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Genre: smut, college au
Pairing: Jimin x reader
Word count: 1895

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“You should try the Tteokbokki” you heard from your right as you were looking at the menu that was hung on the wall behind the counter. “What?” you said in a surprised tone as you looked besides you to find an orange haired, slightly muscular guy staring at you. He pointed at the menu before repeating “The Tteokbokki. It’s really good. Do you like spicy food?” he reached behind him to pull the zipper of his black backpack and take his wallet out.

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Episode 33

Lol, guys just play the episode then move on.
This episode accurately displays teenage life super well, dealing with peer pressure and boys n hormones of these kids, none of these characters are perfect and thats kinda the point and its essential to the modern teenage story. Just finish the episode or play another game;Teenagers are not nuns.

But also, do you REALLY think Chino has the time to make a whole diff storyline just so you can feel a certain type of way even tho were all trying to get to the same place to reach the illustration even though it took us like 4 years to get skin tones?

Drinking, sex, partying, and peer pressure are all apart of regular teenage life just as friendship, love, and support are.

No one is forcing you to play this game.

I’m always disappointed when I find some very insightful commentary, dig into the author a bit, and find a lot of hatred of asexual & aromatic people. And I know that some people can divorce the author from the writing and reblog content from people whose opinions don’t line up with theirs, but I personally I can’t in good conscience boost the voices of people who spew hatred towards me and people like me. That’s not a moral imperative towards any of you - you continue to do what works for you - but it is how I personally operate.

It is frustrating how much the climate on Tumblr has changed for asexual & aromantic people in the past few years. I’ve been here since mid-2011 - I’ve been here since before I knew I was asexual - and the attitude this site has towards us has changed dramatically. Then again, so have politics. But I digress. It is very exhausting to see how much things have regressed for us, how little acceptance exists for us, and how being on here is always a test to see how long it will be until someone I follow ends up being an acephobe or an arophobe.

I want to emphasize my staunch support for both communities, though especially the asexual community, since it’s the one I have more first-hand experience with. It has its issues, yes - I can personally attest to this, having lived through some of the history myself. I used to follow the asexuality tag and talk to people with harmful opinions - for example, people who would make false equivalences that were homophobic - as well as people who were misinformed about asexuality, its spectrum of identities, and how that interacts with other kinds of identity. I tried my best to help improve the community, but that isn’t very realistic in this kind of environment, when tags are so full of hate that it’s hard to find room for any other discussion. And that deeply frustrates me. The asexual community granted me a freedom of identity that has helped me immensely, and I wish that every asexual person out there could experience the same thing. I extend similar, though perhaps less informed, vibes to the aromantic community, who experienced much of the same issues and fought for visibility like us.

I joke about this from time to time, but I do wish I could go back to the days of celibate and sexually-active asexuals fighting over who needed visibility more, or the nth iteration of “but if you have a libido how can you be asexual?” It was so, so much better than what’s been going on on Tumblr for the past year and a half or so. I want to fight against it, but I am too tired to do more than block the acephobes & arophobes I find and move on. But perhaps that is enough, for now. If one less person gives them a platform, maybe that will limit their exposure just a bit.

I don’t know. It’s midnight here, and I am very tired and very frustrated. I wish things could be better.


I had so many friends suffering from anxiety and depression. Ive lost friends who had gave up on themselves because tbey felt as if they never had anyone to reach out to about their problems. Its time to let people hear your story and spread the word . i want you guys to post a black and white photo whether its yourself, a person or anything you want or you can post a video as well . I want you to post it using the hashtag #strongandbeautiful and tag me on here, instagram(rosegold_thickbone) as well as my twitter ( shecacleveland) . The point of it is to make it known to the world that depression is a serious feeling mentally and physically and we want to show that we really care and want to be there for one another. Everyone is beautiful no matter what ..we should always stay strong and stay beautiful. Lets make it worldwide and build a worldwide friendship as well as saving lives ! ❤❤❤

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Name: Dixie
Nickname: Ranger
Starsign: Libra
Sexual orientation: Ace
Hogwarts house: That one. *points vaguely*
Favorite color: Purple
Cats or dogs: Cats
Favorite fictional characters: I have… a lot. You guys probably know most of them now anyway considering I never shut up about them.
Dream trip: There are lots of places I’d love to see, but more importantly a lot of friends I’d love to meet. The nice thing about dreams though is sometimes they come true…
When was this blog created: 2012
Number of followers: 962
When did this blog reach its peak: Last night when one of my BLoSC posts reached 1000+ notes. I’m so proud. :’)

anonymous asked:

Hey guys im very wary about sex cause im very insecure :( its to the point were i can barely let people touch me or see me and im all body positive but i cant seem to get over it with my own body :(( any tips ?

