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Okay, I have a ton of one-sentence prompts to fill, a gazillion prompt requests and two of these prompts lurking half-finished in my documents folder but YET the Bughead pic for tomorrow’s episode got releashed and Betty’s wandering hand got my mind in dark imaginative places. I thought I was the only thirsty one but I guess there are a lot of us out there so you asked and I happily deliver. This is SIN, this is something I don’t know where it came from. Nevertheless, I hope you all enjoy! <3</b>

“Well, never thought I would be stood up by Jughead Jones but I guess there’s a first time for everything.” Veronica mused around the stripped straw of her milkshake, lopsided smirk intact and chocolate eyes shining in teasing, feeling Archie’s chest vibrate from light laughter besides her, the back of her arm brushing casually his pec.

Betty rolled her pretty eyes from across them, the happy grin that she was sporting all day turning even more delighted. “He’s on his way.” She let them now, abandoning her phone in the space next to her on the leather seat, its screen still illuminated by the private chat with Juggie <3 on top, the kissy emojis she had sent him last depicting her playful and bubbly mood. “They had a lot to talk with his dad now that everything’s over.” She sighed in content, still trying to settle down after the emotional roller-coaster of the previous days, the two other teens on the table nodding in understanding before all three of them engaged themselves in an easy-going chat about tonight’s successful jubilee.

As per queue, the characteristic chime that indicated the arrival of new customers echoed in the small diner and Betty whiped her head around, golden locks dancing graciously around her beautiful face, only for her perpetual grin to turn into a full, dashing smile, along with rosy cheeks and all, at the sight of her boyfriend, smiling charmingly back at her and making his way to their now personal booth in his typical lazy strides.

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These Hands- An Ivar Imagine

So @whenimaunicorn sent me the simple prompt of “Ivar catches you doing your favourite hobby, what happens?” and I turned out this way too long jumble of words haha. I got an idea and just kind of ran with it. It’s been a little bit since I wrote something so hopefully you enjoy!

TW: brief mentions of scars but nothing really


You sighed in delight as you entered the empty blacksmith’s shop. After a long day of wedding planning, it felt good get out of the Great Hall and to a place you feel happy in. You were grateful to Queen Aslaug that she was so invested in the wedding of her son, but one can only take so much. You felt ready to blow off some stress doing the thing you love most: crafting.

You knew it was an odd hobby for a princess to have. But ever since you were little, you were fascinated by the way a skilled smith could turn a hunk of metal into a sword or a knife or a piece of armour. In no time, you had convinced the town smith to teach you, and you’d been spending as much time in the forge ever since. Your father disapproved greatly, but eventually he gave up trying to stop you. “I only hope a prince will marry you, Y/N,” he had said while shaking his head. “No prince wants a princess with hands more calloused and burned than his.”

Of course, that naturally had made you very self conscious of them. You had taken to wearing soft fingerless leather gloves as often as you could, when you weren’t working.

But your father had gotten his wish. He had lucked out when he traveled to Kattegat to bargain with Queen Aslaug for a marriage with one of her sons. The Queen had been most agreeable, and a few months later you had found yourself traveling to Kattegat, betrothed to the man known as Ivar the Boneless.

You had been surprised at first your father had agreed, as you found it hard to see him excited about the prospect of you marrying a cripple. You knew you could care less about a pair of crippled legs, as long as you were comfortable and relatively happy, but you thought your father would care. Then you realized he was probably just happy someone wanted to marry you at all. Although, Ivar was not just “someone”. Since your arrival a month ago, you had yet to unravel the mystery that was your husband to be.

He was handsome, that was for sure. A gorgeous face, thick dark hair, smooth tanned skin. And strong, his upper body more than making up for his useless legs. But he was very distant, only speaking to you when nessecary and as little as possible. He always seemed grumpy and scowled a lot, and you hoped he wouldn’t be like that after you became his wife. It would be a tedious life if that was the case, and often when you saw his surly face you would feel a sense of impending dread. But sometimes you caught him looking at you with something….different in his sea blue eyes, and you couldn’t help but long to know what exactly it was.

Shaking your head, you sat behind the grindstone and pulled out your most recent project: a new hunting knife. It was time to forget your entrancing yet befuddling betrothed, and lose yourself in your work.

“That is a beautiful knife.”

You screeched and jumped, dropping the knife as you search in the dim torchlight for the intruding voice. To your surprise, your husband to be slithered out of the darkness.

“What are you doing here?” You asked, trying to calm your racing heart.

“I could ask you the same thing,” he said, pulling himself up to sit on the stool beside you. Your eyebrows shot up. He had never been this close to you. At least not willingly. You found his close proximity slightly overwhelming.

“But I already know the answer,” he continued on, ignoring the look of surprise on your face. “You are making a knife. I have watched you for the last week now.”

The last week. He has been here, unbeknownst to you, for the last week?

“You’ve been watching me?” You squeaked, feeling your cheeks turn a bright shade of red. “Why?”

He shrugged. “I was curious. When you arrived here, I thought you were just another spoiled, useless princess. Then I saw you come here one night. I was intrigued as to why a princess would visit a forge so late. So I followed you, and to my surprise you picked up a hammer and began to work. I decided to watch you, to see what you would produce. I am a crafter too, you know. I can spot good work when I see it.” He reached down to pick up your dropped knife and holds it out to you. “It seems you are not so useless, after all.”

You frowned. Was that a compliment? You weren’t sure. But it was interesting to know that you two actually had something in common. You reached out to take the knife, but instead of letting you have it, he took his other hand and trapped yours in its strong grip.

You tried to wriggle it out; all you could think of was all the ugly burns and callouses touching him, as you were not wearing your gloves. His skin was wonderfully warm. Your cheeks flushed even redder with embarrassment. As a fellow worker, you knew he would not be alarmed by the state of your hands. But you still felt self conscious as he held one.

“These are not useless hands,” he murmured, dragging his thumb over a particularly nasty burn. You felt a tingling shiver run through you at his gentle touch. “These hands bear marks of hard work and dedication. They are good hands, strong hands. They will be good for holding children, tending a hearth, or even…for love.”

You were mesmerized by his words, even though he seemed to be speaking more to himself than to you. His last sentence about love had your breath catching in your throat. You suddenly saw image in your mind of your marked hands roaming over his body, feeling strong muscles tense and ripple under your touch. You saw them stroking his hair, gripping his shoulders, cradling his face as lips and skin slide against each other. It made you ache in a way you had never experienced before. You ached to know what he felt like, what he tasted like. It hit you with the dizzying force of a fierce summer storm.

He looked up at you then, and you saw that unfamiliar “something” once again dancing in his eyes. He studied your face like he was seeing it for the first time. And maybe he truly was Maybe he had never really looked at you, never thought to see if you could be someone he could share his life with, and that it might be good. He looked almost like a hopeful child, like maybe something might finally go right for him. You realized, in that moment, that Ivar may not always who he presents himself to be. Under the grumpy, scowling exterior, there is a different man. And you found yourself wanting desperately to discover who that man was.

His lips parted slightly, the thumb on your hand stopping its rhythmic stroking as he began to slowly lean towards you. Your heart skipped a beat. Was he going to kiss you? You found you wanted him to.

You leaned forward as well, not missing the look of mixed surprise and delight that briefly flitted across his face. He set down your knife, and his now free hand reached up to grasp you neck firmly, anchoring you in place. You had never been touched so dominantly, and you found that his strong fingers digging into your flesh felt rather thrilling.

Your lips were almost touching, your breath mingled as you found your eyes sliding closed in anticipation. He gave a soft sigh, almost in contentment, and you readied yourself for the press of his mouth to yours.

Loud voices suddenly echoed from outside the forge, laughter spilling in through the wooden walls like water slipping over stones in a stream. Ivar’s hands left you immediately, his body rearing back from yours as if burned. You opened your eyes, disappointment rushing through you. Ivar’s face held a similar displeased expression, but he schooled it in to cool disinterest as the blacksmith as his wife entered the forge.

They greeted you both cordially, and if they were surprised to see you together there, they didn’t say anything. Ivar was quick to slide off the stool and bid them goodnight, not even sparing you a second glance as he crawled out of the shop.

You ignored the couple as they wished you a goodnight and went to the back of the forge to go to bed. You were too busy thinking of what had just happened. Ivar had been going to kiss you. He had held your hand in his and declared them strong, desirable even. He had shown a layer of himself, a glimpse of the man behind the mask.

You smiled to yourself as you picked up your knife and set to work. You had a feeling that after tonight, you would no longer see so many scowls, or feel that sense of dread you had been occasionally subject to.

And you definitely would no longer wear your gloves.


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Herc's Four Sets of Corsets and More

Prompt: requested by @foxqmulder

Pairing: Starts out Hercules Mulligan X Reader, develops into Poly!Hamilsquad X Reader

TW: PG swearing, klutziness, insecurities, fluff??? Second hand embarrassment??? Cute fluff???

A/N: Sorry this one took a bit longer than usual! I’m sorry! I had work! I hope this is to your satisfaction! I tried my best! I hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much for all of the love and support! I love y'all! Also, if you have anything you’d like me to trigger, please let me know! I want you to feel safe when reading my work!

Word Count: 5094

Prompt: “That’s awesome! Could I request a poly!Hamilsqaud where the reader is a brit and is new to New York and meets Herc in his shop maybe? and he asks her out and he really likes her so he takes her to meet the guys and tells her abt the relationship and she’s obvs cool with it and some fluff at the end. Thank you so much !! Sorry if this doesn’t make sense!!”

You weren’t sure how you’d ended up in the small shop on the corner of downtown, but there you were. It was a rustic, Victorian looking shop, and it just sort of called to you. You’d always been into that kind of stuff, the flowy tops and elegant skirts. 

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[DRABBLE REQUEST] Ambiguous!Seokmin (G)

Prompt: You two are idol with sunshine personalities and have feelings for each other but don’t dare confess.

Requested by: @hachree
Word count: 1,306
Genre: Angst, slight fluff
Warnings: None!

A/N: Ahhhhh so I really tried to add angst into this so I hope that even though it’s not that angsty, you still like it anyway! Sorry it took so long for me to write (stupid writer’s block) but here it is! Anyway, I hope the story is up to your standard, do feel free to give us feedback!


Originally posted by pabospoiler

Your body seemed to be paralysed as the 5 foot 10 inch male walked to stand next to you. Your heart raced at an unbelievable speed as you turned to greet him, giving a small smile while he flashed a wide grin. The staff member in front of you handed you the mic and briefed you on your performance as you tried to shake off all thoughts related to the man standing next to you.

“You two will be the 20th performer today, so rehearsals will start in about 15 minutes time, do get ready.”

And you were now left alone with him.

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Summer in the City

In which Adrien discovers that peaches aren’t the only thing in season. 

[SIN. definitely T+, bordering on mature!] [Rating upped to mature to be on the safe side]

EDIT: Link to part 2 and AO3 added, ages and rating upped

Part Two

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Anyone who gushed over Paris in Spring had clearly never experienced the city at the aching cusp of June and July.

