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dmmd boys' reactions to being called "daddy"
  • Aoba: spits out his beverage immediately
  • Koujaku: blushes profusely but goes along with it if it's what you want
  • Clear: "you must be mistaken, i don't have any children. do you need help finding your father?"
  • Noiz: smirks and proceeds to get really into it.
  • Mink: grunts. because that's what mink does in just about any situation.
  • Ren: Loses the ability to speak. blushes. stutters a lot. probably freezes up because wow he did not see that coming.
  • Sei: .....why would anyone call Sei "daddy". he's the least daddy-ish of them all
  • Mizuki: "what, me? ME? you actually mean me??????"
  • Virus and Trip: of course they're digging it. They'll probs be crazy about you acknowledging your submissiveness.
  • Toue: probably confused by it at first but being the pervy old man he is, it eventually becomes on of his biggest kinks and makes all his sexual partners call him "daddy" from that point forward.
  • Greed: I want what you have, Dad! I want the power of God!
  • Father: ...No okay now you're just sounding ridiculous.
  • Greed: What, don't think I could handle it?
  • Father: You have to KILL PEOPLE in order to get this power, Greed. LOTS OF PEOPLE.
  • Greed: Yeeaaahhh? And? So?
  • Father: Literally the only thing you've done since I made you is save and help humans, Greed.
  • Greed: Whaaaaaat? That doesn't sound like me.
  • Father: Look at what you're doing right now, Greed.
  • Greed, muffled through his ultimate shield as he deflects a speeding car out of an old lady's path: I don't get what you mean. This is how I plan for my new world order. I think you need a new pair of eyes, Pops.
  • Father: I'm serious, look--right now! That thing you're doing RIGHT NOW.
  • Greed, muffled as he dives into a swimming pool to save a drowning child: Planning world domination is what I'm doing. Trust me this is all about money and power and status-you've heard my monologue right?
  • Father: How is this AT ALL RELATED?!
  • Greed, while simultaneously telling the injured humans to stay behind to avoid unnecessary deaths: You're just not thinking big-picture. This is all about me being greedy trust me.
  • Father: ...
  • Father: ...
  • Father: I'm just going to reabsorb you and be done with it but you'll probably find a way to save people while doing that too.
  • Greed, tricking Ling into letting him go to save Ling's life while being reabsorbed by Father: That's crazy all I want is power and money where are you getting these wild ideas.

gggguuuuyyyyss i met Jake and Inna in Kyiw and im so happy right now, and so emotional, they are super nice and beautiful. we talked and my friend said that i treat them like friends and not celebs, but i cant help that, they are humans and probably dont want people to act crazy. they said thats its nice that me and my friend are transtlators and that we looked good. they sighned a paper for my boyfriend thats in army and Inna talked with us on russian for a little bit about Aelonia. i just cant get over the fact that they are so nice. Jake even a little shy, but it was so nice to talk to both of them. i love them


I made a 90% on one of my exams so I decided to write a chapter! The next one is already started and may be out tonight or tomorrow. :)

Thank you for reading!


Two weeks had gone by since the incident with Hyuk. He was constantly bringing you little food gifts toget back in your “good favor” although you told him repeatedly that is was unneccessary. The rest of the time was passed by a series of promotions out of the country, practicing for a new comeback, and working with them on their English. Hyuk was, so far, the best at English. Taekwoon just kept asking for private lessons, only to be denied everytime.

Now, you were with YoonJung in your bedroom trying to figure out what to wear on your date with Taekwoon.

“I really don’t think Taek-” You quickly reached over and put your hand over her mouth.

“Don’t say his name! He said thats how it works. I need to keep my sanity and if I know he can hear us, I’ll probably go crazy.” You had several outfits lined up on your bed. You both had been narrowing them down for about an hour.

“I think it only works if you say it, hun. He’s connected to you, not me. You’re thinking about this too much. Its not like he’s Voldemort. Say his name, who cares if he hears. Just wear whatever and go enjoy the company you’ll be in.”

