it's probably why it looks so shitty

see, this is why its so easy to put people on a pedestal and why i dont blame anyone for doing that even though i advise against it. like, the travis mcelroy thing made me confirm something about my identity to myself and because of that he’s inexorably linked to that. so if he turned out shitty i’d be totally distraught. and i think looking at every single personality, on the internet or otherwise, with such a critical eye that you assume they’re shitty no matter what is probably just depriving yourself of avenues to bettering yourself. its ok to have role models. its ok to assume people are good. its not your fault for thinking nick robinson is a good person, it’s his fault for betraying that trust.


Melanie Martinez + Songs titles.

trans!enjolras coming out to the amis headcanons

okay so i’ve been screaming about this for days because i just, have so many feelings, about these dorks, and DIVERSITY, FUCK YEAH 

  • the amis fearless leader going from a powerful cis woman to enjolras the most powerful trans man
  • grantaire being THE MOST SUPPORTIVE
  • they go out shopping for binders as a group
  • they all have an argument over which shade of grey is nicer
  • enj shows them what it looks like when he wears it
  • FUCK
  • enj gets all blushy and hides his face 
  • taire cuddling enj particularly hard that eveningn
  • when enj gets dysphoria, the amis all team up to make a shitty powerpoint presentation about why enj is the manliest man theyve ever met
  • enjolras definitely did not cry
  • nope
  • what are you talking about 
  • enjolras has no interest in cutting his long ass blonde hair
  • the mere suggestion brought taire to the brink of tears
  • the amis just being the most supportive group of people enj has ever met 
  • taire being the most supportive and loving boyfriend regardless of who enj identifies
  • just, 
  • save me
Don't worry about us (Jared kleinman x reader)

A/n: here’s a quick lil thing that I came up with hope you guys enjoy!
Warnings: swearing, underage drinking, gets kinda steamy towards the end
W/c: 1143

The kleinman’s had been your family’s closest friends for as long as you could remember. You had spent near every waking second with them as a small child, playing with their son Jared, who was a year older than you. He had been your first best friend, and the only brotherly figure in your life. But as the two of you got older you drifted apart, never really talking to each other outside of the vacation your family’s went on each year to Palm Springs. And even then the only conversations you had were quick and trivial. You’d have to be lying to say you didn’t develop feelings for Jared somewhere in the 16 years you had known him. But you shoved your feelings aside knowing they would never be returned, and continued to suffer through the vacation like you did every year.

“Don’t worry about us mrs.(y/l/n) , we’ll be fine. I promise.”
Jared ushered both of your family’s outside the door of the rental house, as both of your moms exchanged nervous glances.
“Are you sure you two will be ok here, alone?”
You nodded your head not looking up from your phone, you understood her concerns, two teenagers of the opposite sex alone, and unsupervised in a house together? It practically spelled out trouble. But the adults needed a date night without you two so here you were in the exact situation she feared.
“Ok well there’s a twenty on the counter for pizza, please call us of you need anything.”
You both nodded your heads, doing anything to get them to leave. Your mom gave you a quick kiss on the cheek before joining the kleinmans and your father in the car and sped out of the driveway into the night. You let out a deep sigh before turning to Jared, who was running a hand through his hair.
“So I heard there’s a mini mart down the street that doesn’t card for alcohol.”
His smiled widened,
“And here I am thinking you were a goody two shoes (y/l/n).”
“Things aren’t always as they seem kleinman.”
You said, a smile playing on your lips.
“I’ll grab the keys to the golf cart!”
He laughed as he made his way back into the house.