Heat rolls up from the pavement in leisurely waves. On every street, windows slide open like lips parted to taste the honey-thick sun above. Men stubbornly decked in suits fan themselves with their wilting copies of Le Monde; women relinquish skirts past the knee. In the park, much of François-Dupont’s première class sheds their layers of homework and exams. It is the first day of summer break and there is so much skin.

Freshly eighteen, Adrien is certain this day is made for him. His friends and classmates canvas the park in laughter and silliness, and he can’t help but get caught up in it all. Nino, Alix, Kim and him rush from end to end of one side of the park, kicking around a soccer ball while some of the other girls watch and cheer (most of them are rooting for Alix, naturally). In a rare show of solidarity, Alya and Chloé recline side-by-side on the towels stretched out across the grass, though Alya doesn’t have Sabrina fawning over her and misting her with cool water at regular intervals. Juleka plants herself firmly under the widest, fullest tree in the park and tugs her sunhat (a deep violet) as far down her face as possible. Still, she smiles when Rose plops down next to her with two bottles of Orangina.

“Alright, alright, timeout,” Nino wheezes, coming to a stop a few minutes later. “I gotta take a break dudes, this heat is killer!” He pulls off his hat and wipes his sweat-glossed brow.

Their mini-match paused, Nino books it to Alya’s side. Alix dribbles the ball between her feet as she watches Nino run off. She rolls her eyes and shoots Kim a knowing look.

“Yeah, the heat is getting to him,” she says, “Definitely has nothing to do with that come hither bikini top Alya’s rocking.”

Alix nods appraisingly, eyes fixed on the tiny lavender triangles flush against Alya’s dark skin. If she weren’t his best friend’s girlfriend, Adrien would stare longer too.

Kim actually has to lean down to jab Alix in the ribs. With a yelp, Alix leaps up and smacks Kim in the back of the head, height difference ignored entirely. This must happen often: Kim grabs both of her forearms with the kind of speed that makes Adrien wonder if he has some kind of supernatural abilities. Grip firm, Kim hauls Alix up to eye level. She wraps her arms around his neck and scowls as she hangs there.

“Don’t tell me I’m going to have to challenge Alya to a dare just to keep you,” Kim says. The gleam in his eye tells Adrien he’s only half-joking.

“Ugh, not this time, you oaf.”

Adrien does a 180 when their lips meet with a loud smack. It’s already searing out - he doesn’t need to add the heat from his blush. He spots Nino dragging Alya off of her towel and into the cool of a tree-shaded bench, and decides he’s better off with the PDA he’s already developed a tolerance for.

It’s a good thing, too, because Nino is already peppering Alya’s forehead with kisses. Back to the bottom edge of the bench, Alya reclines between Nino’s legs and tilts her head back to allow for Nino’s affections. She glances down her nose and waves as Adrien approaches.

“See, I told you they wouldn’t keep playing once I left,” Nino says, “I’m just too integral to the team.”

Alya gives a whine of protest when Nino straightens up, but she took raises her head when Adrien sits down on the bench next to them. Her gaze flutters to Alix and Kim, still in the middle of the field but now performing some rather athletic making out that bordered on Olympic-worthy.

“Nah, I think they just found some other goals to score,” Alya teases. She pats Nino’s leg consolingly when he blanches at the sight.

We don’t look like that, do we?” he asks, turning to Adrien for validation.

“Only sometimes.”

Nino’s face crumples in disgust as both Adrien and Alya burst into laughter. After dating through the final years of college and into lycée, the two had calmed their amorous endeavors considerably, though Nino had become no less paranoid and far easier to tease about being over the top. Perhaps it had something to do with the time Alya had accidentally livestreamed one of their more… enthusiastic make out sessions on the Ladyblog from her phone. Alya stopped carrying her phone in her back pocket after that.

“Is there anyone not dating someone else in this class?” Adrien asks. It’s not meant to sound as wistful as it does. He’s happy for his friends, naturally, and he can’t say he has any complaints about his current position… outside of the fact that Adrien can’t discuss it with anyone he knows.

“Well…” Alya starts. She looks up at him with a smirk, and Adrien immediately knows he’s going to regret his question. So much for rhetorical.

“There’s you, of course. Nathanael, Sabrina…”

Alya starts counting off on her fingers, though the list is limited to one hand.

“And Marinette.

Two years of Alya at Nino’s side have prepared Adrien for this. Adrien wasn’t sure that Marinette even liked him anymore; he’d been flattered, naturally, when Nino spilled the beans about the whole crush, but made it clear early on that he didn’t see Marinette as much more than a friend (though he couldn’t admit where his affections really stood). Sure, his shy classmate never actually confessed her feelings to him, but either Alya broke the news to her gently or Marinette simply got over him. It’s been over a year since she’d even stuttered in his presence, and most of the time she follows Alya’s good-natured ribbing of both boys. They were a bit of a squad, the four of them.

“Alya,” he starts, trying to keep the edge of annoyance from his voice, “For like the zillionth time, Marinette is great-”

As Adrien speaks, his eyes wander, searching the park for the girl in question.

“She’s smart and funny and a wonderful girl,” he continues.

Under the other tree, Rose tips up Juleka’s hat to press her lips to her cheek. Juleka swigs on her drink and fails to stifle a pleased blush. His eyes skip over Chloe, not wishing to draw her attention, and dart just as quickly past Alix and Kim - he’d seen enough of that before.

“But I just don’t-”

He finds Marinette.

The summer light casts her in soft gold, adding a glow to the rosiness of her newly sunned skin. And oh, how much of her is skin: bare from toes to thighs, Marinette stretches her lean legs out along one side of the picnic bench she lounges on. There’s the briefest of interruptions for a pair of bright pink denim shorts that come to an end mid-waist, and then a seemingly endless expanse of uncovered stomach. A faded blue dress shirt, worn and comfortable, has been repurposed, sleeves rolled up to her elbows and shirttails tied neatly just under the swell of her breasts. Her dark hair has been parted into two braids that linger right at her collarbones. 

“Don’t-” Adrien fumbles.

Her lips embrace the fleshy curve of a peach. Devastatingly slow, Marinette bites. Juice trickles down her fingers and from the sides of her mouth as she pulls away. One drop meanders to the end of her chin, then plunges off the edge. It lands on her chest and continues its path down, past the smattering of freckles, past the deep vee of her mostly unbuttoned shirt, to somewhere Adrien can only imagine.

Spring in Paris has nothing on this. Adrien can’t be sure when he stops breathing, but he knows he starts again when Marinette, frowning at the stickiness on her fingers, begins to suck on them one-by-one. She carries on with whatever conversation she’s having with Nathanael, even as she pops each finger past her lips. Adrien’s stare meets his, and there’s a brief moment of understanding, of brotherhood, before both sets of eyes return to Marinette’s fingers. He is likely as red as Nathanael, and goes decidedly redder when Marinette presses the peach to her mouth once more. Had he been saying something? Everything is peach and sweet and succulent.

“Don’t?” Alya asks, voice rising curiously.

Adrien startles and tries to drag his eyes away in time. It’s a useless venture - Alya’s eyebrows raise and a smile electrifies her face.

“She looks good, huh?” Alya says. Nino groans and buries his face in his hands but does not stop his girlfriend. “Really buff, too. You wouldn’t think it, looking at her normally, but the girl can lift.”

There’s no pushing his blush back down, so he doesn’t even try. Caught in the act, Adrien can only play along. “Seriously, I had no idea how fit she is!” he says, “Looks like Nathanael has noticed, too.”

Ever the best friend, Nino picks up on Adrien’s intent immediately. “Yeah,” he cuts in, “You think he’s still crushing on Marinette? Seems like it.”

This is what he wants. Adrien has other interests, other priorities, and the last thing he needs is Alya getting the wrong idea again. So the sharp flare of jealousy that tightens his chest as Adrien watches Nathanael watching Marinette is ridiculous. He didn’t like her - couldn’t like her, not like that.

“Haven’t you seen his comics in the school paper?” Alya says with a snort, “Nathanael’s got the biggest thing for Ladybug.”

“Who doesn’t?” Adrien mutters.

Because that’s the thing. Ladybug. He can’t be looking at Marinette, running his eyes up and down her lounging form, and still be true to the love of his life. Marinette takes another bite of her peach and Adrien feels all of the blood in his body shift either up or down. There’s no helping the vision of Marinette’s lips running along his cheek. Adrien stares down that peach and thinks he almost might know what it would feel like. His heart, throbbing, plummets to the pit of his stomach when his thoughts bounce back to a red mask, black spots. Nothing makes it feel less like a betrayal.

The conversation trails to something else, but Adrien hardly follows. Alya must decide to give him a break about it, though he deserves her teasing. Even when he turns away from her, Marinette, in those shorts, affixes herself firmly in the back of his skull.

Once, on a photoshoot, he’d been getting his makeup touched up while his makeup artist and another model, a woman in her mid-twenties, gossiped and tittered over their most recent relationships. ‘I don’t care where my man gets hungry,’ one of them had said over the crown of his head, ‘As long as he comes home for dinner.’

“Hey, bro, you doin’ alright?” Nino asks some time later.

“Yeah,” Adrien pants, eyes fastidiously fixed on his friend, “Just a little overheated.”

Adrien thinks he understands.

Chat doesn’t give her a heartbeat to react.

As soon as Ladybug swings herself up to his side, he pounces, burying his face into the soft skin just below her jaw. He lets his lips thread up and down the side of her neck, relishing in the little gasp she gives when he nips at the lobe of her ear. Ladybug lets him lave her in kisses and nibbles for a few solid minutes, arching her head back and encouraging him to wander. When she giggles, it wells up in his stomach, a happy bubble.

“I missed you too, minou,” she breathes.

He refuses to give her any longer than that; Chat’s hands run along her hips and he crushes her body to his. The only sounds she makes from there are the moans and pants he milks from her with his lips on her neck and his hands along her back. With each press, Chat works to purge Marinette from his mind, and he fails every time: he traces his tongue down Ladybug’s jawline and sees the sweet line left down Marinette’s chest; he grips Ladybug’s hips and envisions pink, pink, pink and skin. It only spurs him on. Chat’s attentions become more urgent. He won’t think about her fingers, or the delicate ‘o’ her mouth made as she sucked away peach juices. 

Finally, Ladybug tires of his teasing. With two strong hands, she gets a grasp on his hair and yanks him up. Her eyes are blue and blown wide, and her cheeks reddened with more than exertion. He can see the early pink of a light sunburn, he thinks, underneath the thousands of freckles that seem to have sprung up in force over night. Ladybug looks at him hungrily, like she’d take a bite and savour him forever.

Her plump lips wash over his, once, twice, and then hold fast. There’s no ceremony as Chat’s tongue plunges into her mouth, feeling, tasting.

And then his heart lurches to a hot, painful stop.

She tastes like peaches.

A hole in the wall - A Fremione One Shot


Hermione Granger was now staring at was once has been the wall separating the two flats. She could clearly see her neighbor holding the club that obviously destroyed the wall. However, it didn’t stay in his hands for long as he quickly hand it to one of his friend behind him.

“It’s his fault, I swear!”

For the first time in years, Hermione Granger was speechless.

“What the hell?!” was all she could say.


“Weasley, what the hell have you done?!” cried Hermione. She couldn’t believe that there was now a hole in her living room which combined her flat and Fred Weasley’s.