“Thats the problem. The company I’ll be in-ALONE-scares the shit out of me.” You took some deep breaths and continued, “Ok, so I know I’m going to wear jeans. I don’t really own much more than that for pants. Now I just need a shirt.”

“We’re going to have to go shopping sometime. How can you not own any dresses or skirts?”

“Because I don’t feel comfortable in them. I prefer jeans. Thats what he usually sees me in so if it hasn’t mattered before, it shouldn’t matter now.”

“Fine, whatever. Let’s just find a top. Has he said where y'all are going?” YoonJung began throwing shirts around on the bed.

“No and I haven’t asked. I’ve tried to avoid the subject. Of course, with their busy schedules I wouldn’t have had a chance anyway.” You held up a blouse but YoonJung just shook her head no. Rolling your eyes, you rifled through the rest.

“True. Did he ever get you to tell him what drama we had been watching?” She laughed at your expression.

“No! And it needs to stay that way! He keeps asking if I’ve seen any good dramas lately.”

“I don’t think he needs to watch it anyway. I’m sure he knows what to do.” She started giggling and you threw some shirts at her.

“Do not give me images! If this date is a disaster, I’m blaming you!” You picked up a flowy dressy blouse and held it up to YoonJung. She gave a thumbs up and you sighed in relief.

“I’m sure he wont let it be a disaster. Just relax! Geez, you’d think this was your first time on a date!” She smiled sacarstically and stuck her tongue out as she dodged several items you were currently launching at her.

“This is why I don’t go out anywhere! Its too stressful! What if someone sees him with me and it ruins everything for him? He works hard, he doesn’t deserve that.”

“You’re thinking too much again. Stop worrying! He’ll figure it out! He can’t live his life in fear worrying about what "might” happen and neither can you. You both are human and like each other. You need to explore that. Hell, explore him!“

"Unni!” You both exploded in a fit of laughter. It was several minutes before you could calm down. You ended up having to reapply what little makeup you had put on.

Two hours later, you were pacing. It was 15 minutes before Taekwoon had said he would come to your door.

“If you don’t sit down I’m going to break your legs!” YoonJung was sitting at the kitchen table watching you go back and forth.

“I can’t sit down. I’m nervous.”

“No shit, Sherlock. I know you are nervous but you gotta calm down. If you use all your energy right now you wont have any for the fun tonight.” She winked at you and you simply flipped her off. “Oooh, does Taekwoon know you do that?”

You stopped still when she had said his name. You were afraid to move or say anything just in case he could hear it.

“Shit, I should have done that earlier if I knew you would stop pacing. I don’t think he can hear you. Its gotta be you to say his name. If it was just anybody he’d hear what fans were saying all over the place. He would most likely be in an insane asylum.”

She did have a point. But, you could ask him later. Right now you couldn’t take any chances. You felt like a teenager going to prom.

A couple seconds later, the doorbell rang. You froze and your eyes widened. You looked to YoonJung for help.

“Nope. Not gonna. You go open it.” She sat back and crossed her arms over her chest.

Knowing she wouldn’t budge, you slumped your shoulders and walked to the door. You took several deep breaths before opening the door.

There was no one there.

Looking back at YoonJung in confusion, she just shrugged her shoulders.

Stepping out of the door you looked to the right in the direction of the boys’ door. Nothing.

Thats od-

“Hah!” Arms wrapped around you from the left and you screamed. Turning you saw Taekwoon’s smiling face. You smacked him on the arm until he released you and went back into the apartment.

YoonJung was still sitting at the table, laughing her butt off.

“That was not funny!” You pouted at the both of them.

“I’m sorry, but it just sounded like you needed to relax a little so I decided to scare you.” He leaned against the door frame and smiled. It took every once of willpower you had to stay mad at him.

“I thought you said I had to say your name before you could here me over here!”

“You do. I couldn’t hear what you were saying, but I can hear this,” his long index finger gently poked you on your chest, indicating your heartbeat, “loud and clear….everywhere.”

