it's probably gonna change like always

I get asked for painting tutorials occasionally but I paint in a very scattered way so I always think it is too hard to understand  but here we go anyways

  1. My sketches are actually usually messier than this but I still like them to be very flowy and try to create shapes to help get the figure down
  2. I make a layer underneath with basic colors. Easy to change if you arent feeling them
  3. On a new layer I start painting over everything. I always start with the face because its my favorite part to draw. For this image I kept the details and shading very simple 
  4. I made a new layer on top because why not. It lets you erase anything new without messing up something you already did that you liked. 

It doesnt have to be perfect! And my method is probably gonna be tough or too time consuming for people. I’m used to it and know what I’m doing (sorta). 

yoshimickster replied to your post: The beginning of the end

I know you probably ain’t gonna change your mind, I know your probably set but…you can do more. Primarily with the Bad Machinery gang, there’s always mysteries to solve. I’m honestly kind of mad your quitting, I don’t feel this series has met its full potential. BUT-if the ending is…servicable, I’ll gladly eat crow. But in your next story, no constant story shifting. Its kind of a REALLY annoying part about your work. Still a fan, but still.

The things you don’t like are the same things I don’t like and the reasons I want to stop this series now. Nineteen years of layered-on decisions and series extensions within the same “universe” primarily to preserve readership at times of transition, and secondarily not to lose huge quantities of world-building, have led to something that, editorially speaking, is a mess. I no longer feel like I am serving the audience, the characters, or myself. 

I could have done more Bad Machinery stories, but the characters had aged out of the subject matter, which from a marketing point was the end of the series. There’s every chance that I will return to the mystery kids; there is also every chance that I will not. 

For some people, the complexity is the thing. For others, it’s a turn-off. Who do I serve? So while I want you to be satisfied by the ending, I don’t care - ultimately - whether you like it or not. Trying to do what I imagine people want is what tied me in all these knots. It is my worst instinct. So I am finishing the comic the same way I started it - for myself.

This isn’t meant to read as a harsh response - when your livelihood for 15 years has been bound up in something personal, un-planned and by design, open-ended, it’s hard to describe your thought process without sounding like you’re having a meltdown, which I’m not.  Announcing the end of the comic has been  a great relief. I’m excited about doing new things. 

goldenwolf001  asked:

Please take your time. It's already so hard dealing with life, and putting your time and strength on us is already the most you can do. Don't feel obligated to give us something every week, especially if you don't feel right. I'm really sorry you feel this way, and it's okay to take a step away for a while. Please rest up, as we will always be here, supporting you. I hope you feel better soon.

Honestly… I was just gonna be like “hahaha you’re probably right.” and then just not do anything to change anything after the first message.

But it seems… you guys are pretty insistent that I take a break ^^; I dunno. Maybe it’s easier to see it from the outside than I can see myself that I need one. Especially if there’s a bunch of you saying to do so.

I wasn’t going to, even after the influx of messages, but I was thinking about it last night while trying to get some sleep and I think maybe you guys are right.

Drawing and working on the comic is not the problem. I absolutely enjoy doing that and have no feelings of burnout or tiredness working on it at all. It’s almost a way of escapism for me because I like my own story and I enjoy working on it and fleshing it out and seeing it become a thing in the real world. I really enjoy that to no end!

The problem is, after I post a page I often have to trudge through a handful of comments that irk me. But, being a content creator who wants feedback and interaction, most of the time I just don’t say anything and ignore it, focusing instead of the good feedback and positive words and people who actually have interesting and supportive things to say. Most of the time it’s perfectly fine. I can brush off annoyances and comments that just repeat the same thing over and over and over again (you want a good laugh, check out the dA comments on page 63 and take a shot for every comment translating the wingdings)

But yeah, this week it just got to me, mostly because of everything else happening right now. I’ve mentioned I’m sick, I dunno how many of you read that the reason I got sick is literally from stress and emotional strain, and I’m also moving as well as trying to do some work for a paid client I need to put more focus on. (as well as my mom recently being sick and having injured herself from a fall and various other smaller things). It feels like a hand has got my by the throat and is choking me most of the time.

