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Domestic & arguing over the remote #prompt :D

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Monday Nights are for The Bachelor

Stiles knew from experience that Derek could be stubborn. He knew that mostly because Stiles held himself to a pretty high standard of stubbornness that was, on occasion, met with an even higher amount of stubbornness in the six feet that built up Derek Hale. In every instance, Stiles always found himself surprised and, if he was being honest with himself, impressed.

This was not one of those occasions.

Monday nights were dedicated to The Bachelor. Derek thought it was a fair request since it was only two hours, one night, each week, for six weeks out of the year, that he required the television in his own loft. The pack had other thoughts on the matter – the use of Derek’s television, not on The Bachelor – the pack had no clue about Derek’s secret love affair with the reality show. Derek did decide to turn four teenagers into his betas, but he was not an idiot. Okay, ignore that last example.

The point still stood that Derek had every right to lock himself in his apartment on Monday nights with a box of red wine and bowl of movie theater butter popcorn to watch a reality show that may or may not contain the use of tears, wildly concocted fights, and artfully chiseled men. The pack was settled and there hadn’t been any supernatural issues in months. Well, unless you counted the time Scott contracted a were-flu and all the werewolves in the pack were reduced to sniffling blanket piles. Stiles had shouldered the brunt of mothering everyone as they regained their strength and while he complained profusely, Derek had suspected the whole ordeal had been an ego boost for the kid.

A ding sounded from the kitchen and Derek took the popcorn out of the microwave, taking care not to burn his fingertips as he grasped it by the corners and tried in vain not to rip the bag in half. The effort was futile, as it always was, and Derek inevitably had a steaming cloud of popcorn explode in his face before falling to the floor. You would think that growing up with werewolf strength would give Derek the time and opportunity to figure out how to do something as mundane as opening a bag of popcorn without it staging a coup, but this was one skill he could not grasp. He stood there, dumbfounded, when he heard a key turn the tumblers in the apartment’s lock and Stiles walked in. He looked at Derek and blinked.

“I have so many questions,” started Stiles.

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Felix: Not that I’m not always here anyways….but why did you invite me and whoever this dude is over?

Misael: It’s Misael, but thanks for that.

Yasmin: Look, you guys were the only ones that weren’t busy right now, okay? Anyways we have an important mission for you!

Rhen: And by important she means entirely unimportant, but you’re still doing it so don’t weasel out of this, got it? Good.

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headcanons for if the bears had blogs

•Anime gifsets/ fanart
•Random aesthetic posts
•Media Discourse
•Relatable text posts about social anxiety + Posts from lovesuggestion
•Complaining / Venting / Vague Posting
•Lots of selfies
•Reblogs those links to buzzfeed quizzes
•Sometimes posts own art (usually calls it trash immediately after)
•Everything is organized in separate tags

•Positive atmosphere
•Emojis are everywhere 😋
•Supportive / Motivational posts
•Lots of Liveblogging + Taking pics of stuff around him
•High Definition Food Porn
•Tags bros on funny posts all the time
•Never uses the tags to react to a post he just comments directly on it
•Outdated Memes
•Gets excited over getting spambots as followers b/c at least its something right

•Entire blog theme is white including the text
•Abundance of Shitposts
•Russian Memes
•Never makes any posts about personal life
•Occasionally answers anons
•He is like a cryptid he’s only vaguely visible on his brother’s social media and nowhere else
•Audio posts of music he likes
•Uncaptioned photos of white furred animals and white clothes
•Hijacks Panda’s blog sometimes
•Mostly runs on Queue

k this is gonna sound stupid so please don’t judge me, but i’m so excited to be a mom. like i can’t wait to take care of someone and love them with my whole heart. and i know being a mom isn’t easy all the time and stuff, but i’m so excited! and i’m obviously not gonna go out and get pregnant right now just because i want to have a kid. i’m 18. but part of me also wants to have my kids young. again, i won’t go out and get pregnant because i really want to be a mom. but i can’t wait to get married and have kids and just do things as a family and stuff!


okay so I was tagged by @hobikenobi to do the bias selfie tag! Thank youu!💕
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Get to Know Me

Tagged by: the amazing @jayusxx! thanks for the tag, man this is so much fun what, get to kno me yo’s 

Rules: Answer the 20 questions, and tag 20 amazing followers that you’d like to get to know better. 

Name: Snow-wolf13 (its right at the top, you guys didnt know?) 

Nicknames: uhhh idk i got called burpie cause i always competed in - and won- burping contests *dies of childhood shame* 

Zodiac sign: Taurus 

Height: 5″3′

Orientation: ayyyy with a g

Ethnicity: Canadian with Irish/Scottish heritage

Favorite Fruit: strawberries 

Favorite Season: Summer I guess tho I like certain things about all the seasons

Favorite Book Series: I don’t reall read books much (excluding manga and fanfiction) the only series I ever actually got through and enjoyed were the Percy Jackson books


Favorite Scent: Hmmm, I like when you’re up north and walking through the woods and just that smell of the fresh air and forest 

Favorite Color: Blue or Green probs

Favorite Animal(s): Def Dogs

Coffee Tea, or Hot Cocoa: Teaaaaaa, don’t drink coffee and i do like hot chocolate but tea is top notch

Average Sleep Hours: 3 or 13 theres no in between 

Favorite Fictional Characters: geeez um Weiss Schnee (rwby), Ruby Rose (rwby), and Colette Brunel (Tales of symphonia) off the top of my head 

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: 1

Dream Trip: Ireland or anywhere with cool architecture/ruins/nature

Blog Created: Late 2016


Tagging 20 (an assorted number) people who follow me I’d like to get to know better: @weiss-privilege @roseschnee @biocrafthero @bexloko @soli-bear @the-heart-alchemist @hawkeyedflame 

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Rules: Tag 20 blogs you’d like to know better.

