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i love having to resize gifs like 10 times its my favourite hobby

i make a million aus to just let them be forgotten forever lmao

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Pidge and Hunk working together in the kitchen (Cause its mostly Pidge's herbs Hunk uses anyway) Inside jokes between them that Pidge calls kitchen memes (silly little tech witch), Lance coming in to taste test and the back of his hand getting smacked with a wooden spoon. Hunk drawing sigils into pie crust for happiness, and luck. Pidge using bay leaves as often as possible for prosperity. Keith sometimes steals the bay leaves himself to burn for rituals, his room always smells afterwards.

this is so cute and good I love this so much…….


mad as rabbits // panic! at the disco

1. Do not love like an apology.
Love with a passion that opens fissures under your feet. If it does not make your skin thrum and your blood sing, then shove Cupid’s quiver through your heart. Love wholly, or not at all.

2. Do not live in possibilities.
Leave the ‘maybe’s, the 'perhaps’, the 'what-if’s to themselves. Glory does not come to those who mope around about their fate. It was to happen, it has happened. Look ahead, not behind.

3. Live like a goddess.
Make your presence felt. Make your absence sting. Drink in the love you get and let it course through your veins. Make a home wherever you go, a famine whenever you leave. Be grand, be epic.

4. Rule the title you wear.
You are a queen, be a queen. Those around you should be reassured by your presence; be a mother, a matron, a friend, a guide; use your staff to comfort and to punish. Above all, be worthy of your pedestal.

5. Take your destiny by its throat.
Rip into it and never regret being fierce. Don’t run from what comes your way; charge towards it. Wrestle with it, break it, bend it. And remember, when life gives you pomegranates, you eat them.

—  Five Things Persephone Taught Me || A. B.

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