Not to mention the escapism of working on the comic is not working right now, because while I’m enjoying myself drawing the comic, I get knocks on my door as people remind me “don’t forget you have to do this and this and this before Tuesday, ok? And the time I’m trying to ignore life and just focus on my art is making the real life I’m trying to ignore more and more stressful. Even though all I wanna do is draw the comic.

I’m going to take next week (this week?) off. Or rather, I’m not gonna have next Saturday as the deadline for myself, so I can work on the comic if I want but it isn’t going up next Saturday and I don’t have a week deadline for it. Maybe I can draw some other things or maybe I can just do some packing or the paid work or something. Despite being sick, life (or rather the people in it) refuse to give me time I need to not do anything at all or I’d spend the time sleeping.

Honestly I’d rather work on the comic like normal, but I think you guys are right and it’s just too much right now.

Of course I’m also scared shitless of the 14 coming up. Please sign those forms and make those phone calls guys. The net neutrality thing is NOT helping my health at all.

But yeah. Just a general thanks for all the kind messages and nice words. I wish I wasn’t a person whose emotions shut down when I get support and don’t know how to respond, but in this case just the number of you sending word has peer-pressured me in stepping back and taking a breather, which I would not have done otherwise.

24 Year Old Tries to Understand Teenage Emotions, A Review.

Thinking back to when I was a teenager (I’m 24 now so it wasn’t too long ago) I can recall being full of life, open minded and having fun was the only thing that was on my mind. With Lil Yachty debut album Teenage Emotions you will need to keep that same energy.  

Continue for my in depth review 

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there are some nights
i can still see you
holding the gun out to me,
but this time
you don’t have to speak.

this is instinct now,
it has to be.

then my back starts to bleed,
and i can hear you laughing at me.
it’s all i can hear anymore.

you drive away like it’s nothing,
because it probably is by now.
it always has been.

you see,
nothing has changed.

so when my phone rings,
we both know i have to answer it.
and when it hits me,
i let it take me under.

this is it for me,
because it’s all i’ve ever known.

all i’m good for lately
is drowning
where no one can save me.

okay, so here’s my two cents on the matter, based on what i’ve seen and heard:

first off, i get the anger and disappointment. all of a sudden, this character that has been there since the very launch of the app has been changed without any forewarning or explanation, just like that. it was deceptive - here, download this update, oh, also we’re not going to tell you about the total face change of one of our oldest and most beloved characters. it makes sense to act somewhat outraged over it. i certainly am a bit angry over it, i loved the original james, but hereeee we go…

now im gonna play the devil’s advocate, i guess.

some of y’all need to chill. there’s being disappointed, confused, and mad - and then there’s acting like you’re solely being personally wronged by pixelberry here. that’s just unnecessary tbh. i GET that we want a concrete answer, preferably sooner than later, but still.

you figure, there was a reason for this change. they didn’t do it just to screw with people or because they wanted to start changing the designs of characters for fun. the most likely reason, one that i’ve been hearing about a bit here and there, was that michael b. jordan, whose likeness was used as james’s character, and his reps reached out to pixelberry requiring a face change, lest they face legal action. wanting to avoid a friggin lawsuit, they immediately complied and changed james’s face.

honestly, this makes a lot of sense in the situation. i’m only guessing here, too, but i imagine there may be some kind of legal stuff they may have to work around before they can give out a solid explanation either, for fear of muddling what they are saying/getting in more hot water when they want to avoid further conflict.

so, yeah, the situation sucks. a lot. it’s not ideal, and i don’t like it, either. i get where people are coming from with their anger. but just CHILL for five seconds before jumping to conclusions. lastly, give it some time to get sorted out, too?? it’s literally been less than 24 hours and yet someone of y’all are like “GIVE ME THOSE GODDAMN ANSWERS RIGHT NOW PIXELBERRY YOU STOLE MY FIRSTBORN CHILD AND NOW THIS??????????? TELL ME!!!!!!!!!” like it’s probably gonna get explained to some extent at the very least, just……….. relax.

for as long as i can remember ive been diagnosed with adhd, i still remember having to open the medication capsules to put the actual meds in applesauce bc i couldnt swallow the pills.