“I told you it was Lee’s fault, Granger!”

“Stop accusing the poor guy! How could you do that?!”

“It was an accident, I swear!”

Hermione let out a sigh. She knew her neighbor was childish, but she didn’t know it was that much. And right now, she needed him to be serious.

“You know it will take weeks to repair that, don’t you?”

“Well, that means that we’ll be flatmate. We should take advantage of the situation, don’t you think?” he  winked at her.

He didn’t see the book until it hit him in the face.

“What was that for?!”

“Stop being such a perv!”

“Don’t tell me you didn’t think about it, Granger,” he smirked. This time, he caught the book before it hit him, “stop throwing books at me, I’ll get hurt!”

“That’s the goal,” she sighs, “let’s just clean all this mess for now.”


Hermione hung up the phone, massaging her temples. If only the headache that appeared after Fred had the great idea to extend his flat could disappear.

“So, what did they say?” he asked as he was making tea for both of them.

“I have to call them back later, but they say it would take at least a month before they come fix that.”

“I’m sorry about that,” he apologized handing her the cup.

“It’s okay, what’s done is done.” She took a sip and sighed of contentment, “thanks,” she says.

They were silent for a moment before Hermione put her cup down and took a deep breathe.

“Okay, since we’re going to be kind of roommate for the next month, here are some rules-”

“Rules? Seriously?”

“Shut up, I don’t want to see you half naked in my living room.”

“You would like that, though,” he said with one of his famous smirk again.

“So, no one crosses the wall, understand?”

“That’s what west Berliners would say.”

Hermione couldn’t help but laugh at this. Before she could say anything else, he started, “I see you have a functional toaster here, mine is completely broken – George threw it out of the window – could I use yours on mornings?”

“Of course not,” she answered.

Fred just smirked at that “Game of Thrones begins next week and I have a pretty big television, you know.”

“Okay, you can use it, but just on mornings. You can’t cross the line aside from that!”

He just laughed “You’re so easy to convince!”

“Shut up.”

“Alright, alright,” he begins after he stopped laughing, “what is next, love?”

“First, don’t call me that please. For the second rule, I beg you, stay dressed,” she pleaded.

“Come on, Granger. I know you dream of me every night,” he stopped her before she could say anything, “but since we’re on this rule thing, I’m asking you to keep your bloody cat in your side.”

“I would really like it if you show some respect to Crookshanks.” The look on Fred’s face stopped her in her thougths. “Anyway, what did he ever do to you?”

“Every time he sees me, he attacks me!”

“Crooks would never do that!”

“I swear that bloody cat will kill me someday,” he cried.

“Urgh, men are such babies,” she complained, “alright, I’ll try to keep him in my side, but I can’t guarantee that.”

“Good enough for me.” With one long sip, Fred finished his tea, put the cup in Hermione’s sink, and before crossing the wall to head back in his flat, adds, “Night, Granger.”

“Good night, Weasley.”


When Fred woke up the next day, he felt something soft on his face. It took him a couple of seconds to realise he couldn’t breath. Quickly, he removed what was on his face so he could finally breath. When he opened his eyes, another pair of eyes met his. Sighing, he took the Hermione’s cat in his arm and get out of his bed.

“Bloody cat,” he muttered, “gonna rule the world one day.”

Soundless, he crossed the wall, released Crookshanks who ran farther in Hermione’s flat, and made his way into the kitchen. He opened a few cupboards before he found the bread. Quickly, he cut it in half and put it in the toaster.

“What are you doing here,” asked a voice behind him that made him jump of surprise. With a smirk, he turned around to see Hermione trying to wake up.

“Hello there, sunshine, had a good night?” Hermione only muttered something he didn’t understand before he continued, “want some toast?”

“Hm, yes please,” she hummed.

With a wink and a smile, Fred turned around to make her a toast. Letting out a yawn, the woman looked at the man in front of her. She had to admit that he was really handsome, there was no denying it. And he had a nice body too. She couldn’t help but let her eyes wandering on his bottom. She bit her lips. Yep, he was easy on the eyes. Maybe it wasn’t that bad, she thought. All that flatmate thing could have some good sides. It has been a long time since a man stood in her kitchen making breakfast for her. She missed that.

“And one toast for the beautiful lady!”

His voice cut her in her thoughts and she rose her head with a smile.

“Thank you, sir,” she said in a light tone.

She took a bite of her toast and let out a moan. At least, he knew how to make good toasts.

“So, miss Granger, were you checking me out?”

She chocked on her food and felt herself turned red. He saw her checking him out shamelessly!

“What? Of course not! I mean, yeah you’re handsome and all but- No! I wasn’t checking you out! Nothing of that! No-”

“Calm down, Granger,” he laughed, “don’t be ashamed. Feel free to look whenever you want.”

Her blush was still present when he disappeared in his flat.

Ten minutes later, Hermione was back in her living room, her high heels were clicking along with her footsteps, ready to leave for work. She was going through her back, checking whether she forgot something when she felt a presence beside her. She looked up to see Fred in nothing but a towel, still wet from his shower.

“Bloody he- What are you doing?”

“I forgot my phone here,” he replied.

“And it couldn’t wait until you get dressed,” she exclaimed, her face redder than ever.

“Come on, Granger, you like it,” he winked.

At that comment, she became even redder and let her frustration escaped in a sight. “Never mind,” she blew and left her flat, leaving a smirking redhead behind her.


After a week, Hermione realized that all the rules she made up when the wall was first broken would be unnecessary. Fred would always find a way to break them and invade her privacy, and would always get away with it. In a week, it seems that he found out how to work his way out of Hermione’s wrath and it frustrated her. But she had to admit that this flatshare had its perks. After a tough day, Fred was always there to cheer her up. And she didn’t have to eat alone anymore, not that she would ever voice that she hated to be alone at night.

When she came home that night, she was in a good mood. No one complained at her work and everyone seemed to be in a the same mood at her, for once. So, she could only smiled when she saw Fred and his big smiled, the dinner already cooked.

“Right on time, love! Go change in something more comfortable, tonight is the first episode of Game Of Thrones!”

Hermione just laughed and did exactly as he said, while he set the plates on the table in front of his television. She came back with her cat in her arms and settled down next to him right when the generic began.

They were silent for a while, eating and focusing on the show. Their eyes were not leaving the screen and the silent was only broken by some exclamations.

“Holy shit!”


When the episode came to an end, they didn’t wait to talk about it, their spirit still in the show.

“I can’t believe they ended the episode like that, they always end them with a cliffhanger,” sighed Hermione. She sank more into the couch and Fred’s arm that was around her shoulders, slowly petting Crookshanks who fell asleep.

“I know! I can’t wait until next week for the second episode. They always make the first episode so captivating, it’s a shame there are only ten episodes per season and then, we have to wait a year for the sequel.”

“I know what you mean,” laughed Hermione, “they sure know how to draw our attention.”

Once again, they stayed silent, enjoying the tranquility of the moment. Tranquility that was broken by some shouts and grinding noises from the flat above them.

“Oh my god, they’re at it again.”

Hermione put her face into her hands, hiding her embarrassment from Fred. The redhead wasn’t better, the famous Weasley blush was present on his face and he quickly took his arm away from her shoulders, avoiding physical contact.

“Well, that’s bloody awkward. Let’s call it a night, shall we?”

“Yes,” she exclaimed, “I’m just gonna help you with the dishes and head to bed, huh? It’s better that way.”

“Yup, let’s keep it the less awkward possible.”


Hermione was sitting on her couch, so immersed in her book that she didn’t hear Fred crossing the line to her side. He leaned on the wall, watching her for a couple of minutes without her noticing him. With a smirk he disappeared in his room before coming back, a camera in his hands. Fred took advantage of the fact that Hermione still didn’t notice him to take a picture of her. He grinned as he saw Hermione startle at the flash of the camera and looked down to see the picture he just took.

“What a nice picture of a beautiful girl I just got!”

Hermione was looking at him, confused. She has been so immerged in her book that she only understood now that the flash she saw was Fred taking a picture on her. She smiled, blushing a little at Fred’s comment before closing her book and getting up. She closed the distance between her and Fred to look at the picture.

“Wow, you sure do know how to enhance the model,” she muttered.

“Nah, the model is just really beautiful,” he winked at her.

She chose to ignore the comments as she started blushing. “How long have you been taking pictures?”

“I don’t really know. It’s been years. I just love taking pictures of everything. But you just became my muse,” he whispered seriously.

Hermione didn’t know what to answer at that so she chose to ignore his comment yet again, “can I see your pictures?”

Fred smiled and handed over his camera, “go ahead.”

With a big smile, she took Fred by his arm so she would sit with her on the couch. She happily looked at the pictures for about ten minutes before she raised an eyebrow and looked at Fred.

“I understand you like taking pictures and all, but how come you’re never on any picture?”

“Well, sunshine, I’m not photogenic. At all. Every time someone takes a picture of me I end up with a weird face.”

Hermione laughed, raising the camera, ready to take picture. “I don’t believe you! Here, smile for me.”

And he gave her a genuine smile. She didn’t miss the moment and quickly took the picture. With a smile, she looked at the result, certain the picture would be perfect. She burst out laughing when she saw the picture and showed it to Fred.

“How come it came out like that? You were smiling when I took it!”

Fred laughed with her when he saw the picture. Indeed, his face was funny but he couldn’t tell how his tongue came out of his mouth and his right eye closed by himself when he was sure he was smiling.

“See,” he says, “the camera hates me. It’s a curse.”

“Come on, let’s take some other!”

Fred laughed and stood up. He smiled at Hermione when she took another picture. He changed positions as she took another. They keep taking pictures and weird poses for a while and Hermione couldn’t stop laughing at Fred’s weird faces.

Hermione finally stopped laughing and moved closer to Fred when he sat down on the couch, leaning on him.

“Come on, let’s take a picture together this time.”

“Whatever you want, sweetheart.”

When Hermione took the picture, Fred wasn’t looking at the camera. He couldn’t detach his eyes from Hermione nor could he get rid of the sweet smile that appeared on his face. He was happy later that night that the woman didn’t look at the picture after she took it, even though it was probably the best picture of Fred that existed.


“Okay, tell me why you’re in my kitchen at two thirty in the morning, eating my cereals, completely naked?”

Hermione had woken up in the middle of the night because she was thirsty and she just discovered Fred Weasley in her kitchen, naked, eating her cereals, as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Well, at least the package of cornflakes was hiding his package, but still.

“I was hungry.”

“At two am?”


“And you couldn’t eat your own cereals?”

“I ran out of them.”

“Urgh, I’m too tired for this.”

With this, she just took a glass, filled it with water while trying to not stare at his naked bottom and went back to her room, ignoring his bright smile.


“By the way, ‘Mione,” began Fred the next morning.

“Yes,” she answered without looking at him, which frustrated her. She had no reason to be embarrassed because she saw him naked. It was him who should be embarrassed. Honestly, who just go in a woman’s flat completely naked just to eat cereals in the middle of the night? Probably only Fred Weasley.

“I won’t be here tonight, I have dinner at my parents’.”

“Oh, okay? I don’t know why you tell me though.”

