it's raining in my heart

i made a playlist for making out
obsessed in what you are all about
from your eyes to your ears
uncovering skin to all fears

imagine how far my heart could leap,
how many beats my heart could skip
move closer and hear its silent scream
come here, to my chest go on and lean

i want to kiss your lips until they turn blue
darling, i will mark and leave the world a clue
from your lips to your neck down to your chest
lie down and let, to my hands leave me the rest

i want to lock your hands against the sheets
hold and caress you as the precious time fleets
keep you down, make you scream until all numb
pouring out my love, i would not leave a crumb

i want to press all of you against mine
let our bodies be one golden shrine
when our souls and pieces finally meet
let them intertwine and dance to one beat

i want to hear you call my name the loudest
savour the sound of your voice, my dearest
every shape your lips could change appearance
our love anew would come into existence

now we wait for the sun to peek from the horizon
in each other’s, we lie awake as the world goes on
after all the rain had showered its radiance on us
carefully carry my heart as i do yours in my arms


Red Rain- Hunters/ Slayers

It took me months just to come up with what would suit these boys. Months of thinking and searching for the perfect clothes.

I had to piece together hundreds of clothes. I’m not kidding. 

This AU is my baby and I’m so glad to finally seeing it come together. Even if it’s just the concept art of their gear.
It actually started with an anatomy study. The base, actually. Just the anatomy study took me weeks.
Then I had to come up with what their fighting style would be… Their preference of clothing, seeing how it will move around with them, how it would “protect them”, and their overall aesthetic. I posted a WIP MONTHS ago and wow… I actually never stopped coming up with designs and going back again and again because I want everything to be perfect. XD

I’m not very good with words but I hope you guys can see every single detail I took into consideration. I would ramble about every single batboy in their own post because this commentary would be hella long if I did. Haha! 

Anyway… I just want to share this with everyone because of all the love and effort I placed into it.

I never built a world like this before and it was soooo much fun! Actually just seeing the finished result and showing it to you guys is already such a dream for me.

Hope you’ll love these designs as much as I do! (◡‿◡✿)

Click here for more detailed info on their gear and clothing!

Dick || Jason || Tim || Damian

#4 for Inktober: Sebastian from Stardew Valley


Red Rain- Damian Al Ghul-Wayne

    Damian was born out of the love of Bruce and Talia. Though Ra’s wants Bruce to join him in his cause, he refused. Talia was actually happy that her beloved didn’t agree. It was hard for Bruce to leave his child’s mother but he was very adamant in going against Ra’s desire to have a perfect world without any half-blooded creatures.
     Talia once told Bruce that her father is doing such a thing because those said “half-bloods” are the ones that killed her mother and they do nothing but pollute the Earth. Right before Bruce left, he told Talia that their child must never ever be indoctrinated by such things no matter what.

     When Damian was born, he was actually treated as something highly precious because it’s very, very rare for two full blooded vampires to have a child. It was never in their physiology to bear children that’s why it’s almost a miracle that Damian came to be.
     Damian spent decades hidden away from his grandfather. Talia wanted to honor her beloved by raising their child on her own and wishing for him to live in a better world. Damian was able to train under the best teachers, masters, and scholars. He is very adept in the arts, very well-read, and he is very compassionate about other living things. He was able to live with his mother for decades but one day, his grandfather found them and decided to take Damian away.
     Talia was awfully upset and she did everything to get her son back. She was furious because Ra’s declared that Damian would be the one to lure Bruce in joining his cause. She fought very hard and actually won. She was able to escape with Damian and she travelled to Nanda Parbat. There, she would train Damian even more because she knows that they would greatly need it sooner or later.

     True enough… Their time away from Ra’s was short lived. This time Ra’s wanted to make sure that Talia wouldn’t run away with his grandson. He separated the two, Talia not knowing what her father might do to Damian. Years later, Ra’s finally allowed Talia to see Damian. To her horror, he was brainwashed and made as a perfect weapon, hellbent in doing his grandfather’s bidding. Talia wanted to burn the whole castle down for what Ra’s did but Ra’s offered Talia to see Bruce because he found out where he is now.
      They made a deal… And that is to simply bring Damian to his father after all these years.