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Nickname: Lulu, when my cousin and sister are in a really good mood they call me mama.
Zodiac sign: Virgo.
Height: 5′3″ or something, dont remember.
Last Thing You Googled: meters to feet bc I forgot my height is feet.
Favourite music artist: Ricardo Arjona.
Song stuck in my head: Evermore bc I watched Beauty and the beast.
Last Movie you watched: Beauty and the beast.
What are you wearing right now: my pijama plus a sweater bc its cold.
What do you post: Right now Malec, shadowhunters, Harry shum jr, I change my main fandom everytime i found something new, but it has being shadowhunters for a while.
Why did you choose your URL: Well… my nickname is lulu… i like to be called miss…. so… yeah.
Do you have any other blogs: Nop.
What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You: To not being stupid, mostly, stupid is not the word but I dont know how to say ‘pendejo’ in english.
Religious Or Spiritual: Religious.
Favorite Color: Green
Average Hours Of Sleep: Depends, these last weeks have being 10 hours.
Lucky Number: 7.
Favorite characters: Magnus Bane is so precious and deserves all the good things in the world.
How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: Just one.
Dream Job: Disneyland.

Tagging: @softshumjr , @baneftglitter , @harry-daddario, @magnificentmalec, @lightwoodclan, @latinalightwood, @harmonization, @daddarios, @abloodneed, @f-f-f-fight

hey so

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Height: 5″5′

Time right now: 6:33 PM

Last thing I googled: my address–I forgot my zipcode

Fave music artist: probably heldmaschine this small band from Germany

Song stuck in my head: error 404 by skold vs kmfdm

Last movie I watched: The Incredibles

Last TV show I watched: Face Off on scifi–its this competition for fx makeup artists and its really good

What I’m wearing now: Jeans and thin sweater. I thought I lost my necklace but I found it so thats good

When I created this blog: at least three years ago. I think maybe ~four

The kind of stuff I post: memes or german bands. sometimes The Discourse ™. always gay

Do I have other blogs: yes but theyre not maintained

Do I get asks regularly: no but i’m always willing to chat

Why did I choose my URL: its a joke. name of a tuba shop in a parody of a cop show

Gender: none

Hogwarts House: Slytherin, apparently.

Pokemon team: blue. I play all the time but I’m not sure what the actual team name is

Fave colours: blue and purple. i dont have a problem with any color, but tend not to favor orange

Average hours of sleep: as many as possible. usually 9

Lucky number: 21

Favourite characters: chilton (hannibal), newt (pacific rim), the gay brother on shameless (shameless)….. evil alton brown (cutthroat kitchen)

Dream job: probably translator or something

Number of blankets I sleep with: 2 and also a fan

Following: 306

I appreciate the tag…… and share the joy with @tchallathough @knight-annd-day @ollis-beard @reeshes-peaches @horsemeth

Tag Game

I was tagged by: @teggles07  and others but I’m so sorry I didn’t respond. Flights and madness.

Rules: answer the question in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better

a - age: 27

b - birthplace: Illinois, U.S.A.

c - current time:  0729 am

d - drink you last had: Water but I wish it was coffe

e - easiest person to talk to: my bestie, my Australian coffee monster!, my Shannon fluff master and my podcast buddies

f - favorite song: Shootttt. Right now its Cardiac Arrest by Bad Suns and Reminder by The Weeknd….of all time though I cannot pinpoint that one

g - grossest memory: Being kissed by some random that bit my lips. It was awful LOL There was tongue guys! There was invasive unnecessary tongue!

h - horror yes or horror no: Horror for sure. I like blanket forts anyway and it take a lot to scare me

i - in love? Yep. Got a nice rock to prove it!

j - jealous of people?: No. But I am territorial at times. Like some things are mine and mine alone. No touchy.

k - killed someone?:  Annabel Lee. NO REGRETS!

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: Walk by again because I’m a lot to take in sometimes. IJS

m - middle name: OMG no wonder I love my Australian Coffee Monster! My middle name Alexander. Because my mom doesn’t care that I have lady parts between my thighs…….

n - number of siblings: 3

o - one wish: Happiness. Absolute happiness. Experienced it a couple of times but I just could use a nice scoop right now.

p - person you called last: @thefirethatfreezesme but I don’t think my calls are going through.

q - question you’re always asked: Where did you go?

r - reason to smile: Um. Chris Evans…Shannon Leto….Jared Leto…Matthew Gray Gubler….Denzel Washington….Idris Elba….Tom Hardy…the cast of Luke Cage….the cast of Remember the Titans….shit man I can do this all day!

s - song you sang last: Golden Slumbers from that kids movie Sing because my kids are my life. Don’t judge me!

t - time you woke up: 5 am

u - underwear color: Light green

v - vacation destination: Germany would be nice again but I’m thinking Thailand

w - worst habit: My anxious need for acceptance. I need to seriously break it.

x - x-rays:  1

y - your favorite food: Chinese food and Ramen because yes LAWD

z - zodiac sign: Gemini and yes I have two personalities. My hoeside and my brightside. NO REGRETS!

Tagging: Whoever wants to play because I know this has been passed around. Toodles!

And the award for my favorite part of YOI episode 5 goes to:


This blatant misspelling of the name of the country where this entire show was made:

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