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What Markiplier Said About Darkiplier (in case you missed it!):

- Darkiplier will be coming back.
- Much like Warfstache, he doesn’t obey the laws of physics, and he exists in another world and bleeds into this world.
- Darkiplier is a completely separate entity from who Mark is.
- Darkiplier admires what Mark has accomplished.
- He is a manipulator, a 100% manipulator.
- He leads you into this false sense of security and he wants you to trust him because he wants to take advantage of you.
- He is not there to help you. He is not your friend. He is there to use you.
- He is not kept together, as Mark put it.
- When Darkiplier glitches, it’s not Markiplier trying to break free, it’s his shell cracking.
- A lot of inspiration of Darkiplier goes to G-Man from the Half Life series.
- Darkiplier seems human but is actually not.
- Darkiplier is like a shell of a person that is in a human suit and is trying to puff it out so you can believe him but he is really good at it.
- Is Mark is ever going to make an opposite version of himself, he is going to be the worst, the most awful person.
- Darkiplier doesn’t have a shadow.

so uhh,,,,,, Darkiplier isn’t really a good person,,,,,, o h

That’s all the Mark said about Darkiplier, just in case any of you have missed that part of the stream! Hopefully I got all of it but feel free to add more if you’d like!

dear 2am reader
with a half-written suicide note
signed by dreams of permanent escape, 
i’ve been where you are.
which is not to say i understand.
which is not to say—i’m sorry.
so maybe a sunrise wouldn’t be enough to save you;
i think it wouldn’t be enough for me either.
the last time you felt joy is remembered, barely
what with earthquakes cracking around your ears
and you half-deaf to disaster. but i want to tell you this:
don’t break the promises you made to your best friend
when you said you’d be there for them forever.
one of these days, wrest an apology from your parents
for the shit they’ve put you through; you deserve it.
make sure your younger siblings get a chance to be
all that you never were. try not to leave anyone behind.
you won’t run out of words; you’ll only run out of time,
so use what you have while you can. i’m sorry—
which is to say, you have a lot left to live for.
i hope you do. i hope you do. i hope you do.
—  survival suits you || a. cho, 10 / 365

I either text back immediately or within 3-5 business days there is no in between

I really am feeling bad for my nephew and was so close to crying for him-

I have so many feelings about Bi Joey.

Like when I was a kid there was even less representation of bisexual people than there is now, so I didn’t really know it was a thing, didn’t properly understand, until I was at least 18, and only got really properly comfortable with it - and therefore myself - in the last 2 years or so (thanks John Watson and the Sherlock fandom).

I wasn’t a proper shipper, but I grew to like Puppyshipping. The problem was it seemed like you basically had to ignore the canon with Mai - which is what fics at the time mostly did.

But coming back to fandom post DSoD as an adult means I can have a whole different perspective on it, and everything clicks into place so comfortably. Like I can have Joey crushing on guys and have him be all ‘I got your flower, go get him honey’ with Mai, and it’s just been a really relaxing experience.


In case anyone needs a break, a time to get away, or just some self care, I found this today. I hope you all have a lovely day, take care of yourselves you beautiful humans <3