it's really important and people don't think of this


Someone might have already done this, so if they have ignore this. But I felt it was really important to mention:

Please DO NOT change or add to the official genre(s) of Yuri!!! On Ice on Wikipedia or any other site. This is so, so important. I noticed some posts going around with pictures of this happening. I know you’re excited about Victuri becoming canon. Believe me, I’m over the moon, too. But Yuri!!! On Ice is NOT a yaoi, and it is not shounen-ai.

Yaoi is a genre of anime geared toward creating fan service for women. It portrays very heteronormative, and often times unhealthy m/m relationships, not with the purpose of having positive representation, but for the enjoyment of straight women (I mean, lbr, it’s basically fetishization). Dgmw, I’m not necessarily saying yaoi is all bad, I have watched and enjoyed some yaoi in my time. But it is absolutely NOT a genre that matches YOI.

The creators of YOI have not labeled it as anything more than a sports anime for an extremely important reason. And when you label it as a yaoi/shounen-ai, even in jest, you cheapen the beautiful message this show is trying to get across.

This show has literally made history. Japan is still very homophobic, and here we have not a yaoi, but an everyday sport-centered anime portraying a healthy, completely normalized relationship between two men; the way it should be. Not to mention, this show is about so much more… romantic love is only one element among many in YOI.

I’m not super good with expressing things clearly, so if anyone who gets what I’m saying has something helpful to add, it’d be much appreciated.

I’m not saying you can’t joke about it. I mean, ngl I call YOI “Yaoi On Ice” in my head often. But please, don’t attach a genre to this masterpiece of a show that cheapens its worth.

People seem to be really obsessed with queer characters having on-screen relationships almost to the point where that’s the only way representation is important or valid. Like it isn’t as big a deal if a character is confirmed or openly queer if they’re single. This is sorta how I’ve seen things, at least. And it’s weird, since there are queer people who aren’t in relationships or anything. -mod taint

Ever notice how people only ever seem to talk about how platonic friendship between characters is So Important when one of the characters isn’t conventionally attractive?

y’know what no i think i already know the answer to my previous rambling. it’s okay. it’s okay to want to express yourself. it’s okay to want people to see you and to understand you. fucking hell that is part of what life is. it’s creating yourself and sharing that personal creation with others and connecting because they see something beautiful in this self you’ve created and you see something beautiful in them. and filling out profiles and answering questions about yourself? that’s just helping you figure out who you are. it’s helping you think critically about the kind of person you want to be and what you might have to do to be that person. figuring out and taking pride in your personal aesthetic, be it the clothes you want to wear to express yourself, or the music that you feel in your soul, or the settings and decor that inspire you… that’s part of cultivating yourself and your style. it’s forming and taking pride and comfort in your identity. what could ever be wrong with that.

now i mean if all i ever did was talk about myself, what i like and whatnot, and didn’t show any concern for or interest in others and what they have to share about themselves, then yeah i’d be a self-absorbed asshole. but wanting to know myself better and wanting to share that self with the world? that’s life. that’s beautiful. that’s important. i’m gonna make a point to express myself more and more every day, to share my uniqueness with the world and appreciate others’ uniqueness in return. that’s part of life, and it’s part of what makes it beautiful.

so yeah. i’m gonna keep tagging things “ME” and “same”. i’m gonna keep adding to my pinterest boards when i see things that fit my aesthetic. i’m gonna keep creating and learning about and sharing myself, because my identity is all i’ve really got at the end of the day, and i’ll be damned if i don’t take pride in it.

OK before it’s too late

My Sheith Season 2 Countdown Challenge: Week one - Predictions:

Obviously we’re gonna learn why Shiro is so important to Keith and have some very emotional moments between these two (that will probably just really fuel this ship considering how people that know what happens joke about it haha), and Keith will end up taking Shiro’s place as leader and pilot of the black lion (for awhile atleast). Besides that I don’t really have anything specific, so my speculations are more about their past I guess? so my speculation is that:

  • Keith and Shiro know eachother from the Garrison
  • Shiro was Keith’s flight instructor
  • Keith had previous piloting experience or was just naturally good at it, was an ass to Shiro because of that at first and refused to listen to him 
  • Until one time he fucked up real bad because of his impulsiveness and impatience and Shiro had to save his life by greatly risking his own or something.
  • Or something like that, nice and simple with no shocking revelations..


