it's really weird listening to this song


yuugi: …now my life gets better, every letter that you write me
laughing at my sister ‘cause she wants to form a harem

anzu: i’m just saying, if you really loved me you would share him

yuugi: ha!

i still stand 100% behind my very serious and long-held headcanon  that widowmaker’s visor thing has optional built in bluetooth speakers and that she’s just constantly listening to songs from the many weird french stage musicals of the late 90s and early 2000s at full damn volume while she snipes and we just cant hear it because blizzard does not own the legal rights to any of those musicals. thats why she keeps missing so many shots, she has to stop every so often to theatrically lip sync to all the really intense parts and gets distracted

 also her huntress skin is an actual outfit that she owns and wears in canon and she based its entire design off of that stupid fucking satin waistcoat that salieri wears in mozart l’opera rock. i fully understand that no one on this website has any goddamn clue what i’m talking about right now and thats fine but im going to need you all to validate me anyway

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how does listening to mariah carey make you gay???? its weird how much shit YOU have to say about aspec ppl WHEN YOUR NAME IS FUCKING STRAIGHTBOYFRIEND. on top of being a massive heterosexual iding person yourself you also say (im hoping it was a joke because if it wasnt then PLEASE GET EDUCATION BUDDY) your sexuality can be influenced by mariah carey songs? you are born gay listening to music doesnt make you gay. you really are a massive fucking aphobe and homophobic doofus. stay out of tumblr.

Standing O by Mariah Carey made me a homosexual

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i can't listen yet!! did it surprise you, or is it what you expected? do you have a favorite song yet??

it did surprise me! but like, in the BEST way, he’s so….like he said, he’s really open and honest and I’m REELING thinking about it and I’ve only listened to them once (had to go back to work n i’m mad about it) but like…..yeah its incredible. I can’t pick a fave yet, they’re all good. There’s not one I don’t enjoy. It’s one of those albums I’ll have a different fave every day of the week probably. It’s gorgeous, well produced, well PLAYED, technically INCREDIBLE, there’s weird sounds and things in there you’re not expecting, HIS FUCKING VOICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there’s some songs I”m like????? WHOMST is singing this, he sounds like Paul McCartney on some of them, he sings some things like…not PERFECTLY BUT with his EMOTIONS???? and you’re like, CLUTCHING UR ASS, I straight up cried at two ghosts, it made me feel shit i had buried deep within me for like 10 years I wish i was kidding….from the dining table is so sad……….other songs like only angel & woman … it’s like wow’s sexy….KIWI made me SCREAM !!!!!!!! ….idek how to tell you like…….JUST LISTEN TO IT i need 10 drinks and a good smoke, also i’m sorry for this essay I didn’t mean for this to be so long. I’M SORRY.

Ok frankly idk why but I’m having serious Legally Blonde thoughts rn and I just wanted to point out how amazing the song “Take it Like a Man” is. They take the girl makeover trope and change it so that Elle is taking Emmett on a shopping spree, and you get to hear him protest that “clothes dont matter” and “hes not into that kind of thing”. But Elle explains how clothes help make you more confident and bring out the best of you, but they don’t change your personality. And its such a beautiful moment for them and I just really love it. Ok weird-ass rant over. But yea listen to the Legally Blonde soundtrack its a fucking gem.

What kind of music do the amis listen to?
  • Enjolras: wants you to THINK he only listens to clasical music, but he is a liar. his ipod is comprised of entirely taylor swift and katy perry.
  • Courf: unironically listens to and loves ALL party music. he loves ke$ha, pitbull, lady gaga, lmfao, all the songs you would hear at a high school prom
  • Ferre: has a deep appreciation for all kinds of music, but feels a deep and spiritual connection to any weird underground band you can think of. If it sounds like a guy is playing a pickle tub instead of the drums, he probably likes it
  • Jehan: their ipod is just full of meditation music and shit with like. soothing waters in the background. they like any kind of music that is relaxing, calming, and balancing.
  • Grantaire: is really here and there about music; he either likes a band's sound or he doesnt. particularly drawn to early to mid-70s rock.
  • Bossuet: will listen to anything, really, but he likes fun happy songs more than sad songs. feels like music is a celebration rather than a lamentation, so he prefers to dance to it rather than tk cry to it. will listen to whatever joly is listening to.
  • Bahorel: smooth jazz probably. as well as whatever weird shit ferres gotten him into. probably a healthy mix of jehans meditation cds. he is a Huge Weirdo
  • Feuilly: he learns the playlists that play at work by heart, so his music tastes are all over the place. his favorite songs are genie in a bottle and i want it that way
  • Marius: probably likes country music. he just thinks its so fun and summery and he always gets cheered up when he listens to it.
  • Eponine: everyone thinks shed listen to like punk girl bands, and while they arent wrong necessarily, she is also indie music trash. she lives for the arctic monkeys and do i wanna know is her theme song
  • Cosette: really likes female vocalists and ukeleles. her favorite artist is almost definitely ingrid michaelson, but she also loves regina spektor. while this surprises no one, she also has a deep and unfailing love for fall out boy
  • Musichetta: loves 90s alt rock. owns at least 3 cranberries cds. loves green day and nirvana like her own children
  • Gav: listens to intro-to-punk-rock music. rise against, rage against the machine, the killers, 30 seconds to mars. has shockingly good taste for a middle schooler

