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Can I request a scenario for Chuuya and an ADA member s/o? Where one day they meet in a mission and they have to fight each other. It can be angst if you like. 😊 May you have a good day!

Sure you can! I hope you don’t mind that I tweaked your request a bit and made the s/o into someone that is Chuuya’s love interest instead :’)

Chuuya Nakahara

An unexpected appearance of a man dressed in formal attire revealed himself from the dark shadows of the underground tunnel. It was undoubtedly the same person who possesses the ocean blue eyes you gazed into several weeks ago. Allowed yourself to become lost in his dancing sapphire irises that you came to believe were the most beautiful things you have ever seen. And the man, standing proud and tall, was none other than Chuuya Nakahara himself.

He’s the one that you found yourself becoming infatuated with after your first meeting with him. You can still remember the way his voice sounded like melting honey, making you feel warm and soft inside. How the handsome man with gorgeous tangerine locks gave you a sense of familiarity when you both exchanged sweet, innocent conversations. It almost certainly felt as if you and him had known each other for many years, even though you had only met moments ago. 

There was also his perfectly defined lips, how they would curve into the most charming smile that was so lovely it captivated your heart. The faint smell of the cherry wine lingering on his clothes that held a mild, intoxicating fragrance when mixed with his natural scent. You couldn’t possibly forget about his infectious and contagious laughter either. You nearly fell in love with the sound of it in a matter of seconds of hearing it.

And with the exchange of your phone numbers and promise to meet each other again in the future was exciting and thrilling at the very least. However, you had never envisioned the day where you would encounter him again would be under the circumstances concerning the battle of the organizations. You never thought you would stand before the man that held the perfect spring sky in his eyes would have the intentions of hurting the members of the Agency that you associate with. And you would have never guessed that he belonged to the Mafia – let alone is a current title holder of one of the 5 fearsome executives.

Chuuya looks at you with a fixated stare, muttering something incoherent with a difficulty that he wasn’t used to. He felt his hands balling into a fist at his side and mentally cursed himself over the fact that you were part of an enemy organization that he had orders given by his superiors to deal with. He then sighs to himself, not believing his incredulously bad luck with women. Honestly, out of everyone in the city of Yokohama, he just had to fall for someone that he couldn’t be with.

“I can’t do this. I’m not gonna fight you, (name).”

With that said, Kenji merely blinks at the sight of the gravity manipulator turning his back to his opponents and walking away without saying another word. “Huh? He’s actually really leaving without putting up a fight.” The happy-go-lucky blonde announced with astonishment, one of his hands hovering above his narrowing eyes like he’s shielding away the blinding rays of the golden sun as he watches the man adorned with a fancy hat slowly disappearing from sight.

“Seems like he’s quite smitten with you, (name), to have walked away just like that,” said Yosano as she crosses her arms over her chest and watches the moving figure blend seamlessly into the darkness of the tunnel alongside you and Kenji. You felt a blush working its way up your neck at her comment and sheepishly tried to convince her that it was just her imagination. 

But who were you kidding? Anyone who saw the way Chuuya looked at you didn’t have to think twice about it. Yosano just confirmed something you weren’t sure how to accept. Because you and Chuuya belonged in a divided world that would only clash with each other if your relationship with him had developed into something more.  

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Hi! Can I have Genos, Saitama, Mumen and Metal Bat seeing their female crush naked on accident? (If it's possible I'd like scenarios but it's doesn't bother me if you do headcanons because there's to many characters)


he’s the god of delayed reactions so if he was in the middle of saying or doing something, he would finish whatever it was; or he’d stop when you shrieked or threw something at him

then he’d realize what exactly he was looking at and get completely red in the face

he would slam the door shut so hard he’d probably rip it right off its hinges, then he’d be freaking out about that on top of seeing you nude

probably wouldn’t look you in the eye for the rest of the day


same as Saitama in the sense that he doesn’t truly acknowledge the situation at first

he can respect personal boundaries and will leave the room to give you your privacy

would see this as the perfect chance to talk about properly taking care of your body and making sure you’re doing exactly that

might get you an apology gift

Mumen Rider

would slam that door shut so fast you would think he didn’t even see anything

the poor baby would damn near faint from the sight


he’d be apologizing profusely for at least a week

Metal Bat

first he’d freeze up like a deer in the headlights, then he’d bolt out of there, and like Saitama, would probably tear the door off its hinges in the process

he would be so ashamed of himself for the incident and scold himself for not knocking first

once you were fully clothed he would all but beg for your forgiveness and offer to do anything to make it up to you

a very small part of him would be somewhat glad he saw all that, but he’d immediately feel ashamed for even thinking that