He winked at you and you swatted at his finger. He easily caught your hand in his and pulled you back towards the door.

“Y'all have fun!” YoonJung rose from her seat and walked towards you and Taekwoon. “(Y/N), behave! Taekwoon, you too…..wait, nevermind. For her sake, don’t behave.” She laughed as you sent her an appalled look.


“Don’t worry, YoonJung Noona, I have no intention of behaving.” He waved to her and pulled you gently out the door behind him. You panicked and tried to pull your hand out of his but he held firm.

“I think we know each other well enough for me to hold your hand.” He walked to the elevator and pressed the down button. You smiled at his comment and decided to enjoy the warmth of his hand covering yours.

The elevator dinged and you both walked inside. The silence was killing you. You decided to break it.

“So where are we going?”

“Coffee shop first. But I think you should have decaf or something. You’re already too wound up.” He laughed and you gave him a glare.

“Well, its not my fault! I have no idea what to do!”

“You don’t need to do anything. I want you to enjoy our date. Don’t think too much about whats next. Just relax and have fun.” He smiled when you nodded in agreement.

When you reached the 1st floor he led the way out through the side of the building towards the coffee shop across the street. You should have known that any date with Taekwoon would involve coffee.

He released your hand suddenly and put on a mask to cover half of his face. When he was finished, he quickly grabbed for your hand again. You looked at him and laughed. When he heard your chuckle, he turned.

“What?” His voice somewhat muffled by the mask.

“Do you realize that the mask does nothing for you? Any fan of yours will realize its you. You’re quite…..noticable.”

“Its fine. They usually don’t bother me anyway. I come out to get coffee a lot.” He walked into the coffee shop with you in tow.

You could do nothing but look around. Thankfully, people sitting in the cafe took no notice when the door chime sounded. The barista behind the counter was busy with orders.

“What do you want?” Taekwoon turned to ask when you reached the counter.

“White chocolate mocha….not decaf.” You had no hesitation in ordering since that was always your order. His crinkled eyes indicated a smile behind his mask when you had spoke the last part.

He nodded and placed your order. You suddenly realized that you left the apartment with nothing but your phone in your pocket. You instantly felt bad.

“We have to go back to my apartment.” You whispered to him as you sat at a table waiting for your drinks.

“Why? Did you forget something?”

“Yeah. I just left with my phone. I didn’t bring my wallet or anything.” It was embarrasing for you to admit it.

“(Y/N), do you realize what it means when a guy asks you out on a date? Do you think that, during the course of this evening, I would let you pay for anything?”

“But-” Your rebuttal was cut off by the announcement that your drinks were ready.

Taekwoon went to grab them and brought them back to the table. He grabbed your hand again and pulled you up from the chair. He led you to the stairs and you both ascended to the second floor of the cafe. He sat the tray of drinks down at a secluded table far in the back barely lit by the lights above. Clearly, it was a booth meant for couples to be alone. Your stomach flip-flopped when you realized. It would be a miracle for people to see you both. The booth that surrounded the table was turned mostly away from the room. The bench circled all the way around the table. Someone would have to peek around the wall of the booth to even see you.

He motioned for you to sit first. Expecting him to sit opposite of you, you sat close to the edge of the bench. You looked up at him when he made no move to sit. He waved his hand at you in a gesture for you to move over. You kept sliding until he put his hand down. You were now almost to the middle of the circular bench. Taekwoon then slid in and placed himself right next to you. You were completely hidden from the world. He took his mask off and smiled.

“Isn’t this a great table? No one will bother us here.”

Thats what you were afraid of….

You grabbed your mocha in hopes that it would calm you. Thankfully, it wasn’t scalding hot and you were able to drink some. Closing your eyes, you welcomed the warmth the drink gave your insides and it did settle your nerves slightly.

“Good?” Your eyes popped back open when you heard Taekwoon’s voice. You smiled and nodded.

“I didn’t even know they had booths like these here.” You were desperate to talk about anything.

“Yeah. I usually hang out up here when I need to get away for a while.”