i dont remember getting diagnosed but then again i was probably in kindergarten . ive always struggled in school (and still do) bc of it but recently ive been getting help , i got an iep + im in alt ed 

my whole life ive always loved pokemon its my number 1 hyperfix and i dont think thts ever gonna change, i have so much stuff from it i got like a bunch of really cool cards plushies i have a lot of the games it makes me super happy !! i love when ppl let me talk about it too bc i get really excited gfhsjdg

idrk wht else to put !! happy adhd awareness month

anonymous asked:

In light of SOTF getting deleted, how do you reconcile writing/reading t+c fic? I understand the reasons why she's taking it down, and it's kind of making me feel really bad. But at the same time I don't know if I can stop because reading these stories is like an escape that makes me happy. I guess I just always tried justifying it by thinking they wouldn't care, but now I don't know.

Disclaimer on this: I don’t know if any of this is right, and I very well may change my mind and think I was being terrible for ever engaging with RPF, but this is just how I currently think/feel about it. Also this is probably gonna be long so sorry about that.

For context, I did not always think RPF was okay. I’m not sure if I really thought it was not okay, but I had seen it and felt uneasy about it and not really known why in the past. The thing that actually made me question whether that unease was rational wasn’t ‘traditional RPF’, but was because I was reading the rap genius description of a Hamilton song and it said there was Hamilton the musical fanfic. (Like, had I thought about it, I would have been like, of course Hamilton the Musical fanfic is a thing that exists, because there’s fanfic for everything, and hamilton is very popular. But I hadn’t thought about it, so I realized it reading rap genius.) So then I started thinking about like…is it actually Hamilton (the musical) fanfic, or is it just fanfic about Hamilton (the person) and the other historical figures in the play? (Esp if it’s an AU w different characterizations? Like there’s more historical h*milton/l*urens than muscial h*milton/l*urens.) Then I started thinking about how Hamilton itself is actually historical RPF? Like, there’s a bunch of stuff in that play (or any piece of fiction based on ‘a true story’ or history) that isn’t what actually happened/is fabricated for dramatic effect?

That made me think, basically, why do I think historical fiction using real people’s likenesses and/or lives is okay, but modern RPF isn’t? It’s different, for sure, but why? Madeoflater said they felt like they wondered if they’d wouldn’t feel violated if they knew someone used their likeness in a story like that. And again, I see that. But is the tension really the idea of using someone’s likeness and prescribing feelings and actions to a fictionalized version of them? If so, why don’t we feel that with historical fiction about real people?  I think it’s because a) historical figures will never know it happened and b) we fear we can’t suspend our disbelief enough to not assign things we read about fictional representations of/based on these people from the people themselves.

To illustrate point A, imagine that @5-oclock-somewhere@sar7891, and I had a groupchat or something where we wrote fic and showed it to each other. (Whether or not this actually exists is classified.) Would that cause you the same unease? If that fic was never going to be out in the world, and there was no chance anyone fictionally represented in it or people that knew them would see it, would it not just be a weird but harmless thing that we did for fun? For me, I think I would feel decidedly less weird about that in the first place. Mainly, I don’t want players or people they know to have to see fic about themselves or know it exists. (I guess unless they want to, like they’re allowed to know about it, but I think most if not all of them would rather not.)

On point B, imagine that we instead speculated about players’ actual personal lives in that group chat. Gossip is generally seen as an unsavory activity, but we all (whether it’s your mom about the neighbor or twitter about a celebrity) sort of permit it as more or less socially acceptable. Here’s my question: what’s the difference between 1 and 2? There are definitely differences, but what are they? For one, gossip is something we’re socialized to tolerate. For another, fic takes effort and is more deliberate than casual gossip, so it’s more of a choice you’re making when you engage with it. A conversation can accidentally stray into gossip, but it’s hard to accidentally upload to Ao3. On the other hand, fic is (most of the time) a more deliberately fictional construction. Some stories might be positioned as more of a gossipy take on real life, but even those (I think) read as a fictionalized version of real life events, whereas saying “I bet x and y hooked up in college” or “do you think z cheated on w” mostly do not. 