Don’t force yourself, this stuff takes time. It’s perfectly ok to need to reach a level of comfort with someone in order
To have sex. Thinking about sex hypothetically can be scary, but once you find someone who you feel completely comfortable and at home with, it will feel a lot less scary. There’s no need to rush this. When you want to have sex, you can begin to think about this and begin to talk to your partner about your feelings.

Love you,

Now the night is coming to an end. The sun will rise and we will try again.

The date was May 15, 2013. It was about 10:30PM, and I was pressed up against the stage at Amos’s South End, a music venue in Charlotte, North Carolina. I had traveled a few hours to see a band that I had recently discovered and fallen in love with; they were Twenty One Pilots, a group made up of just two guys that put on the best live show I have ever seen.

The duo was about to play their last song when Tyler Joseph, the singer and songwriter, said, “This song is a celebration. We’re all alive.” That was a really powerful moment for me, as my seemingly endless struggle with depression and anxiety had reached its worst point ever that past semester.

Stay alive, stay alive for me. You will die, but now your life is free.

I’ve always loved the nighttime. There’s just something about the quiet darkness that’s always seemed peaceful to me. But for someone with anxiety, the nighttime can be terrifying. It was 2AM when I had my first anxiety attack. My roommate was asleep. My parents were asleep. I had never felt so alone and haven’t since. 

I plugged in my headphones and put my Spotify library on shuffle. “Truce” was the first song that played. I put it on repeat and eventually fell asleep. The next morning, the sun came up. I woke up. I survived the worst night of my life. I knew the darkness would return, but I also knew that I would make it through.

I will fear the night again, I hope I’m not my only friend.

I am still dealing with my illnesses. I might always have to deal with them. But I won’t ignore them. I won’t let them control me. I won’t let my fear take away my desire to truly live. I’ve decided to be honest with others about how I’m doing, especially my close friends and family. I’m working on fighting the stigma, not only in society, but also within myself. I’m working on loving myself enough to believe the words I tell other people—that we are not alone in this world. That better days are ahead. That we are loved.

Stay alive, stay alive for me.

Twenty One Pilots like to use the phrase “stay alive.” Those two words are in their songs, and they say it at their concerts. I always loved that they said this to their fans, but it wasn’t until a dear friend pointed out to me how powerful that statement is that I really thought about it. Telling someone to stay alive doesn’t only mean telling them, “Don’t harm yourself.” It means stay vibrant. Stay hopeful. Stay you. Hold on to the things that give you life and make you feel worthy and loved and like you aren’t alone.

So, this - life, music, everything - is a celebration. We’re all alive. Stay alive.

- Kylie, TWLOHA Summer 2015 Intern

(Theory) Primal Volcanion? Volcanion getting a role in Sun/Moon?

Hi guys, here’s the first theory I’m going to share with you all! I’ve been thinking about it ever since the name of the kingdom where this year’s Pokémon movie will take place (Azoth Kingdom) was revealed. Then it was impulsed even more after the official announcement of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, when I started to research about alchemy and now this theory has reached its highest point after the recent news regarding the new games. I’m sure you’re asking “Why so? Why would Volcanion have something to do with the new games?” Well… Read on and find out!

As many of you can probably tell, lately the guys at Game Freak are going strong with alchemy related themes. What, you don’t know what I’m talking about? Does Project AZOTH ring any bells?

One could say that “Project AZOTH” is the codename for Team Magma/Aqua’s goal. As all Pokémon fans know, the peeps from Team Magma or Team Aqua (depending on the version) want to summon Groudon/Kyogre to expand the land and the ocean respectively but, there’s more! Here’s some quotes from the Project AZOTH files, they can be found in Team Magma or Team Aqua’s hideout (only in ORAS):

“The goal of Project AZOTH is to return the world-to return everything-to the beginning.”

“Primal Reversion is a potential of Pokémon Evolution, a potential different from Mega Evolution.”

“Primal Reversion […] absorbs natural energy […] thereby increasing its power dramatically.”

“Both states enhance Pokémon’s power: the difference lies in the source of the required energy.”