After grabbing a six pack of the cheapest beer you could find, and ordering the aforementioned pizza, you two ended up outside by the pool, talking about anything that came to mind.
“You know I used to have the biggest crush on you.”
You let out a tipsy laugh,
“Yeah i could tell.”
“Damn what gave it away?”
You let out another snort.
“When you fake proposed to me when we were 6.”
Now it was his turn to let out a laugh,
“You know I don’t know why I don’t talk to you more your actually not so bad.”
“Aw I think that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me kleinman.”
You said taking another sip of your shitty beer, only slightly grimacing at the taste. You looked over at Jared, his hair was slightly disheveled from constantly running his hand through it, and his cheeks were tinged red from the alcohol taking its effect on him. He looked absolutely beautiful. You probably stared at him longer than you should’ve, because his voice snapped you out of your thoughts.
“Like what you see (y/n)?”
Your cheeks went pink as you looked away from him. Even though you couldn’t see him you could tell he was grinning. He then nudged your shoulder and leaned into your ear;
“Your cute when you blush.”
This totally caught you off guard. Your cheeks darkened as You turned your head to face Jared, your faces only inches apart. You felt his breath on your lips.
“We shouldn’t do this.”
You whispered, only half meaning your words. The cons far outweighed the pros in this situation. On one hand you could ruin the friendship your parents had, and you could really ruin any type of friendship with Jared.
“Fuck it.”
He connected your lips to his. At first You didn’t kiss back mostly out of shock, but soon the kiss turned heated and passionate. His lips tasted like beer, and tooth paste, a combination that shouldn’t work but seemed like heaven. He held your waist as you cupped his cheeks with your hands, and held onto each other like your lives depended on it. You weren’t sure how long the kiss lasted, but you knew it was far too short. By the end you both were panting, and Jared looked over to you almost speechless.
“That’s one way to sober up.”
He said with a chuckle.
He stared at you, lust clouting his eyes as he leaned towards you again.
“I’m going to do it it again.”
“I won’t stop you.”

You weren’t quite sure how you ended up on top of the bar counter, with Jared standing between your legs, feeling you up under your shirt, but you were in no way complaining. Jared had just started to leave a few hickeys on your neck when you heard a car pull up into the driveway. You two instantly broke apart, as you realized that beer bottles were scattered all around the pool.
“Shit grab the bottles and hide them behind the counter.”
You both scrambled picking up anything you could find at an alarmingly fast pace. Jared had just hid the last bottle behind the bar, when the pool gate swung open revealing both of your mothers. You two did your best to look as innocent as possible.
“Hey guys how was everything?”
Your mom asked, Clearly trying to find you two guilty of something.
“It was fine, how was your dinner?”
She nodded, her eyes still scanning every inch of the pool area.
“It was good, what did you two do while we were out?”
You and Jared glanced at each other,
“Nothing much.”
You both said in unison. She continued nodding. Obviously not finding what she was looking for.
“Okay, well clean up the pizza, then come inside, it’s getting late.”
You agreed as the gate swung closed. You both let out a long sigh before joining Jared behind the counter.
“You know we should do nothing together more often.”
You teased, as he brought your waist closer to his.
“I’ve never agreed with you more (y/l/n).”
He brought his lips to yours once again, but this time it was softer, and chaste, unlike the fervent make out session you had experienced before. You leaned your head onto his chest as he held you for what felt like forever. Meanwhile up stairs in the kitchen Mrs kleinman handed your mother 20$.
“You saw the hickey on her neck right?”
Your mother shook her head.
“It was clear as day.”

a beginner's guide to the squssy squad

(this was written while i was on a bus at 12 in the morning so if its shitty pls forgive my sleepless.png soul)

questions you’re probably asking

q; what in the name of everything holy is a squssy squad

a; it’s both a squad of @juuria and @uselessprotag ’s fans, but meme loving, shitposting sunshines behind a screen.

q; why the fuck is it called squssy squad

a; during a game of smash or pass, someone suggested squidward, another piped up that squidward’s nose looked like a dick, and @saphirathesavage put two and two together and BAm squssy (squidward + pussy) squad was born

q; why does your writing skill suck

a; …listen here you fat cunt

people to remember;


-has her own appreciation time (paulina appreciation time)

-pure sunshine

-loves everybody

- “pet his dICC”


-memes + anime + musicals


-loves paulina with her entire being jc

-“bitch me too tf”


-started this whole squad


-smol and w i l l fight you if you fuck with them/their friends

-“what thE FUCK *dogs barking in bg*”


-the truth, the meme, the lEGEND

-biggest meme

-once hosted a room just to watch shrek 3

- “He’ll see you a ho. Wait no I’m a ho. He’ll see me a ho.”


-actual mom

-loves everybody (especially luisa)

-uhmm precious sunshine of the ss and will be protected at all costs @everyone who tries to hurt her better be ready to catch these hands

- “uhm hi i love all of you”


-biggest meme pt.2

-dies bc of steph’s compliments

-makes cool moodboards

-“whats harry potter without J.K Rowling??”