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How do you people take the prettiest notes ever? And you gotta be writing it pretty small to fit so much text on one page. Like, are those personal notes you do at home or do you somehow have the time to make those notes during class? Probably at home right? Also, how do you have such pretty bujos? I can't fit that much in my composition bujo, then again I am just a beginner. Huge fan of your blog and it's really inspiring. Wish my notes and bujo looked so pretty!

Ahh, thank you very much and sorry I’m replying so late love!!

I’m still figuring out how to write pretty notes :’)) but I know that people definitely do the pretty notes at home, there’s no time to do these in class! Rewriting your notes at home is good for learning & revising all the stuff, plus if you’re a visual learner, you can add nice diagrams, different fonts, colors, etc… I believe that people here generally have smaller handwriting, because it’s somewhat neater :D you can find a style of handwriting you like and try to learn it if you like, but it’s absolutely not necessary for having nice notes! I believe that a bit of lettering and a few colors do the trick :) if you want some handwriting/lettering tips, try my tag here. If you’d like to see some more pretty notes for inspiration, look at my tag notes ;D

As far as bujo goes (and the notes as well, actually) it’s all about practice. The first few pages in my bujo were horrible :’D but over time I found my style and am quite happy with it now :) don’t be afraid to experiment with your spreads, try to come up with different ideas to fill up space, layer things, try doodling… you’ll see what works for you :)

Hope I helped at least a tiny bit!!


@occasionally-meowstic (should have mentioned you earlier but I was tired <3)

First attempt at a comic with Alx, Sorry this took so long but I really wanted to put some effort into this ask. unfortunately I’m not very good at story telling so this may be badly written but I’m probably going to continue this anyway <3 Tell me what you think and thank you for being patient <3

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How might Taehyung, Jungkook, and Namjoon do or react if they've been in a long distance relationship with their girlfriend and someday she told them about her parents distrust in their relationship and she was being arranged to date others boy? Sorry if this was a weird question. Thank you very much.

It’s not weird at all! :)) It’s actually a pretty good one ;)


Sweet Tae Tae would be heartbroken by this. He would sad about the fact that your parents have so little trust in your relationship (when all he wants is that they’d be supportive of the two of you) and probably start questioning your relationship as well. He’ll be upset and he’s not afraid to show it. He’d ask questions like: “Why don’t they like me?” Or “Am I a horrible boyfriend?”; pouting like a lost puppy. 

When you assure him that he wasn’t, he’d sigh but he wouldn’t completely believe you since he’s too engrossed with the fact that your parents are making you date other boys because they think your relationship wouldn’t work out. You’re going to have to explain to him (and by explaining I mean lots of cooing, cuddles and kisses :P) that you didn’t like your parent’s decision one bit and that he’s the only guy for you. <3 You’re going to have to make him see that you loved him or else his insecurities will eat him up.

External image

Jungkook’s initial reaction would be: “You’re cheating on me?!” He’s upset about and it and his dejection would translate to anger and annoyance which would lead to him spurting out words—hurtful words even—that he wouldn’t even notice that he was already picking a fight. This would cause you to be upset with him and the two of you would probably end up fighting. The thing with Kookie is that his mind is focused on the fact that you were dating other boys while he was away (or that you even considered dating one of them just because your parents said so) which is mainly why he’s being unreasonable. But after a while, he’ll look back on what you said and realize that your parents have a point. He can’t exactly be with you without being physically there with you all the time. The sadness would kick in and his mind will be consumed of thoughts of you leaving him which in turn makes him realize what he had just done. He’d immediately go to you and apologize and you’d just sigh; you’re anger instantly forgotten. He’d hold you close and whisper in your ear, “I know it’s hard but please don’t leave me.”