You wanted to ask if he had been here with other girls but you didn’t have the guts.

“Alone.” He said and you wondered if he could read your mind also. “And no, I can’t read your mind. You’re just really bad at hiding your emotions. You’re the first person to come here with me. This was the first place I thought of when I decided to ask you on a date.”

You tried not to smile. Taekwoon was a sweet talker and you certainly didn’t mind eventhough you were sure your cheeks would probably stay pink around him.

“Its a nice little hideaway. I usually like to try and find places like this everywhere I go. When I was in college I found a lot of hiding places to hide from everyone. I’m so used to being by myself I feel most comfortable that way.”

“Hmm. I can understand that. However, now you’ll have to hide with me.” He winked again and wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

The conversation continued like that for another hour. He would ask about your childhood, college life, and the like. He spent about 30 minutes talking about his nephew. Little by little you were becoming more comfortable around him.

  • Friend that is a Supercorp Shipper: Lol. How much you bet that Lena is gonna see Kara and Mon-El kiss and get really pissed
  • Me, also Supercorp Shipper: Omg. Probably. That's why she's gonna turn evil. Or she's gonna kiss Kara and Kara is gonna be like "but we r just friends I'm straight" and Lena is gonna go crazy. And later Kara will realize she loves Lena but L is gonna be bitter and be like "it's too late now" and pull a Morgana. And I'm gonna cry.
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I’ll be back in maybe a week. *politely tips hat*

  • how people think i got into johnlock: you just got corrupted by tumblr and they made you think johnlock is real
  • how i actually got into johnlock: hey i think i'll watch sherlock, i heard it's a good show. *starts watching* oh it's in modern times and stuff, that's it just me or does john seem to be pretty into sherlock? ...oh dang he's definitely into him...HAHA sherlock is like oh shit i found my soulmate! *finishes first episode* i wonder if anyone else thinks they'd be a cute couple? no i'm probably crazy... *googles john/sherlock* *IS BURIED BY THE JOHNLOCK*

Its taken me a few days and a few listens for me to even process it.. but me and my sounds immortalized on kendrick’s album..feels so beautiful. 

I cant stop listening. its crazy.. I think To Pimp A Butterfly is one of the best albums iv ever heard..(but im probably biased) It just embodies so much of what i love about music ..and musically sounds like its influenced by all of the things im influenced by so it makes perfect sense to me.

I just feel really blessed and proud to have my name on something I believe in and something that spreads love spreads change. Thats always been my goal with music and thats where most of my energy is put out. Thank you to all of u that have been sending me love and nice words i appreciate it. peace

Signs and why they're a good friend
  • Aries: You're the one who put up with the bullshit and calls your friends out when they're outta line. However, you're also the one's who will stand up for your friends, tell them how it is, and are the one's you usually go to for an opinion.
  • Taurus: Usually you're the friend that people go to when they're in need of help; you're the type of friend that makes sure no one speaks over each other in the group.
  • Gemini: The friend that always looks out for everyone in the group. You put yourself after everyone else and makes sure everyone in the group is happy — if they're happy, you're happy!
  • Cancer: You're like the mom/dad in the group: looking out for everyone, making sure everyone is happy and having fun, but when it's time for "me time", it's literally time for "ME time".
  • Leo: The decision maker in the friend group, the one who is usually the one to decide where to go out to eat (and it's always a good pick)! You're also the friend that's probably making everyone in the group laugh with your funny/crazy personality.
  • Virgo: The perfectionist in the friend group; everyone is always asking you for something, whether it be advice, ideas, lending a hand, or just having someone to talk to... You're that friend!
  • Libra: You're the friend that makes sure no one is fighting with one another, and if there is a conflict, you're the one who takes charge in being the mediator. You also make sure everyone understands each others thoughts/opinions and try your very best to not say something mean to your friends.
  • Scorpio: The bad ass of the friends. You're the friend that literally doesn't give two flying fucks about what strangers think of you and your friends, and if you catch someone snarking, you'll be the one to shut them down immediately! You love your friends, cherish them, and are probably emotionally attached to them (but your friends probably don't understand it as much as you).
  • Sagittarius: The best optimistic friend there is out of the 12 houses. You try your very best to see the light in the situation and always look for positive compliments to give to your friends! You notice the change in situation/appearance/attitude and won't hesitate to pull your friend aside and ask if everything is okay.
  • Capricorn: The one that tries their best to impress and please everyone in the friend group. You guys try your absolute best to keep up a conversation as long as possible because you value what your friends have to say.
  • Aquarius: You usually say some outta pocket shit, and it's pretty hilarious. You're the friend that suggests to do weird/crazy/wild things with your other friends — it's spontaneously satisfying to have a friend that is up for almost anything.
  • Pisces: The best friend to come cry to. You always try to understand everyone and try to connect your lives with theirs. However, you're also the one that can be the loudest in the friend group and has something quirky to say.

