it's really hard to gif

Couldn’t sleep last night.

The gate… I opened it. I’m the monster.

The perfect visual to match this perfect line

Alright, heres test number one for my next side project. Gotta fix a few frames at the end there, then I think its good.

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I’m alone
i’m unwanted
i’m undesired
i’m worthless
i’m a burden
i’m a freak
i’m an anomaly
i’m the problem

“you’re not alone. you are loved. I’ll always be here for you”

“They’re still here!”

“So’s Magnussen. He should be at dinner, but he’s still in the building.”

“Noah had wandered down the aisle, but now he gleefully returned with a snow globe. He stood behind Ronan until he pushed off the shelf to admire the atrocity. A seasonally decorated palm tree and two faceless sunbathers were trapped inside, along with a painted, erroneous statement: IT’S ALWAYS CHRISTMAS SOMEWHERE.

“Glitter,” whispered Noah reverentially, giving it a shake.”

I drew Gansey too! || Redbubble