“I know you don’t like to be alone at night.”

She shrugged, taking her bag on her shoulder. “It doesn’t bother me.”

Fred just smiled, closing the distance between him and Hermione. Taking a hair strand between his fingers, he placed it behind her ear without breaking eye contact.

“I won’t be long, I promise.”

Hermione laughed, taking a step back to leave.

“Don’t worry Fred, I’m not some kid you are taking care of. You don’t have to justify yourself.”

“Alright, alright,” he laughed, “just wanted you to know since you will be so lonely without me.”

“In your dreams!”

“In my dreams, you’re naked and-”

“Shut up! I don’t want to know! God you’re gross! Don’t forget to buy your own cereals,” she cried before closing the door behind her.


Ron was looking at Fred’s camera with Harry. Both of them always liked to see the pictures that Fred took. They were always amazed that he could take a picture at the right moment and make it so beautiful. As they passed some pictures, they stopped at one picture in particular.

“Hey, Fred,” began Ron.

“Hm?” was the only answer he got from his older brother as he kept playing chess with their father.

“Why do you have a picture of Hermione,” he asked, still looking at the camera, “no, why do you have so many pictures of Hermione? Seriously, how much are there? There are hundreds of them!”

“What? Ron, how do you know Hermione?” asked Fred as he left their father smiling at the situation to take back his camera, switching it off.

“More like, how do you know her,” said Harry, “Hermione is our best friend since high school.”

“What? How come you never introduced her to us?” wondered Fred, confused. The whole family knew every friend of Ron and Harry, so Fred was confused he didn’t know about Hermione earlier, especially when they are now claiming her as their best friend.

Ron and Harry just looked at each other before laughing. Now, all the family was gathering in the living room, wanting to know why they didn’t know about the person who seems really important to the boys.

“Well,” began Harry, “we really wanted to introduce her to you, she’s our best friend after all, but,” he laughed, preventing himself to say more.

“But,” continued Ron “how to say that,” he meditated while scratching his chin, “we knew you,” he pointed Fred, “would be head over heels for her. Don’t ask us, we just knew.”

“Yeah, and we didn’t want to hear you whimpering around how beautiful she was, smart, nice and all.” At that, the whole family laughed, even Arthur and Molly, saying that Ron and Harry were right.

“What? I wouldn’t do that. I never do that!” He argued.

Once again the two men looked at each other before they took high pitched voices, trying to imitate Fred.

“Oh my god, she’s so beautiful! I swear, the next time I see her, I’ll just shove her to a wall and snog senseless” mimicked Harry, grinning as he saw Charlie holding his sides as he was laughing.

“Dad, Mum! I found the love of my life! You will love her! And Georgie, she’s so hot, you won’t believe it!” Now, Molly was laughing so much that she almost fell from her chair.

However, Harry didn’t give Fred the time to respond. “Now, tell us, how do you know her and why do you have so many pictures of her? Do you stalk her?”

“What? No,” countered Fred when he saw the threatening look the younger boy gave him. “She’s my neighbor.”

“Your neighbor? As in, the girl next door? The hot chick you’ve been talking about for months?”


Ron and Harry just burst out laughing.

“I told you he would be crazy about her!”

They kept laughing for a while before Harry stopped abruptly.

“Wait, didn’t you say that you accidentally broke the wall that was separating yours’ and your neighbor’s flats?”

“I remember that I did say that,” began Fred, looking everywhere but at Harry and his brother.

“You mean that you’re living with Hermione?! Fred, I’m going to-”

“Harry, stop !”


Fred shut the door behind him, dropping his keys on the table in his living room. He let himself fall on his couch, sighing. Charlie, Bill and George had to calm Harry down. The guy had succeeded to scare him. Other than that, the weekly dinner with his family went well, but he was exhausted. He tried to relax by sinking more into the couch when something caught his eye. He turned his head to the left to see a scene that was unusual. The redhead raised an eyebrow at the sight.

“Hermione, love, what are you doing standing on your table? And is that a pan in your hand?”

Indeed, Hermione was standing on her table with a pan in her hand, ready to defend herself against whatever would attack her. Obviously, by the way she was wearing a sweater way too large for her and that her hair was up on the top of her head in a messy bun, she spent the night reading. That is, until something seems to cut her in her activity.

“Oh, nothing, I just wanted to see how it would be to have you height,” she said while staring at something at the floor.

Fred chuckled and answered, “darling, I know it’s frustrating to be short, but you could just ask, I would show you the Heaven. Now, what is the real reason of all that?”

“There is a spider right here and I can’t go anywhere.”

Fred laughed before saying, “you know, you could easily avoid it, right?”

“Yeah, but there is no way I’m taking one single step on this floor while this servant of Satan is alive.”

Once again Fred just laughed. He stood up with a bit of difficulties and crossed the wall. Hermione watched him take the spider into his palm and gently throw it out of the window. With a grin, he came back to her.

“Now, put the pan down and give your hero a kiss,” he said as he open his arm to help her to get off the table. She accepted the help by throwing her arms around his neck and he slowly lifted her up and then she was safely on the ground again, but neither of them broke their eye contact.

“Well, thank you,” said Hermione a little embarrassed. She didn’t take her arm off as Fred didn’t release her. “You can let me go now.”

“Right,” he released her without breaking eye contact. Suddenly, he yawned, forcing him to close his eyes. “Sorry,” he muttered.

Hermione smiled. “You should probably go to bed.”

“Yeah, probably.”

“Thanks again, for getting ride of the spider,” she laughed, “my hero.”  She turned around, heading for her bedroom. “Good night, Fred.”

He smiled as she disappeared from his sight.

“Good night, Hermione.”


Fred was looking everywhere for his wallet. He was sure he put it on Hermione’s table the night before but he couldn’t find it anywhere. Besides, there were now pieces of paper everywhere in the living room and even in the kitchen, which wasn’t helping him at all. George was waiting for him in the car outside the building and he was already late is it was. He moved away some sheets, putting some on the counter behind him or even throwing some away in the room.

“Ha! Here it is!”

He quickly put it in his pocket and exited the flat at the exact same moment Hermione came into the room.

“Where is that bloody report,” she cried, proceeding going through the exact same paper Fred went through a minute ago. “What the- Where is the- I can’t believe it, He messed with my papers! Everything was classified!”

She heard the door opening behind her and she turned around so quickly that her head spun for a few seconds. She saw the redhead, cursing under his breath about his shirt that was soaked with coffee. She didn’t wait for him to acknowledge her.

“Fred! Bloody hell, I told you to not mess with my papers! Where is my report for the Prophet? I can’t find it anywhere and I have a bloody meeting in half an hour! I’m late! Why are you not answering, you idiot?!”

The man in front of her stood still, not daring to answer. He seemed scared, which was odd, Fred was never scared of her. On the contrary, he should be laughing at her for worrying so much and telling her to calm down since panicking would just make her more late than she already is.

“Err, I’m not Fred,” he began, “I’m George. His twin. He mentioned a twin, right? You must be Hermione, huh? Nice to meet you. Fred told me a lot about you. Ron and Harry too. It’s nice to finally put a face on a name. Err, sorry, I dropped my coffee over myself and just came here to borrow one of his shirt. I dunno what Fred did but, err, sorry?”

There was a silent where none of them moved or even blinked.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry! He did mention a twin! I didn’t mean to shout at you, I, err, I’m really late for an important meeting and I can’t find my- Oh! Here it is,” she exclaimed taking a paper from the counter of the kitchen whereas it should have been on the table of the living room. “Sorry again, George, it’s nice meeting you too. God, you must think I’m crazy. I’ll leave, okay? Take your time, I guess, bye!”


Hermione sighed as she unlocked the door. It has been a long day at work and all she wanted was to take a long and hot bath. And a beer too. Yeah, sharing a beer with Fred for instance would be relaxing for her. He would make her laugh. She was feeling as if she hadn’t laugh in a while, when the last time was in fact during the morning. And it was because of a joke Fred told her in a message he sent. She let out another sigh. How come this man could gather everything she was looking for in a man?

She finally opened the door to get in her flat and closed it behind her without a noise. She was going to put her keys on the nail on the wall but stopped when she heard a voice saying her name.

“-Hermione, was it? How is it going on,” the voice asked.

“She’s great, really. Nice, beautiful, with a strong personality.”

She recognized the voice as Fred’s and could easily imagine his smile as he was talking.

“Sounds like little Freddie is falling in love,” sang a woman’s voice.

Hermione knew she shouldn’t listen. She knew she should make them know she was there. But she really wanted to know what Fred would say following the statement the woman did. Her heart was beating so fast and so loud that she feared they could hear it.

“Yeah, I think I am,” he admitted in a soft voice.

Her heart missed a beat and her cheeks suddenly felt hot. She didn’t have time to think over it, however, when he started talking again.

“I mean, it’s been months since I’ve had a crush on her,” he paused. “But, I’m really falling in love with her. Have been since we started to know each other better I think.”

“How come you haven’t made a move yet?”

It was a woman’s voice, Hermione realized, but different from the one before. How many people were there exactly?

“Yeah, you never had problem with that before,” said a voice similar to Fred’s, “you always go ahead without thinking and it has always worked for you.”

“It’s different,” Fred said in a whisper, “firstly because this time I really love her, which wasn’t the case with the others before, and secondly, because we kind of live together right now. I don’t want to make a move without knowing she at least feels half the things I feel for her. It would be awkward otherwise.”

Hermione decided she had heard enough. It wasn’t appropriate to listen to the conversation anymore. She opened the door with the most noise possible she could do and slamed the door after some seconds. She shook her keys a little to make some other noise and put them on the nail. Then she finally made her way to the living room when she took off her coat and threw it on the couch.

“Hi, honey, how was your day?”

She smiled at the nickname and turned around to see Fred, smiling brightly at her.

“Exhausting, how was yours?”

“Pretty boring actually. Want to join us?”

“It would be nice, thanks.”

The redhead smiled and got up to find a bottle of beer for her. During this time she introduced herself as did his friends. She recognized them as the very same friends that were present the day Fred broke the wall. There were Oliver, Lee, Katie, Alicia and Angelina. And George of course. Facing the latter, she smiled at him.

“I apologize for this morning,” she started, unsure where to begin in the first place.

Fred’s twin laughed. “Don’t worry about that, no offense taken. Plus, it was Fred’s fault.”

“Hey, I didn’t do it on purpose,” he explained handing Hermione the bottle and making her sit between him and George.

“Don’t play innocent, Gred, you made me go up here on purpose so she would yell at me instead of you!”

Fred laughed and looked at his twin, proud of himself. “You spilled your coffee over your shirt yourself!”

“Don’t laugh, you git! She was really scary!”

Hermione laughed when she thought at the moment she started yelling at George on the morning, thinking it was Fred. Soon enough, the topic was set aside and Hermione found herself in a conversation with the three other girls. Katie was talking about a book she wanted to read in the near future.

“I already read it. You can borrow it if you want,” offered Hermione.

“Really? That would be great Hermione, thank you!”

“Just let me go find it,” she said with a smile.

She put her beer on the table and got up from the couch. Stopping his conversation, Fred locked his eyes on her, watching her as she crossed the wall. He tilted his head on the side as he stared at her bum. It was only when George elbowed him in the ribs he finally unlocked his gaze.