Person: Aww Peridot is so small now and like yeah it’s cute and all but now she’s impossible to ship with other characters! It’s too weird now! She’s like a 10 year old or something

Ruby and Sapphire are tiny too and yet look at them go being in a cute romantic relationship and all but yeah you’re right small gems totally can’t be in relationships. Also it’s not like Ruby and/or Sapphire aren’t immature either we only saw Ruby literally throw multiple temper fits in public places and Sapphire freeze an entire section of a motel because she was pissed off and they’re both still considered to be an adult gems and tbh the only real difference between them and Peridot is that they’ve been on earth longer and learned to live on earth with an entire team and Peridot just showed up by circumstance without any previous guidance or preparation and it’s also heavily implied that she was just a service worker who would get no education other than things relating to her job as a technician, which by the way babies can’t do. She may be still younger than the other gems since it has been implied that she wasn’t formed until after the war but she’s in no way an actual baby. She’s still the same character she was before, just shorter. Conclusion: She’s still a shippable character and is still learning and that’s fantastic and she’s gonna probably get a character arc of her own and it’s not weird at all and I can’t wait. 



Late Night Raid (Asugi x Nina)

“You still haven’t told me what it is we’re stealing.” Nina huffed, watching as Asugi carefully picked the lock to the mansion.

They wouldn’t have to worry about the owners being home and catching them. The residents of the ‘humble’ abode were at some play, thats at least what Asugi had told her. Whether this was true or not, Nina didn’t know. But she didn’t want to think that the ninja would botch a job just to annoy her with lies.

“Not stealing, hotcakes. Borrowing.” Asugi smirked as he unlocked the door, letting it fall open slowly.

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PLL 6X02 Songs of Innocence: First Impressions & Thoughts + What’s Up with Aria’s Dress? + Something Big going on with Hanna + Loving this Ali! + Oh Andrew I Feel for You + Many More Things Wrong with Aria + Does Kenneth Really Know about Charles?

hey guys , so tonights ep was absolutely my fave! imm just list a couple things that stuck out to me and basically my first impressions:p

1. Lorenzo…. i couldn’t believe he was on PLL if anyone is familiar with the tv show Single Ladies, then you’ll know him from that show, interestingly he played  a gay character on that show, now its looking like him and ali are building some kind of budding friendship..maybe relationship? so far loving his character, finally someone who doesn’t know ali (please mar dont turn this guy shady), i think this is very good for ali, to see her in a different way with someone she doesn’t know, and show us this side of ali that we haven’t seen.

2. I’m definitely getting those toby shady vibes again dammit! its this look he gives that he would always give back in season 1 when he was hella shady, and it seems like the creep factor just keeps popping up with toby. I still cant trust this guy. We all saw that intense exchange with him and ali, i know toby might still have some grudges against ali , but i honestly think theres more between these 2 that we dont know about. I really don’t believe toby showed up THAT NIGHT just to thank ali for freeing him from jenna. Toby and that night still don’t add up to me.

3. SOMETHING IS GOING ON WITH HANNA, out of all the girls it really seems like hanna may have been tortured the most ,as to why? i have no clue but something big is going on with hanna, and i always had this sense about hanna knowing way too much, i think she knows alot of things that she keeps to herself, A might know about this.