-biggest meme pt.3

-has multiple wives (including me oops)

-loves everybody

- “i’m married to everybody b ye”


-will protect all

-shitp osts

-is loved by all

- “not to be gay but i’m dressed pretty gay today”

and finally…

@yoongiintherain (me)

-suffers bc timezones (most chat while im still waking up and while im wide awake theyre asleep :,) )

-will not hesitate to share useless stories about her life

-only put herself in this bc luisa told her to

-“bc the title is called people worth remembering and im not worth being remembered?? oh ffs fine”

memorable moments;

•paulina making the discord chat and everybody screaming in the voice call

•me and nina trying to calm everyone down and failing

•nina making the squssy sexual pride flag

•julia and paulina trying to make a house in minecraft during a stream ft. lorax

•the ro leplays

• “dad no” “dAD YES”

•song parodies

•watching shrek 3 on with some members

•getting into poly relationships

•being there for each other and showering one another with love and affection before ranting how luna might be shrek’s secret child 👁

I have no idea what I’m doing anymore but here, progress???

I have to sleep now though, pupper has walk up the bed to sit on me and get in the way of this I can’t actually see if this is typing or not I’m just typing and hoping its working lmao

Hope you all have a good day/night ❤

anonymous asked:

Can you talk about the dreampack's tattoos please. I want ideas and honestly at this point what you say goes. Also why they have those tattoos (I mean the tattoos you have and haven't already mentioned)

haha! sure~

skov has the most out of all of them? he’s got a traditional rose on one forearm and a dagger on the opposite, mainly for aesthetic reasons. the phrase “stay gold” on his knuckles is an ironic nod to the quote from the novel the outsiders. he’s got a teardrop on the inside of one finger merely for entertainment purposes, and then a wolf skull on one thigh and a ram on the other, surrounded with filigree. he’s still adding more to his collection.

jiang has a script tattoo on his collarbone that says “die young” - he got it because kavinsky bet against him that he wouldn’t, and he wanted to prove k wrong. he also has cerberus, a mythological three-headed dog who guards the gates of the underworld, on his back.

swan’s only tattoo is one of the words “bite me” on his inner lip… you can ask skov why he got it.

proko has just one tattoo of a rose on his shoulder/neck area. he got it because he liked the look of the design, simple as that. also because he is a beautiful flower so it’s just appropriate.

kavinsky has an ouroboros on his bicep, a serpent eating its own tail. you can blame this brilliant idea entirely on @kiiouex‘s amazing fic better than nothing. also, he’s got “live fast” on the backs of his calves, one word per leg. this is due to his lost bet with jiang.

they all probably also have a shitty stick and poke or two from nights when they were fucked up and making particularly poor decisions.


I got a river for a soul, and baby you’re a boat
Baby, you’re my only reason

Random Snippet # 8

“So you’re Caroline.”

Caroline turned, frowned at the unfamiliar vampire standing on her porch. She was exhausted. Being a vampire did not, in fact, save you from finals kicking your ass. Plus, the entire Silas mess was becoming an actual issue instead of an annoyance, and Bonnie was way to friendly with the psychotic Kol. God, how she cursed the day that vampire had wandered into their lives.

Wait, hadn’t Kol been blabbering on about a brother? Her brain was fried by too much studying, but she was pretty sure she’d caught bits and pieces of the story the evening before. Well, parts of it. Something to do with doppelgängers and hybrids. The important part had been additional help - she was tired of digging through old texts with only a bag of B+ to hold her over. Someone else could do it.

The creeper on her porch was staring.

“Your Kol’s brother. The one with the army.”

Okay. Those dimples were unexpected. So was the odd, courtly bow. “The name your looking for is Klaus.”

Caroline shifted her bag and frowned at him. “Okay. Hi. Why are you bothering me?”

He tilted his head, gaze considering. “I must say, you’re not exactly what I expected.”

“Uh huh. Well, Mr. Expectations, its sort of been a shitty week around here, I’m sure Kol filled you in on all the details; so if you have a point to this meet and greet, find it.”

Klaus smiled at her, but his eyes were iron. “The last person who took that tone with me, lost their tongue. Among other things.”