With those words said, you couldn’t care less of what your parent thought because right then you were sure…he was worth it. 

External image

“Do you think they’re right?” I feel like Namjoon would be the one to ask this kind of question especially since he’s quite mature and wouldn’t take the news as something he should be extremely upset about. He’s so smart he probably saw it coming. He’d be upset of course but he’d be rational about it. He’s probably going to sit you down and talk it out, asking about what you feel about them making you date other boys or if you thought your relationship with him was going downhill. He’d might also say stuff that seemed like he was actually siding with your parents;  things like “They have a point, Y/N. A long distance relationship isn’t exactly ideal.”

His little lecture would seem like he himself doesn’t believe in your relationship, causing you to be upset. You’d start accusing him of having so little faith in what you had and even question if he loved you at all. You’d turn your back on him, crossing your arms in annoyance and say: “If you really think that then maybe we should break up.”

“If that’s what you want.” He’d say, simply because he wants you to be happy and if being in a relationship with him was burdensome, he’d let you go even if it breaks his heart.

“I want to know what you want.” You’d say and Namjoonie here would sigh as he closes the gap between the two of you, caressing the side of your face and staring right into your eyes as he says: "All I want is you." 

External image

WAAH! The feels <3

Hope this was alright :”>


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so i've been stuck with this awful cold the oast couple days and its been killing me but could you do a thing for how the freelancers take care of their sick s/o?

I. Am so sorry I didn’t answer this sooner. You’re probably all better now. ;;;;
Well– I’ll answer this now, so if you get sick again, or anyone else does, you have a thing to cheer you up.

Thanks to @whimsical-writer​ and @a-little-star-adrift for helping me with some of the freelancers that were giving me trouble. ;)

Tex really isn’t a very good nurse, but she’s dedicated to the point of: “make a medicine run at 2 am.” She makes you canned soup and leaves the dirty dishes in the sink, then you probably watch an action movie together while you eat the soup. She complains about not wanting to catch what you’ve got, but cuddles with you anyway. She carries you to bed later on and tucks you in.

Carolina isn’t 100% sure how to take care of a sick person (she plumbs google for your symptoms, and then some). She’s always kind of had to take care of herself while sick, even as a kid– and that’s the thing that makes her stay home from work to take care of you (doesn’t want to be like her dad). She has pretty much 0 experiences to draw from, but she stays stoic on the outside and does the best she can. She makes you soup, pets your hair, and… feels pretty insufficient, all things considered. But she loves you, and she’ll get the hang of it.

Wash actually isn’t that bad at taking care of sick s/o. He tucks you into bed with honey tea, and a cloth for your forehead (he changes it pretty regularly until your fever’s down). He stays home with you, and makes sure you’re comfortable. Fumbles the tea/soup at least once tho, and soaks the front of his shirt with hot liquid. Stands there for a little while and just sighs before going to clean up.

Maine, much like Carolina, is basically out of his depth here. He googles how to take care of a sick person. In the end, he is the biggest overbearing worrywart of them all, and you usually have to persuade him into letting you walk to the bathroom (he tries to carry you). He’s ready with tissues and water and head kisses, and spends like half an hour standing in a medicine aisle trying to figure out which goddamn cough syrup to buy.

York and you absolutely binge on comedy shows. He keeps getting calls from work, so you’re starting to get the impression that maybe he’s not really supposed to be home right now… but, he’s doing a pretty good job keeping you distracted from that fact. There’s an amusing minute where he reads the directions on the medicine bottle out loud, and tries to figure out how big of a dose to give you.

North is, as expected, a fantastic nurse. He makes you soup from scratch, with a bunch of different kinds of fresh vegetables. He uses his sick days to stay with you until you’re doing better, and basically does your laundry for you and cleans your place top-to-bottom. He is super patient and loving, and nothing is too gross for him.

South isn’t a bad nurse in her own right. For the most part, she just doesn’t want you thinking she’s a good nurse. She’s a badass freelancer and that’s the long and short of it. But she makes you soup anyway, and spends the day hanging out with you (watching movies and talking shit about the movies). Right when you get better… South is now sick, with the same thing you had.

