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The Oracle and the King should stand together always…for it is they who safeguard our world. (insp)

iacomary97  asked:

I've seen that you also like Brooklyn99, and i was wandering if you ever have doodled something. I like your style so much, but i had a break from tumblr for two years so i don't remember if you ever did something about the series. :)

Aw thanks! I do really love the show and the characters but I haven’t done any art for it, no. I should really fix that.

Here’s a little Holt doodle

edit: now available as a sticker


ID symbolism: Even did reveal parts of his identity, his true self, in that bedroom and Isak fell for each one of them….  ❤

(very much inspired by the lovely @sanasevaks)

Everybody has that one friend in school who, like, school would be a nightmare without them. You know, like one person who is on your level who makes the same dumb jokes, is into the same weird games that you are, just like gets your sense of humor. And like, it can be the most meaningful thing in the world to have that person. I feel like every place I’ve been I have had at least one really good friend, who like… I can get through how awful it is because they’re there. And I think, y'know… McGucket and Ford were those kind of friends.
—  Alex Hirsch

M̸̨̰̪̥͈̩̰̪͓̼̈́͋͑͝ ̵̡̨̗̺̜̘̯͚͎̦̮̬̻̮̼͠Á̵̡̗̖͒̍̋ ̶̡̛̱̠̤̮̝̥̰͕̣͚͐͋͗͐̊̂̉͆̚̕͝͝G̴̟̹͓̮͎̪̟͙̮͍̦̩̦͘͜ ̷̨̛͕̫̂̽́̾̃̄͆̀̂͌̏̈́͗̕Î̵̼̄ ̶̧̤̙̥͚͛̇̅̌̓̈̊̈́̋̄̈͐̈̄̕Ś̸̡͉̥͖͙̠̳̮̹̳̞̲̈́̐̏̀̊͂̐͋̑͝ͅ ̵̛̙̹̳̬͗̈́͘T̵̜̭͖͉̱̯̞̩̪̑̀̓̉̕̚͝ͅ ̴̡̼͓͍̤̗̺̝̣̪̽͜ͅR̷̬̼͇̮̪̞̆͐̊͋̓͠

i love telling people robin is my favourite superhero because even though i do have a favourite robin out of them all its really the concept of robin that enchants me so much what the heck.. possibly the darkest and most mysterious member of the justice league, the terror of gothams underworld, the fearsome, the awe-inspiring Bat-Man, oh yeah and heres his little kid dressed in red yellow and green!! robin just balances batman out perfectly i LOVE the idea of having an audience surrogate for one of the most inaccessible heroes of all time , a bright companion for the Dark Knight, a character who represents conscience, a character who represents all the good batman fights for but forgets about ,    a family for a hero born from an orphan past, all i gotta say is batman and robin forever rah rah rah


I loved this scene because it really encapsulates the McElroy brothers’ comedy style. If this were some other average group the joke would be that one brother is saying he’s the B-Ball King and the other two saying “uh huh, yeah right you shit head” and stuff. And like, while these brothers aren’t like “yeah! aw, you’re the best and i love you <3″, they do still err on the side of positive. the humor doesn’t come from mocking, the humor just comes from being funny and likeable. the joke is still “justin was not a basketball king but he thinks he is”, but the other two brothers improv on the joke not by going “you sucked at basketball you nerd” but by going “aw man i remember going to all your games, the miracle on wood they’d call you” and its just as funny if not more, but its really good-natured at the same time. 

These brothers are good boys. 

Reinhardt and D.Va

This is something I haven’t really seen many people talk about with Overwatch, but I think it’s got some pretty interesting implications. 

So you know how Reinhardt and D.Va can have a unique voice line exchange that goes something like:

Reinhardt: I was wondering if you’d sign something for me. It’s…[clears throat] [whispering] … For a friend.
D.Va: Of course! Here you go. Love, D.Va. / Aw. After this match is over, right now, its time to get serious!

Now I could be reading too deeply into this, but think about it: Reinhardt used to be sort of the mascot for Overwatch. Pharah had a poster of him, and in his official story summary, it mentions:

“Reinhardt’s unique ethics and larger-than-life persona earned the admiration of his peers and superiors alike. Never afraid to speak his mind, he was Overwatch’s most vocal supporter and, when necessary, its harshest critic, providing a constant reminder that Overwatch was meant to be a force for good”

While Jack Morrison might have been the official leader, Reinhardt was the guy who embodied what Overwatch was supposed to be. He’s the only member of the original Overwatch strike team who’s still an enthusiastic hero, and not someone who has been overcome by cynicism or become a villain. And now, here he is asking D.Va, the youngest character in the game and a celebrity, for her autograph. 

It’s like he’s welcoming a new hero, and showing her that he’s a huge fan of her work and the way she’s saved lives. He’s just ready for her to be another member of Overwatch, someone who he thinks deserves to be a hero. The original hero persona of Overwatch is a fan of the youngest hero. The old man who’s been basically wandering around Europe fighting bad guys as a knight-errant spends some of his free time watching her livestreams, and that is so damn cool!

I really wish more people would talk about that.


I think it’s really lovely to fall in love with a classic rockstar (or any musician, really). You could be going through an awful time in your life, but as soon as you go to your room and play your vinyl loud, it’s like you’re being hugged by the music and you’re not alone anymore. You can look at your posters, or read that excerpt of your favourite biography, which you can almost quote by heart, and it’s like they’re there with you, comforting you…

I really love the idea of Cass completely falling in love with dancing.  She was raised to think that her body is nothing but a weapon, and dancing teaches her that she can make something beautiful with it.  No matter what genre of music is playing, Cass has an uncanny ability to move with the beat in a way that can’t be taught.  You know that one person who hits the dance floor and everyone around them stops and watches in awe?  That’s her.  Ballet is one of her favorites because of its storytelling and its elegance, so unlike the sharpness of battles. Dances have all of the good aspects of fighting –the intensity, concentration, fluidity, adrenaline– without any of the bad.  Her movements aren’t being used to hurt, but to create.  

Spock hates cheese, he finds the taste awful and the feel of it fills his mouth in an entirely uncomfortable way. He is mildly disgusted by the method of making cheese, he doesn’t think thay should be edible.

Jim likes cheese, not on its own much, but he’ll enjoy it on toast. He really likes cream cheese. He puts tonnes of cheese on his pasta, but prefers dip on crackers.

McCoy loves cheese, he loves it all. When he was young he ate melted cheese on its own. He lost his head a little when he discovered cheese fondue. He loves blue cheese, the taste is so intense and he just has a great time.

Now imagine Spock watching McCoy walk into a cheese shop. McCoy is Excited™ and Spock is Concerned™

happy robbie
happy robbie

i want to bring attention to this Blessed Audio of robbie singing during summer is the season