Now, if you’re reading a fic as if it were a depiction of real life events, I think you’re definitely starting to get into problematic territory, but it’s pretty much the same as excessively speculative gossip. If you think one is okay to read/write, then in my mind you’re sanctioning the other. I don’t particularly like either, but really on the list of things we’re all going to hell for, excessively gossiping about someone when they’ll never find out doesn’t rank very high. If you don’t believe there’s a link between fic and the gossipy stuff, just think back to how snippy everyone got during the drought of both “content” and fics. Once people started updating again, even though we haven’t gotten much content lately, people stopped either picking over every little thing or (more often) complaining that people were picking over every little thing. The masses are placated by either, and you can make the determination for yourself whether reading/writing something much more detailed and extra but deliberately fictional is better or worse than reading/writing dubiously fictional speculation on people’s real lives. Or maybe you think either is fine as long, or either are fine as they’re on the DL, which I can see the validity of, I guess, but I really don’t know. 

If, like me, those two things are the reason you feel queasy about stuff, I recommend the following things that I do/have done/try to do:

  1. Send feedback to AO3 and ask if they’ll remove RPF tags from google searches, and if you write fic, go to preferences and click the “Hide my work from search results” button. I generally consider tumblr to be a place where players will only go if they’re looking for trouble, but if you want to be safe, don’t tag fic links with their names. 
  2. Remind yourself that you don’t actually know these people, and even if you did actually know these people, you probably still wouldn’t really understand them, because humans are generally pretty bad at understanding each other. When you read fic, treat it as really fictional fiction. Remember that you’re reading about characters the author made up, who probably more closely resemble composites of them and other people in their real lives (like madeoflater’s old crush) than the players you’re supposed to be reading about. When you gossip about them, either a) don’t or b) imagine them as complicated flawed humans that you still don’t know and grant them as much grace as you’d want if someone were talking about you. It’s (imo) normal to be interested in people you look up to or admire or just think are generally cool, and to wonder what they’re really like, with their friends or their girlfriends or whatever. Just be respectful and kind to them and respectful and kind to everyone else and you’ll be fine.

Also, again, who knows. Maybe in a few months I’ll be like ‘sike rpf is evil i hate it now’ because I, too, am a complicated flawed human, one who doesn’t even understand herself. 

Part of the reason the last chapter of youth took so long was that I started to think more about what I was doing and felt weird about it, but honestly I think what made me stop thinking that was thinking that when people have fic to read they’re less likely to actually wonder/speculate about/look into people’s actual lives. I don’t really think ‘quenching the masses’s gossip thirst in a probably less horrible way than what they might do’ is an actual ethical justification for anything, so I don’t really have the right answer yet and if/when I ever do it might be the same as madeoflater’s. But that’s just where I’m honestly really at right now, which I think is what you asked.

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It'd be cool to see drabble/head canons (whichever you prefer) about Penny's reaction to running into his own kind on Earth, assuming they were dying out/he was the last. Like a fem version who disguises herself as sweet harmless motherly type to trick pray. Would be ❤ to see him assert himself as the dom and be a lil hissy over his territory. He's attracted to her and she enjoys playing with fire but he always wins. Maybe too much to write but feel free to change to your preference or ignore! ❤

This is an interesting concept to play around with though maybe a little much for a drabble. TOO THE HEAD CANONS!!

