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northern downpour // panic! at the disco

Some doodles that i did while i was trying to get out of the art-block!

It just started with a little doodle bc i wanted to know how bendy would look in my style and well,,, i got carried a little haha.

all of these broadway actors are chopping off their hair and moving on meanwhile robin de jesus is still kickin it in backwards snapbacks bless up

Welp. We went to see Wonder Woman. I cried during the sad parts and some of the other parts. They were the same kind of tears I had on and off through Ghostbusters. Movies with strong women who are fully realized people who are allowed to be sexual but are not sexualized and can also kick ass just make me cry randomly. Though TBH I also cry in LotR when anyone picks up their sword and runs into battle screaming the name of their home. I didn’t even realize how ravenous I was for a female version of that.

sometimes i think about changing my jason design….


quickly finished a old-ass wip hope you guys like~~

The weirdest lore-related Mass Effect peeve of mine:

And also, in my opinion, a huge missed opportunity:

If a species has a lifespan of 150 years, as both humans and turians are said in their own lore to have by the time the events of ME roll around, fifty or sixty IS NOT OLD. IT IS NOT RETIREMENT AGE. It’s the mathematical equivalent of being in your thirties. Even your late twenties! Yes, you’re probably mentally older and wiser having lived all those years already, but lifespan-wise? You’ve still got two-thirds of your life left. 

It’s so much more interesting to consider how a career, a family, etc are affected by a drastically longer lifespan. They touch on it sometimes with the very, very, very long-lived asari and krogan–and the short-lived salarians–but not with humans and turians. I mean, Hackett is 52 in 2186. FIFTY-TWO. Solid two-thirds left. Even with the harshness of military service, etc, is he really going to be “old”? No. (Not to mention Anderson, who is even younger.)

Consider: isn’t it kind of messed up that turians start their mandatory service only 10% into their lives? That’s like sending an 8-year-old off to bootcamp. And it’s not like humans are doing that much better, if adulthood still starts at 18. Also: where do the extra years come from? Presumably we’re not wizened and feeble the last third–or more–of our lives, so how have humans adapted? Is everything elongated? Longer adolescence (not the way they’ve written it!), longer middle-age? Longer period of fertility? More time for, say, women to be well-settled and established in their careers before they even have to think about children?

These are the things that keep me up at night, I swear to God.

watching “anne with an e” on netflix and gilbert shows up for the first time and you’re like

i think about this post every day so i drew a fanart 

grantaire in the style of baz lurhmann’s romeo + juliet

because a modernization of les mis with original dialogue (+ the amis running around in hawaiian shirts) is literally everything i want in the world 

And to anyone for whom this is hitting close to home, I love you and I’m thinking of you.

Does anyone else remember when they first got in to the Beatles, and you thought they all looked the same and that you’d never be able to tell them apart? Now we see a picture of a leg hair and it’s like: yep, definitely John, probably taken around August of 1965 on a Tuesday at approximately 8:15 am.


Klaroline AU Week ⚛ Day 4: Fusions and Crossovers

(The Vampire Diaries & Teen Wolf crossover) Both Stiles and Lydia trying to get their besties to admit their true feeling. What better way to do it than in a car in the middle of nowhere?