“We intend to analyze the power of the ultimate weapon used in Kalos 3,000 years ago.”

“Devon Corporation holds the secret of the technology of the ultimate weapon.”

So what we can gather from here is that Team Magma/Aqua wanted to return everything to its primal state to make something better… And that’s exactly what the Azoth ritual is about. First let’s take a look at the definition of Azoth:

Agent of transformation? Animating spirit hidden in all matter that makes transmutation possible?! That sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Of course it does, that’s what Mega Evolution/Primal Reversion is about! At this point I’m sure you are wondering “Okay and what’s Volcanion part in all of this?” That’s a question I’m going to answer very soon but first, I must talk about something else: As you must know, last week we got two know (after a very long time) the starters and mascot legendaries for the new Pokémon games, Sun and Moon. There’s something interesting about them…

See? People at Game Freak are very enthused about alchemy lately and I don’t blame them, is a fascinating subject! But what I really want to show with this is that Project AZOTH is not a onetime thing, if that wasn’t clear enough with the Azoth Kingdom (yes, I know the anime is unrelated to the games but bear with me).  I think it’s clear that alchemy will play a big role in the new games. If you don’t believe me, judge by yourself!

Now ladies and gentleman, it’s finally time… I’m going to explain what Volcanion’s part in all of this is! Of course, we still need to talk about alchemy. I think this picture will show very well my point:

Solar fire, lunar water and Edem, a word meaning “vapor” in Hebrew… All these things can be applied to our steamy friend, right?

I hope I’m making myself clear: according to my theory, the one I’m sharing with you all right now, Volcanion might get a Primal Reversion or something similar, or at least play a role in the games. I know, you must think I’m crazy for thinking that Volcanion would get a treatment exclusively reserved to Groudon and Kyogre but, consider the following: the strength at which Volcanion expels water from his arms can reduce a mountain to absolutely nothing, creating plains. What’s more, according to an NPC on Kalos, Volcanion is worshipped in the southern part of the region for that very reason. On the opposite side, I’m sure that Volcanion could use the water on his body to fill “small” water masses like lakes and such. That could make him a parallel to Groudon and Kyogre!

What if Volcanion ends up becoming a plot point on Sun/Moon? What if the evil team seeks him to use his powers with something related to Solgaleo and/or Lunaala? Or something similar to Heatran on Pokémon Platinum! Maybe we get to capture him in-game, a la Deoxys! Probably the Deoxys on the DE was put here to set a precedent, a precedent of an event pokémon being caught during the normal gameplay.

That could also explain why Volcanion is being distributed as the ticket pre order event rather than the movie event, an honor that has been transferred to whoever wins the Pokémon Elections and that could be an ordinary pokémon. Not even Magearna was considered for the movie event, which probably means that we will have to wait until Sun/Moon is out to get her in our games.

If you made it here, I want to thank you for reading through all of this! Now only time will tell if this theory comes true or if, instead, it gets debunked. Meanwhile, we should enjoy the news about the games that (hopefully) we will get each month.

And that’s all for now, expect to see more theories in the future!

It’s funny to me when people are like “there’s absolutely no proof of cockles” bc the tinhattiest of j2 tinhats had to come up with a word to explain why Jensen was flirting with Misha. Even they reached a point where they were like “okay fine they’re flirting they might be into each other a little BUT ITS ONLY TO PROTECT THE J’S ONE TRUE ROMANCE [nervous laughing]”

wweh this took long… Anyways
Im often thinking of how I never really push myself to the limit to see how far my art skill reach, so I tried to actually spend quality time on a drawing to see

and I discovered even this (something I spent a lot of time on) isnt as far as my skills go

I hope you guys like it :D


I’m only posting up to the first 50 pages, but if you wanna, you can watch me write/update it until that point. 

What is it about?

 Its a book about space and love and high school in a world where people leave to travel the stars and never ever return.  These travelers leave their loved ones behind to wait for radio transmissions, that– on occasion– must travel light years to reach them. Can come at any time, day or night. And, if missed, are lost to the vacuum of space, reverberating out into the velvet of the cosmos.  

Read read read! Once it hits 50 pages, it will be locked until I can get it on a shelf~ god willing.  Also! Page turner thing on this theme is on the right if you hover!

