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Gay Aphobe: Headcanoning gay characters as ace is homophobic because it steals representation from the gay community



i let you go, annie

Imagine Blitz going temporarily blind on a quest and he and Hearth are incredibly stressed and freaking out because they don’t know how long it will last and they have no way to communicate properly without someone translating for them.

New Character: James Potter

Lily: Merlin… do you even have a shirt on? 

Lily: *Staring* I-… Oh bugger off. 

((OOC: New Character! I have a little spare time before I have to take this beard off my face if anyone has any questions for this guy)) 

original writing

so… i’ve decided to swim in the ocean and most likely drown. and by that i mean i’ve decided to write a book. and by that i mean i’ve decided to swim in the ocean and most likely be eaten by a shark. 


here’s the thing. i plan on having a lot of diversity, but i want to probably write everything and I DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES want to be offensive or misrepresent anyone or fall into hurtful stereotypes. 

that’s where you guys come in or people that you know come in. i need your help. i do plan on doing research, but i also want to talk to some people. 

my characters:

bisexual guy

note: no slutty bisexual trope i swear on my own grave that will surely be an early one because this book… just may kill me. 

pansexual guy

note: i want to be able to make a clear difference between bisexual and pansexual because they are NOT the same thing. 

asexual girl 

note: i am staying far away from the disgusting “soulless monsters” trope. this character is honestly one of my top three favorites and i want to do her so much justice. 

sapphic girls 

note: i plan on having a f/f ship, which will actually be the main ship friends-to-lovers trope, since you guys are so underrepresented in YA and god i don’t want to mess up, but i still want to try.

black muslim girl 

note: tell me if this makes sense depending on the context of my book, thanks.

asian girl

note: i want to do so much research on this because ‘asian’ is a pretty big category and i know its easily to be offensive and misrepresent but i don’t want that to stop me from writing

this story is going to be a greek mythology inspired story (as long as i don’t get eaten by a shark and drop it). i don’t want to explain everything because its still in the very early drafts and it’s a bunch of rough ideas and scraps. 

the main plot is ascension and self-discovery (unless i drown and this story drowns with me). even if its still greek myth its my world and i want to make all of these work as well as i can. 

please message me or send me links or anything that you think will help me write these characters as best i can without being offensive. thank you for reading and for helping.

Simblr Discord Server

instead of reblogging my old post again, i decided to make an actual post about it!

i’ve set up a discord server for simblrs; my goal is to make a lovely, fun and safe place for people to hang and make friends with people in the community! we have an amazing group of people so far and are active every day!

if you are worried about anything, shoot me a dm! i’ll try and help as much as i can. we will welcome you with open arms, we love everyone <3

please dm me for the server link!! <3

i had a lot of expectations before i transitioned and not all of them were met, but a lot were exceeded too. i’m very satisfied with where i’m at right now. getting top surgery made me realize i am going to need bottom surgery some day to feel fully at home in my body, and that’s okay. i’ve come a long way for the time being, and i’d say about 70% of my dysphoria has been lifted, which is more than enough to carry on with my life. life is a long time and i have many years to make my body exactly what i want it to be. i have to remind myself it isn’t a race. everything will happen when it’s meant to.

Major Key: Communication

Hey dudes, so lately I’ve been thinking about something that while I know everyone in the community is aware of, I don’t see too many specifics about. That thing is communication between Lee & Ler. And yeah, I can already feel some of you little shits going “duh I know this is important” bUT DO YOU? Let me break down some stuff that should be happening in any healthy Lee/Ler dynamic (although most of this will be read from a Lee POV so Ler’s feel free to add on if needed). If at the end you think you know it all, you can roll your eyes and get sassy at me in the tags.

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Stop Shutting Down Conversations

I’ve been seeing a lot of shutting down of headcanon/worldbuilding conversations recently in the fantroll community, both on Tumblr and in other fandom spaces, and it’s making me a little bit sad because I don’t think that that’s the intention of the posts and messages that have been circulating around, but it’s been the effect!

A large part of the fun of fandom for me, particularly a fandom with so much source material but so little worldbuilding for the part of the sandbox that I’m playing in such as Alternia, is the opportunity for taking that source material and extrapolating cool worldbuilding and headcanons from it! The Condesce has a helmsman? Well, what’s the social effect of the majority of a whole caste of society being consigned to serving as autonomy-less batteries for their adult lives? Kanaya uses a chainsaw to both fight undead and garden? Well, what if that means she’s actually fighting plant zombies? Etc.

The thing is, though, that this always inevitably ends up with people that have clashing headcanons. Lately, for example, we’ve had people chatting about their perspectives on troll anatomy - Mammalian? Insectoid? Something else? People can’t quite agree!

But that’s okay. The discussion of who had what headcanons, why they hold those, so long as people aren’t using to shut down other people’s headcanons, are part of the fun. I think a lot of people are seeing disagreement and interpreting it as conflict when really it’s a fun debate, and the result is that we end up with people putting effort towards shutting down the conversation altogether.

The biggest example of this is that I’ve seen a lot of people saying that because Homestuck and Hussie’s worldbuilding are so “nonsensical,” there’s no rules for Alternian worldbuilding. The irony of that, though, is that these messages are setting a rule: “No rules allowed.” People make rules for their own universes because that’s the fun of writing in a fandom. Without rules, you might as well make your own original characters outside of the Homestuck context - and some people do! The issue is that it’s not fair to people who value worldbuilding and the discussion surrounding it for people to see those discussions and tell them that they’re wrong for wanting to expand on their universe because “Homestuck doesn’t make sense anyways.”

