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Lance wip/unfinished doodle from the Naruto AU I’m writing!

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anonymous asked:

Ah! Speaking of angst and docs, would you like to make a request? I'm in the mood to write some Kara angst. If you give me something, I will link it to you when I finish so you know who I am and where to find it.

omg for real?!! ahhhh you’d be doing a very nice thing for me!! I’m dying to read new kara angst fics!! It’s like people has stopped writing about it and it kinda makes me feel sad (  I can’t be happy if my son is happy lol. that precious thing must suffer for making me love him this much! XD ) 

Hmm let see… I always wanted to read something about ichi maybe violating kara? not only by words, physically too! ( like punch, kick him or pushing him off stairs ) The others would only join with the insulting part! But he won’t say anything nor protect himself when ichi’s bullying him, cuz he knows no one would care about him and he’d thought that he deserve it for causing them pain all this time! It’s like they had crossed the teasing line and start to actually bully their own brother without realizing it! Aaaand I don’t know what happens next or what are the reasons for ichi’s behaviour! ^^; I just wanna see my son suffer and cry all by himself! omg I feel so bad  oh! It’s up to you if you wanna make it have a happy ending, It doesn’t matter to me I just wanna read angst!

If this isn’t too much, that’s what I wanna read :)


Because I’m close to my next goal


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So my prints by @yaboykeiji came and I almost died cuz their art is too gorgeous but I also have no idea where to put them?? So they’re hanging out in that slightly creepy shrine for now…