it's really really nice quality!

Poirot and Miss Marple anime

Good quality versions of all 39 episodes of Agatha Christie’s Great Detectives Poirot and Marple (2004-2005) anime series have appeared on Youtube, complete with English subtitles!

Happy watching!

His name is Squishy he’s a squirrel blob and I had to do each pose independently so!! here you go!!

Les Cactus [Jacques Dutronc Cover]
The Last Shadow Puppets
Les Cactus [Jacques Dutronc Cover]

Les Cactus | Rock en Seine

appreciation post for Daehyun in that mint/yellow shirt on that one weekly idol

aka the one where his skin just kind of POPPED and it was 👌


That’s a whole lot of people and I thank every single one of you who are part of our adventures or just everyday life.  ❤️

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You hit that last anon with the facts sis!! People really out here acting like some pots and pans are equivalent to or worse than racism transphobia sexism etc...

Right?! Like I can admit Josh is annoying, but he’s definitely not a bully. Let’s not forget that Cody wants to ruin Josh’s life and say that Josh exposed himself to girls in the house. Mark, on the other hand, I could see where calling him a bully would be justified. With Josh there’s only so much you can take before you snap.

But yeah, people are acting like they need to root for someone just because they’re against Paul, but it’s like you don’t need to root for anyone. We can sit here and say they’re all trash, but Jody and Pail take the cake. 

so i was tagged by @fluffyllamas22@kotyonoksnz, @feverhalo and i cried bc they’re all super cool people??

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1. i can play stuff by ear on the piano. my violinist friend comes over we just jam sometimes (: no sheets or pre-planning, we pick a song name and a key and then start playing on the spot and it’s probably like, the closest thing to magic i’ve ever known

2. uhh i’m. not afraid of public speaking

3. last year i liked my writing consistently. maybe i can get to a point where i can like it again.

4. i taught myself to play the ukulele without searching it up

5. my teeth are nice and naturally straight and i’ve never needed braces

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State of Jump

I just kinda realized Shonen Jump has some really good array of titles right now in it

You’ve of Course got my personal favorite  My Hero Academia with probably my favorite cast in a Shonen since Naruto, and who’s plot especially in the current arc is making me love so many of the supporting characters and having me so excited to see how the current arc with Overhaul is gonna play.

On the other end you’ve got the newcomer Dr Stone which I picked up a few week back and have really been loving the world its building and how much the protagonist thinks and I’m curious to see where it goes with the characters quest to create a scientific kingdom 

You’ve also got Food Wars which is in the middle of one of its most intense arcs  with the group Shokugeki and with all the stakes that are on the table here it really makes me wonder what the stories going to play out as going forward after this, also I feel like this has some of the most attractive character designs I’ve seen in jump ( I wouldn’t  say best because thats ultimately objective to taste and its not my favorite style but for sheer quality its amazing for a weekly series)

On the other side you’ve got The Promised Neverland who’s world just keeps getting more fascinating and Characters like Emma are so compelling to watch I always wanna see how she gets through her next challenge 

Once again on the other end of things you’ve got fun Rom-Com in We Never Learn which has a premise I though I’d grow tired of but all the characters are likable and actually makes the main guy have a goal and not be generic love interest and all the girls seem like strong candidates but who also have goals outside of the relationship that they actively work for which I like.

Overall between those and the Occasional One Punch Man and Seraph of the End and Boruto’s monthly The magazine really is worth the money I pay every year for it and I really hope the quality continues at this level cause its been really nice to read lately.

One Sweet Day (dedicated to Prince)
Mariah Carey
One Sweet Day (dedicated to Prince)

“(…) we’ve lost one of the greatest, most incredible geniuses that we’ve ever had in music, pop music and, all different, you know, he was just one of a kind and just so amazing (…) [I decided] rather than just make everything bleak, to turn it into a moment and just to take him and honour him because he was a friend to me too and he talked me through some times I really really needed somebody, and, he was an incredible person if you never get to meet him. I’m sure his music has touched every single person in here (…)”

Mariah Carey - One Sweet Day (Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour Live in Paris, 21avr2016, feat. Trey Lorenz and Daniel Moore)

(you can watch the whole paris concert here)

Everlasting life? I imagine it would be kind of lonely. Well, maybe if you had someone to share it with. Someone you loved. Then it might be different.

Barduil Stardust!AU, based on this post from starlightelvenking

→ Bard as Tristan Thorn
→Thranduil as Yvaine
→ The Arkenstone as The Ruby of Stormhold
Not Pictured:
→ Thorin as Septimus Stormhold
→ Gandalf as Captain Shakespeare
→ Smaug as Lamia the Witch


Because your smile has brightened my life, and the ones of many others.
Because without you I wouldn’t be where I am, right now.
Because without loving you, I wouldn’t have met some of the people who mean the most to me.
Because if you hadn’t been here, I wouldn’t have been who I am right now.
No matter how silly it sounds, I owe you an awful lot. More than you probably could imagine… Every single year, it’s the same thing. I say the same thing. I look at the stars and wonder if you’re there, somewhere. Knowing how much you brought us. Somehow I hope you know, I hope our words and thoughts can reach you.
Because I love you. Because we love you.


zodiac meme:

hitokay asked: haikyuu!! + capricorn

self-centered, dominant, practical, shy, determined