He probably meant that. She was too tired to care. “Uh huh. Have you ever survived finals week?”

He blinked. “What?”

“You know, University? In all the years you’ve been ancient, you haven’t completed at least one degree?”

“Of course I have.”

“Great. Then when I tell you that trying to save the world plus the horror that is business law is exhausting and I’m honestly way too tired to give any fucks about your precious man ego, the likelihood of you torturing me should fall somewhere about forty-sixty.” Caroline shoved her wayward hair out of her face. “But please, if it makes you feel better, go on with the threats. It’ll probably bother me in a few hours. Post-nap.”

Klaus tilted his head, lips curving. “Well, I see why Kol hasn’t killed you.”

“Lucky me.” Caroline blinked when he was suddenly lose enough to touch. Leaning forward, he dimpled at her.

“You killed thirteen witches.”

“Bonnie is my friend.” Caroline said stubbornly. “She important. I’m pretty sure Kol and I already fought over this.”

“Hmmm.” His lashes lowered. “And the she-wolf?”

Caroline pursed her lips. “Seriously? How many times do we need to be betrayed before dealing with her? And why are you judging me?”

“I’m curious.”

Caroline held up her hand and took a step back. “Be curious later.”

She stiffened when he caught her wrist. Blinked in shock when he brought her wrist to his mouth, lips searing against her skin. The faintest flick of his tongue.

The unexpected rush of heat in her veins.

“My brother has told me about you, Caroline Forbes. How such a young vampire has held her own against an Original and Silas’ minions. How you defended your werewolf boyfriend and only killed the woman he betrayed you with when she tried to harm your friends. I’m fascinated.”

Mouth dry, she shook her head. “Ex-boyfriend. I’m not that interesting.”

He laughed against her skin, letting her hand skid free of his hold, callouses dragging against her skin. “I’ll be seeing you, love.”

Caroline stared at the empty space in front of her. Wrist burning; skin hypersensitive.


Shitty’s face is mashed into his palm, his whole body listing sideways. His dad has been going back and forth with his grandpa about Harvard for – Shitty checks his watch – yeah, a solid hour now. Grandma’s on her fifth glass of wine. His mom excused herself to the bathroom about fifteen minutes ago for the second time. Lardo is next to him white-knuckling it through a conversation with cousin Gloria about stock futures as they pertain to the art world trade. It got way boring as soon as Lardo stopped talking and started nodding with a glazed look in her eye.

Suddenly Shitty sits up straight, fast enough that Gloria goes silent mid-sentence. His grandmother says his name with a note of scandal in her tone as if the whole restaurant has turned to glare at the slight tinkle of china he made with his jolt. Lardo looks at him warily with eyebrows that say “please don’t start a feud with me here, this is hard enough”.

But it’s not that.

“What is it?“ His father asks sharply, expecting some customary rant. But Shitty hadn’t even been listening to him. It was just – a weird feeling. Sharp and sudden, down in the pit of his stomach.

Lardo’s face changes when she sees his expression. "Are you okay?” she asks, curling her hand around his wrist under the table.

“I’m fine – I just. Hm.”

His father rolls his eyes and turns back to his grandfather and their boring-ass conversation. Gloria turns to David and starts complaining about going to New York next week.

Lardo’s still looking at him, patient, waiting.

“What is it, really?” she asks quietly.

“This is gonna sound really fuckin’ strange, Lards,” he says. “But I think Jack just experienced some epic kinda emotion.”

Lardo blinks. “You have Spidey-senses for Jack’s feelings?” she says, voice flat.

Shitty shrugs. Lardo sighs, smirking.

“Why am I even surprised. Of course you fucking do. So? Is it bad? Do we need to bust out of here? Because I’m like, so ready.”

Shitty chews his lip for a sec. Then he smiles.

“It’s good,” he says. “Lards, I think it’s actually really good, for once.” Then he looks at her again. “But we can bust out of here anyways.”


