it's probably weird that i know their second names

c.h. soulmate

“I like the idea. That someone, somewhere out there is made for me, forever” I heard her warm voice next to me.

It wasn’t unusual for me to meet girls in the evening, but she was different. I’ve already spend the whole night on this roof with her, talking about everything and nothing, and still I didn’t even know her name. What I knew was that the sun was slowly rising, and that we would have to walk different ways, and how much I hated the thought of having to leave.

“What about you? What do you think about the whole ‘soulmate’ thing?”, she asked me now, and once again I saw the half-smile on her lips.

We lived in a world, in which it was absolutely ordinary to have a soulmate. Everyone found theirs, their own way. Some were colourblind until they found their perfect match, some had tattoos with a name, listened to each others thoughts or had scars that faded when they got close to their soulmate. Some had a soulmate right from the start, while others just had to get a little older until they got their clue to find theirs.

According to greek mythology, humans were originally with four arms, four legs and two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves. No one knew if it was the actual reason or just a fairytale.

Personally, I was one of the pitiable idiots, who still didn’t get their clue at the age of 19.

“I don’t think I’ll fall in love, just because the universe wants it that way.” I answered her.

She looked at the rising sun, shaking her head a bit. “Believe me, you’re gonna fall in love. You’re going to love everything about her, even the most annoying things. And once you felt this kind of love, you’re never going to feel it again if she ever leaves. You’ll never be so unbelievably happy ever again, because the one person who’s simple smile could make your heart beat faster, will not be there anymore.” she said, looking nostalgic into the sky.

“Sounds like you already found yours?” I asked, looking at her, looking at the sun.

“It wasn’t hard… We were at the same school, heard each others thought… we basically grew up together.” she began with a gentle smile on her lips, which disappeared, as soon as she started speaking again. “He died in a car-crash.”

I looked at her a bit shocked and empathetic at the same time. You heard of people, who’s soulmates died, and it was usual to react as if the person telling you was dying too. It wasn’t usual to not have a soulmate. A person wasn’t complete without one. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s been three years… Should be over it by now, shouldn’t I? ….What about you? Colourblind? I mean your clothes are quite interesting but…” she said, laughing as if she didn’t just tell me about a part of her being dead.

“I still don’t have my clue… But I don’t even think I want a soulmate. I don’t want to fall in love…because everything it does is hurting people.” I told her, remembering my High-School girlfriend, who I believed was my soulmate, until she got another name tattooed over her heart. First she said it wouldn’t matter, but the moment she met that guy, I was history.

“You’re gonna find her…and you’re gonna be so damn fucking happy. You know… Sometimes I wish people would get a second chance for a soulmate,…but since I feel really bad only thinking about it, I don’t do it very often.” she said smiling. Just a few seconds later she got up and was standing on the first step of her way down.

“I guess that’s goodbye?” I asked, looking at her. “Can I at least know your name?”

Okay its really short and probably so damn shitty but i english isnt my first language and i wrote it in my native language first but it sounds really weird because the german word for soulmate translated to english is more like ‘soulrelated’ and a few setences just sound reeaally weird…
Anyway i hope you like it and tell me if you’d like a part 2 (i promise it’ll be longer and hopefully nicer)

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