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ain’t no mountain high enough

Summary: Stark continues looking at Peter. Peter considers the fact that the world is probably going to end within the next few days, and they, collectively, are supposed to be stopping it.

“Uh,” says Peter, waving his fingers a little bit. “It makes you feel really cool. You should try it.”

“We’re not painting our nails to match,” deadpans Stark.

“Well, sure,” says Peter. “But don’t come crawling back to me when you can’t defeat Thanos ‘cause you didn’t wanna harness the power of friendship.”

so this fic came into being for two reasons and two reasons alone. (1) this pure and healing artwork, which is absolutely precious and (2) that one post that’s like – Gamora: “You All Are Not” // Peter: “Y’AIN’T”. i wrote 10k words of fic about nail polish and the power of friendship in space. what a time to be alive. it’s set roughly … a year-ish? after the second movie? and beyond that, etc. peter and gamora have embraced their existence as “married in space”, is what im saying. title’s from the song with the same name OBVIOUSLY, i sincerely hope i’ve done these characters justice bc ive never written for them before, spoilers for vol.2 obviously, and, finally, important to note: I know absolutely nothing about the comics outside of what my little brother has told me in detail, so the line about Everyone Literally Dying is supposed to be a vague plot point reference to the original infinity war comics, wherein according to my brother, everyone literally straight up dies but then the universe is reset and they get up and are totes fine, no big thang. or something. hell if i know. just … ignore it if it’s confusing u, bc it’s confusing me too, i just needed some semblance of plot. enjoy!“You guys … painted your nails to match.”

There’s about three things Peter’s come to know about Tony Stark in the brief period they’ve been acquainted.

One: he appreciates some bangin’ tunes, which Peter has maintained since he was a skinny kid trying to make friends amongst human-eating space pirates is an immediate and automatic reason to respect a man;

Two: he’s kind of secretly scared shitless of Nebula. Peter understands this. Everyone’s kind of secretly scared shitless of Neblua, except for maybe Gamora, of whom many people are also scared shitless (hell yeah, thinks Peter; his wife is so much cooler than him);

Three: the guy’s an asshole, but that’s mostly just how he deals with stuff, which means that he’s an asshole-but-not-really-an-asshole, or at least, the sort of asshole who can be tolerated and even liked. Peter, personally, can relate to this more than most.

But, seriously? He’s hating on the team colours?

“Uh, yeah,” says Peter. “You guys don’t have that?”

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HELLO hello first of all your art is one of my favorite thing in the world you have no idea how happy it makes me !!! also i was wondering if comics were hard to draw ? like.. do you use references for every panel or just go with the flow and see what happens ? im really curious :D i hope im not bothering, have a great day!!!! 💓💗💖💕

hello!! thank you a lot for the praise, I’m so glad I can make you happier with my art!! <3
I haven’t been making comics for very long to be honest, and I’m still learning a lot. obviously my main influences are manga, but I think no matter your style the key is to…read a lot of comics and pay attention to how they are constructed?
for the little comics I’ve been posting here, I honestly don’t put much thought about it other than those small rules: make it vertical so it’s easily readable on tumblr’s dashboard (as in, I don’t draw two panels next to the other) ; and make it as short as possible to avoid clogging said dashboard (haha…)
my advice would be to start drawing a draft/story board of your entire comic before making a finished version. I didn’t save any drafts of the tododekus I’ve done but I guess it should look like something like this

A.K.A the “I don’t care about drawing itself, I’m focusing on composition, panels placement, gag-delivery, etc”

my example isn’t very good but if you guys are interested in this I can post actual drafts next time

hope this helps a little bit..! I’m wary about giving advices because I still have a loooooot to learn myself…

μ's bakery au ideas (1/?)