“What was that for?”

“You were staring, man. And without hiding it.”

Indeed, he could see his friends looking at him with knowing smiles.

“Anyway,” he answered, taking a sip of his beer as Hermione came back in the room.

“Here it is!”

“Thank you, Hermione,” Katie exclaimed. She went through a few pages, smiling. Raising her head, Katie’s eyes met the scene between Fred and Hermione. They were leaning over each other, talking in a low voice. Her smile got bigger. She was sure it was only a matter of time before those two begin dating.


It was only an hour later when the group decided to leave and that Hermione exchanged phone numbers with the girls, that Fred and Hermione were finally alone. She was helping Fred cleaning up when he grinned at her.

“Are you tired?”

“No, not really,” she answered with a smile.

“Great! Would you want to watch a movie?”

“That would be great.”

With a smile, Fred headed her in the living room once again and began listing the movies he had. After ten minutes, they settled for a horror movie. Joining her on the couch, he put an arm around her shoulders, his eyes fixed on the screen.

However, Hermione couldn’t focus on the movie. She couldn’t help but think about the conversation she heard before. Looking at Fred, she smiled. It shouldn’t bother her. She may not be in love with him yet, but, Merlin, she had the biggest crush ever. She knew that with a little time, her feelings would match his. Leaning more into him, she placed her head in his neck, breathing his scent. With a smile, she closed her eyes, not caring about the movie, and slowly fell asleep without realizing it.

That was probably why she felt confused when she woke up hours later. The room was in the dark and she had no idea how she ended up lying on top of Fred, his arms hugging her against him tightly. With a lot of difficulties, she grabbed her phone that laid on the table and saw that it was almost four in the morning. Sighing, she tried to free herself from Fred’s grip but it was clearly a lost cause.

“Mh, don’t go…”

All her movements succeeded to wake him up. She sighed.

“Fred, we should go to bed, it will be more comfortable,” she whispered.

“But you’re comfy… And warm. Don’t take the warmth away…”

“Fred,” she began.

“Please, don’t go,” he mumbled.

A soft smile painted itself on Hermione’s face. She lied down, burying her face in his neck, taking in his scent.

“Alright, alright,” she murmured, “I’m not going anyway.”

She fell back to sleep almost instantly, rocked by Fred’s warmth, not seeing the big smile on the redhead’s face as he, too, fell back to sleep.


In the next two weeks, Fred noticed some changes. Since the night they both fell asleep on his couch, Hermione became more keen about physical contacts. She would pass a hand in his hair, messing with it and would always tell him how much she loved his hair. When he talked, she would always look at him in the eye, and sometimes, she would absent-mindedly take his hand in hers, playing with him, intertwining their fingers. She would comment on how blue his eyes were. She would also give him a hug before going to bed at night, and a kiss of the cheek on the morning before leaving for work. In those moments, her hand would always linger a few more second on his shoulder or on his other cheek, depending where she put it.

This change made Fred smile and hopeful. If she was becoming tactile, it means that she was interesting in him, right? He could hope for more, right?

“Well, that’s either that, either she’s friend zoning you,” said Oliver one day.

“You think?!”

“I don’t know, it could be that. I mean, girls tend to be a lot more tactile when they are starting to consider you as your best friend. I mean, have you seen Katie? Or Alicia and Angelina? They’re always touching us, and they have no romantic feelings for either of us. None.”

“Merlin, you’re right. She’s putting me in the friend zone! I’m screwed!”

“Maybe not. If she’s looking at you right in the eyes, it could be more than friendship,” Oliver sighed, “girls are really complex, mate, it’s never the same with any of them. You learn something with one, and the next one destroys every of your beliefs.”

Fred crossed his arms on the table, burying his head in them, ignoring the waiter asking them if they wanted dinner and who left when Oliver gave him a negative answer. “What should I do, Ollie,” he whimpered.

Oliver sighed. “Don’t call me Ollie, how many times do I have to tell you,” he laughed a little, thinking of an answer to his question. “I don’t really know mate, you could try to make her jealous? Girls do that a lot to make us notice them. Works every time too.”

“Yeah, but it could be double-edged, you know?”

“Mh, true. Don’t do that, it’s a bad idea. We’re not clever enough to succeed whit a plan like that.”

They laughed.

“Listen, Fred. When you fancy someone, the best thing to do is to tell them. You will never know until you tell her. And, no, you can’t wait until she tells you. It could takes her months, or worse, years to make the first step. You have to take the matter into your own hands.”

Fred growled, sitting himself up and taking a sip of his whiskey.

“If I wanted to hear that, I would have gone to my mother of Gin’. It’s nice and all to say that, but it doesn’t tell me how.”

Oliver laughed. “I know, I only repeat what I hear all the time. Well, they are right about it, but it doesn’t tell us how to do it. It’s true that we can’t just go and throw it in their face.”

The Scot smiled as he watched Fred looking at his glass, deep in his thoughts.

“It’s gonna be alright, Fred. You just need a bit of courage. And luck.”


Hermione closed the door of her flat and threw her coat on the couch, letting a happy sigh out. She just same back from a night with Katie, Alicia and Angelina. During the month and a half she had been living with Fred and she had known the three girls, they grew closer and closer and often went out for what they called “girls night”. She always came back a little drunk from these nights and tonight was not an exception. She was feeling a little lightheaded and knew that she felt more courageous in those moments. She needed to talk to Fred. She had to tell him. Right now, before her courage disappeared.


“In the kitchen, Hermione!”

She smiled, feeling herself blushing just at the sound of his voice. However, she blamed it on the alcohol, and she made her way to the kitchen.

“I need to tell you some…thing.”

She stopped in her tracks, looking around her. Besides Fred was probably the most beautiful woman Hermione ever saw. She was tall, but still shorter than Fred, had what look like the softest blond hair she had ever seen. She was skinny, and Hermione immediately wondered if she was a model. She had the prettiest blue eyes too, as pretty as Fred’s were.

“Hermione, I introduced you to Fleur.”

With a smile, Fleur stood and shook Hermione’s hand, and once again, Hermione thought she had one of the prettiest smile ever. And why was she so short while that goddess was so tall?

“Nice to meet you, Harmony, I heard so much about you!”

Hermione noted a French accent when she talked. It only confirmed Hermione that that woman was perfect. How can she compete with her? And Fleur was such a beautiful name.

“Nice to meet you too, Fleur. And you can call me 'Mione, my name is a little difficult to pronounce.”

“Alright, 'Mione, it’s a pleasure.”

In the background, she saw Fred drop a blender on the counter while smiling brightly at her.

“You wanted to tell me something?”

Hermione’s expression darkened. I was too long, she thought bitterly. She tried to say something, feeling the pressure of bother Fred and Fleur’s stares, but she could only stutter some words.

“Yeah, I- Err, I wanted to know if- No, I- Sorry, I completely forgot. I’m a little drunk so I’ll just go to bed, okay? Good night, and it was nice meeting you, Fleur,” she finally said with a weak smile.

Quickly, she turned away, almost running into her room. She didn’t want to cry, especially for something as silly as that, but she couldn’t contain herself, and tears just ran down her cheeks as she realized that she had fallen in love.


The next morning, Hermione woke up early since Harry would pick her up for lunch and then enjoy the day with Ron who would join them around two in the afternoon. Fortunately, she haven’t drunk enough the last night to have a hangover. Getting up, she decided to take a shower before having her breakfast, so that she could avoid Fred a little longer. She didn’t want to see him for the moment and if she could avoid him until the next day, it would be perfect. She sighed several times. Even if a few months ago she had heard Fred said he was falling in love with her, it didn’t mean that is hasn’t change since then. Fleur’s presence was the proof of this change. She couldn’t be upset with Fred, but it didn’t hurt any less.

Eventually, she got out of the shower, dressed and went to the kitchen hopeful that a good breakfast would cheer her up. That was, until she saw Fred in her kitchen.

“Morning, sunshine!”

How was it even possible to smile so brightly?


While she was preparing a cup of black coffee that she felt was strongly needed, she saw from the corner of her eyes a frown replacing the smile that Fred was wearing earlier.

“Is everything alright 'Mione?”

She answered with just a sound, drinking her coffee in one sip.

“We should,” she began, hesitating about the words she should use, “next time, you should tell me when you take your girlfriend home. You know, just so that I don’t interrupt anything. It would be really embarrassing and awkward after that.”

“What are you talking about,” he asked, raising one eyebrow.

“How do you do that? Never mind, I hope I didn’t interrupt anything yesterday, I didn’t know she was there.”

She put the empty cup in the sink and began cleaning it when Fred talked again.

“I’m a little lost here love, what are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about you and your girlfriend,” she answered, unable to hide her bitterness in her tone of voice.

“What girlfriend?”

“Fleur,” she said, putting the cup away and leaving the kitchen for the living room, Fred in her footsteps. “She’s lovely, really nice. Is she a model?”

Fred stopped dead in his tracks and everything was put together in his mind. His concern disappeared and a smirked appeared on his face.

“Hermione, darling, Fleur isn’t my girlfriend. She’s my sister-in-law, married to my big brother, Bill. Still don’t know how he married someone like Fleur though. Anyway, she was there yesterday because she’s planning a surprise for Bill and wanted to hide it here so that he wouldn’t find it. To answer your question, no, she’s not a model. Such a shame in my opinion.”

Hermione felt herself blush under Fred’s stare and his knowing smirk wasn’t helping. She didn’t know what to answer and the only thing she found was a monosyllabic word.


To avoid to embarrass herself even more, Hermione went to pick up a book on the table but Fred’s hand on her arm stopped her.

“You sounded bitter, were you jealous?”

She just gaped at him like an idiot.

“What?! Of course not! Why would I be jealous?”

“Because, you’re interested in me. You shouldn’t be ashamed of it.”

Hermione looked into Fred’s eyes, and saw that he wasn’t joking at all. Putting her thought about how blue his eyes were aside, she knew that there was no backing down now. She would come clean.

“You’re right. Except that I’m more than interested in you.”

Fred was shocked, he didn’t anticipate that. At her words, he felt warm, he felt all the butterflies in his stomach and all the other things then people describe when they talk about love. Fred thought quickly. A hundreds of possible answers came to him, but none passed the barrier of his lips. They just stared at each other for what felt like forever. But he had to act, it was up to him.

His blue eyes planted in Hermione’s brown ones, Fred stopped thinking. Quickly, he closed the gape between them and kissed her right on the lips. And then, it hit him. It felt so right that he wondered how it was possible that he took so long to do it.

Hermione responded to the kiss almost immediately. Her hands went directly in his hair messing with them while his hands came on her waist, her arms, her neck, her hair. He couldn’t stay still, he had to touch her. It quickly became more heated. Hermione slowly bite Fred’s lower lips so he could grant him access. He was only happy to oblige. Their tongue were dancing, fighting against each other. They sucked, bite, feeling proud when they obtained a moan as a reaction. And the room was filled with them.

Fred’s hand travelled everywhere on Hermione, stopping on her bum. He lifted her off the ground, rolling her legs around his waist and he walked towards the couch, lying on top of her. Hermione’s tee-shirt went flying in the room and while Fred was attacking her neck, she unbuttoned his shirt, her hands caressing his chest once it was fully opened.