  • First things first, penny does not like to share. like. ever.
  • Ladywise (yes its a weird name but its mine XD) is probably gonna find that out fairly quickly if she started hunting in his territory
  • That being said he’s probably not use to being around one of his own either so its like a mix of “Oooo something new” and “Back off Bitch this town is mine”
  • Depending on how she behaves he may get a bit feisty, especially if shes mooching of HIS food source
  • though in the scenario of there being no threat to his food or his dominance over Derry then he would be curious and actually take an interest in another of his own kind.
  • meetings like this are rare and the natural urges to mate may become a factor.
  • perhaps Ladywise is a younger less experienced shapeshifter and is still learning how its done.
  • he could try to teach her, perhaps out of genuine desire to aid his kin or perhaps because two predators can hunt more than one.
  • lot of arguing over the best method to hunt, which forms work better and when to strike
  • Pennywise would definitely have to assert himself as top dog though if she started getting too cheeky.
  • Putting her in her place through violence or more, pleasant ways if ya know what I mean ;)
  • If they did breed it would be kinky as hell, I’m talking crazy messy shapeshifter sex all over the place.
  • Like its dripping from the walls, oh god
  • its a lot different from than anything he would do with humans as she would be fare more resilient and able to endure more rough stuff than a weak human would.
  • Maybe one of the things they could do would be showing each other their deadlights, like essentially intertwining their essence in a sort of bonding ritual
  • sadly it wouldn’t last as eventually he would need to go to sleep and so would she. 
  • Being territorial creatures its unheard of for two of them to sleep in the same place as the ensuing hunger upon reawakening would be disastrous for themselves and the town
  • as they go their separate ways for the next 27 years, perhaps they will meet again when they reawaken, be it in in the next cycle or during one in the far future

Hope that was sort of along the lines of what you meant, I might try to do something drabble wise for it at a later date but for now i hope this is enough

anonymous asked:

Headcannon about knowing dacre in high school and like not knowing him till you see him getting bullied and you talk to him after and become really close and now he mentions you in interviews???


  • dacre has always been relatively open about how he always had a hard time in high school
    • but having someone at his side to have his back was just the way he liked it
      • and even when things changed with him, getting into shape, getting his career going, always being busy, things never changed between the two of you, you were always there for each other
      • probably got a fuckin three year long streak on snapchat tbh
      • and he always casually mentions you in interviews whenever its relevant because he can’t get enough of talking about his best friend!!!


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I don't feel like Iyami or Chibita get enough love in this fandom. And I see you accept requests for them both. Do you think you could do something simple, sweet, and short like romantic head cannons. Like how would they act around a crush? Maybe how they would spoil their s/o or something? Oh, or maybe just some hardcore crushing head cannons lol. Like head over heels. Idk literally anything cute with those two losers lmao. Sorry I couldn't actually think of something creative or original. thx

i’ll try my best!

this is going under cut bc i just Kinda

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SwanQueen fic rec list

I read fan fiction religiously and I’ve been meaning to make my own rec list. So I’ve finally made one! I’m probably gonna update it ever so often.

The Worlds You Never See  |  To Remember Her Happy Ending  |  To Protect and Serve | The Color Red  |  Take me to Wonderland (WIP)  |  A Pirate’s Heart  |  The Marshal  |  Story of the Caged Bird  |  Follow If You Lead  |  How A Dress Changed Everything  |  always known  |  Lost in Translation  |  Ocean and a Rock  |  A Dark Ocean  | Falling in My Lemonade (WIP)  | Back East (WIP) |  Down The Rabbit Hole   | Flight SQA016 (WIP)

Mama's Pestering - Vic Fuentes

A/N: oh wow, this has been in my drafts since the beginning of time holy shit. sorry i never posted this!! sorry for any mistakes, i just skimmed through this. so I mean, I guess they’re in high school here…

The school bell rang, leaving a sort of echoing in the silent classroom, signifying that the school day was over. Your teacher was calling out the assignment to the students, who weren’t actually listening, as they trickled out of the room. You grabbed what you needed from your locker and your heart skipped a beat when you closed it and were met with the familiar face of your best friend, Vic. It was wrong of you to like him, especially when he looked at you like a sister. 

“Hey there, how was your day?” He asked, following behind you as you began walking towards the exit. He was holding his guitar case in his left hand, and had his backpack hanging onto his right shoulder.

“Fine, except for the homework I have piled up. How about yours?” You ask, turning to look at him.

“Eh, Same ‘ol, same 'ol.” He shrugs before changing the subject, "where are you gonna be later?“ he asks as he switches his guitar from his left hand to the other and readjusts his backpack so its on both his shoulders.

"I don’t know. At home, my parents probably won’t be there.” You say shrugging.

“When are they home?” Vic asked rhetorically.

“Good question.” You reply, pretending to think about it. Vic nudges you as you laugh together. For you, this gesture sends your heart racing, probably grinning like an idiot.

