it's queen to make it funny

how I describe the signs in men and women
  • Aries Men: Funny as fuck and can hold a conversation, make really good friends too. Also have a secret kind side.
  • Aries Women: Really chill, give little to no fucks at the same time tho. LOVE IS A GAME LMAO. Again, make amazing friends.
  • Taurus Men: Can be funny and entertaining, but you mustn't get close to them it's not big and it's not clever.
  • Taurus Women: usually bitchy as fuck. Don't really have a place in my heart for yall. Also easily offended and cry in the comments about this.
  • Gemini Men: Either love or hate them. Big ego. Will argue their side they don't care about how you feel. Fun tho.
  • Gemini Women: dramatic and will be offended if you disrespect them but you will not ruin them. Exposing Queens and they will ruin YOU.
  • Cancer Men: hidden emotions. Like to be happy and make you happy too. Can be shady if necessary.
  • Cancer Women: really kind people and are fun to be around. Very caring and usually dog people.
  • Leo Men: Omf don't even bother because they think they're just superior to you by default though despite the superiority complex they're really funny dudes and are great at parties.
  • Leo Women: They sing everywhere and anywhere. They can be annoying and bitchy sometimes but still a ride or die bitch. Loyal as fuck and will pull out at all the stops for you.
  • Virgo Men: Perfectionist fuckboys, a deadly duo that will break your heart. Clever people. May seem a bit awkward.
  • Virgo Women: Shady hoes that think they're invisible. Clever and introverted sometimes though. Can also be awkward to be around.
  • Libra Men: Sociable, funny and laid back very chill people to hang around with. A libra is never cocky or rude unless given a good reason. Generally don't like conflict.
  • Libra Women: Popular but don't seem to realise it! Naturally stylish and kind. May seem fake but it's only because they will lie to you in order to keep you happy.
  • Scorpio Men: Have an intimidating attractiveness to them. Calm and reserved. Enjoy being with one person that means a lot to them.
  • Scorpio Women: Seems vindictive and shady. However a good secret keeper. Knows everything about everyone and is sisterly to their friends.
  • Sagittarius Men: Natural leadership which is intimidating yet exciting They like to mess and joke around because they're children at heart but they are passionate fire signs at the same time and are good at most things they do.
  • Sagittarius Women: Fun and sassy. They are confident and encourage others around them to be too! Loves to travel and see different things and meet different people.
  • Capricorn Men: Come off as stern and serious though they do like to relax and gave fun too. They dislike conflict but are never afraid of it. Rational people usually.
  • Capricorn Women: Fierce and confident. They inspire themselves and others, they are devoted and willing to work and put in effort for something they want.
  • Aquarius Men: Funny in their own way and good friends, though you do not get close to them and you rarely see their "otherside" they can be egotistical. Cand be ICE COLD.
  • Aquarius Women: Cheerful and fun. Chilled people who like to think. They usually prioritize themselves over others but this is rarely out of selfishness and usually just because they are unaware that they do this.
  • Pisces Men: WasteYourTime2k17. In their minds, they can do no wrong. And when they do they know it but will not admit it. Can be fuckboys but can also be v interesting to talk to.
  • Pisces Women: Laughs all the way until something goes wrong for them then OH SHIT they are usually the victims in their head. They are very good friends and will be loyal to you and don't ruin things for people.

Oliver uses the salmon ladder for more than just his health.  »—>

A Series of Unfortunate Events (For me): Part 2

Recap: I, an aasimar Ranger, got turned into a squirrel, blinded, and hit in the face with a hammer.

Eventually, the party makes it to the queen ant, and proceed to kill it. As we now have the whole nest to deal with, we must make our escape. The bloodrager and I get seperated from the rest of the party, and take another path. We hitch a ride on Lenard, who is now the pet of B.R.

Dm: Okay, you see light ahead of you, and an odd clear stone.

