it's really not that hard to accept people

my advice to the signs
  • aries: chill out buddy, it's not that important.
  • taurus: don't work yourself to death its ok to slack off once
  • gemini: not everyone will always forgive you for everything!
  • cancer: just talk to people about how you feel, don't let them guess
  • leo: it's not all your fault, don't be so hard on yourself
  • virgo: take a little distance and realize you can't control everything
  • libra: people like you just fine. no need to keep trying to prove yourself
  • scorpio: don't step on other people on the way there. be considerate
  • sagittarius: a little stability is nice if you try it, really!
  • capricorn: you're doing great. it's okay to relax and let loose for a bit.
  • aquarius: try to accept that other people won't always agree with you.
  • pisces: don't lose track of yourself trying to please others.

FNAF community, i know how much you all like putting authors behind, and that you really prefer art because it’s easier to look at, but please, stop and take a moment to hear me out

authors work as hard as, if not harder than artists. authors like me get discouraged when our work doesn’t get noticed, but if we draw something (even if its the shittiest thing ever), it gets a blazed amount of notes

i really wish FNAF reblog blogs would start reblogging stories and fanfics too, and not just limit themselves to art/theories

being an author is difficult, we can’t just “follow tutorials” and we’ll have something we need done. we have to rely on a dictionary, and if we have writer’s block or not. people react more to art than writing, because people see art as “omg you worked so hard on this! ASUIGOISHSS” and writing as “oh thank u for the kind words it means a lot <3″

other fandoms are accepting of authors, but all I’ve seen from the FNAF fandom is if you wanna get over 1,000 followers and over 1,000 notes on one of your posts, art art art.

MAMA 2016

I am so disappointed like lots of other people. RV is nominated 5 category and yet they wont be performing on MAMA and I dont know there is gonna be a red carpet moment becasue they didnt have last year.

whats wrong with these people, why are they against RV? SM management is suck but is MAMA too? double standard. NTC is performing. are you serious? with that song? I am not against anyone but when they treat my RV like they didnt exist, its really pissing me off. they are hard-working girls, especially MY Wendy. No reality show, I can accept that because I dont like idols reality show. they are scripted and they dont show idols real perfornality, some of them can be humiliated for idols. scar for life, you know

I wanna say lots of things about unfair treatment to RedVelvet but  cant because of my limited eng. I hope you understant what I am saying.

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I feel terrible bc im anti cgl as hell but i go on gross misogyny kink blogs to self harm and im scared ill one day be abused by a dom or something bc im vulnerable and i feel like i deserve the abuse. All the men i know hate me and abuse me and i feel like its all i deserve :(

This is a really common thing that people have told me and I used to do similar things as a form of self harm. If you want, you can message me off anon and we can have a conversation about coping methods and working on self acceptance because I know how hard it is to break out of that mindset <3 be safe. i love you

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Hi sorry I've been following your blog forever and I use your blog for updates and you're the sweetest sunshine just like our Seokminnie and really hardworking and I rarely find an fy update page with an admin who also interacts with its followers so actively and kindly idk I just adore you so much please accept my love and thank you so much for working this hard for us and you're a blessing to everyone in the fandom >< throws you love hearts and bless !!

You know I kinda have a confession.. I’ve been in a lot of fandoms from MBLAQ to EXO and VIXX and others and I think it’s kinda small dream for most fans to be like ‘known’ within the fandom if that makes sense? Like some people are the gif makers and some are the fan artists and some are the big translators that everyone relies on and they’re just known and I’ve always had this obsession? Like I would cry because 'I wasn’t relevant’ and I’m in NO WAY saying I think I’m popular or known by even 30% of Carats but it just makes me happy knowing that all the work put into this blog was never with the mindset of 'lol if I do this and this and this I’ll finally be important’ it was always just out of the love I had for Seventeen and for Carats and to know that I’ve even the tiniest bit am important to more than like 7 people it warms my heart so much you guys can’t even believe. I feel like I’m accepting like an academy award right now or something I’m being so dramatic but I don’t care thank you so much💕

-Admin Bi☀

i understand that critrole’s length can be super intimidating because there’s just so MUCH of it and it can be easy to want to get caught up as quickly as possible but like

i can’t help but shake my head real hard when people say you should be able to jump into the show at any point past 24 because that’s… very wrong. 24 is when the story arcs become much heavier and intertwined, plus its when character and relationship development really starts going. if you start after the whitestone arc, you miss what’s generally accepted as the best arc in the entire show.