“Hey, you know you could always share my family, there’s enough of us to go around.” He winked. And you did, it was like you were mooching off the love of his family (in a good way).

“I’ll see you later” Vic said waving you off.

You went to your house and, as per usual, you parents weren’t home. You decided to walk across the park to Vic’s house, you knew he wouldn’t be home yet, but you also knew Mama Fuentes wouldn’t mind, nor would she be surprised, seeing that you were there nearly everyday. You knocked on the door before opening it and walking in.

“(Y/N), sweetie come in, before it starts raining.” She smiled, hugging you as you walked in.

“Hey, Mikey!” You waved and sat next to him at the table.

“Hey, has Vic asked you out yet?” He winked, you blushed a little and shook your head.

“Still waiting.” You say, giving out a nervous chuckle.

“My Vic won’t have enough courage to ask you out himself, the poor boy. He gets so nervous sometimes.” Mama Fuentes laughed in the motherly way.

“Yeah, Vic’s a pussy.” Mike confirmed.

“Michael!” His mother scolded.

“Sorry.” Mike muttered. There was a clash if thunder and the sound of rain pounding on the roof.

“Maybe you should ask him out.” Mama Fuentes suggested, smirking and shrugging.

“Oh I don’t know Mama Fuentes. I mean I might be as much of a pu-…um nervous wreck as he is.” You say, making sure to correct your language. Mike snickered and Mama Fuentes rolled her eyes at you two.

“Well if you wait any longer, you might as well forget it, because we all know Vic won’t do it.” Mike said. You bit your lip and nodded.

“You’re right, when he gets home, I’ll tell him how I feel.” You say a bit uneasy. Right then you heard car doors close, followed by loud footsteps and Vic’s voice coming from outside, he and Papa Fuentes were probably running in because of the rain.

“Would you excuse me? I have to pee.” You ask hurriedly and sped-walked to the bathroom and looked into the mirror at yourself. You can do this, the worst that could happen is him just saying no, right? you thought, trying to give yourself a little pep talk. You heard muffled voices and the door next to the room next to you close, Papa Fuentes was probably going to take a nap since he worked at night. You heard the muffled voices from the kitchen getting louder and decided it would be a good idea to go back to greet Vic.

“Okay mom! There are other girls in my life, girls that are hotter than (Y/N). Jesus! I feel like every time you talk about her she just gets uglier. So would you please, for my sanity, stop pestering me about her!” You heard him shout. You were standing at the kitchen doorway with tears stinging your eyes and leaving hot trails down your cheeks. Mike’s eyes widened when he saw you at the door and Mama Fuentes looked over at you with a certain look in her eyes, maybe it was an I’m sorry or a he didn’t mean it, but it didn’t help the pain you felt, your heart felt like it was being ripped out. Vic followed his mother’s sympathetic eyes and Mike’s enlarged eyes to you, his face dropped immediately and his eyes laced with regret.

“(Y/N).” He whispered, knowing full well that you had heard him. You shook your head and turned away, running out the door into the rain. You could hear him calling after you, but you didn’t stop running. Your tears began to mix with rain drops that fell on your face. You ran to the park and hid underneath the slide so you wouldn’t get as wet, but the rain somehow seeped though and landed on you. Your pulled your knees to your chest and rested your head in your arms. Your whole body was shaking from your sobbing and from how cold you were. Of course Vic was right, you knew you weren’t pretty, but hearing him say it made it worse. You heard your name being called and you did your best to stifle your sobs, but before your knew it there were loud splashes getting closer to you.

“Vic! I found her!” You heard Mike yell. You wanted to tell Mike to go away or to shut up, but you kept your head down.

“Fuck, Mike go get some warm towels ready. Hurry!” Vic demanded. Mike nodded and ran back to their house.

“C’mon (Y/N), let’s go back home. You’re shivering cold.” Vic said. You lifted your head and scowled at him before dropping your head back into your arms.