Here are some things I don’t get/ dislike about fangirls:

  1. the way they speak- if its not stupid caps lock screaming bullshit its this really weird bizzare way of speaking that they’ve all adopted. e.g. they’re incapable of just saying ‘LOL’ or 'I love this’ they have to say weird things like 'omfg I cant not reblog this’ 'if I dont reblog this just assume I died’- no. stfu you didn’t die over not reblogging something fucking go outside. theres something really annoying and corny about it.
  2. the fandoms. I hate even the word fandom. tbh I just see this as a bad word which includes all the annoying main fandoms of tumblr and not as a word that means the fan culture/ society of any franchise. the big fandoms are annoying. and I don’t understand why they’re as big as they are. sherlock, supernatural, doctor who- these are probably great shows but thanks to the fandoms I just wanna stay the fuck away from them. and a lot of the shit I see them reblogging just makes me go 'WTF. HOW IS THAT FUNNY IN ANY WAY!?!’ itll be like a gif of the fucking actor walking down a street and itll have 10 million notes with a dumb caption like 'that is so benedict’  or 'AHAHAHHAA OH BENEDICT’
  3. which brings me to my next point. the shitty comments they put on reblogs. they go and infect non fandom posts too. im sick of seeing great posts like an awesome story or a beautiful photograph then I scroll down and see some lame fucking comment like 'the feels guys. the feels.’ and then you see those ones with a several reblog comments- each one getting shitter and shitter. 'thats it. that’s tumblr.’ 'yep’. 'this perfection is back on my dash again’. 'period leak’. I mean fine if you wanna write that shit but why do they get repeatedly reblogged like they’re incredibly funny shit. they’re not. the thought of anyone finding them funny completely baffles me
  4. the way they fetishize gay men and gay relationships. ive seen a few posts about this recently and its sad they’re not shamed for it more. the way they only seem to like these shows because theres vaguely homoerotic undertones is sickening. go watch porn and enjoy tv shows for oh I don’t know the good plot? the great characters? the outstanding acting?
  5. their interests in the shows never seem genuine. its seriously like 'oh look this show keeps getting reblogged on tumblr. tbh the show looks kinda shitty but OOH THE FANDOM LOOKS FUN AND EVERYONE ON TUMBLR IS IN THAT FANDOM SO I MAY AS WELL JOIN IT TOO. SIGN ME UP!’ and so on. meanwhile theres true fans of the shows (eg I know that doctor who has serious fans that would probably vomit at the tumblr fandom) liking it for real reasons. I have a friend who continuously reblogs supernatural shit…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              and shes never watched supernatural…
  6. and why fan over the actors so much? I mean I like shows and yeah I love the actors etc but I don’t fucking stalk their every move and facial muscle and pick up on things that arent even there. and shipping real life actors is just…
  7. the subjects of the fandoms seem completely random to me. yes there seems to be a slight theme of upper class british male actors (thanks for fetishizing britain and promoting unrealistic standards of what people in britain are actually like btw) but idk its like some fat greasy hormonal teenage girl in her basement is sitting and masterminding which TV shows and actors become tumblr famous next. I mean. martin freeman? what? hes just an actor. they’re not even interested in the actual stories or shows it seems to be purely the actors and characters yet they’ll pride themselves on being 'fans of lord of the rings’ yet its never anything substantial about the show itll just be some dumb fucking gifs of the dwarves talking and the fangirls laughing at something that isnt even funny
  8. why must they sexualise everything?  Every character every couple everything. and its always immature. its like 'PENIS!’ 'AHAHAHAHHAHA LET ME REBLOG THIS ONE MILLION TIMES THANKYOU.’ I don’t mind sexual humour if its actually funny or intelligent but you people act like immature cunts.
  9. oh and having some weird tom hiddleston obsession doesn’t make you a 'marvel fan’.
  10. they sound seriously idiotic. these girls post and reblog shit like 'omfg that moment you realise 2007 was 7 years ago.’ yes you fucking freak if you think about if for more than a second you realise that.
  11. more annoying things they say 'im done.’ 'im screaming’. 'im crying’.

go fuck urselves
Five Things I Didn’t Get About Making Video Games (Until I Did It)

Before I joined Gearbox Software, I worked at Destructoid as a features editor. I worked there from 2006 to 2010 and specialized in highlighting indie games and spewing vitriol at big-budget games I didn’t like. It turns out there were a shitload of things I didn’t know about games development.