The Maine - American Candy

American Candy is much brighter and poppier than its predecessor in Forever Halloween. In fact, this album is so sweet it’ll rot your teeth! Sorry, bad pun there, but it really is quite sweet.

Not only is the album catchier and more fun, but feels like a return to the indie pop they have done on albums like Pioneer. However, this direction does not make American Candy any less. The lyrics are just as good, but the color and excitement have been turned up. This is the kind of album that needs to be blasted on 10 because it’s just that good.

The album opener, “Miles Away”, not only sets the beat and pace for most of the album. It’s about being out in the sun and being caught up on the “summer high.” Which, being from such a sunny place as Phoenix, this band is very familiar with. It’s also subtly hints at the wanderlust that most of this generation seems to have, with lines like “will never quench your thirst for today / so what do you say we take a trip miles away?” This whole album is about summer fun, but also holds a lot of serious thoughts about our generation.

“My Hair” is another fun track that describes “driving through town without a care.” This song is for exactly what it says, driving with windows open and letting loose. The track ends with “nobody’s going to tell me how to wear my hair”, which is an interesting comment because it has sparks of lead singers arguing about how they can do whatever they want with their hair. Every piece of this song is about maintaining the youth that they all have before they lose that hair. We’re only young for so long.

The opening lines immediately get stuck in your head and as lead single “English Girls” has the hooks to make you want to scream out every word at the top of your lungs. This track, along with many others, will transition very nicely live. O'Callaghan does what he does best: tells a story that you can picture. The audience is listening and painting a picture in their heads as he describes sitting on a bar stool in London and watching a girl get picked up by a guy. It’s one of the very quotable songs on this album. 

Despite all of the happy, poppy songs, “24 floors” goes back to the darker topics from The Maine. This slow, acoustic song talks about someone on the edge of a 24 floor building, looking down, ready to jump (“24 floors, up in some hotel room feeling so low”). Despite the dark topic, there is optimism towards the end as John O'Callaghan sings about "taking one more breath to clear your mind” and looking forward to the positives of tomorrow. It sounds like John and the rest of the band are truly telling you a story. This song is slightly self-deprecating, but has a touch of optimism for fans looking for help. 

“Another Night On Mars” is a perfect way to end the album. It is about good times and memories you may or may not remember.  The chorus is catchy, with the beat and the relatable lyrics about finding a niche group of friends and feeling comfortable with them and “slightly less alien.” This is one of my personal favorites, because college kids really have those kind of experiences. This song is a strong expression of weird adventures, and could transition very nicely live in theaters or even clubs due to its repetition.

American Candy is a must listen, and comes out before the American Candy Tour with Real Friends, Knuckle Puck and The Technicolors. The album is now available on iTunes. Do you fancy American Candy?

Rating: 9/10

By: Meaghan D'Amico


Last song listened to, lock-screens, and selfie tag. I was tagged by @oh-beyond who suggested an embarrassing picture instead of a selfie! Which was a really funny idea tbh. So, thank you for the tag! I’m not one to really keep embarrassing photos of me, so I used a picture of me from ~2012. Please don’t question the mask, I was young and I had no idea what I was doing in life 😂

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Guess whos been listening to Drop Pop Candy nonstop forever


GUYS I am freaking out. When Harry sang “Carolina” on the TODAY show I got this weird feeling like it was about me. Now I know hats crazy and I basically dismissed it as me being a passionate fan because I’ve never met Harry. But the lyrics really lined up, and I mean like word for word, with my life, so it was still a strange feeling and I love the song.

