it's rude to play with your food

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hi I have a 2 part question. I want to do a dinner for my business partners, so I want to make some food for wealth and success but my partner's don't believe in magic. So if o do it anyway doses that mean it won't work. If you think it will work do you maybe have a list of foods associated with money/success. Please and thank you for your time 😃

Hey friend!
I personally believe that magic isn’t affected by others beliefs, just your own.
And your personal ethics come into play when doing magic on the unbelieving but I personally dont take issues with doing positive magic for nonbelievers. 

**It’s up to you to know if its kind or rude to do magic on the people you know

That being said, I think anyone would appreciate a meal for success!
My family has always used meals for that, be it special or collards and peas every new years!

Greens, Beans, and Nuts are fantastic for financial gain as they represent dollars and cents. Feel free to check out my abundance and prosperity recipe tag! If there’s anything in particular you’re looking for let me know!
Wishing you the best in your endeavors! Cheers to a bright future! 🥂

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Your ranger!derek and stiles ficlet is SO CUTE! I love how slightly confident Derek is, instead of being the blushing damsel in distress and confident Stiles too. idk if you take prompts but I just need happy established relationship Sterek doing crazy things, like them dressing in fancy suits and pretending to be rich to sneak into parties and steal free food or anything like that. Please please!

“This is the dumbest idea you’ve ever had by far,” Derek commented in a murmur that was closer to a grumble, as he parked the freshly cleaned Camaro among the many other cars. “And you’ve had a lot of dumb ideas.”

Stiles scoffed from the passenger seat, the mirror in the sun visor opened as he fixed his tie and hair carefully. “Oh come on, Der,” he said, glancing over at his boyfriend with a grin. “This is an awesome idea. It’s couple bonding at its finest.”

Derek rolled his eyes, unfastening his seat belt. “I’m pretty sure couple bonding doesn’t involve sneaking into rich people’s parties to steal their food.”

“And that’s where you’re wrong.” Stiles leaned over, his fingers lightly touching Derek’s carefully styled hair, fixing the few hairs out of place. “It’s like a date that we don’t have to pay for, it’s perfect.”

Derek gave him a look, an impressive brow rising as his eyes found Stiles’. “How is this a date? If anything, it’s criminal activity, and I doubt your dad would like that if he found out.”

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POST A PICTURE OF YOUR BROTHER AND CALM ALL OF THIS SHIT DOWN! Sorry If that came out rude, it's not meant to be rude.

• He is into punk and rock bands
• he can play guitar
• he’s a college student
• he can drive
• he has plans for tattoos
• he wears black skinny jeans constantly
• he likes snapbacks and beanies a lot
• he voluntarily flew to a poor country to give them food, clothes and teach them sports for absolutely free
• he has a six pack and arms like Luke hemmings
• he said 5sos were talented guys
• he is a sporty kid
• he’s actually the kindest and most perfect brother ever so be jel