4. Now we see the girls dealing/using their coping mechanisms in their own way, but this was interesting to me, and i think it was meant to show us some vulnerabilities with the girls, and maybe some new sides we haven’t seen before.

5. I DONT THINK ARIA WAS TAKING HER MEDS I found it a little brow raising when aria talked about the meds the docs gave her, and place emphasis on the meds in particular for being  “anxious” why those meds? its interesting they gave her these, makes me wonder if this is a staple pill she has been prescribed before. LIKE DAUGHTER LIKE FATHER? not only do we know byron is impulsive and anxious but now we can confirm aria is the same. We’ve seen this anxious behavior before in past seasons. In tonights ep, she was anxious all over the place, she lied right in front of us. (yeah like she hasn’t before, but this time was different,we saw how impulsively easy it is for aria to lie on a dime, & how it comes naturally to her, we know shes been doing this since she was little girl lieing to her parents (as mike said) constantly , and being good at it, it almost makes me want to place jessica as her mother, someone who has no problem making their children lie, seems like aria had the same treatment hmm)

6. HAS ARIA NOT LEARNED BY NOW ok this really bugged me about aria, and jsut makes her more suspicious as to why she wants to force the belief to herself and to everyone that andrew is A that he is the one. She was the only one so certain about this , while everyone else was a bit skeptical, because they should all know by now that A sets up people to be A. It’s like aria is overly doing it , while everyone else is pretty calm and not really wanting to point the finger at andrew completely. 

7. STOP MEN? ok what was up with aria’s dress? now we know her clothing can be described as sending messages to us, and alot of the time they can reflect on her mood, she wears stuff to match her mood etc. I read STOP MEN on the dress, i think thats what it said, so what could that mean? Again, its strange behavior from aria , does she have something against men in general in her life? does it start with byron? we know byron has expressed not protecting aria in the past and we know the unhealthy relationship they have with keeping secrets. its not the first time she has 100% been settled on who A is and quickly wants to place blame on people without evidence. Thats anxious impulsive behavior that can be dangerous, also we’ve seen unstable behavior when she grabbed maggies box, trashed ezras place, blowing a rape whistle at ali, instantly believing ali attacked her and that she’s A etc. Let’s not forget , aria had an actual patient file. I really think theres alot going on with aria mentally, the way she handles situations, copes, reacts, hmm something is off.

8. When aria has a flashback, she seems very in control of her feelings compared to the other girls, not much expression on her face. Shes handling this alot easier than the rest of the girls, she jetted to the police station to blame andrew, aria seems to be trying to control things. I really dont believe her excuses as to why she impulsively went down to the station & told that lie, she talks about parts of her brain doing this and that, just like she talked about her face doing this and that and not agreeing with her etc. This all seems strange about aria,she sure can control things but can she control herself? is her mental state not ok?

9. SO DOES KENNETH REALLY KNOW ABOUT CHARLES DILAURENTIS? now what if he doesn’t know? we know jessica was keeping secrets from him about the the yellow dresses , making ali believe the lies, jessica was constantly lieing to kennneth, he probably doesnt even know about half the things jessica was doing behind his back. can anyone explain the 2 yellow dresses and the 2 campbell farm boys? Lets not forget, spencer came to the conclusion, came to the name CHARLES, spencer can still be wrong here, and marlene has no choice but to support spencers findings to us viewers. This door could still open to being something else imo.

