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One of the four postcard designs I’m doing for shatterdomeseattle! (An additional four to be done by geniusbee.) The postcards were available through the Indiegogo that was run last year, and I imagine they’ll also be available at the con itself on May 3rd. So go to the shatterdomeseattle page and get up to Seattle. :3

I had to make one of them coffee related, and given that I usually always draw Newt, I decided to go with Mako instead.

Sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself. Falling for people who would never reciprocate my feelings. Overthinking all of our interactions. Imagining the possibility that they may have feelings for me that they are too afraid to express. I know it’s stupid.

I have an AU where Hanzo came out as transmale when he was little but transfemale Genji didn’t realize she was a woman until she was much older, and no matter how carefree and rebellious that she was in other areas of her life, she’s too scared to say anything about it or try to come out. She ends up telling Hanzo and Hanzo tries to help her through the process even though he doesn’t remember all how it went.


every westallen scene ever (17/?)

how is it possible to feel cute and pretty one day and the very next day you feel like you just climbed out of a dumpster?

It was really fun omg even if I’m not really happy with the result but hey I had a good time ♡

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reasons to give servamp a chance

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gosh if happens it's Joongi with Suwon's order, my trust for Suwon will become lesser and lesser >_< i really prefer if it's Keishuk doing, without Suwon's knowing.

Haha, the Joon-Gi thing was just me being silly, but ngl, I actually would not be surprised at all if the shooter was from Kouka acting on Kye-Sook’s orders without Soo-Won’s knowledge. He seemed really pissed about Soo-Won agreeing to talk to Kouren and Tao, and about Yona being alive and having some influence. I’ve always gotten a “I’m a malicious character and won’t be redeemed in any way” vibe from him since day 1, so if not here, I’m at least expecting him to do something nasty before the end of the series. 

And if it turns out it was Soo-Won who ordered the attack… well, let’s just say I’d find that very interesting. Veeery interesting indeed. 


FitzSimmons Winter (Re)Watch: One song per episode
             The Things We Bury: “Other Side of the World (Live)” by KT Tunstall (x

Following a particularly grueling hunt, Benny decides to treat Sam with a quiet date night. He gets Dean out of the bunker for a few hours and sets everything up before he finds an excuse to pull Sam away from his research in the library. He leads his exhausted boyfriend by the hand to one of the lesser used bathrooms in the batcave. Benny already hung the softest towels he could find on the bronze towel rack, and he’s filled the old claw-foot tub with warm water. The lights are off, but Benny’s set up a dozen or so lavender scented candles, leaving the room fragrant and awash in a dim glow. 

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What do you think of Deaf Courfeyrac and Video Relay Combeferre? (AKA, the one who translates speeches and news programs to sign language)

Okay, my understanding of all this isn’t necessarily the best and there’s really only so much research I can do at midnight, so please be kind. Anyways, my first thought was the sort of VRS stuff you get with a phone service?  Like where Person A is d/Deaf and speaks over camera through an interpreter to Person B who’s hearing.

A(speaking English) <—-> C (speaks both, interpreting) <—–> B (speaking ASL, has a camera and a screen so that they can see C and C can see them)

So in this case we have Person B as Courf, and Person C as Combeferre.

Now – this actually made me laugh so hard when I first saw it?? Because the thought of how this goes from “professional, disconnected strangers” to actual friends is just beautiful.

Like this is Combeferre’s job.  He is good at it.  He – is – professional.  He loves the very real challenge of getting up every day, going into a completely new, random situation, and needing to translate two completely different languages in real time so that they maintain nuances and the conversation can be successfully carried out between two people.  Sometimes it’s bizarre or exciting or unsettling, though often, when it comes to the conversations themselves, it’s sort of dull.  And maybe today has been exceptionally dull.

He relayed one conversation that was basically twenty minutes of two people discussing how much the other’s children have grown.  One was about a very unfortunately placed rash that someone has.  One involved an older hearing person who Combeferre really wished knew ASL because her hearing was going and he ended up needing to repeat the same recipe for oatmeal-raisin cookies to her about four times. He is genuinely going out of his mind with boredom and all he can think about is the book in his bag which he really wants to take out and read.  

Then he gets connected onto another call.  And suddenly he has this face full of a quite young, quite attractive young man with this huge, dimpled smile and curly hair and really gorgeous eyes.

