he’d write lame poetry for them too,
  • always hugging/holding his s/o to the point they’re trying to run away from him,
  • yeah, playing tag all the way,
  • oh god, why is it so dorky,
  • super protective tho, 
  • insists on keeping his s/o away from pirate business,
  • yea, acts like an idiot 90% of time, but there are moments when he’s really gentle and caring, balancing everything,
  • can be serious when the moment calls for it so his s/o can truly depend on him,


  • ohmy another dork
  • it would take approximately 5425474242452 years for him to admit that he has feelings for someone,
  • another 25424254 years to let that other person know and do something about it, in denial all the time
  • actions, not words, definitely,
  • loves taking naps with his s/o in his arms (swordsmen thing?),
  • likes playing with his s/o’s hair, watching their face when they’re asleep,
  • once he gets some experience with all that romantic stuff he’d be super smug and confident, 
  • at the beginning would try to act like he’s in charge, but in reality he’d be blushing, worrying…just nervous mess,
  • yeah, it would be visible that he’s in love,
  • he’d have a serious conversation with his s/o about his ambition and its importance tho, 
  • you better don’t touch his s/o, bro,
  • not up for giving gifts, bc so awks, but would try to remember anniversaries, birthdays and such and always have something for them.
  • would let his s/o have their own life, but would love it if there was a chance for him to step in and be their marimo prince hero, 


  • mr. sgwaman everyone
  • would make sure if he really has feelings for someone before hitting on them,
  • probably just wait and see if they still have his attention,
  • if he decided to hit on them (more like seduce in Croco wordbook), he’d be super confident, nothing cocky, just no shyness, stuttering etc.
  • isn’t into games, likes straightforward people who know what they want and aren’t afraid of taking it,
  • he could take things slow, but at the same time his s/o would be sure what he wants from them,
  • isn’t really possessive/protective of his s/o, that means he won’t make a fuss in public or even confront them about something he didn’t like (bc of his jealousy), but will remember it and repay one day,
  • but ofc wouldn’t let anyone hurt his s/o,
  • would be a gentleman, 
  • would often get his s/o fancy jewelry, clothes, anything they can put on and smirk when seeing them wearing it,
  • on the outside he’d be all cool as if romance was another business thing, but with time he’d start to be more affectionate,
  • he’d love it when his s/o was leaning against his back or just being close, the smallest physical contact would mean the most for him,

if you didn’t get the chance to watch eyewitness yet FIND A WAY TO DO SO

Imagine a huge smile appearing on Woozi’s face when he hears you singing one of Seventeen’s song to yourself.

please watch gintama please read gintama please introduce gintama in your lives it is so important it is vital please love gintama you will feel 200% more alive and you will learn so much its s o important please