“(Y/N) you’re soaking wet and you’re going to get sick! Please, (Y/N).” He begged. You sighed and crawled out from under the slide. Vic sighed in relief and began walking towards his house, whereas you walked back in the direction of your house. And for once, you were glad your parents weren’t home, but you just wanted to be away from Vic. When he realized you weren’t with him he looked in all directions before his eyes landed on your trudging figure, he knew where you were going and ran to catch up with you. You were finally in front of your lonely house when Vic ran in the way of your path, you tried to go around him, but he kept stepping in the way. You let out an irritated huff and looked up at the sky, the rain still falling.

“Get out of my way.” You said through clenched teeth.

“(Y/N), what I said back there. I-I swear, I didn’t mean it.” He said trying to get you to look at him, but you wouldn’t, switching your gaze from the sky to the ground, never to Vic..

“I hope your mom stopped talking about me, I wouldn’t want to get any uglier than I already am.” You say bitterly, your voice was hoarse from crying.

“You’re not ugl-”

“You know, I was going to tell you how I actually felt about you right then. I’m glad I didn’t though, cause that would’ve been much more embarrassing.” You cut him off, shoving passed him and walked up the concrete path to your door. He grabbed your arm and spun you to face him and before you could protest, his lips were on yours. You wanted to resist so bad, but you soon found yourself melting into the kiss, tangling your fingers in his hair and his found their way to the back of your neck, pulling you closer. A million thoughts were going through your head at once, but they were soon drowned out by the sound of your heart pounding against your chest. When you pulled away, you were both breathing heavily.

“You are not ugly, (Y/N).” He whispered. Your scowl returned and you looked down.

“Then why’d you say it?” You asked, your voice was small.

“I said it because-…because my mom keeps talking to me about how pretty you are and how good we’d be together, as if I don’t already know and it got annoying ‘cause she knows I’m in love with you, and I-I’ve been too much of a pussy to tell you so I guess I snapped because I-I was just scared you didn’t feel the same way.” He confessed

“You love me?” You asked, searching his eyes for an answer.

“Yes. So fucking much. We’ve been best friends for so long, and all I could ever think about was how perfect you are.”

“You don’t know how long I’ve waited for you to say that.” You breathe, allowing a smile to spread across your face.

“Come on, you need to take a warm bath, before you get a cold or pneumonia.” He said as he helped you into your house and into your bathroom. You let him borrow some of your dad’s clothes and you rinsed yourself in warm water before changing into changed into comfortable clothes. you joined Vic on your bed and cuddled close to him. He pressed a chaste kiss to the top of your head and held you in his arms, whispering sweet nothings into your ear until you fell into a deep and peaceful slumber.

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Sometimes my cheeks are too red and I get embarrassed. Sometimes I don’t like my nose, or my hair, or my body, or anything for that matter. I used to be so insecure about every piece of myself and as I’ve grown up and gotten to experience the fact that I’m not the only girl in the world who feels that way, I’ve learned that loving yourself is worth your time. There are days that its hard and there are days you may feel awful because you will never look like that person, think like that person, be like that person, but always keep in mind that that person will never be you.

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Looks so easy for you to forget the past. How u do this? Cause im stucked in the past,in my 3 year relationship with a dickhead and yes i know I should forget him but I can't cause he was the first one I fell in love completely and in an insane way. I was there for him,I supported him when he reached the bottom and as soon as he got up he turned his back and left. I can't like other guys no matter if they are 100 way better than him. I'll always hope for him. How can I change that?its killing me

How the fuck can u love someone who doesnt love u and hurts u, he doesnt deserve u , i know that u love him so much and this words mean nuttin to u but pretend like u dont give a fuck start goin out with new boys if he feels smth for u he will come back… always act tough.. never let him think ur weak.. SHOW NO LOVE , LOVE WILL GET U KILLED .. most probably as soon as u read this ur still gonna run after him cause all u think about is him , but thinks of this : no one deserves u , ur the best , think that he thinks of u more than u do and if its meant to be ur get back togeva one day.. this thoughts will calm u down…. remember that one day ur gonna laugh about all this bullshit , ur gonna love again , maybe more than him… ❤ .. stop listening to his songs , stop looking at his pics , delete him from everywhere , dont go to the same places and trust me ur gonna forget him real soon…