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Anonymous requested: BTS reaction to finding their g/f sleeping with another member but it’s totally innocent just sleep 👀

A/N: This is my first reaction ever, so be nice pls. This is honestly pretty cute. I think as a whole all the members feel pretty comfortable with eachother, so something like this wouldn’t be a huge deal, but a few of them might get a little jealous. 


He wouldn’t be upset about finding you curled up on the couch with Yoongi after he got home from working in the studio. He would just smirk and laugh under his breath as he scooped up your sleeping form and carried you off to his bed where he got his cuddles, but then he would tease you about falling asleep with Yoongi in the coming weeks to which Yoongi grumbled because he was sick of hearing it.

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You would have fallen asleep on his lap while watching a new drama with him and Jungkook, but when you shifted without waking up and grabbed onto Jungkook’s arm and nuzzled into it, he might be a little jealous. He give you shit for it off and on months later even though you told him a million times that you couldn’t help it and he knew that, but teasing you for it made you look cute when you got all riled up and it made him laugh.

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When Yoongi came home from working on his new mixtape to find you curled up in Jin’s bed with Jin he would probably get a little jealous and just kind of sit on his bed staring at the two of you with this look on his face(in the gif), mumbling to himself, “Well, I mean if Jin is better at cuddling than me then I guess its fine…” but really he was hoping that you would wake up and get into bed with him(which you would in the middle of the night). Also, when you freaked out about it the next morning apologizing to him for falling asleep with Jin he would be like, “Yeah. Sure. No really, its fine.” in a completely sarcastic tone.

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He would be talking to Namjoon as he walked in the dorm, then all the sudden see you and Jimin sleeping on the couch together under the same blanket. It really took him by surprise at first because you had never done that before, but it really didn’t surprise him considering how close the three of you were so he didn’t really worry about it once he thought through the whole situation. But then again, he would weasel his way in between you guys and get his cuddles after he showered. 

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Jimin would have been taking a shower or something and when he was walking to his room he caught out of the corner of his eye your brightly coloured sweater in Taehyung’s bed… but with Taehyung right next to you! He would slowly make his way into the room and crouch down next to the bed and lightly poke you and whisper, “Jagi, jagi.” until you woke up and he would innocently look at you(like in the gif) and say, “Don’t you like my cuddles anymore?” and pout a little. 

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He would walk into the dorm and find you sleeping on the couch with Namjoon in the middle of the day, which confused him in the first place because why would you be taking a nap at noon?. So he would wait around until you woke up and found him then he would be like, “What the hell? I waited for hours, can we please go play outside now??” 

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He would come out of the shower and find you sleeping on Hoseok’s lap as he played video games(which is normally what you did with him so he was kind of just like wtf). Then Hoseok would speak in a hushed tone saying, “She fell asleep watching me, isn’t that funny?” and Jungkook would be making this face(in the gif) as he tried to smile while speaking through his teeth, “Yeah, so funny.” 

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That feeling when a 10 minute fucking doodle comes out a million times better than a pic you spent multiple hours on *huff* People are probably gettin really tired of seeing me draw Reverse Kevin but lookie Eddward finally made an appearance again :3 Reverse and all of its beautiful designs are property of asphyxion and I claim absolutely zip credit for their creation

since tomorrow is the fanfiction writer appreciation day (august 21st), i thought i’d write up a lil thing about stuff that you can do for your resident writers, not just tomorrow (tho especially tomorrow), but whenever you read anything

- both likes/favorites/subscriptions/etc AND comments mean a lot to every writer!

- writers love to hear feedback. even if its just one word. even if you have nothing more to say than ‘nice!’ or 'cute!’ or 'aaw <3’ or anything of the sorts, its still absolutely loved feedback!

- if you are struggling with things to say, bring up what you liked; did you like how they write dialogue? mention it! did you like character interactions? mention it! did you like the ship? mention it! when you pinpoint the thing that you liked writers tend to start taking extra notice on that particular stuff, meaning that in the future what you liked, you’ll be receiving more of! and who doesnt like that!

