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haven’t contributed jack to tumblr in ages lmao but here’s a cute pic of the best gal/justice wife because this doodle was too good

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if its not too much, may i request some mihawk, shanks, zoro, and crocodile romantic headcanons? ples and than kyou (๑´`๑)♡ good luck, dear!

{thanks! i can’t really distinguish between romantic/fluffy/relationship hcs, but I hope it works!

also sorry for all typos and so on, I wanna post it before I leave so I’m typing fast XD }


  • loves it when his s/o rests hand on his shoulder/chest and he can wrap arm around their waist,
  • likes taking naps with his s/o in his arms,
  • is clingy tbh, like a grumpy teddy bear, but thanks to his intimidating presence he keeps his cool,
  • would leave red roses for his s/o to find, bc too tsundere to just give them to his partner,
  • is all up for romantic dinners with candles (he cooks) and stuff,
  • tbh old-fashioned romantic, but somehow it doesn’t make him look cheesy, but even more desirable, 
  • always brings a small gift for his s/o,
  • no rly he’s so cute, grumpy cute
  • just imagine him taking his s/o on a romantic picnic on one of gloomy, dark meadows of Kuragaina island,
  • hates pda, but craves for physical contact behind closed doors,
  • still has a lot of respect for his s/o’s personal space and demands the same,
  • he’s just really classy,


  • he loves flirting, he’s just natural flirt, but it’s just a harmless fun to him and usually doesn’t lead to anything more,
  • despite his open nature he’s not looking for a serious relationship, not that he doesn’t want to, but he knows that it probably wouldn’t work,
  • buuuut if he happens to have a s/o he’d even bigger goofball than he already was,
  • he’d pick flowers for them, buy them anything they wanted (more like he wanted/thought they’d like), sing for them, drink for them, do anything to just make them smile or blush,
  • he’d write lame poetry for them too,
  • always hugging/holding his s/o to the point they’re trying to run away from him,
  • yeah, playing tag all the way,
  • oh god, why is it so dorky,
  • super protective tho, 
  • insists on keeping his s/o away from pirate business,
  • yea, acts like an idiot 90% of time, but there are moments when he’s really gentle and caring, balancing everything,
  • can be serious when the moment calls for it so his s/o can truly depend on him,


  • ohmy another dork
  • it would take approximately 5425474242452 years for him to admit that he has feelings for someone,
  • another 25424254 years to let that other person know and do something about it, in denial all the time
  • actions, not words, definitely,
  • loves taking naps with his s/o in his arms (swordsmen thing?),
  • likes playing with his s/o’s hair, watching their face when they’re asleep,
  • once he gets some experience with all that romantic stuff he’d be super smug and confident, 
  • at the beginning would try to act like he’s in charge, but in reality he’d be blushing, worrying…just nervous mess,
  • yeah, it would be visible that he’s in love,
  • he’d have a serious conversation with his s/o about his ambition and its importance tho, 
  • you better don’t touch his s/o, bro,
  • not up for giving gifts, bc so awks, but would try to remember anniversaries, birthdays and such and always have something for them.
  • would let his s/o have their own life, but would love it if there was a chance for him to step in and be their marimo prince hero, 


  • mr. sgwaman everyone
  • would make sure if he really has feelings for someone before hitting on them,
  • probably just wait and see if they still have his attention,
  • if he decided to hit on them (more like seduce in Croco wordbook), he’d be super confident, nothing cocky, just no shyness, stuttering etc.
  • isn’t into games, likes straightforward people who know what they want and aren’t afraid of taking it,
  • he could take things slow, but at the same time his s/o would be sure what he wants from them,
  • isn’t really possessive/protective of his s/o, that means he won’t make a fuss in public or even confront them about something he didn’t like (bc of his jealousy), but will remember it and repay one day,
  • but ofc wouldn’t let anyone hurt his s/o,
  • would be a gentleman, 
  • would often get his s/o fancy jewelry, clothes, anything they can put on and smirk when seeing them wearing it,
  • on the outside he’d be all cool as if romance was another business thing, but with time he’d start to be more affectionate,
  • he’d love it when his s/o was leaning against his back or just being close, the smallest physical contact would mean the most for him,

Imagine a huge smile appearing on Woozi’s face when he hears you singing one of Seventeen’s song to yourself.

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