A few days later… aka NOW as I am listening to the BBC 1 show with Nick Grimshaw and they have Harry on. They play “Carolina” and he talks about how it’s written about a specific person and that they would know. He said they are indeed from Carolina. I AM FROM CAROLINA. Just the way he’s talking about how the person didn’t know he wrote a song, and the way he talks about it, it feels like it adds up even though that’s like not very possible because again, I’ve never met him. But it’s so strange because Nick kept asking “so like she could be listening right now” and harry’s like “uhhh yea” and it felt so
meta like he KNEW I was listening???? uhhhh what???

BUT HERE’s WHERE IT GETS WEIRD! After they play the song, Harry tells the story how the person he wrote it about found out. He said her dad watches the Today show and left her a voicemail like “hey this song is about you” WELL. GUESS WHOSE DAD WAS WATCHING THE TODAY SHOW. AND. LEFT. A. VOICEMAIL???? MINE!!!!! WHAT.

My dad like doesn’t leave voicemails. So it’s just a really weird coincidence. HOW WEIRD is it that like some girl, from Carolina, who never felt like she was a west coaster, who gets into parties without invitation, also had a dad who watched the Today Show and LEFT a VOICEMAIL and that’s how the girl found out about the song???

I probably sound insane for thinking it’s about me, but like, hearing him talk about the song and all the coincidences has me shook.

Ok, universe

The Signs as "Your Horoscope for Today" by Weird Al
  • Aquarius: There's travel in your future when your tongue freezes to the back of a speeding bus. Fill that void in your pathetic life by playing Whack-A-Mole seventeen hours a day.
  • Pisces: Try to avoid any Virgos or Leos with the Ebola virus.
  • You are the true Lord of the Dance, no matter what those idiots at work say.
  • Aries: The look on your face will be priceless when you find that forty pound watermelon in your colon. Trade toothbrushes with an albino dwarf, then give a hickey to Meryl Streep.
  • Taurus: You will never find true happiness - what you gonna do, cry about it? The stars predict tomorrow you'll wake up, do a bunch of stuff, and then go back to sleep.
  • Gemini: Your birthday party will be ruined once again by your explosive flatulence. Your love life will run into trouble when your fiance hurls a javelin through your chest.
  • Cancer: The position of Jupiter says you should spend the rest of the week face down in the mud. Try not to shove a roll of duct tape up your nose while taking your driver's test.
  • Leo: Now is not a good time to photocopy your butt and staple it to your boss's face. Eat a bucket of tuna-flavored pudding, then wash it down with a gallon of strawberry Quik.
  • Virgo: All Virgos are extremely friendly and intelligent - except for you. Expect a big surprise today when you wind up with your head impaled upon a stick.
  • Libra: A big promotion is just around the corner for someone much more talented that you. Laughter is the very best medicine, remember that when your appendix bursts next week.
  • Scorpio: Get ready for an unexpected trip when you fall screaming from an open window. Work a little harder on improving your low self-esteem, you stupid freak.
  • Sagittarius: All your friends are laughing behind your back (kill them). Take down all those naked pictures of Ernest Borgnine you've got hanging in your den.
  • Capricorn: The stars say that you're an exciting and wonderful person, but you know they're lying. If I were you, I'd lock my doors and windows and never never never never never leave my house again.

so i got tagged in this by @commodorecliche (thanks, lindsey :) ) i’m going to tag @i-love-shiro, @abrandnewheart, @educating-antis  , @tobio-froyo and @seeyounextlevel (i definitely don’t talk to enough people here on tumblr… i don’t know who else to tag) everyone can do it obviously. or not if you don’t want to. lol. selfie, lockscreen and the last song you listened to :D

I was tagged by: @allaboutthefandom

Last movie I watched: the space between us
Last song I listened to: kowairo - Aimer
Last book I read: PAX, book 3
Last thing I ate: croissant
Where would you want to time travel to?: to the world of the future… maybe even after its destruction? I don’t know, I’m weird
Fictional character I would hang out for a day: Timothy Cade, from the book series OutCast
If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be?: some place with a lake, or waterfalls. Even better, a forest with a flowing river. We don’t really have those over here.
Current fandom obsession: Natsume Yuujinchou fandom (for the last 4 years and it’s gonna continue)

Aaand with this I tag: @notkreti, @raichana @courdelleart @tsukihigui @sparklingtakashi and anyone else who wants to do it :>


when your out having dinner with him and the group and you start touching his thigh under the table.

oh my Anonie are also Smutlings?

I have so much smut I don’t know what to do with it.

well anyways here it is


N: your hand is traveling up and down his thigh and he’s just like.

outside: *gulp*

inside: well he cant let it show..soooo

Leo: he’s trying to tell a story and your VERY bored so you just slide you hand I bit to close to his crotch. so now he’s like.

outside:  he stops talking after shuddering and just glances at you indicating that you should stop

External image

inside: “ why why why  is she doing this to me, and then  all the members are here I need her to stop.

