it's really simple but i kind of like it idk

I think all of us, at some point early on in our lives, knew that we wanted to create music. We are still really young and sometimes we do feel like we have to prove were as great as all the rest of the bands -old and young. But we just do what we love and people seem to be really excited about it.

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for practice do you think one day you would let people suggest things? like try to make the bear do this and that. im thinking of simple things like yawning or blowing a kiss, idk could be fun but its up to you of course! oh and you have already improved a lot, keep it up ❤️

thank you so much for the kind words!  this sounds like a lot of fun actually, i think i would very much be open to it eventually, though probably not just yet. 

lately i’ve been really focused on figuring out  a consistent style that i like and really understanding how my characters designs fits together.  it’s sorta boring because it’s a lot of drawing the same thing over and over again, tweaking details in order to figure out how they effect a design. i’m actually pretty happy with what i’ve learned so far working on my bear, and my hope is i can apply the lessons i’ve learned there to other character designs.

that said, i really don’t want my drawings to become too mechanical, so eventually i’m going to have to push myself out of my comfort zone and draw new and more challenging poses and characters. when i’m to that point, there is a good chance i’ll make a post here to ask people for suggestions.

thanks so much for the ask!  

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Hey, I'm an INFP but I don't really relate to any of the characters that fall under the INFP type and I'm finding that difficult because all the characters I really relate to aren't INFPs and Idk any words of advice maybe??? It's just kind of disheartening I guess, I do like some of the characters, I'm just don't really relate to them.

One of two options are possible:

1. You aren’t INFP. Simple. Uncomplicated answer.


2. The thing with INFPs is that what makes them unique out of all the personalities is that honestly you can’t lump them in a group and think they will be the same. INFPs are all very different from one another. They are all seekers and self discoverers, but each has a different self. INFPs are probably the most diverse group. 

I mean look at these characters. Do you think April Ludgate would take Belle French’s co-dependence and whining? You think Anastasia could take Cinderella’s lack of agency in her life? INFPs are least likely to identify with another of their type at the end of the day.