Art sources: joanna haber; bird print,  Markus Nowak; of Butterflies and Astronauts; shit graphic design skills? all mine

When I saw people getting surprised at the existence of Team Will and Team Hannibal, I knew I had reached the age of fandom grandparent. 

in my day we had posts about Team Hannibal and Team Will that went around and the most notes was winning and in order to like them we had to walk uphill in the snow for six miles and you shoulda seen what it was like to even attempt a reblog ho ho whippersnapper


I was reading the Junior Novelization of Big Hero 6 im definitely not too old to read this pfft what made you think that and I got to the part where Tadashi ran into the building…well, I’ll let you guys read what happened next:

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hi my lovely buds!! finally ive foudn time to choose my faves, but before i do that i wanted to point out one thing: i reached my goal, 2k, thank to you guys and it would have never happened if i hadnt followed everyone that i follow atm so a massive thank you goes to all buds who helped me since i started my journey on here (really cheesy huh) and i wanted to tell you that im always here, 24/7, if you ever need compliments, cute msgs, a hand in anything or just a chat 🌺 hopefullyyou guys will find more blogs to follow and be friends with + ill put them in groups so its more neat and nice!! ok now here we go yeah 🐥🌟

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 i would like to thank everyone who spent 10 second of their life to reblog my post and participate, it was really exciting to discover new blogs and people as well and im glad i had the chance to do this x if you were not chosen, please dont be sad and although it probably sounds silly, you have to know that i still love you no matter what and ill be making a new faves page soon so there will be another occasion x uhm btw you have to go follow all these cute gorgeous hella rad peeps bc they have perfect blogs yea!!
The Guy with the Wings Showed Up ~ With Just-another-rp-blog


Earlier today I picked up a job. I had to off some drug lord that was too high in the ranks for someone and the pay out was high. The only way I could get to him was the way I do everything. Guns blazing, swords in asses. Floor after floor I was slicing and shooting bodies. This sounds like something from Deadpool’s game. I was thinking the same thing but, the forward approach is always cool. That’s why I do it. I finally reached the guy on the top floor. “Fucking finally, I don’t really get tired but offing guys usually loses its charm after about the 16th floor you know. Who hides out in a 27 story building any. Who builds a building with an odd number of floors anyway?” I say staring the guy in the face, pointing my pistol at him. “You feeling lucky punk?” I quoted.


Like dear lord give me strength. 

Ok, so Riley and Lucas clearly made a point of DOING things at their own pace. They had an unofficial thing, where they knew at some point they would have a thing. 


Honestly, I would like to see how many of you guys had a relationship at their age. 

Just because you don’t think an unofficial thing means anything…DOESN’T MEAN ITS THE SAME FOR THEM. 

Riley and Lucas were doing their relationship at their OWN pace, and I highly believe that if the triangle wasn’t a thing that Rucas would have happened in Texas. 

Follower Drabble

Guys, I reached a follower milestone tonight–500, which is just… 

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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! However long you’re with me, I appreciate it more than you know–I love y’all!! <3 I have no idea what rewards you guys might actually want (I would offer fic prompts if I didn’t have so many things I’m trying to write right now)–let me know. I might do a giveaway at some point, just not sure what. :) For now, I will just offer you this ridiculously silly dialogue drabble… we’ll see how long you stick with me after this. ;P 


“What… are you doing?”

“Oh, um, nothing. Just, you know, hacking the web, like I do.”

“That was a picture of me.”

“What? Psh, no, that’s not—that was just some… strange man… I was, um, surveilling.”

“Felicity, I know what my own back looks like.”

“Do you really? Because that seems like it’d be hard to-”

“Why is there a picture of me mowing the lawn on your computer? If you want pictures of me, I think we can do better than that.”

“No, it’s not—wait, yes, we are definitely coming back to that—but this isn’t… like that. I was… posting it. Online.”


“Okay, don’t be mad, but I got so many more followers when I started posting pictures of you; it’s kind of addicting.”

“You’ve been posting pictures of me online? Felicity, that’s-”

“Not your face! I mean, God, can you imagine how many more followers I would get with your face? But… I wouldn’t do that. Just, you know, candid shots, your back or just your arms and stuff. There was this one of you cooking—it got like thousands of-”

“I don’t know about this.”

“My name’s not on the account, so no one knows it’s us. They just think we’re some normal suburbanites… which, I guess, we sort of are now. And it’s fun—I’m pretty sure someone started writing fanfic about us.”


“Sometimes I forget how much you don’t know. Wait, don’t-”

“Did that person just call me a… cupcake?”

“Don’t even get me started on what they want to do with your frosting.”