     Damian’s gear is a mix of what he wore during his “missions” for his grandfather and a bit of what Bruce gave him. It’s designed for comfort and the motif is ninja-like. The materials used to be cloth with some armor but then it was upgraded with a mix of kevlar and fireproof cloth.
     One time, Kon was looking at the fur lining on Damian’s clothes… Without even asking, Damian told him: “It’s the pelt of a very powerful Alpha that I was tasked to slay. I had to put him down because he was nothing more than a rabid animal." Then he added: ”…It was my very first mission.“

     His little black scarf was actually from his mother. He loves that scarf very much and he believes that it brings him good luck. If you look closely at the design on his back, it’s a golden trimming on his spine. I actually designed it in reference to Damian having his spine operated on back in the comic. Teehee~
     The "R” on his chest was an embroidery from Dick. Much to Damian’s dislike at first, Dick called him “Little Robin” because he flutters about. Damian hated it because 1. Tim is also likened to a Robin 2. He said that Robins do not even sound THAT threatening. And 3. Dick did a horrible job in trying to embroider the symbol. Alfred should have just done it instead. BUT he keeps it on anyway. XD

     Damian is a weapons master. He loves using bladed weapons the most but he never goes out in the field without his katana. It was a gift from his grandfather. Given to him after his first successful mission. It is said to eat souls and the more impure beings it slays, the more it grants the bearer strength.
     Along with the katana, Damian carries around a couple of kunai, shurikens and occasionally a pair of Sai. He keeps some wooden stakes too because it’s really a must for them.

     His martial arts training consists of almost every Asian style. But he prefers Baguazhang, Ninjutsu, Judo, Aikido, Eskrima, and Silat. Due to Ra’s training Damian, he was taught to always go for a swift kill. He was told that if he hesitates and even stops for a while, you might have a while to even think of mercy.

     Overall, Damian is designed to be unstoppable and never easy to take down. He can use his clothes to stealth, take anyone from the shadows, and even provide him some warmth because truth be told, the fur lining is top quality. Out of all of the boys, Damian’s is the most practical and lightest to wear.

Random facts: 

     Damian has a pet hellhound he named Titus who appeared out of nowhere one snowy day. Titus was the son of another hellhound and Cerberus. Titus can talk and he also breathes fire but he was trained not to burn down the manor. Also, Damian is older than Dick, Jason, and Tim combined. Since he’s the child of two pure blooded vampires, he ages slowly. After centuries, he still looks 10.
     Another special trait he inherited from his parents is the fact that he’s a “Daywalker.” He cannot be burned by the sun unlike other vampires. Others who can “Daywalk” is Dick and Ra’s. An advantage to Damian being able to do so is that he can go out with his father and the public sees him as the heir of Bruce’s fortune. Lastly, One thing that Damian HATES are werewolves because his spine was half clawed out by one. He calls them “mutts” with much revulsion and his opinion on them cannot be easily swayed.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY I AM DONE!!! THANK YOU FOR READING THIS WALL OF TEXT!! *Gives you a flower crown and kisses you*

Hope you guys like this!

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Dick || Jason || Tim

The sky is dark, half of it is blue. If the color blue had a shape it would look like you. And I love the color blue, but I shouldn’t love you. The sky is burning because the Moon wants to touch the Sun. But maybe the Sun has never cared about the Moon. And so we run in circles, never knowing that the gravity of our smiles hold the time we need to say hello. I wanted to be your breath, so I followed the wind into the rain that birthed the earth, the thunder that spoke your existence. You suddenly stopped running one day, and its been raining in my heart since then. My heart is too heavy to run with, and I don’t even want to run without holding your hand. I still miss your existence in my life. Every time I look up to the sky, the Moon shines brighter, as if she understands my pain. Every surface I caress with a touch meant for you. Every time I open the door is a wish for you to come home. Every drink is a reason for something to hear my thoughts, a story of I miss you’s longer than the grit we’ve been placing between our nails. Every piece of me misses you even after every piece of me is broken because of you. I love you when I shouldn’t, just like the Moon loves the Sun when she shouldn’t.
—  A collab with @blueemelancholia

Some words are abandoned
Cast to the side
Of the angry troposphere

Everything is careful
Trees, rain, a weakened sun

I say your name
Relief wells in my throat
I stand up straighter

The earth snores steady
Relentless adaptation

And with its slumber
So goes my heart


Red Rain- Jason Peter Todd

     Dick actually met a very young Jason trying to defend himself and his dying mother from creatures that were trying to eat them. Dick saw how brave and fearless he was and after everything, they sadly couldn’t save Jason’s mother. Jason then tells Dick that he wants to be a Slayer/ Hunter just like him because he doesn’t want anyone to experience what he went through.
     After begging Bruce to take Jason in, he was finally taken in. Bruce saw the potential in Jason and the determination to become better and stronger.
    Years later and in one unfortunate night, Jason had to face off against a “rogue” as what Bruce and Dick called it. He was caught while he was trying to gather enough information and he was bitten by a rogue vampire Bruce called “Joker.”
     Dick thought Jason would die from the wounds but he unfortunately got turned and the poison slightly made him insane. Once Jason got a bit more conscious, he hated what happened to him and he blames himself for not being careful enough. He isolates himself from Bruce, Dick, and Alfred and goes away somewhere very, very far to train his appetite.

     Soooo~ Jason comes back into the Manor after a long looooong time. Bruce and Dick welcomed him back along with Tim. He was a little distant from them and a bit too critical with Tim because he was ultimately concerned. Tim was merely a human then. Though his relationship with them is a little strained, he still wanted to continue to fight for what he promised Bruce.