This article bothers me so much. I know I got it somewhere on Tumblr before, but it’s been open in a tab for a while and I’m just getting around to it - sadly typical for me. Unfortunately I can’t find the original post so I’m just going to comment.

This is a long one, so bear with me.

My overwhelming reaction here is “So what?” Everything in here is either obvious or hard to quantify.

Making games is a million times harder than I thought!” Okay, great. How hard did you think it was? I’m well aware that making games are hard. Maybe it’s even harder than I think it is already, that’s entirely possible.

But again, so what?

In the writer’s defense, he at least admits that this may have just been a matter of personal ignorance, but he then turns to the point of the piece that really bugs me.

“Everything – everything in game development was more difficult and complex than I thought. So now, when I play a third-person action game and a character’s model occasionally clips through things, I let that shit slide.”


It doesn’t matter if it’s hard or not. Of course it’s hard. But being hard doesn’t mean you get a free pass. Making movies is hard, but no one says “Making an action movie is hard, so now whenever the audio cuts out in a scene I let that shit slide.” That’s not how it works. If it doesn’t work, critique it. That’s the entire point of criticism.

“…one of the great difficulties of game development that I never knew about: how do you judge the quality of something that isn’t even close to looking complete?”

You don’t. As a critic or a consumer, you’re not judging what isn’t even close, you’re judging what is. By the time you play something, you have what the team feels is “acceptable enough”. Again, you don’t get a free pass just because it’s not perfect. We can only judge what you give us.

But then, that’s not entirely his point - this is more talking about the dev perspective. The quote after, however…

“When I play games with mechanics that don’t feel good, I’m no longer as quick to throw up my hands and go, "Guh! This is so obviously shitty and un-fun and dumb! Why didn’t they cut this way earlier in production?” Well, maybe because they had faith it’d turn into something cool, like all the other, better mechanics did. (Mechanics that I probably assumed were just fantastic the first time anybody prototyped them.)“

Again, so what? He’s probably right - they probably thought it would make its way to being fun. But here’s the thing - they were wrong. It’s still worth pointing out that they were wrong. You can’t just look at it and say "Oh they thought it was going to be good so whatever.”

“3. When devs use the word "excited” they’re not blowing smoke up your ass"

And? I’m a little concerned that someone who did some kind of creative effort at all wasn’t familiar with this concept. Of course they’re excited - everyone is excited about creative things they do. This says a lot more about him as a person, I think, if he wasn’t excited even in his days as a critic, to write and discuss and do things for people to read.

Lord knows I was excited whenever I put something up, just to see what people’s reactions would be.

“4. Game devs actually read a lot of critical writing on their work”


Again, is this a surprise? Everyone does this. (Well, not everyone, but it’s very common.) Authors constantly get advised not to read reviews but they do anyway. Everyone wants to know what people think, because, again, of course they care, they’re excited.

“Don’t get me wrong: I still believe that negative reviews are absolutely important to the medium”

No offense, but the rest of the article sounds very much like you don’t think that.

“5. If you think something sucks, that’s not really news to the dev team”

So again. Are we not supposed to say that it sucks? Comments like this are exactly what makes the previous comment hard to believe. Why are you mentioning this? If it’s not to avoid “negative reviews”, what exactly is the point?

“As a for-instance: why are most video game endings kind of disappointing? Is it because the developers are stupid and don’t know how to bring closure? Or is it because, on average, only a small percentage of the people who buy your game will see its ending and every moment you spend polishing it is one you haven’t spent on other parts of the game? Parts that a way bigger chunk of your players will actually interact with?”

Again, this does not make that ending immune to criticism. These sorts of considerations happen in all forms of media - everyone has time and financial constraints, hard decisions have to be made - but people still talk about them. You do the best you can, and if the best you can involves a crappy ending, well, expect that people will talk about the crappy ending (hey there, Mass Effect, what’s up?)

“I still hate a lot of games, but being in the trenches of actual game development… has made me a lot less likely to get angry at the developers themselves.”

This is the big one, though. This is the “point” I suppose, and what ultimately made me have to comment.

If you needed to actually make video games yourself to not attack the people making video games instead of the product they created, this is a bigger problem.

No one should be attacking the people who created the game for making a bad game. The game is bad - that does not make the people who created it bad people, it just means they made a bad game.

No one should need to make games themselves to understand that.