it's quite rude really

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I hope to one day kick you in the balls & punch your face . Not because you're gay or gender fluid. It's just because you really are quite a rude asshole.

this is like, really funny to me

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Oh look, the subtle shade against Jen is back in parts of the CS fandom. As if she would be the only one getting to decide which wedding dress Emma would wear. But it's funny to see how entitled some fans are to think they know better what kind of dress Emma would wear than the actual actress who plays her and has studied the character for 6 years. It's really rude, upsetting, and, to be quite honest, pretty disrespectful towards Jen, Adam and Eddy and Eduardo's work on it.

I agree with all of this, anon. I am probably more defensive than I should be when it comes to Emma and Jen so all this shade is unsettling to me. I get the opinion that it’s not unique … I can understand that … but the entirety of OUAT is based off of fairy tales so having Emma’s dress be inspired by a real life princess is delightful to me.

I also have this theory that Snow wants Emma to wear a different dress but this is the one that Emma wants…