    And so he got this new gear! His coat was actually from Bruce and he loves it very much. But it was too huge on him when he first got it. Since years have passed, he proudly wears it and he never goes out on a mission without it. It’s also fireproof and isn’t easily destroyed.

     If you’re wondering why Jason has a gas mask, he wears it just so he couldn’t catch the scent of blood because no matter how hard he trained, he still has a very strong bloodlust. The scent of fresh blood makes him rabid and the only solution Bruce came up with is to give him a specially designed gas mask that’s filled with the most fragrant flowers and herbs. Kind of like what Plague Doctors put in their masks. It helps him a lot out there in the field. He does take it off when he’s back at the Manor where he knows it’s safer.

     Among everyone, Jason is the most heavily armed. He specializes in guns and he’s the designated sniper, too. He carries around numerous hand guns, a shotgun, and at times a 6 foot sniper rifle. His favorite has to be a vintage revolver that looks like it’ll fall apart anytime soon but it means so much to him because Alfred was the one who gave it to him as a gift one time.
     Also, he needs to have wooden stakes, knives, and his favorite Kris/ Kalis which was given by Talia is kept somewhere under his coat’s arms. It’s a surprise as to where he keeps his other weapons, actually. Along with his other concealed weapons, he has a little pouch on his right thigh where you can find specially forged bullets. Each and every bullet there is unique and Jason knows what they’re for exactly.

     Jason also knows a lot of martial arts but his most preferred ones ar for extreme close combat and I’ve actually always seen Jason as someone who’s really good in grappling. Namingly, Jiu Jitsu, Vale Tudo, Ringen, and also Aikido. He also knows and prefers Tae Kwon Do.

     Jason does not need to be as agile as Dick but he’s quite swift if given the chance. Among all of them, he has unbelievable strength next to Bruce. At rare occurrences, his strength is multiplied when he goes “berserk.”

     If you look at his top, it’s actually quite thick because it’s mostly made out of kevlar. Since Jason does more of the frontlining most of the time, he needs added protection from a rain of bullets, knife cuts, scratches, and so many more.

    Overall, Jason can work from afar and his enhanced eyesight helps so much in sniping while his strength is a great asset when it comes to hand to hand combat. Whoever’s in his way starts running away once they see him put his coat aside. XD

Random facts:

     Jason. LOVES. SWEETS. Especially if it’s made by Alfred. Dick teases him about it to no end and they know he won’t share. XD Also, he has a soft spot for adorable little animals. It’s something he shares with Damian and much to Damian’s amusement, they’re huge cat people. Lastly, though him and Dick see each other as brothers, he sees Dick more as a rival… A rival for Bruce, that is. 

SORRY FOR THE WALL OF TEXT!! I got carried away with the backstory oops. 

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Dick || Tim || Damian

After all this time, it’s finally raining right here.

In an attempt to get better at using drawpile, AND to also crawl out of this rut I’ve been in, I’ve been drawing many skeletons haha. 

Things have been sort of rough recently for me so I wanted to just draw happy skels and barf out a bunch of hearts everywhere for these precious babs so well… here it is LOL~ Enjoy an interested and amused Sans witnessing the rain for the first time on the outside! I kept listening to “It’s raining somewhere else” and how it’s pretty soft and sort of sad, and I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe it was sort of like that because all the monsters were trapped underground.

They never got to see the sun, or the real stars or rain. It was always shining, twinkling, raining somewhere else. But now the monsters have been freed, and they’re finally in that place where it rains. 

Hope everyone is doing well and to take care of yourself c: Lots of love and hearts to you all! 


Because this most sincere smile of pure joy deserves a post of its own. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

So one thing I just noticed is that Bull doesn’t respond to any of your overly sexual come-ons in any way, but given the way that the missions line up (and romance being initiated after DotQ) the first time that Bull actually responds to your flirting on the Save the Chargers path is when you’re not flirting at all - when you challenge his perception of events, tell him that this doesn’t change him and that he’s a ‘good man’.

Bull literally responds to your treating him as a person rather than a sexual object. As an individual, rather than a tool.

The mission and the aftermath are also the points where Bull shows his emotional insecurity to the Inquisitor for the first time, and the flirt prompts are all about telling him that this doesn’t change him, that he’s still the same person, that the Inquisitor still believes in him.

And it’s really interesting that Bull will only respond to the advances of an Inquisitor when they’re not sexual in nature - it’s kind of like the sex is self defense when he talks about it at other times, but he won’t have that sort of relationship with someone he knows and cares about. Bull doesn’t fuck his friends, but he’ll have a meaningful relationship with someone who can see him for who he is and believes in who he is.

From the start Bull will only enter into a relationship with the Inquisitor if he thinks that the Inquisitor cares about who he is, not what he is.


- Harry’s trouble is that he’s never grown up. Anyone can impose on him.