“but the campaign has been going for two years before, so no matter what you’re jumping into the middle of it!“ except, you know, the underdark arc mostly serves as an intro for the audience and shows them the characters and their relationships. the underdark arc has had little impact on the broader story and is literally matt’s way of giving the audience an easy in.

tldr; episode 24 is the latest you should be skipping to, episode 14 is the end of the underdark arc and cuts down a lot of hours+you don’t miss much that’s story-relevant for more than a couple episodes, and episode 1 is always the best place to start

to me it seems that if a straight person tells me that it’s “okay to be gay”, they’re actually telling that to themselves out loud in my presence because they have a hard time accepting that it is indeed okay

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I'm so happy theres a place where I ccan finally get this out but I have an AU TJ Lane and an AU Jeffrey Dahmer and its just terrible cause TJ dated Dylann Roof and Jeffrey dated Ted Bundy and it's like now I have 3 true crime people that I have to hide from everyone except my Dylann and its really hard to do that and its really hard to find a place who will accept True Crime factives and its so effing infuriating at this point like why am I like this(I wish this was a joke tbh)

Hello, friend! I understand how you must feel, but hear me when I say this– you cannot control who you are kin with/in a system with/etc etc;. You should not be ashamed. It is part of who you are, and it makes you the beautiful person that you are. If you feel as though you need to hide it for your personal safety– that’s fine. You do what you have to do to stay safe. If you ever need to talk, our ask box is here as well as our PM.

That goes for everyone else, too!


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I'm gay and I was wondering if you had any tips for coming out. I know that my mother will be supportive, but its my dad I'm worried about I would put it off but I really want to introduce my boyfriend to my family. Hopefully you can help me thanks,

People can surprise you, my dad is the most outwardly homophobic person I know and when I came out to him he was very accepting and understanding, he told me that it doesn’t change a thing and that he still loved me. That’s just my personal experience though, your dad might not be as understanding, coming out is really hard and it can be scary, you’ll know when you’re ready to come out and please be safe about it, you might want to wait on telling them about your boyfriend for a little while because it is a process not just for you but for your family as well. I really hope this helps the people who need this and just know anyone can message whenever they want I will always listen.

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✓ & ✕

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                                                ✓ - How do they react to praise?

Hmm, so I’ve thought a bit about this before, but I don’t think Prompto takes badly to praise, but I also think he’s bad at accepting it. He gets a bit nervous when people praise/compliment him and he gets a bit hung up on what to say back. He likes praise!! It’s a form of reassurance to him, a form of reminding him that maybe he’s not all that bad, but there are days he has where he has a much harder time ‘accepting’ it I think. Everyone has good days and bad days and Prompto’s no less of a human being, but part of his anxiety really ?? deters those things and he can become paranoid that someone’s just telling him these things because they feel obligated to, and he doesn’t want to be an obligation. On a bad day he’ll stutter a bit and do his best to fake acceptance of what someone says but it’s pretty obvious that he’s really nervous about it. On a good day he might feign confidence, depending on who he’s receiving the praise from in the first place (i.e. someone he’s close to). He’s much better at accepting praise from someone he knows, someone he’s semi comfortable with (but whether he truly believes them or not is up to how his emotions are treating him by the day). Though with that closeness also comes trust, and what I mean by that is that sometimes he’ll trust them enough to question them. (i.e. noctis, ignis, gladio) on whether they really think that or not. Again, he doesn’t want them to say it because they felt like they had to (which generally is his first thought). He’ll ask things like “really?” or “y’think so?” which is intended not to worry another, but also seek the appropriate reassurance he requires in order to truly buy into what he’s being told. So I guess it’s sort of on a spectrum from laughing and awkwardly pushing it to the side, to confiding in someone and seeking what he needs in order feel truly acknowledged. 