And it’s understandable that some people might want to have no rules for their own universes! In fact, I’m pretty sure that the goal of these messages is just to make sure people feel comfortable not having elaborate headcanons. But both in chats and on Tumblr, I’ve seen people push for this reasoning as why everyone else shouldn’t be making headcanons based on canon material, either, and I think that’s just plain anti-fun. It’s unkind to shut down somebody else’s fun conversation just because you personally don’t feel like you would like to participate in it, and I think we as a community need to pay more attention to when we’re doing that.

tl;dr: Don’t let your personal RP preferences be a reason for you to shut down conversations other people are having for fun.

before i begin this rant, i’d just like to say that i encourage you to kindly add your own two cents to this post. this isn’t just for me or the trans community, but for cis allies who are part of the skam fandom, too. as well, this doesn’t go entirely for the skam fandom itself, but for literally any side of tumblr with a predominant cis female ratio. now, this isn’t to put down cis females themselves; whatsoever, honestly. i’m not targeting anyone, nor am i pointing fingers. this is just something that’s been weighing down on my mind a lot lot lot lately. now, you may conclude this as just me whining, and that’s totally okay! like i said, your own two cents, friends. 

as an active skam blog, as well as an individual of the trans community (nonbinary folk, to be specific) i see a lot of, well, everything. there is absolutely no trans representation in skam yet, and that’s completely fine. as much as i would love to see a trans character, even if minor, i know that it’s a bit of a hard thing to pull off! i have faith in julie’s judgement, though, and welcome anything she brings. 

honestly, i’d like to talk about the tumblr side of the fandom as opposed to any other social media platform, seeing as it’s so big, and constantly growing. with that comes the topic of selfies, groupchats, and overall the making of friends. and that’s great! as a individual who has made tons of mutuals no thanks to the amazingly inspirational norwegian drama, i get it; i do. however, what i don’t necessarily get is the backlash that a lot of trans bloggers receive; for example, misgendering is a common theme. now, that’s quite unavoidable, rather unfortunately, but we can do so much with that. be kind, as well as courteous to your fellow trans friends, because misgendering, to put it blandly, makes us feel like utter shit. it’s okay if you slip up; to be honest, i do it all the time, even as someone so rooted into the using of they/them pronouns. it’s okay; don’t feel bad! however, please refrain from getting mad at them; you are, after all, the one who did it. remember that before you blatantly disregard their feelings.

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A thought

I miss talking to you frequently guys, it part of the reason why i’m on tumblr and i don’t feel good isolating myself like that

So do you guys have any question for me? Tell me about yourself too! -in my ask box, or even submission if you have something cool to show me-

I’m always open to discussion! if you want to share something with me i’ll always be happy, really!

thebitterone  asked:

Mate, i love your comments in the tags of my art. Like I look up to you, youre my goals tbvh! Senpai has noticed me 😶

This is me receiving this lovely message:

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my dude, the way you draw grounder/azgeda/wanheda Clarke is sick. I LOVE the way you incorporate the neon colours into the darker shades with the eyes/tattoos/etc. 

Keep up the awesome work because I’m sure I am not the only one that would love to see more.


ONCE UPON A TIME : the reboot
by drew and menelaos

season 5, episode 4 : Lady of the Lake

present : Henry pays a visit to Mr. Gold’s pawn shop and shows a particular interest in a sword with a golden hilt that the store’s curator identifies as King Arthur’s Excalibur. On his way home, Henry encounters an elderly woman and offers to help her cross the street. Meanwhile, fueled by his fear of losing Emma and Mary Margaret forever, David’s mental state begins to worsen, and he hunts down the former March Hare and White Rabbit, hoping that the Land of Wonder’s odd relationship with time will have given them some experience that could help him in this quest. Torn between his duties to Evelyn as deputy mayor and his healing relationship with Mr. Gold, Nathaniel struggles to find his place in Storybrooke, and turns to Henry for guidance.

past : Emma and Mary Margaret set off with Lancelot toward Camelot, joined at the last minute by Mulan. On the way to Camelot, they pass the great Lake of Avalon and Lancelot tells them of its protector, the Lady of the Lake. Once a woman called Viviane who bestowed the sword Excalibur upon King Arthur, the Lady has since been replaced by Arthur’s sister Morgan le Fay, who apprenticed under Merlin, learned his magic, and trapped him in the tree. The group collects water from the Lake, hoping it will help them free Merlin, but they accidentally awaken the spirits guarding the Lake and must face their wrath. Back at Castle Misthaven, Aurora confesses to her husband that she’s been having strange dreams of thorns and fire, and Phillip becomes particularly alarmed when she awakens one morning with burns and scars on her arms and legs.

‘once upon a time’ stars : Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen/Regina Mills, Emily Rose as Emma Swan, Jaimie Alexander as Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard, Henry Cavill as Prince Charming/David Nolan, Cate Blanchett as the Blue Fairy/Evelyn Oxford, Daniel Gillies as Peter Pan/Dr. Matthew Llewelyn, Corey Stoll as Baelfire/Nathaniel Thorn, Meghan Ory as Red Riding Hood/Ruby Connor, Sonequa Martin-Green as Cynthia Fogg, CJ Adams as Henry Mills, and Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold

recurring stars this season include : Olivia Cheng as Mulan, Bradley James as Phillip, Rebecca Ferguson as Aurora, Adetomiwa Edun as Lancelot du Lac, Eva Green as Morgan le Fay

guest stars include : Michael Pena as Thackery Earwicket/Slick, David Dastmalchian as Nivens McTwisp/Dryden

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