- if reading a piece sparks something in your head, whether its an idea or a headcanon or anything related to the characters/au/story/whatever, mention it. tossing around and playing with these kind of things is always fun, and as writers are people seeking new stuff to explore and write about, these are always helpful things! besides, who knows, if you share a headcanon that pops in your mind while reading things, maybe they’ll write something about the said headcanon too!

- if you like the thing but dont know how to put it into words, fear not! nobody will get mad at you for just saying 'i liked it!’ but not knowing exactly what you liked. just the fact that you dig something we put out there for you and you say that, is more than enough. sure some people like to ask for more detailed input, but dont worry; again, nobody will get mad at you if you cant pinpoint the exact reasons

- SHARING IS CARING. if its just a tumblr reblog, it counts. specifically recommending ones stuff to your friend is amazing. just putting it out there that 'hey i love this fic/this author/stuff in this fandom/about this ship/character’ makes us feel like weird doing something right and that is great and makes us feel amazing in turn. and that encourages us to make more stuff for you to enjoy, whether its similar fics, stuff in a specific fandom, or just writing in general

also quick two parter hint section of things that you probs shouldnt do

- if a writer doesnt speficically ask for critiques and/or people to help point out spelling/grammar/etc errors, do not offer them said things! if you absolutely have to for whatever reason, please do it privately and as politely as possible. other than that, just please try to enjoy what is offered for you, cause even the pros make mistakes some times!

- dont tell a writer that their work reminds you of another persons work, that their ocs remind you of someone elses characters etc., unless its really obvious that its a ripoff. and especially then please highly consider if they really are stealing/ripping off someone else before accusing them of such things. its disheartening to hear that someone already did the idea, especially since 9 times out of 10 we will think their work is probably better than ours so yeah. you dont tell all those million coffee shop aus that they’ve already been done by someone else, why would you do that to anything else?

this has been your lil writer feedback psa. feel free to add more!

☂ Ship - Steve Rogers

Requested by anonymous.

Yells at the other for leaving wet towels on the bed: Steve. He is an old man and is grumpy. Even though he’s very sweet, he gets very grumpy when he tries to sleep and the bed is wet. But he fixes it and then you guys cuddle. 

Whines when the other forgets what they wanted at the grocery store: Steve. He is a grumpy old man who just wants what he wants. He doesn’t whine but pouts until you either go get it or distract him with kisses. 

Leaves five half drank bottles of water in their room: You. Steve is always trying to get away from the Avengers because they, “Give him a headache.” So he’s always pulling  you away to your room for some down time, no matter what you are doing. Hence the water bottles.

Initiates a quickie while at somewhere they shouldn’t: You. Not that Steve isn’t usually 100% down, but he’s Captain America and Mr. Always Serious, so he doesn’t initiate it as much. But you always find different rooms in the Avengers tower. Some that aren’t totally private.

Surprises the other with their favorite fast food for dinner: Steve. Although being the big grump he is, he’s always telling you how bad it is for you and how it tasted better when he was a kid and blah blah blah.

Is massively hungover after celebrating their anniversary: Both of you. Although Steve really can’t get drunk, he still gets the headaches the morning after. You spend your anniversary in bed, cuddled up trying to get Bucky or Sam to bring you food. 

Argues for double stuffed Oreos over regular: Steve. “Its the only thing from your time that’s better than from mine.”

Buys $200 worth of baby things after finding out they’re expecting: Probably both of you but mostly Steve. “Do you know how long I have wanted to start a family? This has been like a million years in the running.” He gets so crazy excited about it and he does anything to make you feel more comfortable. “Do you want me to carry you? Massage your feet? Are you hungry for anything?”

Insists that they each get their own popcorn at the cinema: Steve. Movies are one of the only things that Steve really likes about “nowadays.” He loves the experience at the movies so much that he hardly wants to make out during it. But yeah he needs that popcorn all to himself.