it's probably been forever (if at all) since she's heard such a genuine compliment like that

Lucky Lady

Word Count: approx 1267

Character: Castiel/Reader

Just a bit of cutesy fluff :3

Other: (Y/N)= Your name

Just a tiiiiiny mention of sex

Based on an imagine I saw “Imagine Castiel asking Dean and Sam how to ask you out”


    You lazily stretch under the covers of your bed, roll over and glance at your clock and watch “12:30 pm” blink on and off. You and the boys had gotten back to the bunker from a vampire hunt late last night and the only thing on your mind at the time was sleep. Which explained the reason you were still wearing the clothes you had on for the past 4 days, leaving the bed and you still dirty and bloody. “Great.” You growl getting up and ripping the dirtied sheets from your bed and throwing them in the hamper near by. You rummage around your duffel bag for your body wash,catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror on the wall.
    Your hair was falling out of the ponytail it had once been in, dirty stray hairs sticking out at the nape of your neck. Perfectly matching your torn shirt and jeans. You made a cringing face at yourself and stepped into the hallway to retrieve a towel from the linen closet. It was time for your favorite part of getting back to the bunker. A nice long hot shower. It felt like forever since you were genuinely clean.
    You quickly walked down the hallway towards the bathroom. You didn’t know if Sam and Dean were still asleep,so you kept quiet as you neared their bedrooms. Suddenly your stomach growled, the sound bouncing off the blank walls,making it sound 10 times louder. You stopped where the hallway split,to the right the bathroom, and to the left, the kitchen and the library. You stand there weighing your choices. “I should eat first, if I wait til after I shower Dean will probably wake up and eat all the good stuff. But I’m fucking filthy.” You whisper to yourself. “Ah screw it,I really want that pie in the fridge!” You say spinning on the balls of your feet to face the left hallway. Honestly with the way you were currently feeling you didn’t care if it was Deans pie or not. While you loved him to death, Dean sometimes needed to be pulled down from his high horse. He had made you feel like a complete idiot during the hunt. stealing his pie was the perfect revenge
    You near the entryway of the library you hear the sound of distance voices.
    “Dean,I need your assistance.It’s rather urgent.” Cas says
    You stopped dead in your tracks and leaned on the wall outside the library. “If its important, why isn’t Cas asking you about it too and to Sam as well? Not just Dean?” You thought looking down at your feet. You’d always liked Cas, ever since you first bumped into him in the bunker after he unexpectedly ‘flew in’. You don’t remember when it developed into a bit of a crush. But it was always a wishful thought you brushed off your shoulder on a daily bases. Nothing like a relationship  between an angel and a human could last. You crept a little closer,straining to hear the conversation
    “Yeah Cas, whats up? Dean reply’s flipping the page of the book he’s reading.
    ” I’d like to ask your opinion on how I would go about,uh,asking someone to accompany me to dinner..Or something.“ Cas says awkwardly. Dean stares puzzled at him before he finally understands.
    "You mean ask them on a date? I didn’t think angels did that sort of thing?” Dean asks, shutting the book and looking at Cas.
    “Yes I know, such feelings of affection are against regulation. But I feel it’s necessary.”
    “Well,I wasn’t expecting that! So whose the lucky lady?” Dean grinned, leaning back in his chair.
    “Well its, It’s uh.” Cas says looking around as if to check to make sure no one was looking.He leaned down to the table and said quietly “Its (Y/N).” You fling your hand to your mouth to muffle the small, almost inhuman noise you made having heard Cas.The silence you heard from Dean  shows you he is just as surprised as you were.
    “Well that’s great!"Dean says smiling
    "Do you think she’s an achievable goal?”
    “ Yeah I think she is, shes a great girl. Awesome hunter,smart,pretty, funny, except I hate it when she eats my pie. She knows not to touch it!” Dean replys drumming his fingers on the table. Cas cocks his head to one side and shoots Dean a confused look, since they’d clearly gone off track from dating tips to Deans precious pie. Dean looked around the room trying to find where he left off. You can’t help but smile at Deans compliments,maybe you’ll leave the pie alone.For now.
    “Anyway, Yeah Cas  shes 'achievable’. I can tell by the way she acts,she likes you. But you’re asking her out because you like her right?”
    “Oh yes very much so. She makes me feel very happy.” Cas says making a big dumb smile grow across your face.
    “Well you spend a lot of time with (Y/N), What do you think she’d like to do?” Dean asks.
    “I’ve noticed that she enjoys consuming large amounts of alcohol, preferable whiskey. And old films seem to be a preference.”
    “Hahaha,Well why don’t you see if she’d like to go to that theater in town where they show the old movies and then go out to a bar to fuel those drinking habits of hers?” Dean says laughing.
    “That sounds like a very good idea. Thank you Dean.”
    “No problem, and you might want to carry some protection,just in case,ya know.” Dean says with a wink and a pat on Cas’ back.
    “I have my angel blade, will that be sufficient protection?” Cas asks with his signature puzzled look on his face. I couldn’t contain myself any longer, I started laughing into the palm of my hand pressed against my mouth.
    “You hear that?” Dean asks. You quickly turned to head to the bathroom when you run straight into Sam. You scream as the scare causes you to jump backwards, landing on your behind in the doorway of the library.
    “ (Y/N) you okay? Sorry I didn’t think I’d scare you” Sam asks helping you up off the floor. You could see Dean in the corner of your eye, judging by the smug look on his face he could tell that you’d been listening.
    “It’s okay Sam, I’m alright. Excuse me I was just going to take a shower.” You quickly shoot back trying to avoid contact with Cas. You pick up your towels and almost sprint down the hallway. “Dammit, Should of picked shower over pie! Deans rubbing off on me!” You thought giving yourself a mental smack.
    “(Y/N),wait!” Cas says suddenly appearing in front of you, making you run into him, just like the way he did when you first met him.
    “Uh yeah Cas?” You reply looking at his gorgeous baby blues.
    “I have a question. Would you um, consider going to the theater in town that shows old movies and go to a bar where we can fuel your drinking habit?” He asks imitating Deans suggestion almost word for word. You curl one side of your mouth into a grin and couldn’t help but laugh. Cas looked down and pursed his lips together, like he was hurt. “I’m sorry, did I say something wrong?”
    “Oh Cas.” You laughed taking his hands in yours. “ No you said everything just perfect. Of course, I’d like to go out with you. In fact I’d love to.” His  expression changed into a smile that you see very rarely. It was one of those little things in life that gave you a high feeling. “Just let me have a shower then we can go then if you’d like?”
    “Yes, I’d like that. I’ll go tell Sam and Dean that we’ll be leaving.” Cas replies disappearing again. “Seriously though, he could of walked down the hall.” You thought opening the bathroom door. But hey, Cas whooshes you off your feet everyday,with him you really are a lucky lady.