it's probably too misogynistic for me to handle lol

No one man should have all that power. [x]

fucking mother of god for the past few days I’ve become hopelessly obsessed with the trailer for Saints Row: The Third. Like holy shit talk about badassery overload. It’s easily become my top 3 favourite game trailers of all time :’) Now I hate myself for not have watched this trailer sooner, ha.

But mainly I fell in love with how they portrayed this slick motherfucker and clearly my style does his gorgeous face and clothes no justice. The way he held his head high with that sense of pride practically oozing out of him as he strode and just, he’s just so freaking FLAWLESS.

Too bad they rendered him into an actual old man in the game though omg I wanna flip a table lol. But I heard his character was still well written in the game so that’s cool.