it's really happy and cute


halla. halla. 

there’s no denying that Hearth is a cutie🌸


ok but i imagine hunk going to shiro whenever he stresses about lance!


jeong joon hyung is quickly joining my little list of favorite male leads because: (spoilers ahead!)

  • he is so open about how much he admires, likes and adores bok joo
  • he never lets his ex-girlfriend have her way
  • he tries to solve his issues by talking (or buying thousands of unhealthy food when it comes to bok joo)
  • he calls his uncle and auntie mom and dad
  • he pretends he doesn’t know that his uncle and auntie are the ones giving him presents and letters
  • he confronted his hyung and exposed his true feelings on how he feels about him
  • his relationship with his family in general
  • he helped bok joo when she had a crush on his hyung
  • he cheered on bok joo before the competition
  • he realized how bad bok joo felt when his hyung saw her on the competition and as soon as possible he was there lecturing his hyung
  • he helped her overcome her crush
  • he didn’t ask why she wanted to take a break from weightlifting but asked if it was difficult for her
  • he instantly tried to comfort her and reminded her that she’s awesome
  • as soon as he realized his feelings for her he told his hyung he was going to help her go throught this difficult moment and only then he would confess, at the right time
  • he was smart enough that when he saw her with another boy he imediately confessed to her

Imagine Mike and El in college sending handwritten letters and postcards back n forth and wearing cozy sweatshirts of each other’s university and surprising each other with a visit on their birthdays and reassuring each other on the phone when life gets difficult or classes are overwhelming and El sending Mike polaroid pictures of little things she finds beautiful and Mike writing her dorky love poetry and mailing little boxes of their favorite books and pressed flowers and kinds of tea to each other 

Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate: Sakamaki Shuu (Heaven 03)

(Today I felt like a change, I changed my hairstyle a little but…)


(It seems like Shuu-san hasn’t noticed, he’s listening to music like always…)

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I was feeling a bit down so I drew some mice

I’m really exhausted and emotionally drained so I’m too tired to answer asks but there were a couple of people who wanted some happy Seb gifs so for now here’s a little collection for you guys


‘You’ve always been the sweetest, kindest, and most loving man I’d ever met. I knew that the day I met you, and after all these years, you haven’t changed at all… I hope you never do.’

I had an idea of a more domestic scene with Enyo and Mamoru, since we don’t get to see it often. It’s late, they’re getting ready for bed, and Mamoru just surprises her with a little bit of affection. Enyo still loves him to death, she knows she’s awful at showing it and really wishes she knew how to fix that… But at the end of the day, Mamoru doesn’t mind at all. He just loves her, no matter what.