“Err, I’ll come back later, I guess.”

Fred jumped away from Hermione, falling off the couch as Hermione sit up, crossing her arms to hide her bra.

“Harry?! What are you doing here?”

Harry chuckled, picking Hermione’s shirt up and throwing it at her, allowing her to dress up.

“I was supposed to pick you up so that we would have lunch. But I see that you’re busy,” he winked “I will leave you two alone and tell Ron that you had an impeachment.”

“Thanks, mate,” laughed Fred as he buttoned his shirt.

Harry just laughed and left, humming a song to himself. Chuckling to himself, Fred sat beside Hermione.

“He has such a good timing.”

“Always. It’s always him who interrupt Ron and Luna.”

“Ew, I don’t want to hear that about Ickle Ronniekins.”

They laughed and automatically leaned against each other in a side hug.

“So, that was…”

“Yeah,” blew Hermione.

“Wow,” Fred laughed. “So miss Granger is more than interested in me, huh?”

“Yeah, more than that. And…” she hesitated, “Are you?”

“Are you kidding me Hermione, I just have the hottest make out ever. I’m way more than interested in you, love.”

“Good. Very good,” she smiled, and leaned in for a soft kiss.

Fred smiled into the kiss, cupping her face. “So are we…”

“We are. Well, if you want to.”

“Hell yes, I want to.”


Fred smiled as he watched Hermione talking with Oliver and Katie. It’s been a month since they got together and Fred couldn’t be happier, especially since his friends approved of her. His smiled transformed into a grin as George join him on the couch.

“So, lover boy, tell me, do you plan to tell her that you broke that well on purpose?”

Fred mimicked thinking, scratching his chin before looking at George with a big smile.


Izaya x Reader Oneshot: Nighttime Illness

Brief Description/Summary: You get up in the middle of the night, not feeling well, only to receive an interesting and slightly worrying reaction from Izaya.

Pairing: Izaya x Reader
Reader Gender: Neutral
Anime/Manga: Durarara!!
Rating: T+
Type: Oneshot, fluff-ish, tiny bit of angst
Length: 1,874 words
On Fanfiction:
On Ao3:

Normally, when you’re not feeling well, you still try and force yourself to sleep. However, in order to try and sleep with a killer headache it usually requires you to toss and turn. Izaya, who was sleeping soundly next to you, is a light sleeper, and last thing you want to do was wake him up.

That leads you to where you are now: 3AM with only a light nap that lasted an hour. You went to bed at 9PM: you should be asleep by now. Due to being overtired, you now had nausea mixed with your throbbing headache.

You glanced over at Izaya. Contrary to what he looked like awake, his face looked so peaceful and angelic in his sleep. His mouth was slightly open and he was making light breathing sounds, his body curled up into a ball like a child. No, you did not want to wake him up.

The nausea was at a point, though, where you needed a heating pad or something to help calm it. You quietly shift to the edge of the bed and get up, slipping on your slippers and housecoat as you went. You heard Izaya murmur, shift, then turn over, now slightly awake. You let out a whispering sigh…’He’s such a light sleeper.’

Making a quick visit to the bathroom, you then creeped your way into the kitchen. You started boiling a pot of water for the heating pad, figuring Izaya would think that you’re just making late night tea. Once the water was ready, you carefully poured the pot’s boiling fluid into the heating pad, amused at the fact that it sounded a lot like filling a large mug. You carefully and tightly sealed the lid on the heating pad.

You were about to make your way back to bed when you realized how warm you feel. Putting your hand to your forehead, you realized you must have a slight fever. You glance at the patio outside Izaya’s apartment. There where some patio chairs and a table set out.

Maybe fresh air will help.’

You carefully opened the patio door, not wanting to wake up Izaya again, and slipped outside. The air was fresh and cool: the smell of night in the air. You made your way to a patio chair next to the table and sat.

You curiously peer over the edge of the railing. Despite the fact that it was 3AM, there were still people walking about. You curiously watched them, their faces glowing behind the light of their phones or streetlights as they walked. You leaned over the edge a little more to try and get a better look at some of them, but the pressure of the railing on your stomach made you wince and sit back in your chair.

“For a moment there I was afraid you were going to jump.” A husky voice said behind you.

You flinched and let out a gasp, until you realized that the voice belonged to sleepy Izaya.

You turned around and looked at him standing in the patio’s doorway. Your eyes widened at the sight. Even when he gets up at night to go to the washroom he fixes his hair a bit, but this time that was definitely not the case. His hair was disheveled and his housecoat hastily tied around his slender waist, his slippers were barely on his feet.

You remembered what he said, then it all clicked: he heard you leave the bedroom quietly, going about your normal late night business you sometimes do, and just as he was falling back to sleep he heard the patio door open, something you never really do since you’re normally anxious to get back to the warm bed. He probably thought you were trying to wait until he fell back to sleep to slip out and try and commit suicide, so he bolted out of bed and ran to the patio.

“Y-you thought I would commit suicide?” You stuttered. Why would he think that?! You were very content with him right now- “S-sure the view is cool, and the sensation of falling would be interesting…” You looked at the ground sensing him flinch at your comment, “But I would at least have a parachute or something…or, or even those cool flight suits people wear now” By now you were flapping your arms, demonstrating the people using the flight suit.

By the time you looked up, he had a tired crooked grin on his face, “Of course, my favourite human wouldn’t do that, I was just half-asleep, that’s all.” He walked over and stroked your hair.

You would have taken this situation much differently if you had known that a few years ago he went through a phase of having fun manipulating people to commit suicide, making the suicidal people think that he would commit suicide with them.

Of course, you did not know of this, and you smiled tiredly, watching the people below. You felt his eyes leave your face and watch his precious humans. You realized how much you enjoyed his presence, despite the fact that you still felt ill. He stood next to your chair, one hand in your hair and the other in his housecoat’s pocket, smiling at his humans below. He was quiet, which was rare, but you guessed it was because he was both tired and thinking over what just happened.

Izaya’s hand slowly left your hair and made its way to your cheek. He gently stroked it, then lightly lifted up your chin. You looked up at him. By now he’s obviously noticed that your skin is paler than normal, and that both your cheeks and nose are flushed, accompanied by dark bags under your eyes.

“My poor human is sick.” He chided, and you nodded despite it not being a question.

He sighed and playfully tapped your nose, “I’ll go get you some tea.”

You watched him leave, then you rested your sore head on the patio’s railing. Your head hurt even more now that it was pondering what Izaya had said. ‘Why would he think I would commit suicide?’ You tried to think the way he thinks, but the only thing that you can think of was that you were showing symptoms…’But I haven’t been showing any sympto-‘

You stopped mid-thought as you realized you have, in a way, have been showing similar symptoms of depression. Due to the fact that you haven’t been feeling well for the past couple of days, you’ve had much less energy than usual: sleeping more, being lethargic on the couch, talking less. Using less energy, and coupled with feeling ill, leads to eating less. And when you are not feeling well you seem to lack caring about almost all discussion topics. On top of that, you didn’t tell him you weren’t feeling well because you didn’t want to disturb his work or make him worry…not that he’d worry anyways. All of those are similar symptoms to depression, which can cause suicide. Of course, that was not your intention, but for once it seems Izaya had mis-read you and your actions.

The sound of a soft ‘clink’ woke you from your thoughts and you sat up. Izaya had placed a cup of tea on the table next to you. As you took the cup and sipped its contents, Izaya moved one of the other patio chairs next to yours. You noticed that he had a blanket draped over one of his arms, and as he sat down he wrapped it around both of you, keeping out the night chill.

He casually slung one of his arms around your shoulder, “Nighttime around here truly is fascinating, isn’t it?”

You expected him to continue talking about nonsense like he usually does, but instead he went back to watching his humans below. You took the moment to get a better look at him.

You were aware that he was always good looking, but something about him now made him seem even more appealing. Despite what he lets on, he is actually very self-conscious about his looks - even around you. However, this is the one time he didn’t bother with his appearance and let you see him as he is. You really liked seeing this new side of him, and you knew that there are many more different sides of him to be revealed: he’s just simply showing them to you at his own slow pace.

His soft, borderline silky, raven-black hair was messy and sticking out at random ends in a complete bedhead look. His rust coloured eyes were still not entirely open, and they held a very calm, thoughtful look to them. From your angle to his side, you were able to see his strong, square jaw-line, which was relaxed. His soft lips did not hold a smile on them, for once, and they were relaxed, the tips pointing downward ever so slightly. His smooth, pale skin looked soft, and you knew he took great care to keep it that way.

Feeling your gaze on him, Izaya glanced over and smirked, “Enjoying the view?”

You felt your cheeks grow redder then their sickly colour and looked away, hearing him chuckle. You both sat silently, watching the people below. You realized that Izaya was smiling more, and you thought it was because he was people watching with his “favourite human”, but you came to realize that this smile was different.

As if reading your mind, he quietly murmured, “When my favourite human is happy, I’m happy too.”

Despite all the teasing and things Izaya puts you through on a daily basis, he always makes sure you smile at the end of the day. You never really thought about it, but he almost seemed to live to make you happy. He had very odd ways of amusing you and making you smile, but that is probably because that is his own unique way of showing his love to you. He pretty much never says “I love you” or gives you flowers or sweets, but you imagine from his view it meant more to make you happy than to follow tradition. And Izaya never liked to follow tradition anyway.

You realized that you were smiling yet again, your nausea mostly gone with only a lighter version of your previous headache remaining. You had drank all your tea, and set the cup down on the table. You felt Izaya’s free hand move and sit next to your own hand. You placed yours on top of his, gently wrapping your fingers around his thin, but strong, calloused hand.

You leaned your head on his shoulder, neither of you wanting to go back inside, and enjoyed the moment. ‘To think that I’d end up people watching again…’ you mused, not one to give in to Izaya’s eccentric habits. But here you were, slowly feeling sleep take over you as you watch the interesting people below, carrying on with their daily lives, unaware of a couple watching them from above.

By the time the sun started to peak over the horizon, both you and Izaya were asleep, blanket wrapped around you both, and leaning on each other, content with each other, and content with life.

Young Sirius black Imagine | Body changing potion

Request: Could you do a fic where the reader and young!sirius always fight so Lilly makes them switch bodies with a spell, but she doesn’t tell them it was her and Sirius has to deal with the readers period and the reader has to deal with boners. But the marauders know (bcuz Lilly tells them) and they just laugh at them trying to act like each other. Then Lilly turns them back when they learn their lesson. Please and thanks. Xoxox.

Warnings: Swearing


“Sirius! How many times do i have to tell you!?” You shout pulling your notes from underneith his arse.

“Well how many times do i have to tell you not to leave them on the sofa?!” He retaliates causing Lily to groan from beside you.

“Will you two ever get along?” She sighs to which you replied
“Probably not” in sync.

The only flaw in your relationship with Lily and the marauders was that you and Sirius practically hated each other. Or so you convinced the other to think.

“Well, exuse me i need to have a chat with Remus and James” she glares strutting out of the room to find the other two.

