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Pretty Lies (3/?)

Summary: John Edwards and Rose Tyler are both top level operatives for the same espionage organization and have been designated partners for an imminent mission. They’re both more than qualified for the job, the only problem is they in no way want to work with each other. (Eight/Rose Spy AU)

Rating: All Ages

Word Count: 2563

AN: This is my continued offering for @dwsecretsanta The absolutely lovely @dearkuryakin is the one who requested this and is endlessly patient with my non-existent update schedule. I hope you like this, love and sorry for taking so long!

AN #2: Rose is wearing this dress once she changes clothes in the chapter, so you see why John was doomed as soon as he saw her.

AO3 // TSP // FF

“Okay, so we’ve been together for two months. Met at a party being thrown by one of your London contacts,” Rose confirmed, repeating the details they’d decided on. She and John were on a plane on their way to the mission. John’s cover included a private jet so they were at least comfortable and able to discuss their mission while en route.

“Yes. I’d just broken up with Jessica, which was Lucie’s cover, and was on the rebound. We met, hit it off and started seeing each other.”

“Great, I’m your rebound relationship, how appropriate,” Rose drawled, rolling her eyes.

John huffed. “It gives us a reason to be practically inseparable. If we’re newly together still and have a relationship based on physical attraction they will expect us to not be able to keep our hands off of each other and will help our case if they ask us a personal question we don’t know the answer to.” He paused a beat. “Plus it will explain any instance of us not liking each other very much.”

“That’s true. At least the dresses they gave me should make it very easy for you to fake the physical attraction,” Rose commented, looking back down at her notes.

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i don’t know how many of you were avid futurama fans but that episode where they talk about fry’s past, and how as a pizza boy he always gave some pizza to this stray dog. so eventually the dog really loved him, and would wait for him @ his pizza place everyday until he came back until one day he just stopped showing up, probably because he got oh idk fucking frozen, and sent to the year 2999?? but the dog kept on waiting for him, and it was so fucking sad, and unnecessary for a show with an episode of fry becoming rich over a can of anchovies to have this content. its dangerously close to hatchi, and probably its intent but i mean it didn’t need to be that sad.

Just Understand....

Ello ;] 

So tell me am I the only Fucking one that literally screams in their Fucking head throughout the damn day. Because obviously what you really and I mean really wanna say you can’t. Literally, you can’t but yet your ticking and every second could possibly be a fucking eruption of a human disaster. Sometimes, I feel like I’m just not apart of anything. Not that anyone would want me to be anyways. Even though people want me apart of some shit, I’m don’t know exactly where to fit in. Sometimes it makes me cry but, as you all can tell by now I’m probably even-tempered but sometimes, i wanna just spas the fuck out. Today, and everyday is kinda the same I’m stuck in my head and pretty sure no one will understand my mind. Shit, to be honest I probably wouldn’t let you inside it.  Its dangerous and I don’t mean that in the most serial killer way, I mean it in the most I can’t even grasp the shit that runs though it. I sit as of right now puzzled on how the fuck I just got into my feelings again. Sometimes followers, its just safe to be quiet. Aha, even then though it might be a problem. Im tired of being judge by what people fucking think….and think for me….when the hell will I be able to think for my GotDamn self. Like I’m too kind to be feeling like a demon in my own vessel of a body that just walks the earth. Im a earth walker. If people really knew how I felt I’m pretty sure they tear up and wonder why I think the way I do … Am i sensitive …..that still an answer I can’t say. I go with that but to be honest I feel that they just don’t understand me and never will. Or just don’t choose to….i’m too much or too extra when all in honesty I’m JUST FUCKING ME! Someone Tell Me its okay …save me….

-til we meet again….tum-bug….

Love Dear Old Kushiee.