10. i felt so bad for andrew! i was pissed toby tried to beat him up, like i understand maybe he really thinks andrew IS THE GUY, but even toby should know by now how A works, does any of these people not get how A works by now? -_-

11. i also felt bad for emily, i felt bad for everyone except aria, yeah sorry but nothing she did made me feel any remorse, i was too distracted by her trying to blame andrew and wondering what that dress was about, honestly, everyone had genuine pain and troubles you can see it , but i didn’t get that with aria…again -_-

12. Last thought on aria, I think i can officially say i dont trust SPARIA i do not trust aria around spencer, i do not like that aria called spencer over and bam spencer has access to those pills, i never been a fan of team sparia, it doesn’t seem like a good match, i feel spencer is weak and less smart around aria, i really feel aria treats spencer like a puppet, and influences spencers decisions, that end up going nowhere, dead ends etc. maybe its just me. I wouldnt be surprised if aria picked spencer to be tortured IF that what the ”sorry” was about -_-

13. Imagine how crazy it is for the girls to be tortured that? to have to choose. Knowing who they choose says alot, and this was probably the plan to get them to separated once its revealed who they chose. It may or may not go that way, but it seems like thats where were headed.

ok thats all i got for my first impressions and thoughts, i was happy to see the mothers again tonight! hope you guys enjoyed the ep! :p

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This is probably just complete speculation on my part, but idk. I feel like Troye and Tyler aren't as close anymore? Like Tyler especially. He didn't even congratulate Troye on the Yves Saint Laurent show. I just miss their interactions.

i’m sure twitter is not their main method of communication with each other

I think one of the most interesting & important things about Alex & Piper is their introspective deconstruction & subsequent inversion. like Hannah’s been pointing out a lot lately that Alex has always been presented as the Femme Fatale™ but this season kind of completely obliterated that with the constant stream of “you are not cut out for murder” from almost every character around her. but I think that’s still only like a small sliver of it tbh. when the show started the Alex we were presented with was so in control & cool & just… devastating. & the Piper we were presented with was meek & scared &… the total opposite. & then the season progressed & ended with Piper nearly beating another inmate to death with her bare hands & it became clear that she’s so much more than the wispy blonde lady the world sees her as. I just think it’s so interesting that this show presented us with these two ideas & then completely deconstructed them; wispy blonde woman has mad anger issues & depth, & cool controlled badass is TERRIFIED & has no idea what she’s doing. but like… the thing that makes it even cooler is that after they took that deconstruction they then INVERTED the ideas completely. & PIPER became everything we initially thought Alex was (but it was a warped twisted version because it’s never what Alex ACTUALLY WAS, it was just a mimic of the false projection we were all initially fooled by) as Alex became the one who needed protecting, she became the OPPOSITE of femme fatale which is essentially a clearer version of the false Piper idea we were initially presented with. like. Piper & Alex are so goddamn interesting as individual characters but when you look at their development as a couple too it’s crazy intriguing. like how in the world do people think they’re boring???

Guys, I just had a really bad thought

So remember in the song in 5x05 during the Emison/Ezria sex scenes(Every Breath You Take)? Well we all know that when you actually listen to the words of that song, its really creepy.

“Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I’ll be watching you.

Every single day
Every word you say
Every game you play
Every night you stay
I’ll be watching you.

Oh can’t you see
You belong to me?”

Not taking it out of context, doesn’t that sound like A?

I’m probably just being crazy but could that be a clue towards Ali/Ezra/Aria/Emily being A? Like maybe thats why they chose that song.

Or maybe the lack of PLL is just making me go insane? 


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I feel like Alycia is a little uncomfortable with the romance. Probably not because it's F/F, more likely because of how crazy and creepy people can be sometimes. And then you got Eliza who's like, "Yes! Clexa! I need it! Let me just slip some Clexa in here. Oh and maybe something about Lexa. What this a conversation about what the weathers like in Australia? Well that's very important to Lexa."

God y’all have so much fucking speculation into what the actors are feeling & thinking based on absolutely nothing. Love scenes are awkward for every actor, but it doesn’t mean they’re uncomfortable, and they in no way would let being awkward or uncomfortable affect the quality of their work. Alycia obviously isn’t going to do closed mouth kisses if the scene asks for a desperate kiss just bc she’s uncomfortable. Give her some credit, this is the same bad bitch who slays Lexa’s character every week. The reason her mouth is closed in the 0.3 seconds we see is bc ???? who knows! we don’t! bc we have 0.3 seconds of footage!