As you sit in the corner of the common room, your head in a book you had no idea about the convosation that was now taking place at the entrence to the great hall.

“So let me get this right.. You want to slip (Y/N) and Sirius a potion that with make them swap bodies?” James asks for the second time his eyes lighting up once Lily nodded.

“Thats briliant, how do you even come up with this stuff” James beams kissing lily’s cheek.

“Guys i’m not sure” Remus states causing Lily and James to roll their eyes.

“I wont keep them like that for long just a week…or two” She smirks in James’ direction.

*    *    *     *

“Oh, is someone sat here?” You ask walking over to your usual seat at the gryffindor table to find a goblet of pumpkin juice.

“No, i poured you one, you too Sirius” Lily says causing you to smile at her nice gesture.

“That tasted funny” Sirius says downing his goblet.

You shrug finding it tasted no different than normal.

That night you went to bed early feeling more tired than usual.
“You know what, i think i’m going to agree with you for once, i’m tired too, night everyone” Sirius says following you out of the common room.

The next morning Sirius woke feeling extreamly different, for a starter he was confused as to how much his hair had grown in just one night as he woke up to it covering his face compleatly.

Kicking the covers off of him he also felt smaller than usual.. lighter even.
Sitting up he looked down at his legs in horror.

Before him were soft (Y/S/C) legs and small feet with black paint on the toes.
He jumped out of bed as fast as he could running to the bathroom and looking in the the mirror.

“What the- WHAT THE-” He says looking at the girl infront of him and then realizing it was not only his looks that had changed but his voice too.

Running as fast as he could out of his dorm room he crahsed into another running body, much bigger than his new one and extreamly familiar.

“YOU’RE ME!” They say in unison.

“Is this your idea of a prank!?” you shout at yourself-Sirus.

“I was just about to ask you the same thing!” He glares.
“What are we going to do?” You exclaim

“Theres only one thing for it, we’re gonna have to act like each other untill the magic wears off” he says
“This is going to go horribly wrong” you say running a hand through your surprising soft new hair.

*   *   *   *
“Hold Still Sirius!” You say trying to fill one of your-his eye brows in.
“I dont understand why this is necissary” He says in a whiny voice.
“Do i really sound like that?” You grimace.

“And its necissary because you need to make people actually believe you’re me” you say finally finishing his make up.

“right now for clothes” You both exchange a small pile of clothes and head towards your new dorm rooms.

“Oh, and no looking!!!” You make sure to shout before dissapearing into the boys dorm room feeling extreamly out of place.

Quickly getting changed and trying your hardest not to look you walked back down to the common room.

“Hi Sirius” Lily smirks as you take a seat on the sofa.
“Um, hi" you say awkwardly watching as you-Sirius appeared.

Your day was avent full to say the least.

You tried your best to avoid everyone, you even missed lunch. But dinner you could not get away with.

“You walk into the great hall taking your usual seat quietly.

"Alright there mate?” James smirks filling up your goblet.

“Yup, i’m great” You say hopefully convincing enough.
“Err, (Y/N) you might wanna button up your shirt a bit" You glare at Sirius sitting infront of you.

“I dont know, i think i’m digging it” He smiles contently making you kick him hard under the table

“OUCH, okay, maybe not” He says stifly buttoning up your shirt right to the top.
You could see the others stifling laughs but decided not to say anything.

The next few days were pretty much the same, you tried your hardest to stay away from everyone unless it was Sirius having to give him tips and do his makeup every morning.

You were walking down the stairs to the common room when your heard your voice shout “WHAT THE FUCK” from the girls bathroom.

You groan hurrying to see what was wrong now.

“Theres blood in my fucking underwear” Sirius sighs sitting on the bath room floor helplessly.

“Its called a period” You say stifling a laugh.

“But i cant get periods i’m a g- oh god” He says putting his head in his hands.

“Hey, its fine, dont worry ill help you through it” you say nicely for the first time.

“You will?” He says looking up you see his eyes watering.

“Why are you crying? Calm down, its not the end of the world” you smirk.

“I cant control my fucking emotions” he says standing up and pacing the bath room
“Here, you’ll need these" you say handing him supplies.

“You do realize you’re gonna have to explain all this to me right?”

*     *     *     *     *

“Look, we need to take showers. You’re starting to smell, and everyone thinks its me” You say to Sirius once you’re alone.

“And you need to wash your hair, i’m starting to look as greasy as Severus” Sirius says examining the hair on your head.

“Dont talk about him like that, but you’re right” you sigh in defeat.

“Can’t promise i wont look though princess” You watch him wink before you both part ways.

Standing in the steamy shower you feel yourself relax. Surly this should be wearing off soon right? And everything would be back to normal.

Totally forgetting who you were for minute you got out of the shower and walked over to the full legnth mirror and froze.

“Oh my god” You breathed out realizing you were staring right at Sirius’ body.

You took in his appearence, his arms and toned stomach, the way his wet hair fell messy on his forehead and-

“Oh no. Oh no. Oh no” you say over and over noticing the boner you had accumuleted.

“Go away!” You stomp your feet in a very un Sirius like way.

Deciding you needed guy help you run to the girls bathroom with a towell around your waist. Letting your self in you saw Sirius sat on the floor bright red in the face and a towell tightly around him, thankfully covering up my body.

“Sirius i have a problem” you say awkwardly.

“I peeked” He says suddenly


“I couldnt help it! Here i was getting dry and BAM theres a mirror behind me that i didnt notice before.” he says turning even redder.

“Me too” you sigh.


“Siriusihaveaboneranditwontgoawayandidontknowwhattodopleasedontlaugh” You say quickly supprised that he managed to understand you.

He put his hand over his mouth trying not to laugh but failing as tears from laighter are soon leaking from his eyes.

“SIRIUS!” You glare.

“Okay, well first of all, i’m flattered. And second of all, its doesnt just go like that” He says clicking at the end.

“So i just have to wait” You say annoyed

“Yes” He says stifling another laugh

“Great. Just great.” You say noticing you would be leaving for dinner in 5 minutes.

“If its not gone by dinner i’m not leaving the dorm room” you say running off to get ready.

*   *   *   *   *

”Hide it better!” Sirius glares as we enter the great hall  taking our seats as quickly as possible.

Its been 10 minutes and you still couldnt get what you saw out of your head.

“You two okay?“ Remus asks by the looks of thinks trying not to laugh

“Fine” We say in unison.

“Hey! (Y/N)!” We all look around to see Severus calling you-Sirius.

“You better go and sit with him” You smirk pushing a piece of hair out your face.
You saw your own face harden and Sirius sigh behind it.

“Yes. Of course” he says standing up, the other trying not to laugh.

“Why are you laughing? I- she can be friends with whoever she wants to” you say out of character.

“Oh, thats not why were laughing” Lily smiles sweetly.

“See somethign you like Pad?” James winks causing you turn a deep shade of red realizing what they were talking about.

“You know what? I’m not really hungry anymore” You say walking off in a strop.

“Sirius wait!” They all call but its too late you’ve gone over to you-Sirius grabbing his arm and pulling him out of the hall, people giving you strange looks.

“I’m sick of this” You say as you reach his dorm room.

“I- dont know, its kind of been nice” He admits causing you to look up shocked.

“Dont tell me you have actually enjoyed this” You laugh

“Hardly any of it, just little things. Like how every one respects you. And how your hair is really soft and smells nice, and turns out being nice to everyone is well..nice” He shrugs causing you to look down.

“You’re right” You sigh

“You smell nice and and quite frankly your bed even smells nice, you’re hairs soft and to be honest, its cool having so much attention all the time” you say lying on his bed.

“Yeah we need to change back now, we’ve been each other for too long” He laughs sitting next to you not making the bed move as much.

“So, what we gonna do? Do we go to the hospital wing?” You ask

“Leave it one more day, then we’ll get help” He sighs falling back next to you.

Before you knew it you were asleep.

You woke up hearing Remus, James and Lily talking.

Streching you arms you tuned over opening your eyes to see sirius lying next to you. You sit up straight looking down at you arms and legs.

“SIRIUS! SIRIUS WAKE UP LOOK!” you shout exitedly jumping on top of the lazy boy infront of you landing on his lap trying to shake his shoulders.

“What?” He says with his eyes still closed but notices his voice in no longer girly and sits up looking at his hands before steadying you as you nearly fall of his lap and onto the floor.

“I’M ME AGAIN” He exclaims then looks at you.

“And you’re you” He says softly moving a piece of hair out of your face his touch giving you goose bumps for the first time. Side affects of the um-Magic probably?

But you could finally admit in now. That you like Sirius Black. And you liked him alot.

His hand still on your face he began to lean in closer to you, his eyes flicker down to your lips for just a second before planting his on yours. His hands on your waist and yours on his shoulders you hear an all too familiar voice.

“Woah, we only wanted to make you friends.. You liked each other the whole time?” James smiles causing you both blush.

Sat on the sofa in the common room curled up in Sirius’ arms you decide to ask him the question you have been wanting to ask since you got changed back.

“What was your favorite thing about being me?” You ask the others now listening in.

“Definitely standing infront of the mirror naked” he smirks causing you to push his shoulder and his friends to laugh.