Me: Okay, i’m going to roll appraisal, and probably get a nat one or something… *rolls exactly what i just said*… omfg…

Dm: Its a rock.

(Prologue: We find a shiny black rock and think it is a diamond. Funny story for a later date)

After our grand escape, we head off. The bloodrager somehow gets some jungle animals (panthers or something) to leave us alone. This irritated the dm, who intended that to be an encounter. We make camp, and B.R. has first watch.

Dm: Okay, roll perception.

B.R.: *Rolls high* okay…?

DM: Guess what?

*everyone* Oh no…

DM: Scythe tree!

*after a large amount of fighting, most of us low health, i cut of a branch of the tree, pissing it off.*

Dm: okay, i’m going to roll to hit *rolls high*, and roll for damage, *another high roll*… okay, Ranger, you take 26 damage.

Me:… I just got one shot… by a god damn tree!!

*the tree then dies after i got 1 shot.

TL;DR: My ranger had the worst day of his life. He got turned into a squirrel, blinded, hit in the face with a hammer, thought a diamond was a rock, and one shot by a tree.

Concept: on July 4th, I go out and buy twenty metric tons of fireworks, but I tell nobody. I have the fireworks delivered to my apartment in New York, but I don’t go there. I go to mar a Lago instead, where I have secretly hidden the deceleration of independence. I take the document and tear it to shreds. I write a new deceleration of Independence on twitter and tag the queen of England. She doesnt retweet me and instead tries to invade the United States to re-claim America as a British territory. That’s when I fly back to New York and wait for the British military. When they arrive I launch all of the fireworks and they spell out “the lying queen will never make America great again”. I then resign from the presidency and head back to mar a Lago for my 7am tee time the next day.

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I just binge read all your yoi twt and it's amazing????!! They're so funny. Can you possibly make one of Yuuri finally getting around to making the katsuDAMN merch and everyone wearing it including Yuuri and it's just the best thing ever!

#KatsuDAMNmerch (Part Two)

Twincest @Crispinofan69
GUYS YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT I SAW!!! #KatsuDAMNmerch @mickey-crispino
(Photo attached of Mickey wearing a pair of black sweat pants with KatsuDAMN written on the butt)

JJ’s Queen @JJsQueen52
IT IS REAL #KatsuDAMNmerch @Jjleroy!15
(Photo attached of JJ wearing red booty shorts with KatsuDAMN written on the butt)

Bunny Boy @BunnyButt
ALL THE BUTTS! #KatsuDAMNmerch @Mila-Babe @G-Popovich @yuri-plisetsky
(Photo attached of the Russian team all wearing KatsuDAMN shorts)

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Okay, okay, I will admit that #KatsuDAMNmerch is in its tester phase

Shark-Boy @PoolShark
How long till #KatsuDAMNmerch is available to the public? @yuurikatsuki

Tanned Boys @bEtTeRwHeNtAnNedD
(Photo attached of Phichit waving to a fan in a KatsuDAMN crop top)

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Close friends and family are currently testing out the brand #KatsuDAMNmerch

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
If everything goes to plan, #KatsuDAMNmerch will be available within the next six months or so

Victor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov
Everyone testing out #KatsuDAMNmerch will also be modelling for it

Victor Nikiforov’s Future Wife @Vic-Nik-No-1
WHERE IS MY @v-nikiforov IN #KatsuDAMNmerch

victor’s peasant @steponmevictor
IN #KatsuDAMNmerch

Victor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov
-winking emoji- #KatsuDAMNmerch
(Photo of Yuuri wearing a pink KatsuDAMN hoodie with bedhead and a sleepy look on his face)

Phichit Chulanont @phichit+chu
WHERE IS MY @yuurikatsuki IN BOOTY SHORTS #KatsuDAMNmerch

Victor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov
@phichit+chu #KatsuDAMNmerch
(Photo attached of an embarrassed Yuuri standing in front of a mirror, wearing a pair of KatsuDAMN booty shorts that matched the pair Victor was wearing in the background of the mirror)