  • Shiro as a pilot and a space explorer finds Keith on some planet in the solar system during a mission (or maybe even on some forgotten place on Earth)
  • after Keith escaped from the Galra (or I dunno was frozen in some pod for 10000 years) and is in bad shape
  • and Shiro takes him back to earth with him to help him or hide him and then helps him enlist in the Garrison as an “orphan I happen to know and totally not a possible alien I picked up somewhere”
  • Or maybe Keith actually lied to him that he was human and came up with some bullshit story about why he was there (there are probably some human colonies on other planets in the solar system in the future I guess?)
  • Anyway, since I don’t think Keith actually grew up on Earth, maybe they actually first met in space (or in some deserted place on Earth that stayed away from civilization since the 80′s…).


  • They just steal Roy’s and Hikaru’s story from Robotech

But it’s probably the first one..

Jesus Christ the chicken nugget so tender and mild, have y'all gone out of your minds? Let me spell it out.
1. No one is entitled to a URL on the tumble dot com.
2. No one can or should be forced to give you a URL, whether it’s for free or for a really bad trade. As in many things in life, consent is important from both parties. That includes not guilting people.
3. For the love of God, why do some of you feel the need to overflow the tag with things that either have nothing to do with the tag or are just the same nonsensical bullcrap that no one wants anyway?
4. Harassment is wrong no matter what. You don’t harass people for URLs just like you wouldn’t harass strangers for money on the street. Cause then that’s a mugging. That’s no bueno.
My point is, the pokemon url community is supposed to be a group of people who are having a good time and supporting one another. People who half the time insult url users in the pokemon url tag and the other half beg FOR a pokemon url. I’m sick and tired of the poorly masked jealousy. Everyone here worked hard if they have a URL. They didn’t beg for them, they didn’t whine until they got their way. For petes sake, they certainly didn’t harass people and then insult them to another person because they wouldn’t give them a URL to trade with. Please, be kind and considerate, and the same will be afforded to you. But expecting a handout, a heavily one sided trade, or a positive response for consistent spamming is beyond ridiculous. Didn’t we all learn the golden rule in kindergarten? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be nice, damnit. Be respectful. And don’t be an a hole.


because it’s hard to scream,
when your drowning in your fears.


Okay, looking at the lolilo tag in the aftermath of AFTERMATH, a lot of people seem to be thinking of Balthazar as like perfect or not having any flaws but… i disagree. a lot.

I think the responsibility that Balth feels for peter is a Major Flaw. That is not healthy. that is so not how to have a friendship. ultimately Peter is responsible for himself, and while it’s okay to care about friends, it’s really not a good thing that Balth feels guilty about and personally responsible for Peter.

Let’s also not forget that Balth is non-confrontational to a fault and doesn’t sit down and talk things out and actually address problems.

Now this is not me hating on Balth at all, I love him as a character and I think he’s a very interesting character, but he’s certainly Not Perfect. In fact, one might argue that the point of LLL is that Nobody is Perfect.

I know that people often fall into dichotomous thinking that there is “Good” and “Bad” characters, or people, or whatever. But I’d like to encourage people to consider that stories, the world, characters, other people, etc. are a lot more complex than just “Good” or “Bad”.

As always, all dichotomies are false dichotomies. Putting someone (even a character) on a pedestal is one of the worst things you can do to them because they will inevitably fail to live to your expectations of them.

also you know what?

while I’m here and while I’m pissed off, let me say something really important. 

I know tumblr loves to mock superwholock bloggers and people who love John Green books and all that shit, but please realize that a lot of people in those fandoms are kids. 

a lot of superwholock bloggers are like

13-15 years old

a lot of people who enjoy John Green books are in the same age bracket. 

these are kids. they’re fucking kids and tumblr has this thing about publicly humiliating them. 

I don’t care how annoying you think they are- I’m sure you were really goddamn annoying when you were 13! and yet you most likely didn’t have fucking twenty year olds bullying you.

because that’s what it is. adults bullying children. 

I know that the shows and books are problematic. I know these kids think some problematic shit, but so did you when you were 13. you weren’t born spouting feminist theory. 

I see a lot of posts that were made by some kid in one of these fandoms, that gained thousands of notes after someone added a mocking comment. and it depresses me because sometimes I’ll try to go to the OP’s blog and I’ll be redirected to a “not found” page. these are kids who deleted their fucking blogs because adults thought it was funny to laugh at them. 

I know you don’t like the fandom. I know that it’s problematic. but publicly crucifying kids is not okay. it’s not a joke. it’s disgusting that so many adults who claim to be so accepting find it okay to bully children.


I’m Fine.

@necrofia replied to your post((er… just commenting on things that I think…

//yeah p much!! Good clarification! Tbh its understandable to me for someone be uncomfortable with a large age gap even if both parties are 18+ but it’s definitely not illegal and definitely not pedophilia.

