it's prob. not that great but eh


Vertical Limit

Back in 2012 Scottish craft beer dudes BrewDog were gettin’ ready to celebrate their 5th anniversary with all the usual party type things, y’know, cake, streamers, apple bobbing, a Livestreamed hot sauce circle jerk, but they just felt a certain summat was missin’. “Crikey fried fuck gizzards” they cried in unison, “We should probs make some beer or some shit, eh?”. And so they did. Based on the by now legendary AB:04, a teensy weensy batch of a chocolate, coffee, and chilli imperial stout for their boutique Abstrakt brand, the resulting Dog A was a chuffing great horny beast of a beer, and so were its 6th and 7th anniversary siblings, the entirely appropriately alphabetically named Dog B, and Doc C. I’d been meaning to do a vertical tasting of these wonders for a while but ‘twasn’t ‘til Christmas gone that I got ‘round to it. Aww yus!

‘Kay so I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it ‘til everyone’s sick of me then I’ll say it again. BrewDog, though better known for their hoppy pales, really shine with their stouts. Every damn one they make is magnificent and their best are a match for any I’ve ever had. This expression joins the original Black Eyed King Imp as my favourite of all their stouts. A 15%+ abv brew loaded with pure cacao and coffee and with naga chilli’s in a killer cameo role. So, Dog A then, and just the sight of that glorious sump oil-like liquid tumbling languidly into my glass caused goosebumps. ‘Tis a sublime brew erupting with mouth coating, rich, sweet, and complex flavours of dark chocolate, fine coffee, vanilla beans, stewed prunes, dates, figs, joy and magic. Add half a hedgerow’s worth of earthy, spicy, hops for added flavourama awesomness and a building bitterness towards the long, medium dry, and nicely warming finish, the cause of which can be shared by the smooth alcohol warmth and the perfectly judged naga chilli’s, and you’ve got it. *deep breath*

The other two are as you’d expect, just as deliriously flavoursome but with a slightly increasing intensity from their more mature and chilled out big brother. I think. I was in no fit state to make accurate notes or well, stand up, after these three. But whadda way to get wonky. Anyhoo, I’m off to see if I can get any more of these before they finally disappear for good, see y’all soon. 

Today was a wild fuckin’ ride. Right so, I was just out chillin’ with my mates and then one of my friends was like ‘yo, sauce me a sick drink, you beaut’ and we’re like Alex, we don’t have any drinks. He got sad for a second but that’s when I got the idea to go to Timmies – I work there, so I can get us free French Vanillas and timbits. Everyone starts calling me a fucking legend and then we’re all making our way down to Tims to have some mad chirps and great food. Just as we’re about to get there, our friend, Michael was like ‘you guys, this rocket I’m wheeling is hitting me up. I’ve got to go.’ So, we’re all about to say goodbye and shit when Avery fuckin’ roasts him like a chestnut. This boy starts calling Mikey a duster and laughs at him for trying to wheel girls who clearly aren’t interested when the rest of us are gonna be chilling at timmies with our free food. I mean, he had a point, eh? Anyways, we all had a great ol’ time at Tims and the girl bailed on Mikey last minute… so, that’s why you shouldn’t be a duster. Stay in school, kids.