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
You are lucky I love you @v-nikiforov #KatsuDAMNmerch
(Photo attached of Victor checking his butt out in a mirror while wearing a pair of KatsuDAMN booty shorts)

Christophe Giacometti @christophe-gc
The booty shorts are really comfy though @yuurikatsuki #KatsuDAMNmerch

Christophe Giacometti @christophe-gc
I might need a few more pairs @yuurikatsuki #KatsuDAMNmerch

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
I don’t want to know @christophe-gc #KatsuDAMNmerch

M. Mystery @MysteryMan
I apologise for everything @yuurikatsuki

Twitter War AU

AO3 Twitter War

ヽ(;▽;)ノ I can’t believe I’ve actually found time to do something about this sketch of chibi Kell OTL… 

Shades of Magic series is love. I don’t know what my life would be without it *cries*


Edit: Chibi! Lila could now be found here! :D

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Can you think of any ASOIAF female characters deliberately scripted to quippy and clever, other than Olenna Tyrell? Or female comic relief (that's not super gross ala Lolys)? I was thinking about it, and it seems that the men hog most of the humor in the story (same for GOT, but women in GOT only tend to fluctuate between cold, angry, scheming, and crying so...) .

Off the top of my head? Myranda Royce and Genna Lannister. Dany’s definitely got her moments of sharp humour as well. 

However, there’s actually fairly solid in-universe reason for this. Humour of the sort you’re describing often involves putting someone down. Being funny in this way is therefore not encouraged amongst Westerosi noblewomen (how indecorous! what if they made fun of a man?). It’s no accident that Olenna (old widow), Myranda (younger widow), Genna (complete and overt power imbalance between her and her husband) and Dany (ruling queen with dragons) are the women with the social space to make snarky comments about men in public or semi-public. Contrast with image-conscious Margaery, who’s no stranger to snide comments, but has to be sneaky about them.

Humour, and its expression, is subversive. Training women not to be funny, and people not to see women as capable of producing humour, is part of the patriarchy GRRM’s depicting.

Rereading your comic when my mom went to the bathroom. I saw that she was playing Words with Friends and tried to make a word. It took about 15 seconds before I rearranged them into this. I thought it was funny, and so I’m submitting it. Hope you find it as funny as I did!


@understufffan Ahhahaha good! Beauty at its finest, friend. ;D

things my boyfriend has heard me say in my sleep

- do you think sharks are slimy? like toads? I wanna pet a shark
- get dressed you scutter, the Queen’s coming
- oh no, the cheese!
- do you think the Queen likes cheese?
- no no, the cupcakes don’t go there. that’s for cheese
- get your sweats off the queen will be here soon
- do you want to come? the big blue bear in his big blue cave is having a big blue rave. I’m gonna tear it up on the cavefloor
- I like lots of cheese
- please don’t go. I’m scared of yetis
- dab at my funeral to make me mad enough to come back to life

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I looove Valentina, don’t get me wrong, and if this episode had gone any other way (i.e. Valentina knew the words but got eliminated, she had not tried to lip sync with a MASK literally COVERING her mouth, etc.) then I would understand people being overly upset. However, she did poorly in the challenge and didn’t know the words to the lip sync song, which is truly a make or break on this show. Someone can do bad in the challenge but stay because they lip sync well. She was rightfully eliminated by Ru and “fans” of the show who say they aren’t going to watch after this episode make me wonder if they truly are fans of the show. There are still AMAZING queens in the competition with extreme talent. Shea and Sasha and Trinity are doing SO well and are very well rounded being funny, doing well in challenges, and turning out LOOKS on the main stage. Valentina was my personal fave on the show, but just bc she has been eliminated, that’s no reason to cancel drag race as a whole OR send hate to other queens. That’s a whole other topic on its own but seriously don’t send hate to queens bc your fave went home it’s not their fault.