Nurse Connie is really gentle with her sick s/o. She gives you back rubs to help you sleep, and plays with your hair. She’s that happy medium between too much attention, and too little. She stays home from work until you’re no longer bed ridden, and even then she picks up treats for you while she’s on her way home. She makes sure there’s fresh fruit around for you.

Wyoming still works, but he makes sure his s/o is loaded up with blankets and medicine and cans of soup before he leaves for the day. You have his number if you need anything. When he gets back later that night, he takes care of you more properly with dinner, and you watch a movie together. If you’re too sick to be left alone, it’s a very calm quiet day of him taking care of things for you, reading, and listening for you calling his name.

Florida is very patient and good with his sick s/o. Too good. He’s practically ready with soup and the exact medication you need before you even tell him you’re sick, and knows every home remedy in the book. He keeps a firm eye on you to make sure you’re not sneaking candy, or trying to do anything that isn’t resting and getting better. If he catches you, he boops you on the nose and puts you right back to bed. And he always catches you.

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Ok but obligatory bakery au where he tian goes to buy a last minute bday cake for idk his brother or something and goes to the closest, best reviewed bakery run by a certain red head and his ma and its all downhill for him from there

this is another very old ask, and im so sorry, anon, i’ll probably never stop apologising for how late this reply is!! but believe me when i say that i’ve always had your message in mind since you first sent it to me because!!!!!! i am so weak for AUs, and a bakery AU for tianshan sounds so so good, i’ll always be grateful to you for making me think about it!!! 

how about this, anon??

  • jian yi has been planning to throw a surprise birthday party for zheng xi for almost a year by now, he has planned everything to details so that everything will be perfect
  • except the universe decides to throw a monkey wrench in the works,and when the zheng xi’s birthday actually comes, nothing goes as he planned, and when even the cake gets ruined he desperately calls he tian to ask him to pick a new one up for him and bring it to his apartment while he keeps zheng xi busy
  • he tian agrees after making jian yi beg for a while and swear he’ll do anything to repay him for the favor, mostly because it amuses him to see jian yi struggle
  • so he tian makes some quick research and goes to the nearest bakery he could find that also had nice reviews
  • the bakery is a small place, but there are already three other customers in it before him, and the baked goods displayed on the counter smell and look heavenly
  • what looks even more heavenly, though, is the redhead guy selling them: he has very nice lips and a perpetual frown on his face, and he tian can’t stop staring at the smudge of flour on his cheek and wanting to lick it away
  • he definitely lets the old man who entered after him being served first by the other woman behind the counter because he respects his elders, and not because he wants a chance to talk with the cute guy
  • of course it ends in a disaster, because by the time his turn comes he completely forgot the kind of cake jian yi told him to buy and he proceeds to irritate the heck out of guan shan by not being able to answer any single questions about the cake and just asking for whatever is good (which makes guan shan even angrier because everything is good there)
  • somehow he manages to walk away with a cake, but he failed miserably on trying to learn guan shan’s name or anything else about him, so he decides to come back the next day (especially after jian yi doesn’t kill him for having picked the wrong cake because the one he bought was fucking delicious)
  • their second meeting is as disastrous as their first one was, with he tian trying to charm guan shan and guan shan being completely immune to it and just getting mad at him until he tells him that if he doesn’t buy anything he has to leave
  • so he tian buys a couple of cupcakes and even manages to get guan shan’s name thanks to the other woman working there (which he finds out is his mom), and after that it becomes a thing, he tian going there to buy something and waiting to be served by guan shan just so he can talk to him for a while
  • one day guan shan says that he hopes he tian is not eating all those sweets by himself, because it can’t be healthy, to which he tian replies ‘i didn’t know you cared’; guan shan of course says that he doesn’t, but that if he tian died for too much sugar it could have some negative effects for the bakery
  • sometimes he tian even walks there with his dog, and one morning guan shan gets out of the shop to pet it and give it a treat he baked himself, and it’s in that moment, when he tian sees guan shan smile for the first time, that he knows he is completely fucked
  • and guan shan won’t admit it but he has started to warm up to he tian as well, so much so that he gets really worried when he tian doesn’t show up for two days in a row
  • on the third day he decides to go to he tian’s apartment (he knows where he is because one night he tian was walking back home with his dog when guan shan was losing the bakery and they walked together for a while) and finds out that he tian caught a really bad flu
  • he stays there all day to nurse he tian back to health, and when he tian asks him if he does stuff like this for all his clients, guan shan has to admit out loud that maybe he does care a little