                                                ✕ - How do they handle rejection?

NOT WELL… If Prompto has worked up the nerve to ask something of someone, even to sometimes the simplest of questions, it means he’s spent awhile debating whether or not to voice his ‘concerns.’ He has a pretty big fear of being left behind, turned aside, left alone, and alongside these, rejected. It takes A LOT of his will to really go seek out things/people that he could possibly be rejected from ? It takes building of mental fortitude and time spent debating on all possible outcomes and whether it’s really worth the risk. I don’t think, as much as he may seem like the type, that Prompto’s a real big risk taker. I feel as though his character is very cautious, always looking after others and himself, feeling fear often, whether that fear be close to his heart or more on the surface level of things. 

Ultimately he’d take rejection pretty hard. Saying that, though, doesn’t imply that he’d act that way. I feel Prompto would give a simple attempt to brush it off, pretend it never mattered in the first place as he silently curses himself for mentioning it, and even the providing himself the thought that it would be okay to do/say/ask/etc. Many times, it would feel like a punch to the gut, but he’d carry on as if he didn’t care as he wouldn’t want to worry anyone else with his personal feelings, or be deemed dramatic while he’s expressing honest and sincere thoughts and/or feelings. 

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1)I saw the ask about the pretty stims and I've just been thinking about it and I don't know if this is off topic because its not really related to stim boards and stim blogs but something I really hate, that I've seen quite a bit, is how certain stims are pretty much acceptable behaviour when NT's do it, like leg jiggling or drumming your fingers, but if a neurodiverse person does it suddenly it's bad and all no you need to stop that and act ""normal"" and I mean obviously those things are

  • 2)still considered unacceptable behaviour period in a lot of places and by a lot of people but yeah. Like, sometimes its so hard to wrap my mind around the fact that harmless stimming is seen as a Bad Thing that needs to be stopped or contained or controlled at all costs. Like fuck, just let me chew on some things. I hope this made sense. To end on a good note, my favorite thing to chew when I was a kid was those squishy rubbery polly pocket clothes. also I chewed off a couple barbie feet. oops?

As a kid I was all about those pencil grips, and as an adult I am all about this food grade silicone tube that you can boil clean because it’s safe up to double the boiling point. I like the sort of sticky feeling from the two sides meeting when you bite down.

As for the rest…

Well, the reason people think even small stims that would be acceptable by NTs are unacceptable by neurodivergent people is because they think it makes us “obvious” and that makes us embarassing and uncomfortbale.

Even when it doesn’t make us obvious, it still makes the kinds of people who can exert influence over us individually feel uncomfortable, and they generally tend to believe that their comfort is a much higher priority than our ability to do stuff, because they already think we’re broken anyway so what’s the harm in us not being able to do stuff “more than usual.”

I mean that’s not a complete picture, but it’s a pattern I’ve seen a lot more often.

In their heads we will be broken either way, so at the very least they should get to be comfortable.

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@anon Cállate Hermana really please. Talent is talent and it everywhere, surely it's not that hard to accept the sometimes people have advantages Of course everyone there was talented its why they got there but advantages exist

i love Michelle… of the nameless nine….love her

I have been watching Fairy tail for several years now, and since then the fandom has changed a lot, nowadays everyone is only pointing out what the anime/manga lacks be it not enough diversity, not enough character development for character xy, not well written chapters/villains/characters, not enough gay ships, people saying ‘this relationship is unhealthy the others are not’ people are gonna have their opinions, but I’m wondering why hardly anyone actually appreciates this series itself.  I never hear anybody saying ‘thanks mashima for your hard work’ or ’ oh a new chapter I’m so happy, I hope I see my favorite characters’ I feel like 80% of the people who still actively keep up with the manga are just there to point out its flaws if you are not able to find anything good about it anymore then you don’t really have a reson to keep up with it. All animes/ mangas are going to have it flaws you either accept it or move on to the next one its really that easy.
    – submitted by @dianthars 

we just had training on transgender policy with the squadron and while it’s exciting to see the military as a whole become more open and accepting of the community, it was also really aggravating to see people act so closed minded towards the whole situation

like dude, seriously, its not hard to not be a fuckin shithead. stop bein fuckin assholes in response to people doing something for themselves to make themselves happy


I have been in awe of all the Transformation Tuesday posts on tumblr. Its so inspiring and makes me feel less alone with my own transformation. Thank you to each and everyone who has shared your journey and your personal photos. You inspire and make people believe in themselves.