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It's funny how people like to act like Bex and Shada are the kl/ance king and queen who hate sh/eith, like yall Bex ships sh/eith too and Shada called kl/ance bromance and said he'd like to see l/ance settle down with a girl once the war is over. They got angry when they found out Montgomery ships sh/eith too and they then disowned her as the kl/ance queen, like... calm down. Stop trying to make every little thing into a ship war, it's not that serious........

imagine feeling so insecure and threatened by the raw possibility of other ships getting a moment you gotta cherry-pick every single interview and twist the directors’ words to make it look like your ship still has a chance of becoming canon

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I need a list of musicals to listen to please

ive been preparing myself for this question my whole life

Falsettos - Musical with fairly modern music and very catchy lyrics about a man in the 80s who left his wife for another man, has themes about family and love

Into the Woods - Sondheim musical with beautiful orchestrations with a story that’s a bunch of fairy tails shoved together and entwined

West Side Story - another Sondheim that’s a classic Romeo and Juliet story between two gangs in the 50s, touches on racial issues

The Great Comet - GORGEOUS musical that blends dozens of music genres in a way i personally have never seen before. it’s based off of a small splice of War and Peace and has themes of love, it deserved better

Legally Blonde - honestly this musical is so fun to listen to, it immediately puts me in such a good mood. it’s based off the movie about a girl named elle who chases a guy she loves to harvard and learns a lot of lessons there, it’s super empowering

Groundhog Day - based off the film everyone knows and loves, has an amazing male lead and is super catchy, also deserved better

Come From Away - a musical based in Gander, Newfoundland about outsiders perspectives on 9/11 and the effect it had on all types of people, it’s amazing and touches you even if you werent alive for 9/11 or live in new york. deserved so much better.

Les Miserables - musical about a small revolution that happened in france before the big one we all know about. it’s one of my favorites of all times. since it’s sung through and kinda opera-y it’s kind intimidating but it’s so gorgeous and still makes me cry every time.

Dear Evan Hansen - musical about a boy with extreme social anxiety that gets caught up in a lie about being friends with a classmate that killed himself, social media plays a big role in this one, will make you cry but also feel like everythings okay

Hamilton - you know what this ones about, everyone does, it’s honestly really good. beware parts of the fandom tho

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - you also know the plot of this one, but before you brush it off please give it a chance. its my favorite show on broadway at the moment, the cast has amazing vocals and the songs are so catchy and fun and the choreography is amazing.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch - super interesting musical that only has 2 characters, about a genderqueer rockstar that was born in germany while the berlin wall was a thing and her life struggles. its honestly so beautiful, i cannot do this musical justice with words. it has themes of accepting and loving yourself

Something Rotten - SO FUCKING FUNNY. it takes place in the british renaissance and its about two brothers that try to make it as playwrights while Shakespeare is on top. they make shakespeare out to be this really douchey rockstar and i love it. also christian borle.

Kinky Boots - show about a guy who inherits a shoe factory from his dad and meets a drag queen who ~mixes things up~, it has themes about accepting others and yourself

  • Ethan: (showing a picture of a baby) Proper good-looking, he is. Do you reckon?
  • Aaron: I dunno. They all look the same to me.
  • Ethan: You got any?
  • Aaron: Nah. I look after my little sister, tough. Well, try, anyway. (Jason coming in) All right, mate?
  • Jason: Mate? I don't think so. Well, come on, princess. Aren't you gonna tell Ethan what the score is?
  • Aaron: I don't know what you're talking about.
  • Jason: Well, it's the three Gs innit? Grasses... guards... and gays. I hate 'em all.
  • Aaron: And what's that gotta do with me?
  • Jason: Did you know you were sharing with a queen?
  • Ethan: No way, man. He's got my poster and everything.
  • Jason: So how come blondie were having a grope? I spotted him. Feeling you up under the table.
  • Ethan: Jason, I reckon you got it wrong -
  • Aaron: Yoou know what? It's fine. So I'm gay. What of it? What are you gonna do about it?
  • Jason: Whoa, steady on. I don't want no freak touching me. It's just... it's puffs. They make me wanna puke.
  • Aaron: I've got the same thing with bigots. Funny old world, innit?
  • Jason: You looking for a slap?
  • Aaron: Try it. (somebody whistles)
  • Jason: Well, it must be your lucky day. saved by the guards. Don't worry. I'm gonna have you.
Emma’s Heart