(official twit thread here) (various ideas will be thrown in the thread first before i pile them up in a post like this)

  • their bakery is combined with a cafe
  • it is sponsered by maki (damn maki u rich)
  • very popular (bc of the *coughs* cute girls *coughs* n also bc their stuff r very good)
  • Rin n Hanayo mostly make pastries like cupcakes, macaroons etc etc
  • Maki is a special case tho (bc she sucks), she mostly makes sandwiches bc she can add all the tomatoes she wants
  • Honks specialize in bread (well of course right) (its honks)
  • Umi is generally ok with everything, but she sticks with making pastries n bread
  • Kotori specialize in making cheesecakes! her cheesecakes r the best, there’s only like 3-5 per day n it always get sold out
  • Eli, Nozomi n Nico make cakes
  • Eli… mostly makes chocolate cakes.
  • she is good at other cakes too but she. just. makes. chocolate. cakes.
  • Nozomi can make a variety of cakes, but she never uses caramel
  • also nozo is good at making donuts! but still no caramel tho
  • Nico is the best at mostly everthing, so she’s the head baker but no one calls her that smh

(more ideas under the cut)

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What's the best art advice you received?

Ayo okay! Ngl, there’s a lot of tips I’ve learned about art from artist of family (mainly my mother) and friends. But the best advice I have learned was from @lunaria-sucrette about finding my art style.

So recently I was really (and I mean really) desperate since I don’t think I have an art style?? I really just think I draw and there’s nothing special about it. And what I was told was rather than always looking for a new style - improve upon the one I already have.

With that, I drew a doodle and pointed out everything I do in every drawing I make-

I know it seems like a little fact, to improve on one style I’m comfortable with…which is really underlashes, circular iris outlines, blush, and same-colored hair strands. But it actually helped me a lot not to feel like I had to give up art since I don’t look as interesting as other artists. But, I will admit, I like to draw little underlashes as a signature of my art style.

Hell I was just doodling random stuff and I even noticed that I just do it on impulse-

Even for the guys, too! But yeah, that’s a really big lesson in a small quote Lunaria told me and I’m more than grateful she had-

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Anybody in adoption au telling momma May that they're not straight

“anybody” B) 

from the Let Us Love series 

~1500 words 

read on AO3 

Eleven-year-old Jemma paces back and forth in the living room, her breathing measured, her hands wringing. She thought about just telling May first, or telling Fitz, but she wants this out in the open. It’s easiest to just rip it off like a bandaid.

“Is it something bad?” Skye asks nervously, sat between May and Fitz on the couch. Antoine is sitting in the recliner, rocking it back and forth.

“No,” Jemma quickly says, then stops, winces, and keeps pacing. “I mean, I- I don’t think so.”

“Whatever it is,” May says, “we’ll deal with it as a family.”

“I don’t know if it’s something to be ‘dealt with’ per se.”


“It’s just- I’m just a little nervous, that’s all.”

“Spit it out, Jem,” Skye whines, sliding down into a slump. “Fairly OddParents is about to come on.”

Fitz smacks her lightly. “Sh-She can take her time.”

Jemma shoots him a grateful smile, and then stops pacing, facing them all. “Okay. Okay, well, see—” She lets out a small huff, gives a decisive nod, and then continues, “There’s this girl I like.”

She’s met with blank stares, and she shakes her head and starts again.

“I mean- Really like.” She motions with her hands. “Like like.”

“Oh,” May says.

Jemma continues before anyone can say any more, “And it hasn’t just been a one-time thing. It’s happened before, this isn’t just an isolated incident or anything. I put the evidence together and I came to the conclusion that I like girls.”

“So—” May starts.

“So you’re gay?” Antoine asks.

“No,” Jemma says. “I like boys, too. I’m- um—” She puffs herself up a bit, ready to take whatever might come. “I’m bi.”

“What’s that mean?” Fitz asks, his brows scrunching together.

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“remember the night we first hung out?”
“mhm, yes i do.”
“i remember we slow-danced. my little ploy at getting closer to you after you wanted to hear me sing. i sang and hummed to you as we rocked back and forth, and i just remember, pulling my head back to look at you, seeing your beautiful damn eyes, with the moons reflection dazzling in them; i wanted to kiss you so bad right then and there. it was so tempting, but i had to think of something else so i can keep seeing you.”
Luna smiles, looking into his eyes.
“and here we are… you’re here. with me. never in my wildest dreams would i thought to have a lady like you in my life. tonight, with you in my arms, slow-dancing again like our first time, made me realize how lucky i am. lucky to finally be able to kiss you and hold you like there’s no tomorrow.”
Milo pulls in closer.
“you made me realize not only how lucky i am, but that there is real, pure love out there in the world. because that is what you have shown me in the past couple months we’ve been together. and it’s been the best damn months in my life. i love you, Luna. thank you for all you are and what you’ve given to me. thank you for making me believe in love again.”