External image

Ravi: As you try to reach for the napkins your hand grips his thigh  and you kept it there and moved it upwards… slowly.

outside: i hope the other members aren’t paying attention.

inside: ’ ooohhh so she wants to play fine I can play. (starts rubbing your thigh too but more eagerly)

 Ken: he’s just enjoying his food and trying to ignore the awkward situation, when you ,out of nowhere,  start squeezing and rubbing his thigh and getting close to his…friend>

Outside: really babe? here?

External image

Inside: oh I can soo tell that she horning…totally getting some tonight

External image

 Hongbin: so you bored, right? and you man is right next to you, right? so why not play with him just to see his reaction? * slides hand right over crotch and just gropes it*

outside: what the fuck are you doing? sorry boys I think we have to leave? *gives you a lustful look and drags you off*


inside: oh I don’t think she deserves mercy for her little act

External image

Hyuk: (whaaa his too young for this) you drop you fork that had food on it, on his lap and got a napkin to clean it up. you where dapping all around his crotch area.

outside: umm…uhhh…yo-you…. don’t need to do that. *completely freezes up*

External image

inside:  it’s pretty much the same


okay so when im doing these I find it really easy if I listen to my song that make me feel sexy, u know

yeah I know its weird but I helps me a lot so now I have my method AWSOME!!!!

okay request are always open but not scenarios I will notify you when you can request senaorieos okay?

okay BAI FOR NOW!!! 

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Really weird thought but I was listening to "don't cry for me argentina" and the lyrics kinda reminded me of fushimi? Like his feelings towards yata and maybe just in general? Idk man it's a good song

I admit when I got this I was like ‘yeah, no’ but then I actually looked at the lyrics and…I can kinda see your point, anon XD If you divorce the song from the musical it came from and its role in that production and just look at the lyrics I think it could work, particularly in like a ‘Fushimi confessing plainly to Yata’ sort of way. (Also if we’re talking songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals, On My Own from Les Miserables is totally a Fushimi song just sayin’.)

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G and O for the fandom meme^^

G: What was your first fandom?
Okay so, don’t laugh, but my first fandom was The Beatles. I know, it probably sounds weird, I was like, 14, this was like 15 years ago, what can I say? It was a pretty popular fandom back in its heyday too! There wasn’t really a lot of slash fic though, and I was an unknowledgeable teen, it was mostly ridiculous OFC’s in fics. I wrote a lot of ‘introspective’ stories about them myself. Oh man I feel old!

O: Choose a song at random, what ship does it remind you of?
John Mayer - Belief; this one reminds me of promnis, because I listened to this one a lot while writing fic for them!

Thanks so much for asking me! I always enjoy things like this!

(from this meme!)

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Don't ever spare me pls lolol I would be happily read any length analysis abt these 2 ntm fob is my absolute fave too so like? Win win

OKAY WELL LISTEN the whole song is actually giving me marvey vibes now in such a like….abstract kinda way? idk its weird and all blue in my head but anyway it fits even if you dont ship them romantically bc of how often mike is compared to harvey, so like the song is basically from the pov of someone alluding to their past self/mistakes and that would really work for marvey bc mike is soooo much like harvey was when he was just starting out and i just love the “lived so much life / i think that god is gonna have to kill me twice” line bc it makes me think abt how mike and harvey are both SO alike but theyve both had such different experiences and both KNOW so much and are so DIFFERENT but theyre also two halves of the same whole and the line just makes me think that to get rid of one of them you have to get rid of the other bc theres so much of them in each other, hence the ‘gonna have to kill me twice’ line dfkalafjla this is such a mess but YEAH thanks for listening 

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maybe u want to talk about when you first heard radiohead too? :)

So I heard Creep growing up of course but never knew anything else besides that.

Then in high school, my ex stole an In Rainbows CD out of a magazine at Target. It only had a few of the In Rainbows songs on it. 15 Steps, Weird Fishes, a couple others. At first, I was like “yeah not bad” but then I couldn’t stop listening and got obsessed with the cd.

Then I was listening to @thomandtofu
iPod and Everything in its Right Place and Talk Show Host were the two songs she had on there and that’s when I really fell in love with the band. I’d have EIIRP playing on YouTube at home on repeat.

Then I became really good friends with this musician who put 105 songs of their discography onto my iPod and I isolated myself and learned it all in two weeks.