it's really simple but i kind of like it idk

Will i complain about camila collaborating with pitbull and jbalvin? YES.

Will i ever stop complaining about it? NO.

I just hate how camila collabs with those kind of guys. First Machine GK, now those others. Like….. idk, she can do so much better. I get that she has to build up a career, i get that they are really famous (not MGK tho lol), and those collabs will BLOW her career up, but im not happy about it whatsoever.

Ok so you might want to know the reason i dont like her collaborating with them, well its simple, they’re misogynists and they sexualize women in most of their music. And i just dont understand why camila likes them, cuz i know she does.

And im so upset bc I’ll have to listen to them and I’ll probably give them my money, all bc i wanna support camila and i wanna hear her music too. So theres that.