Suddenly kissing them
  • Eren: He would blush furiously and hesitantly kiss back. He may think that the person's just mistaken or forced to do so because they may know about his little crush. Nonetheless, he would still enjoy the moment and stay quiet since it's something he's always been waiting for.
  • Armin: Thinking that the whole kiss might be a whole mistake or just a sick joke, he'd immediately pull away and stutter out his apologies. He'd also ask why was the person doing that, or who told them to play that kind of prank. When he finds out that the kiss was really intentional, he'd start smiling to himself while mentally celebrating.
  • Reiner: After the kiss, he wouldn't really say much, but he'd give out the smile that says "I knew you liked me all along". Of course, he's really nervous deep down but the happiness that he'd feel would outweigh it. He would also plan on giving a surprise kiss with the next chance he gets.
  • Bertholdt: The poor boy would get so nervous, that he might end up falling backwards from the shock, but he would still try to keep his lips together with the kisser's. When the whole mishap's over, he'll immediately get up and apologize like there was no tomorrow. He would then ask if there could be a take two with a mischievous grin.
  • Jean: He would be the cocky little shit he is and kiss back with a smirk. He might even try to go as far as making out with that person, just so that he could savor the moment. Once sated, he'd blush a little and grip the back of his neck as he goes on about how that was great of a kiss that was, along with a rushed but sincere confession.
  • Marco: He'll be very grateful towards the kisser, since he wouldn't be able to have the same confidence to do such, and it's been something he'd want to experience for a looong time now. He would also think that the kiss came too soon and feel bad that he didn't get to clarify his feelings first.
  • Connie: At first, he wouldn't believe that it's actually happening. Once it sinks in, however, he would be completely overjoyed but he'd still try to hide it. Before he can start his victory dance, he'd ask the kisser if there were legit feelings involved, and if there were, well, he'd be the happiest man on earth!
  • Levi: He wouldn't do anything at all, nor would he say something, which could turn the situation into a painfully awkward one. He would break the silence on how the kisser would need more practice, and he might even show the proper way to do it. He'd also tell the kisser to warn him next time.
  • Erwin: He'll have a small inkling that something like that would happen one way or another since he's able to feel the tension between him and the person who feels the same way, so he'd be a little prepared for it. He'd feel less manly for making the first move when he should've, but he'd make up for it with small kisses after the big smooch.
  • Mikasa: She'd think of the kiss as something insincere because it was so sudden, but then she would try and eventually find the sincerity of the action. She would panic a little, so the kisser may be a little concerned as to why she's not moving, however, she'd be assuring that it's okay and all... plus she'd mention that she needs more kissing practice.
  • Annie: It would be a big surprise for her to be suddenly shown affection, so she'd struggle a bit and try to push away, but she'd start to feel the love given through that gesture, so she'd oblige later on. She wouldn't bring up the topic after the whole thing, so it would leave the kisser wanting more.
  • Sasha: Yes, she would be just as shy as any other suddenly kissed girl would be, but she may react violently as well, since she might mistake the action for something with perverted intentions. Once she's done with all the slapping and scolding, she'll ask what's going on, and when the air's all cleared, she'll start giggling girlishly and will playfully slap the other's arm.
  • Christa: She would freeze with her eyes wide open and her cheeks redder than Rudolph's nose. She wouldn't have a clue on how to deal with situations like these, so she might be the first one to pull away; she really won't be disgusted, she'd just be very surprised and taken off-guard. However, she would really appreciate the gesture, and think about it from time to time.
  • Ymir: I think she wouldn't be able to take this lightly because she seems like the type who wouldn't want her personal space to be invaded out of the blue, so she might end up throwing a couple of punches. When her head's all cleared and she's calm, she'd apologize for suddenly jumping like that. She'd also suggest that giving away more hints would work next time.
  • Hanji: In her opinion, having someone give a surprise kiss would be something that only exists in the movies., so she would be super lovestruck and dazed once she gets a movie-like moment of her own. It would also tickle her to know that the person she's after is after her as well.
  • Petra: She doesn't wanna look too eager or anticipative, so she'd pull away and try to hide the blush that's slowly painting her cheeks, when in reality, she would want to keep on kissing the person and never let go. She really wouldn't be able to hide is her giddiness and giggles whenever she'd remember what had just happened, and she would try her luck in going for more.

anonymous asked:

could you write something about Jily just functioning perfectly together as Head Students, maybe at a meeting or during an announcement to the school? and the others are like super impressed because how did this happen??? it's a headcanon of mine and your writing is so great <3


“I heard that Potter paid her off to keep quiet about how he got the position.”

“Don’t be ridiculous; they’re obviously dating. Marty said he saw them snogging behind the greenhouses last Thursday.”

“Oh please, Marty is less reliable than leaving a niffler in charge of your wallet-”

“If you all could settle down, we’ll get this meeting started,” Lily says loudly, throwing the pair of gossiping fifth years a glare that has them both mumble hasty apologies under their breaths. It doesn’t stop them from sharing a look when James touches her elbow as he brushes past her though.

The meeting is like always- going over the rules, writing up the new patrol schedule, reminding them yet again that Filch has added a half a dozen new things to the banned list. It’s positively banal, but what has the attention of everyone else is the way the two heads seem to work in tandem with each other.

It’s no secret that the rivalry between James Potter and Lily Evans is the fiercest that these halls have seen, and yet…

Yet they’ve almost mellowed out, their bickering almost playful, to the point where everyone seems to be asking themselves if there was something that they had missed before.

The same old song and dance goes on for the next three prefect meetings, both Lily and James working in near perfect tandem that leaves almost the entire student body stunned, baffled, and a little bit worried that this just might be the calm before the storm.

“Bet you a galleon they’re together by Christmas.”

“Bet you two galleons they’re together before Halloween.”

“You’re on.” They shake on it before they’re interrupted by a loud bang of someone hitting the desk. Hard.

“If we could have some order,” says James, glancing sidelong at the pair. They’re not the only ones talking, but they do duck their heads, appropriately chastised. “I know you’re all excited about the planning for the feast next month, but really. This is not how prefects are to behave.”

Lily snickers off to the side. “Pot calling the kettle black, much?” she says cheekily, and James’ responding grin is, well, nauseating really.

“Do as I say, not as I do, Evans,” he quotes sagely, and she swats him lightly in the stomach.


“Nah,” he shrugs, still smiling dopily. It’s only then he seems to realise that they’re still standing in front of a now incredibly silent group of prefects, all of which are looking on in rapture. Except for Remus of course, who sits off to the side, a coy little smirk playing around the corners of his mouth.

“Meeting adjourned,” he says quickly, ruffling his hair while a tinge of colour makes itself known on his cheeks. Lily cackles, hip checking him while everyone slowly gathers their things.

She catches the eye of the two previously gossipping prefects and says low, “I think both of you should forfeit that little bet you have going on. It’s pretty much void at this point,” and then saunters off, leaving them with their jaws hanging open.

She grabs her bag off the table and leans up to press a kiss to James’ cheek, which has him getting even redder. “Meet me in the library once you’re done locking up in here,” she tells him and then, with one last look at the two of them, still standing there completely gobsmacked, she fucking winks and all but floats out of the room.

“Oi, you two!” James says once he’s out of his stupor, “Hurry up now.”

They jump, and hurry to grab their things, scrambling out of the room.


Two weeks later the rest of the school is privy to the secret when they crash together on the quidditch pitch, a flurry of limbs and toothy grins, and James kisses her square on the mouth for the world to see.

“Technically it happened before Halloween. You owe me two galleons.”

“Shut up.”


Fandom: Dragon Age
Pairing: Fenhawke
Rating: T
Word count: 1,453
In which Hawke offers Fenris his heart in the form of a red favor. Set during the first night Fenris and Hawke spend together.

           A blanket of warm silence had fallen over the manor, the dust finally permitted to settle in the aftermath of twin tornadoes, one elven, one human. Soft orange light danced in Hawke’s hearth, the logs sharing secret crackles and whispers as they burned.

           The bed sheets rustled. Strong fingers curled around Fenris’, coaxing him back from the brink of sleep. He let them stay where they were. Blinked over at Hawke with drowsy green eyes.

           Hawke chuckled under his breath, answering the question of an arched eyebrow. “I have something I want to give you.”

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anonymous asked:

Congrats on the follower milestone! :DDDD Can I get this prompt? "“hey new neighbor it appears that your dog likes me a thousand times better than she likes your partner and they’re really jealous and i’m sorry but not really because hellloooooo there”"

Hello, love! Sorry for taking a bit to get to this. It’s such a cute prompt and as usual, it got away with me!

title: monkeys and dogs don’t mix. 

rating: t

a/n - because who can resist monkey jokes amirite. 

also on ao3

She gets a dog because it’s one of the few childhood comforts she’s wanted to recreate as an adult. The husband and wife duo (Mr. and Mrs. Krysinski) had been an elderly couple who took in foster kids partly because they needed the money and helping hands, but also partly because they had never had children. And she’d been relatively happy in their home (alongside a boy named Ken and a girl named Shaniqua) and their labrador, Dash. 

Then Mr. Krysinski died rather unexpectedly, and Mrs. Krysinski simply couldn’t - and so back to the system they’d gone. She’d kept only Dash, and Emma had missed the dog more than she ever missed anything. 

A dog is the (real) reason she puts down her roots in Maine, paying the modest downpayment for the even more modest landed property (the house is really small, two bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen, but it’s home).

She’s only been dating Walsh for 3 weeks when she brings him home for the first time, and Bailey, her usually sweet-natured Labrador-mutt, growls the moment he steps into the house. 

Walsh laughs it off, saying Bailey is being protective because she’s worried that he’s going to steal her attention (he’s not exactly wrong). She doesn’t think much of it, in all honesty, and she’s so busy the following month that Emma forgets how Walsh hardly ever comes over anymore or how when he does, he sits as far from her dog as possible. 

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First of all, happy birthday to me !!!

This blog is officially one year old. Thank you so much for dealing with me a whole year, I know I’ve been neglecting this blog lately but it’s just the inspiration left me, I still enjoy this so so much and I’ll probably always do. Also, I’ve changed the URL, just a bit, I hope you all like it. 

I wanted to do something special for today, not really special because it’s what I should do, but considering I haven’t written a fic in three months it actually is. This was a request from five months ago I’m so so sorry but I’m trying, I’ll probably start writting again soon.

Laying on his back on their bed, Rin could feel how every thrust hit his bladder. Every brush, every touch, every slight movement was enough to send shivers down his spine that made him tremble under Sousuke’s weight. He loved to feel the pressure of his boyfriend body above him, he loved to feel controlled. 

But in a moment like that when he had to devote all his effort to not piss himself with Sousuke inside him, the extra heaviness on his bladder was driving him crazy. Small drops escaped him when the other boy decided to thrust especially deep, luckily his boyfriend mistaken the stickiness with precum. Rin could never confess he was about to wet himself, he’d just wait and go to the bathroom once they had finished. His bladder, in the other hand, had something different planned.

When Sousuke suddenly increased the speed he felt his entrails burden. He knew he couldn’t hold it so much longer, but not exactly what. Rin wasn’t sure if he was about to cum or finally relieve the pressure on his bladder on their matress. However, he had to admit that having sex with a painfully full bladder was so much more intense. Everything felt different. 

He heard his boyfriend grunting in his ear, his hot breath brushing his skin, and that was all. He cummed all over his chest and Sousuke’s. It had never felt so good. Rin couldn’t help but moan, convulsing under the larger boy’s grip. After a few seconds of ecstasy he regained consciousness of his body, just in the moment his bladder gave up and started peeing. 

Sousuke heard the hiss sound of Rin’s pee coming out his dick before he could feel it damping his torso and got up to discover a sight he had never seen before, the red haired boy laying on the bed, tears coming out his eyes not knowing if it was out of embarrassment or pleasure and pee dripping between his abs and chest before making a puddle at his side on the sheets. At this view he started moving again, enjoying how Rin’s pee spurted rhythmically with every thrust and he came rapidly, filling his ass with his hot cum.

Rin desperately tried to stop peeing squeezing his dick, but Sousuke grabbed his hand and kissed it, using his free palm to press on his bladder just enough for the boy to start peeing full force again.

“Shhh Rin, just let go.” 

He obeyed this words and calmed down, not stoping peeing but turning around to don’t face his boyfriend, that now was laying next to him. But Sousuke wasn’t planning leave him alone and hugged him from behind, nuzzling his face into his neck.

“I’m sorry…” Rin whispered.

“You could have said something.”

“…” He didn’t answered.

“I’m not mad you know? I kinda… liked it.” Sosuke blushed a little, and he knew Rin was blushing too.

“Me… too." 

 "What?” He couldn’t believe what his boyfriend was confessing. It’s not like he had think about doing something like this before, but now that had happened he discovered that watching Rin peeing himself was somehow appealing. 

 "It’s just… it felt good.“ He was sure his cheeks were even redder than his hair. 

"Then we could try it again… just if you want…”

“Yeah, but not now… I mean…” He felt so embarrased. Wetting himself while having sex was not something he wanted but Sousuke’s reaction made him feel secure.

“Of course, when you feel prepared… Rin, you know I love you… right?”  

"I know… I love you… too.”