it's real deep

he’s gonna start reciting a poem any minute.

staring at the ceiling and listening to sad pop punk songs is slowly becoming my thing

me to myself: hey remember that time in throam when ryan and brendon ran into each other at that party after like being separated for 6 years and ryan going to his show watching him perform ??

me whispering to myself: holy shit it’s happening i don’t trust anna green


almost paradise | mac & dennis

  • Me: I bet giffing the fighting styles in LOK will be tough, when I finally get to it, because of how fast and intense some of the fighting sequences are, and given all the different techniques that go into the new moves in the new series--seventy years on. Blink and you miss it--that sort of thing.
  • Me: *watches a couple of Book 1 clips to test this hypothesis*
  • Me: Holy shit--tough doesn't even cut it.

Hey friends, i’m back with another book rec! If a sweet and sex positive wlw romance between a pansexual guitar player and a lesbian Filipino ballerina set in a bookshop sounds like something that might interest you, i recommend you check out The Melody of You and Me by M. Hollis. 💖



Someone needs to like write this but with Ned and Petyr!


“Please don’t call him that”