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Now each of these four founders formed their own house; for each

Did value different virtues; in the ones they had to teach.  (x)



#happy_dk_vernon_day to the dk side of the equation!  thank you for being a bright ray of happiness!  here’s to more beautiful smiles and incredible vocals! happy birthday, sunshine! ♥


We Are Young: Instagram Edition (x)
pt. 15 - More Raijinshuu, requested by anon
or, the band really likes statement gifts

I’ve had this headcanon for a while now about the band being fond of buying little stuff for each other every so often?

Laxus is the ‘they will REALLY like this oh it’s cheap and i got extra cash better buy it now’ type of friend. He gives you something and then just shrugs.

Ever is the 'THIS PRESENT!!! HAS TO BE!!! PERFECT!!!!!!’ friend and then she’ll act like it’s no big deal after giving it. Later Elfman will confirm that he spent HOURS trailing after her as she searched.

Bix is the fun one who sees something and goes ‘OH MY GOD THEY’LL HATE THIS SO MUCH I WILL GIVE IT TO THEM’ and his friends have grown used to receiving random novelty items. Rest assured, he knows them enough to know which gifts will cause his friends to facepalm (usually to hide their amusement) and which are actually offensive.

Freed is a lot like Ever in his perfectionism but he’s more like the ‘What will suit this person’s taste but also be functional?’ type of gift-giver. He’s practical. That’s also why he won’t throw whatever the others give him in teasing because hey… a mug… is useful…? Avocado-pattern pajamas? Useful. Glitter pens? Useful…

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Drew the good good rowdy country trash boy again because…… apparently I’m really inna mood for him???? *Gregg voice* And who could blame you~?

I’m like 96% positive that someone somewhere has to have drawn him in this pose with this catchphrase like this already, but danggit I drew it for myself anyways ‘cause I had an itch that needed to be scratched x’3 (& I’m still slowly figuring out how I wanna draw him lol but gettin’ closer now for sure! :3)


You father is the head of the Kira countermeasures office and it would be no exaggeration to say he is my right hand man.