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Now each of these four founders formed their own house; for each

Did value different virtues; in the ones they had to teach.  (x)



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At the moment that I’m writing this, my data is being eaten to shit and the internet is as slow as possible, but.. I am surrounded by beautiful scenery, a big yellow house (which is actually huge) a very familiar barn and the largest piece of land I think I’ve ever seen someone own.

At this very moment, I am on the Kent Farm.

The actual farm, not the set and not the one from Man of Steel, the Smallville one.

I wanted to write something while I’m here, I didn’t know what so I just started writing this and let the words come to me as I tap on my apparently very dirty phone that I need to clean. 

Visiting this place was always a dream to me that I never thought I’d achieve and being here is the most surreal experience I’ve ever felt. Smallville was/is one of my favorite shows, I grew up to it, I went through some pretty trying times and then that weeks episode would be based around something I was going through, the show made me laugh, made me happy, made me sad and it really helped shape a lot of the views and out looks I have. Seeing this place in person is kind of like being a kid waking up on Christmas morning, feeling that magic.

Because of the show, I write Clark and he and I are a like but so different at the same time and I guess that’s what draws me to him, how similar yet opposite we are with many things. Despite how big of a hypocrite he is in the early seasons, there is a lot to learn from him and to see his home as someone who writes him is indescribable. I’m very very lucky for all of this and to not only write him but currently take a walk in his shoes is probably the greatest thing a writer can experience, and a fan too.

Well, I’m going to look around in awe for as long as I can and then head home.
If anyone actually read all this, thank you for being a part of what makes this all so amazing, helping me keep Clark alive and explore his world.

btw: I was there around 9 am to 11 am. I had to queue this but just know this was written while I was there.


You father is the head of the Kira countermeasures office and it would be no exaggeration to say he is my right hand man.