it's quite true :(

lily and james, a few months ago: being a parent will be soooo easy lol

lily and james now:

a part of a birthday gift for @wingedcorgi , happy birth!! ❤️


Decided to go ahead and post my contribution to the SPN artbook. It feels a bit surreal to be posting something that’s months old.


Happy 263rd, kiddo! Thank you for all your brilliance, dedication, hard work, and trouble instigating. It was nice to finally meet you in person.

[Col. Benjamin Tallmadge, born Feb 25, 1754; died March 7, 1835]

INFPs have such a deep compacity for ❤~love~❤️, and 💖~caring~💖, and 

B U R N I N G   H A T R E D

If I ever make a post about wanting diverse books and you’re considering recommending a book by SJM maybe just like…don’t?

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Sorry but I don't see things getting worse. Harry and Louis have been MIA a lot lately. Louis is back in the U.K., not LA, after playing a mega festival and had a stunt free lads weekend :) Harry, after 15 months, launched his project on the 25th of all days, Niall commented & liked his pic (hasn't happened in ages) aka publicly supported him! Louis&H changed their headers/icons the same day, both headers have blue&green! And no baby since January!!! It's April :)

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“This blogger draws Sweeney Todd quite a lot…” (And is still incapable of drawing him…)

Well now I’m just bored and telling you about myself through bad doodles. XD

Ruud Jolie has repsonded to an article that was published which claimed that the new Within Temptation album will be the last, as well as rumours about the name/style/collaborations/release date.

Spoiler: It’s not true.

                         If it’s true what they say

                                if there’s nothing to be done 

                if there’s no part to be played

                               if there’s no song to be sung.

                                                Take this voice

                                          take these hands

            I can’t use them anyway
                             Take this music and the memory
                    Of the muse from which it came
                                                          If it’s true what they say
                                                                 I’ll be on my way

When you’re little your dad’s your hero and role model. You’d listen whenever he said ‘watch that move or that player’. Then you grow up, spend years in the game and realise that your dad has no f****** idea. He doesn’t even notice half the things that happen out on the pitch. He just sees that we’re winning and says 'we’re playing well’, but sometimes you’re winning and not playing well, whilst other times you’re losing and playing outstanding football.
—  Gerard Pique

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hey! :) who are your favorite korrasami writers? i saw you made a list of stories before, but do you have suggestion for writers in general to dive into?

Hey there! Sorry for the slight delay in responding, but thank you for the awesome question!

Hmmmm, my favourite korrasami writers? It’s tough to narrow down since I’ve come across so many of them, but I would choose these people as my top 5 (in no particular order):

Writerleft aka @threehoursfromtroy

paxbanana (I don’t think they have an account on here)

SimplyKorra aka @weissrose on this site



Most of these authors have written stories for other fandoms too besides Korra (you should totally check some of those stories out if you’re interested).

Almost all of these writers were listed on my korrasami fic rec post as well (sorry to those writers for the little spam!), but I listed them here again for good reason.

They all do such a wonderful job of diving deep into characterization and making those characters feel real and believable. I bet its quite hard to stay true to characters that have been written by other content creators, but all of these listed authors hit the ball out of the part!

This also goes for world expansion (e.g. the Avatar universe) and elaborating more on things such as culture, adventure and/or relationship building through these use of very interesting plot lines! 

I could go on about how awesome these people all are but I’m going to keep this post a little bit shorter than my fic rec one :P. But, I’ll always stand by these 5 choices because they are all awesome!

And again, if followers have some other authors to share, go right ahead! 

Thanks for the question anon!!! <3