(( Oh absolutely! Age gaps are normal all over the world, but that doesn’t change the fact that some people find them extremely uncomfortable or disconcerting. I know someone who is terrified to date anyone who is more than one year older than her, and at the same time I know people who have been married 20+ years and love each other to death, and they have a 10 year age gap. Everyone is different on what is comfortable for them, and that is perfectly okay. ))

@spirit-ofthering replied to your post((er… just commenting on things that I think…

((Important ~ so important. Thanks for sharing and posting))

(( No problem! I have had a lot of discussions about it previously, since I am someone who ships tombshipping in a setting where Marik is over 18 and ends up dating Pegasus. A lot of people don’t like it, and I try to be careful concerning it for other’s sake, but at the same time have had people say some really unreasonable things just because they don’t like it. I feel like we all need to know what the actual laws are so we can all be more understanding toward each other, and play more responsibly. ))

This is important .

Today my trainer said something to me that I think everyone (especially those know it all anons) needs to understand.

“All dogs will bite, if yours hasn’t you just haven’t reached its threshold yet”

She said a trainer told her this when she was really down after her border collie bit her husband. Ava, her dog, is fearful and her husband really scared her.

But it’s true. All dogs can and will bite. And yes you may never see your dog bite because it has an extremely high tolerance, and that is wonderful. I am glad your dog has never felt so hurt or threatened that they felt they needed to lash out. But don’t you dare go around telling responsible dog owners that their dogs need to face their fears (like kids, strangers, etc) head on. Everyone should advocate for their dog whether their threshold is sky high or extremely low. Don’t push someone’s dog past their limit because you feel they need to be social.






That is tiny Sougo with a cat. I repeat. Tiny Sougo with a cat. And Mitsuba and Hijikata with their commander leading the way. And then that is Sougo with a cat. Our sadistic little captain with a cat. An actual cat has approached evil Sougo to play with him, our supposedly heartless guy. Heartless my ass. Look at his face, I’m sure he’s so surprised in the best of the ways.

And then omg the way Kondo and Hijikata are looking back. Just like Mitsuba used to do when he was little, they make sure he’s okay, he’s still there and following them. And you know the worst? This is the last time we’re seeing then as Shinsengumi. After this, there’s no police in Edo anymore. They’ll be gone in an arc and it’ll break my heart and gintama please stop omg I won’t survive this

Please Boost!

My mom got an email from several people in her school district and I think it’s really important to boost this because people have been thought to taking advantage of the situation for their own nefarious purposes. Here it is in its entirety:

Fwd: Fwd: Subject: Fwd: NoSubject

3 or 4 people may visit your home claiming they are from water company, to install shower caps, to save water or they will claim they are from an Electricity company like FPL to change energy-saving electric bulbs for free as part of government lay down program. They have been spotted in many areas throughout South Florida. Please, do NOT let them in. They are thieves, robbing people at gun-point. Please alert all your contacts, as you may save lives. Make sure doors are locked at all times and please do not open your doors to strangers. Please forward immediately to save lives and property!!!

Saying that money isn’t everything or money isn’t important is a nice concept, but it’s really just a concept that people who HAVE money can appreciate because when you’re broke as hell, and are counting nickels and dimes to get by, you can’t sit there and say “money isn’t everything” because I’ve had times when I have 3 days till payday and 2 packs of noodles and $0, and money is everything in those times, literally everything.

You know something that bugs me? I just saw another one of those “Hogwarts House” things, where Hufflepuff once again embodies the anthropomorphization of the sound of “Hufflepuff,” all fluffy and sweet. You know what Hufflepuff values? Hard work, loyalty, dedication, fair play, and patience. 

Hard work and dedication aren’t sweet and warm. They’re sweaty and tiring and oftentimes they make you angry. Coming off the end of your second 13 hour shift in 2 days? That’s not sweet. Busting your butt to get into med school for ten years and waiting on tenterhooks to find out if you’ve made it, that’s not fluffy; that feels like your viscera are taking flying lessons, and it sucks. Working for years to support your disabled sibling who last you saw hadn’t moved off the couch where they’re watching the latest new Netflix show? Hard work, dedication, and an awful lot of bitterness, resentment, rage.

Fairness? How the hell do you manage that? Wanting things to be fair, that’s striving for an inherently unattainable ideal, because someone will always have been born smarter, faster, better at knitting than you, and some people will always know more connected people than you. How can you go through life and treat the people you despise with the same courtesy as your colleagues? How do you give up an advantage you consider unfair? Is it unfair if you’re naturally better at something? You have moral and ethical questions that will always be important to you, and a world that doesn’t care. I don’t know about you, but the idea that the world and humanity overall don’t care about something that important to me doesn’t make me feel like “tea and sweaters.”