aaaand this got out of hand as usual, i definitely didn’t mean to write all this, sorry!! but i really can’t stop imagining this, and i also really love the idea of jian yi finding out he tian has a thing for guan shan and going to the bakery to meet him and telling him the most embarrassing stories about he tian. and!! and!! one day he tian stays until guan shan has to close the bakery, but before leaving guan shan asks he tian’s opinion on the taste of something he is creating, which it eventually turns into guan shan trying to teach he tian how to bake, which turns into the two of them talking about their families, which turns into a food fight where he tian ends up pinning guan shan against the counter and they almost kiss. okay, i’ll shut up for real now………….

Star signs based on personal experiences

I can get along with you and hang with you for days without being pissed, we are like a perfect balance its great, you are a tad princessy and always wanna “go home” I also need to stop you from doing silly drunk things but you are fun and normally down for anything which is fabulous!!
Yayy another one of me, I actually get on with you guys so well, you are so fricken positive holy wow and we never argue bc we are too happy talking about and planning our next sky DIVING ADVENTURES!!!! Ur great and good at philosophy and we always have similarities and good music taste, best person for midnight strolls!!
Omg YOU ARE SO INTELLECTUALLY STIMULATING AND GREAT TO CHAT WITH!! I learn so much and we exchange opinions (we basically always agree so its good for ranting to eachother) you are funny to go on strolls with bc I am probably a bad influence on you (sorry) but you are always prepared and fun! Normally always positive which I love!
I LOVE YOU LEO OK but first sometimes you are very dramatic and when shit goes down with us it goes down! But having said that like all of my friends are leos and I adore you, we get along so well ur so ENTHUSIAstic and you explore with me happily!!! Great chats always and passion my god we have passion! Ur beautiful don’t change
We aren’t meant to be compatible but I have many lovely pisces friends, love the creativity ur fun and we have exciting talks, I associate this sign with shrek which is great (compliment) sometimes can be emotional and dependent but I still love you
You are very reliable and GREAT to get drunk with, funny talks and you are my comfort, you can come to my house and drink tomato soup with me and we are satisfied, ur just great and super friendly
Capricorn- I don’t get along with you the best (sorryyyyy) however I can see ur good traits and why you get along with the other earth signs!! Ur so smart normally and sensible, which sucks bc im an irresponsible little shit, however we can still have fun and talk about our great memories together, btw alex turners a capricorn so I associate him with u which is FAB
You my friend are FUCKING AWESOME
UR SO sweet and kind my god ur kind we never bitch about people together, we talk about life and philosophy and stupid stuff, ur so damn positive and great to get drunk with, you always adventure with me which i love and ur SO FUNNY MY GOD UR HILARIOUS I LOVE YOU GUYS
I only know two aries and I have kissed both of them which says something UR GREAT HAHAHA and you are so paSSIONATE u care about things and u adventure with me and you dance like crazy and have fun!! Great music taste and so interesting to talk to I love you, you are not the hot head people portray you to be my friend ur beautiful!!
I have to say even though you are manipulative at times (in my experience) a little evil, you are still funny and down to do stuff with me, great at concerts and parties and u are so smart my friend, I associate u with slytherin sorry
But you are so ambitious and loyal, you stick with ur friends and ALWAYS include everyone you never leave a mate behind which i adore you for!!
you have great conversations about anything in the world, so down to earth and so chill, always positive like me, we get along well, ur so kind and you are great to drink with and party with and adventure with!!! One of my faves (also like always attractive??)
So family orientated and I ADORE YOU FOR IT!! U have so much love in you my little gem and Its adorable my gosh!! You always seem quiet but once we talk you are cool and always laugh at my stupidity which is ok bc I do too! Love you ur so reliable

