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The Power of Love (Part 1)

I got this idea of a draco x (ravenclaw) reader back on the 9th and now its the 23rd so yea it took me 2 weeks to finally get the nerve to write it down and post it.Being March 23rd, Ravenclaw Pride Day iIve made the reader ravenclaw though it wouldn’t really matter now but in later parts.

This is my 1st ever fanfic so please be nice and i would really appreciate it if you guys tell me what you think of it! Running the story in my head I realised that it would be pretty long so I’ve decided to cut it into parts (no sure how many yet but I’m thinking around 2-3)

Before I forget,I’d like to thank the people^ who encouraged me to write this even though I was doubtful back in my previous post.

BG of the Story:Starts in the end of HBP in the astronomy tower when Dumbledore and Harry just got back from retrieving the locket,and will continue on to DH later


Themes:Hurt,Comfort and Tragedy

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You don’t what gotten into Draco this year,ever since you guys came back for sixth year.He’s become distant.You’re wondering what has happen between now and the last time you were both here in the astronomy tower.What has happened to all the promises and the moments who shared with him here past curfew.Everything was fine during the summer,you’d send letter to him every other other and him the same to up but back at platform 9 ¾ he didn’t even seem to notice you,heck he didn’t seem to acknowledged that you existed! Yet even a whole school year later you find yourself walking up to the astronomy tower thinking about what used to be,pretending nothing has changed.

You were pulled out of your thought when you felt a hand grabbed you by the arm and pulled you onto the second landing.’Draco? Is that you?’you asked,thinking that Draco has finally come to his senses and would talk to you.But it wasn’t.’Harry what the hell?You scared the shit out of me!’.’y/n what are you doing here?‘Harry asked.You were about to answer when you heard hurried footsteps on the stairs.’y/n whatever happens do not make any sound or move an inch.Dumbledore’s orders.’He said and pointed up.Indeed Dumbledore was there but was give such orders?You were about to ask when —’Silencio!Petrificus Totalus!—-’Sorry y/n I don’t want you to do something rash.’Rash?Rash?Did the boy who did things without rationality told YOU YOU a Ravenclaw not to be rash?He maybe one of your best friends but seriously?Did he just–you couldn’t even complete the thought.With your head still looking up you saw him,Draco,your Draco.Gosh what is he doing here?His platinum blond and pale skin seems to be whiter and paler than normal.What is happening to him?Why is he keeping secrets?Between your thoughts you heard him say’You don’t understand,I’ve got to do this or he’ll kill me!’What? Your mind goes to overdrive,flooded with more questions than before.What is he doing?Who’s gonna kill him?Oh no oh no please don’t let it be—Stuck in your thoughts,everything faded into the background and the only thing that brought you back to reality were the words ‘Avada Kedavra’.With your body stuck in your current position your vision scope was limited but that wasn’t stopping a Ravenclaw.You scan the tower just in time to see a stiff Dumbledore fall backwards off the rail.Harry must have seen it too as cast you free of the enchantments.Harry ran past you but you quickly caught his arm ‘Where do you think you’re going?’‘To follow the death eaters ofcourse!’he said with anger ‘Are you insane Harry?Listen to the footsteps there must be at least 4 of them or maybe more! We’ll never stand a chance and they’re probably escaping by now,besides I think its more important to get to our headmaster who just fell off the tower from the killing curse!’And with that you ushered him out to the grounds.

You two were first at the scene.It didn’t seem really,not to you anyway.Dumbledore was one of the most powerful wizard he can’t just die when they battle hasn’t even begun.Yet here he is on the ground looking as peaceful as being asleep.You wrap Harry in your arms,the boy is crying.He had now lost 2 father figures in his life so what if he is the chosen one so child should suffer like this.You don’t know how long you’ve been comforting Harry and whispering words to him.You both only separated when McGonagall gave a speech and asked the crowd of students you hadn’t noticed before to have wands raised in honor of the late headmaster.Slowly students turned to go.It was all too much to take for you so you too decide to go leaving Harry with Ginny,Ron and Hermione.

You were on the way up to your dorm when you saw a familiar looking blond boy walk 3 times pass a wall and into the room of requirements.You decided to time to face your fear and follow through.

The room has taken shape of a …. well there was nothing except a silhouette in front of a fireplace. ‘Draco?’you said cautiously.‘Draco?’ no answer.You reached him with a few more steps and you realised that he’s crying.You pull him into a hug,gosh you missed him but now it’s not the time to focus on your needs but rather on his,so you tired again ‘Draco darling,whats wrong?’still no answer ‘Draco,I won’t judge you but I don’t like seeing you like this.I want you to tell me what’s bothering you,it’s okay if you won’t tell me now but I want you to know that you don’t have to lift this burden alone,that I’m willing to shared that weight of yours cause I love you,I love you even though you ignored me and put me through hell this past year.But even that didn’t made my love waver because I love you so so much.You know that right?’‘y/n I’m so sorry I truly am and you ought to know the truth to why I was so distant.’ he said as to broke our embrace.‘But promise me one thing y/n that whatever I tell you,you won’t run away until I say all that I have to say.You can after I’m done and I won’t stop you.I just need you to understand alright?’‘I promise.Ravenclaws often listen to both sides of the story before making a decision’You say,trying to lighten the mood.’Alright…’ he continues and pulls up his left sleeve showing his dark mark.You tried to muffle your gasp but failed.’I got the mark a few days before school started.’he said. ‘y/n… believe me when I say I didn’t want to get it but I had no choice–I–he–’More tears rolling off Draco’s face.You cupped his cheek with your hands,rubbing away the tears.‘–he was kill me,my family,everyone I love.God y/n YOU he threaten to kill You if I didn’t obliged to his orders—and– and I couldn’t lose you y/n Never.’‘oh Draco….’‘And today in the astronomy tower I was supposed to kill Dumbledore but I couldn’t…I just can’t kill anyone y/n…’Draco chocked on his tears. ‘I know Draco,I was there.’you said quietly. ‘But what how?’‘I there with Harry in the second landing and we saw it happen.’‘y/n you gotta understand please..’‘yes I do understand and no one should have had that burden put upon them’A few moments passed between us when Draco said ‘They all left you know that y/n Snape,Bellatrix and Greyback.My task isn’t done y/n they left me so that I could be a spy for.To spy on Dumbledore’s Army.y/n listen to me I have no choice then to follow to keep all the people I love alive so y/n just do us both a favor and forget about me’‘Draco no.’‘y/n it‘s the only way to keep you safe.There’s no other way no matter how many times you wrap your head around it.’

‘Draco,there’s always another way and it would make no difference to tell me to use my head over my heart cause whoever said that the mind and heart are two different things had got it wrong because both my mind and my heart would do anything and everything to protect you.’

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That animation came out really well. That's 2 for 2 on great Bendy stuff you've made

hey! I’m glad ya liked it! I like trying to experiment with new stuff, and I’m happy with how it came out. 

anyways, here’s a wip of what i’m working on right now that i was procrastinating on for like two weeks now and finally got around to working on it hahah