Honestly, for me it has been difficult to accept my new body, I love it but its hard to realize its really me. I had always been a large girl and I didn’t really have an issue with the way I looked at 305lbs, but I did desperately want to be healthier, have active hobbies and I was fed up with feeling twice my age, so I changed that. 132 pounds down!

it’s so weird to think I weigh less now then i did when i was 16 years old. I’m turning 30 at the end of this month.. and im pretty damn happy about it. Good luck! good luck to anyone who see this and is on their own health journey. 

haha reading that mala//ysian ‘free speech is a privilege’ just sets it on stone y’know.

like, I can now consciously see how the concept of ‘dont voice your opinion if it doesnt at least attempt to please the people in power/majority’ had been inferred to in my childhood. I couldnt really put my finger on it, but you can sense it.

(it is almost never said outright as it is. People who say things outright tend to be disliked)

its bizarre to think that I’m very familiar with this. Everything have to be adjusted to what is ‘acceptable’. But what is ‘acceptable’ is rather wonky. Too hard of a valid criticism is considered unacceptable. Hate speech isn’t always considered unacceptable as long as it doesn’t offend the People That Matters ™.

Yeah, I know that the free speech philosophy is not exactly perfect, that it has wiggle rooms. but at least it has better definitions of what is considered acceptable and unacceptable.

And they have the nerve to hide behind ‘BUT ITS EASTERN CULTUURRE!!’

and seriously, if i got money for everytime people hide behind culture to justify oppression/discrimination then wow i’ll be rich

sometimes being biracial is just really fucking hard. people want you to pick or choose a side even though they never plan to fully accept you into it. it’s hard when you’re at the dmv and the lady asks you what your race is and there is no ‘other’ option so you awkwardly and shamefully have to pick one or the other and hope she’s not judging you too bad. it’s hard that no one tells us as children that you shouldn’t have to pick–that you are not white or black or whatever you happen to be and that is fine because you are you. it’s hard not having any role models that buy into the above and don’t talk about the experiences we specifically go through. it’s hard having a parent that tries but just doesn’t understand. it’s hard that people assume we are 'privileged’ when we really are not.

it’s just really hard sometimes.

its hard to tell if its just a natural way i view myself, or if it’s because i’ve never been seen as “Sexy” since im an A cup and im tall and lanky and kinda awkward and i dont have any curves, but its just… really hard for me to see myself as a sexual being? or to sexualize myself at all? i used to feel really guilty about never posting sexy pics on instagram and really insecure that people liked my friends more bc they were Sexy, but everyone always viewed me as like a 12 year old! but idk, now im just. really comfortable not being sexual? like im 100% in support of other people doing whatever tf they want, and i love hot girls posting pics they feel good about, but it feels good to be able to accept that i dont have to be Sexy to be valuable. i tried a few times to post some slutty pics but it took sooooooo much maneuvering of my body to make it look like a hot instagram girl, and even tho the positive reinforcement was really fun and good feeling, i kept looking at the pics and thinking.. wtf who is that? im prettiest when im happy and im happiest when im comfortable! it sounds stupid but its actually hard to exist in a world where a boob and a butt are seen as The End All Be All, and basically since high school every time ive gone out w female friends ive felt like “the ugly friend” and ive assumed everyone sees me w my crew as like “a crew of hot girls + the ugly one” but my friends love me even tho im tall and flat chested and cant wear bikinis. idk, im not Sexy but also i dont think i need to be sexy? why did i spend so much of my adolescence researching boob jobs and saving up for them. and also why have i felt so ashamed of not seeing myself as an inherently sexual being for so long