And as for the last, loyalty is one of the best qualities in the world (personal opinion) but it can be very dangerous. Loyal men will follow a leader to ruin. A person loyal to an idea can run into obsession and mania. Dogs will kill and die for a master to whom they have dedicated their obedience and loyalty. People live and die for their countries and their battle buddies, to whom they are loyal. A loyal man is a dangerous man. Unquestioning loyalty can be deadly, and is misleading.

The world would not be a kind place for a Hufflepuff.

Hufflepuff, if it caught all of the people it claims to value, would be the House of the potentially broken. Their aesthetic wouldn’t always be soft and fluffy. They might be a puzzle box, with an unknown interior; could be a bomb, could be a chocolate. They might be calm sunlight in a meadow, sure, but the storm is still coming. They might be a seed, something green and growing with a bit of care, but it’s anyone’s guess if the plant will be monkshood or sugarcane. 

Not that everyone who wants soft and good things for Hufflepuff is wrong; I just think everyone has missed the potential in the House and in the traits it values.

Romantic Is Not The Be All & End All

So I’m going to post this here too because it’s really important to me.

I got the following comment on Sing a Rainbow, a fic I wrote about an Aromatic character who is, amongst other things, in a committed relationship with someone who loves him. I wrote a response as best I can to sum up why it hurts me that someone could think this way, and I want it here as well.

The comment:

I would hate to know the person I love would never love me like that in return. It’s like being permanently friend zoned…. At least they are partically together. Well, they are together, but Dave just isn’t in love with John like John is with him. Ugh, confusing

My reply:

I’m going to try to think of a way to explain it, so bear with me.

Imagine you’re vegetarian for health reasons. You don’t choose not to eat meat, you’re on that diet because you don’t have a choice. You find someone who you’re really interested in and enjoy spending time with, and they take you out to a meal. They order a steak, and you order salad. You both enjoy that meal, and have fun together, and they got to have the steak they love while you had the salad you have to eat, but willingly do and enjoy eating.

Now imagine that person said “no, I have steak so you have to have steak too, or I won’t enjoy mine!” You can’t eat that steak, you don’t want to and are incapable of doing so without hurting yourself. Would you be okay if that person hated you because you could only have the salad with them? Does it invalidate how much you’d enjoyed the meal together, the fact that you can only have salad?

Or is it fairer that they appreciate you have your reasons, and they have theirs, and you both appreciate that the meal and evening were just fine even if you both enjoyed different things as part of it?

Dave has his salad, John has his steak. They both agreed that’s fine. It is not being “friend zoned”, which is a terrible concept and has no place anywhere, honestly. It is Dave loving John, caring about him enough to spend his life with him, just not being able to feel exactly the same kind of love as John does. It is two people caring for each other enough to be together and not fixate on the fact that one love is “better” than the other.

I may be reading this wrong, but if you think that’s a bad thing, that John is suffering somehow, this fic is not for you. This fic is written because aromantics are not broken or spiting anyone with being how they are, they are not friend zoning anyone, they are loving in the way they do and just because it isn’t romantic it isn’t a crime against anyone, especially their partners. If you really think “friend zoning”, saying to someone even though I can’t love you romantically I still want to be with you in the way I can, to trust you and spend time with you, to be there for you and have a meaningful platonic relationship with you, is a bad thing, you need to reevaluate your views and think hard about why that relationship is any less important than a romantic one.

If you think romantic love is the be all and end all, I don’t know why you’re here. This fic is tagged aromantic, platonic, friendship and self acceptance. John and Dave have a meaningful, significant relationship, based on real partners I’m lucky to be friends with, and both are incredibly happy in it.

If all you care about from a person you love is them loving you in exactly the same way back, maybe you need to think hard about how much you actually love them at all.

i really want to urge people on here to be careful of spreading false information about the recent terrorist attacks. events like these are terrifying to begin with, so we don’t need to unnecessarily scare people because of false information. so think twice before you reblog something, check reliable sources, and if you want to stay tuned into what’s happening then turn on the news and leave it on in the background as you go about your day. do not rely on tumblr as your only source of information about these attacks, and do not reblog something if there’s a chance of it being wrong. use reliable news sources not some random person’s twitter or tumblr account. 

these terrorist attacks are horrible and terrifying, but we can all help one another by being responsible about the information we share. false information can confuse and frighten people even more than they already are, so i urge all of you to put forward the extra effort and check the information you reblog and share with your followers.