(all from a sagittarians perspective)
I apologise for this

anonymous asked:

What is your preferred name? I have an agender friend who no longer goes by their birth name is that what you would like or do you prefer Christian? What are your preferred pronouns also? You may have answered this before but I haven't seen it sorry

Thank you for asking!!!!! I still prefer Christian!!! Preferred pronouns are they/them but I am not hostile either way and won’t get offended. I have not been incredibly open about my gender except on this Web site for some reason, so most ppl probably don’t even know. Its a rough world and generally ppl are not very understanding. I wish I had changed my name to something cooloer before starting the internet lol. I have a list of good names saved in my phone. All of them graceful and perfect. Maybe for children, pets, or characters 

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was how would the nordics react to their s/o having a habit of 'snake hugging'? (I do it without knowing and it's a bit awkward sometimes ._.) The kind of hug when it starts like a normal hug and then it goes into a bone crushing bear hug that's not very pleasant as you can probably imagine. Thank you .u. (This ask is so weird I am sorry ;-;) Keep up the good work, bye! :D


APH Denmark/Mathias:

“Babe. Babe let go yOU’RE SQUSHING ME I CAN’T BREATH!!” 

He’d think it was adorable at first but once he realized his airways were being cut off he’d panic a bit. 

APH Norway/Lukas:

“Can you let go? Please?” 

He’d notice the tensing up and would try to separate himself before he suffocated or something. 

APH Iceland/Emil:

“What are you-ow, ow ow that hurts can you maybe stop?” 

He has a low tolerance for pain so he’d freak out pretty much right away. Don’t squish the poor boy. 

APH Finland/Tino:

“Ah, this is getting a bit uncomfortable.” 

He wouldn’t really notice but he would find the squeeze a bit unpleasant but wouldn’t say anything until he noticed that they weren’t letting go.

APH Sweden/Berwald:

“What are you-”

He doesn’t feel it because he has a high pain tolerance but he’d just be very, very confused as to why his S/O was turning red with effort. 

Brief PAXEast Story (and apology)

So I’m a fan of several Youtubers who went to PAXEast this year, those mainly being Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and Lordminion777. I was in the line for the signing they had on Friday, and when I got up to meet them (again, cause I’ve actually met them all before but my friend had not and thus I went with her to the signing) they remembered me. However, I was most excited to rekindle what I deemed a playful argument with Wade because our favorite football teams are rivals. But I went about it all wrong and now I feel like an asshole cause Wade is such a sweetheart and all around good person and shouldn’t be treated like crap by his fans. So Wade, I doubt you’ll ever see this but I am so, so sorry I was an asshole to you, I’m just a giant idiot who doesn’t know how to communicate very well sometimes.

kookieminjoon  asked:

please help me omg i'm so lost with the shinee comeback and help what are some really good shinee songs, um who are the members and agh i'm sorry it's just that i can see you're into shinee and i've been meaning to listen to their music but i've been so caught up with BTS and EXO and Big Bang but i'm ready now and this probably doesn't make sense i'm sorry have a good day <3

First of all, hello my sweetie! I am very glad that you are interested in SHINee! They are irresistible eh? hehe But if you want to be part of the most amazing fandom, warm welcome ❤(ˆ‿ˆԅ)

Let’s start with the members first: 
1. Our Leadernim Lee Jinki aka Onew. He has the most beautiful voice there is like oh my god it’s your 10th shot of vodka. He is very very very kind and is just precious overall. I can’t T_T When you hear him singing/talking you know right away it’s him. He is the oldest in SHINee. And if you ask me, he has the best voice there.  <3 LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY: 

2. Kim Jonghyun aka our resident puppy (and Dino when we are at it. Also, he is the shortest member, there is no way to miss him haha :3). He is 2nd oldest.  asdfghklkgdd He is handsome and sexy af… but let’s talk about his voice… he can hit those high notes like woah his voice will make you faint NO NO BIG NO do not bias him you’ll be sexually frustrated for the rest of your life that bastard has no chill. He doesn’t know what shirt is. 