@anothershadeofgreen wrote in THIS post: 

“It is almost impossible for Darkness to snuff out the light. Why? Darkness and Light are not equal forces. They have different attributes, but they are linked. Darkness is the complete absence of light. As soon as there is light, it cuts into the darkness. Light shines into the darkness. Yet darkness can’t shine into the light. Shadows are cast when light is blocked but darkness does not have the power to cut into the light by itself. So the only way for the Darkness to snuff out the light is by making the light forget that it can shine, by making it forget it has any power at all. As soon as the light knows itself, knows its own power, the Darkness has no chance to snuff out the Light. If we see the light as a flame, however, then once the light is completely out, it does not have the power to re-ignite itself. Once the light is out, there is nothing but darkness. As long is there is a spark however, the light is always stronger, because it only has to assume its power and shine into darkness.” 

And you were absolutely right.
Darkness can only win by snuffing out the light… by convincing it not to shine. The Black Fairy was gas-lighting Emma in the most recent episode, trying to trick her into doubting herself, to reduce her flame to the hopeless spark that barely flickered when she had been an orphan. Had it not been for the light of true love that lived inside her heart, Emma might not have made it. 

With that being said, I do want to point out one more thing. Henry is her heart. This has been discussed before, and it’s a matter of certain significance. Because it was Henry who got her to believe in the first place. It was Henry who brought her home. Henry who helped her build a family. Henry who reminded Emma that she was strong and brave. Unlike the rest of her family, Henry was not frozen by the Black Fairy’s spell. He stuck by Emma and helped her fight back. He, like Emma’s actual heart, remained impervious and was the reason Emma was able to win.  

Funny how Emma tells Hook in her wedding vows that, thanks to him, she finally found true love… when she had already experienced a TLK with Henry…. and when she couldn’t even make a TLK with Hook to break the Black Fairy’s spell. Henry is Emma’s heart… 

And there’s a powerful magic when two hearts are one. 

With whom does Emma share Henry Daniel Mills???


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Leela! my queen! i love your analyses so so much! ive been thinking about a little moment in the festive ditl where they are randomly predicting each other futures and joking around, phil says "you're gonna have dreams" and dan says "you're gonna have sex" was this a form a flirting? or were they just being silly, i have so many thoughts, cuz like its kinda represents their personalities, idk if im making sense but i would love to know ur thoughts on it! <3

omg you kind angel thank youuuuuu. hahah that part of festive ditl is so funny!!!! well i mean i think everything they do is a bit flirty so let’s just clear that up to begin with. but also, in this case they were reading the words off of that wheel! i don’t think a lot of people realize that? it’s really hard to see clearly bc of the lighting but under each segment there is a word written! here are some screenshots: 

as you can see there are words written in each little segment. right above dan’s arm it says “dreams” then on the right you can see “partnerships” “health” “duty” and “drama.” the one that says “sex” is literally impossible to see even with just contrast turned up as i did in that screenshot so i did some weird funky editing to make it a tiny bit easier: 

sorry if you already knew all this btw but i didn’t see it until like my fiftieth rewatch of this video so i just thought i would share it in case some people didn’t know! so yes, it’s not just the first thing that occurred to dan’s brain to say–he’s just reading it off of the wheel. that being said i think it’s still a pretty flirty interaction because dan kind of moves his hand to point to sex specifically and then obvi giggles at phil in that cute way right afterwards and then theres a v glaring jump cut so ??? ? ya. draw ur own conclusions people


Did you hear that story?