Small Tales from the Borderlands/Doctor Who crossover! :D

Basically… Yeah, I got inspired by Wikipedia xD

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look. u can say i’m being unrealistic or too hopeful or tell me i’m just in denial of the truth when i say macdennis is and could be an explicit thing, but. the facts are these: on the two occasions that mac has come out and accepted himself as a gay man, this has been immediately followed by acknowledgement and acceptance of his feelings for dennis specifically.

mac went from being in the closet to embracing gay stereotypes and fantasising about living with dennis in a matter of hours. mac came out again, and literally one episode later he was having “erotic nightmares” where dennis seduced him, and in the episode after THAT, mac got dennis a present for valentine’s day.

it’s not a coincidence that after accepting his sexuality, mac is more open about his love and attraction for dennis. it’s not a one off thing where dennis is there and happens to be the object of mac’s affections. mac’s love for dennis is consistently highlighted, and as much as i might be another hopeful queer who just wants mac and dennis to be together, that doesn’t change the facts about mac’s character, or the way his feelings for dennis in a romantic and even sexual capacity are made known to us.

i always have deh playing in my car on the way to camp but we never get to act 2….we, as in me, a 9 year old boy, 2 sisters in 6th and 8th grade, and a hs senior; and somehow this morning ‘so big so small’ came on for the first time w them in the car and literally everyone went silent? the talking just stopped?? and everyone was listening and it was the quietest the car has ever been and it felt otherworldly bc you could tell it wasn’t just staring out the window, daydreaming silence – it was attentive listening, bated-breath silence. and i looked in the mirror and caught the 6th grade girl with tears in her eyes . they have no idea what the show is about but it totally captivated them and it was such a Moment

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Are you feeling better, sweetie?

Yes, I am feeling a lot better, thank you for the message. A good night’s sleep helped a lot!


he was cold




ok but momma-ran wrote an amazzziiinggg fic called “All I see are stars” (go read it!) and their Bill loves his deer plushy so much its sO CUTE 


 the love for the deer plush reminded me of my bill a lot so i drew some messy doodles of him in some scenes


its 3 am

all they do is sit around and talk about boys 

(whoo spring break! going through my art folder finishing doodles…slowly)

five years later series: edilio escobar

everyone in edilio escobar’s family was extremely accepting and supportive of his lifestyle changes after the fayz. he stayed out longer, sometimes for nights at a time, or he locked himself in his room without so much as a request. rodger was present for many of these phases that he went through, simply keeping company or painting while the other sat still. through that first year came visitors upon visitors all wondering where the famous edilio was. his family turned them away at the door. even despite this, he ended up winning the time’s person of the year simply from the words of fayzians. he went back to school and even with missing a year, he graduated on time with others of his age. he knew he wasn’t artistic like rodger. instead, he began to write. poetry, mostly, that holds a certain graceful, yet terrifying aspect that many others would never achieve. even after so many years, even the sight of guns causes him to grow faint.

my pronouns?

don’t like em

everybody knows that some people that ship any maknae line ship are kinda annoying, overanalyzing shit all the time yeayea but imma just point out here that if it was any other ship than jikook, NO ONE would be making a mess around here. people actually come here to tell us to stop shipping. tf. then fucking drop your rps too babe, i won’t come for you. bla bla bla “let’s not assume things, not everything is romantic” YES MATE I GOT THAT PART. jesus. we don’t really know them, woohoo. i would go travelling with a friend too. but so would i with a love interest. you don’t need to heteronormatize everything. funny fact that no one other than km shippers go to other ships tags complaining about the shit some tk shippers said about jk going to japan with jm. that’s some pretty messed up stuff, you know ???? shouldn’t everybody get called out??? the thing is, i know people around jikook tag say some pretty “???” stuff and yes, they’ve been living together for years ffs of course they’ll be hanging around each other sometimes. the thing is, they’re doing it a lot lately and we think it’s cute. they went to japan together alone and we think it’s fucking cute. let us live.