3. Kim Kibum aka Key. Babyyyyy <3 Kibum is beautiful. Like. Really. Beautiful. Like you wish you were Kibum- beautiful. He really has beautiful voice and people need to give him more credit for that. (many of high notes in songs are actually Kibum’s) Not to mention the way he dances. I can freely say that he is on Taemin’s level… it’s easy to recognize him, he’s DIVA af and resident fashionista. Seriously everyone needs to appreciate this man. Kibum is LOVE.

4. Choi Minho aka Minho aka Mr. Choi aka that handsome mfker. I seriously don’t understand how someone can be THAT attractive. Like what do you eat for breakfast Minho? WHY SO BEAUTIFUL??? D: But… did you hear his voice guurl? It’ll make you faint. Heard that ‘’SHINee’s back’’ whisper? ya that’s him. He is rapper and is the tallest member and 2nd youngest. He’s crazy about sports. Did I mention how attractive he is? 

5. Lee taemin. Fucking Lee Taemin. He is the maknae and main dancer. When starting to describe Taemin, First of all he is the most beautiful human being alive. I have no clue how is he human actually. Whatever you do, you are not as beautiful as him. (males and females included) But let’s talk about his dancing… The way he moves guurlllll… when you see him rolling them hips, you’ll get all sorts of thoughts in your head hahah.  Although he is the maknae… dont let that fool you. He is taeMAN. (but boy he can pull that aegyo off like no one… xD)

SHINee is life. I don’t understand people who don’t stan them LOL 

As for songs, sure! I will gladly recommend you some! I hope you gonna like it! Here are the songs I love the most (those with  are my faves!) and think that you (maybe) would like as well (just click on the name to listen to it!):

1. Nightmare
2. Evil
3. Shine
4. Breaking News
5. 3 2 1
6. Amigo
7. Beautiful
8. Better
9. Countdown
10. Dangerous
11. Dynamite
12. Electric Heart
13. Like a Fire
14. Forever or Never
15. Get Down and Get It
16. Hello
17. Juliette
18. Obsession
19. One Minute Back
20. Ready or Not
21. Stranger
22. Sherlock
23. Why so Serious?

Taemin’s solo album ACE
Jonghyun’s solo album BASE

Also, here is the link to all SHINee live concerts. Because let’s be honest: SHINee dancing and singing live is like religious experience. It’s the best of the best. 

If you are looking for SHINee fics, however, please check this. They got rec over 450 fics with all pairings. 

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Mom catches up with OUAT episode 3
  • *My goal here was to not let her realize who Marian actually was until the very last scene, I am NOT good at hiding things so I'm actually surprised it worked*
  • Emma: *gets thrown into the dungeons*
  • Mom: Who is that in the next cell?
  • Me: Who? Oh, that... don't worry about it it's not important.
  • Marian: I have to go back to my family. My family. They probably already think I'm dead. My family here. My family there.
  • Me: COUGHmom I'm sorry if you can't hearCOUGHCOUGHwhat they're sayingCOUGHCOUGHCOUGHi just have this sudden hitch in my throat
  • Hook & Emma: We could bring her back with us.
  • Mom: You know I think this woman is important in some way.
  • Me: Or she could only be a plot device. TRUST ME she could be.
  • Mom: Are you sure... I mean... who could she be?
  • *actually thinks about it for 5 minutes I mean COME ON MOM I'M SUCH A BAD LIAR I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU HAVEN'T FIGURED IT OUT YET*
  • OUAT: *Montage with music and Rumple and Belle getting married and Robin and Regina walking together and being all cute and stuff*
  • Mom: Can I tell you something....?
  • Me:
  • Emma: Regina, I want you to meet....
  • Robin: Marian....!?
  • Me: .........
  • OUAT: ..........
  • Regina: ...............
  • Mom: ..............................oh noooooooooooooo!
  • Me: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHBWAAAAAAAAH *hysterical laughing mixed with tears and pain.... so much pain*
  • Me: I love you too mom. *My mom is an Evil Regal... what more can I ask for!?*