But Combeferre is a professional.  So he tells himself.

And he’s waiting for this discussion to be, oh I don’t know, talking to his mom about who’s turn it is to take the dog out, or about homework, or something equally dull because that has been his day. Instead the hearing person on the other line sounds like they’re voice is literally made out of fire and they start having this intensely passionate political debate and it’s all Combeferre can do to stay detached and professional and relay the message without putting his two bits in.  It is easily the most fun call he’s had all day – probably all week – because his Deaf client (called Courfeyrac by the hearing one who answers to Enjolras ) has just the most beautiful speech, he talks with his entire body so enthusiastically he’s repeatedly nearly throwing himself out of his chair, and Combeferre is genuinely loving trying to interpret for the man called Enjolras because he speaks so passionately that it feels like it takes all of Combeferre’s energy to properly translate it.

(Also, brief interlude: imagine Combeferre trying to pronounced Enjolras’ name when Courf finger-spells it at him.  Or imagine him trying to figure out how the fuck you spell “Courfyerac” when Enjolras says it – are there protocols for that?  Or is it the Starbucks’ cross-your-fingers-hope-it’s-right method?)

And yeah, despite everything else Combeferre ends that day very happily. He goes home that evening still thinking about Courfyerac, and even finds himself looking up some of the topics him and Enjolras were talking about later that evening instead of reading more of his novel.

Still, it was a one time thing, it was fun, but like any other job it passes and he moves on to new conversations between new people.

Until all of a sudden he’s faced with Courfeyrac fiddling with his camera again.  This time it’s not Enjolras he’s talking to but a man called Feuilly and they’re trying to make plans for a rally they’re apparently having soon and once again Combeferre is completely enraptured.

And that could have been called a coincidence, until, a few weeks later, he connects to another call and is once again faced with Courfeyrac. And once again has to dredge of every little bit of his schooling and experience to stay professional. Because holy shit Courfeyrac is actually the cutest boy to ever sit in front of a camera.  And once again he goes home and fucking daydreams about this random client and his wonderful views on politics and how clever he is and how charming he is and how Combeferre really, really, really wants to actually talk to him, not just relay someone else’s words to him from the other side of a screen.

And then it happens a fourth time, and Combeferre has a complicated relationship with religion but in this moment he is now certain that some sort of greater being exists because it or he or they are clearly trying to torment him at this point.  Except this time he’s on a late shift, and he’s tired as fuck and has been chugging coffee like it’s water, and Courfeyrac has called up a person called Grantaire.  Grantaire is not a fun person to interpret for because he seems to write a novel just to say a sentence and laces that novel very heavily with obscure metaphors and references.  He is also a wonderful person to interpret for because he has a fiendishly clever sense of humour that has Combeferre’s lips twitching in amusement.  But jokes and puns do not translate easily, especially from ASL where puns are physical.  So, exhausted and amused and just thrilled to see Courfeyrac again, when Courf tries to tell Grantaire a particularly bad joke that he’s desperately trying to figure out how to translate, he can’t help it, he cracks.  He just doubles over and starts howling with laughter because good lord that was so terrible it was actually the worst joke he has ever heard and that does it he is absolutely in love.

When he’s finally able to compose himself again (and feeling awful, shit shit shit, that was really unprofessional, he is not supposed to do that, he’s not supposed to be involved in the conversation, not if it involves interesting politics or bad jokes or even cute boys) he straightens and just sees Courfeyrac grinning at him so hard it has his eyes all crinkled up – it may be the only smile in the world that can truly and accurately be described as beaming.  It’s like the sun.

And then Courfeyrac signs So this is probably super weird but I’m pretty sure I’ve had you do some of my other calls before and you probably don’t remember me at all but can we get coffee sometime? Please??  Except, shit, I don’t know where you live.  Cyber coffee? We could sit in our own houses and Skype drink coffee?

(They Skype drink coffee together two days later.)

(also: Courf definitely noticed the really cute VRS operator he kept getting connected to because he’s never seen anyone manage to sign Enjolras’ speech quite that well.  Plus, he keeps getting this little crease above his eyes like he’s genuinely thinking about what they’re talking about, or his mouth’ll quirk a little at the jokes like he’s trying really hard not to laugh and dang it Courf really wishes there was some way he could just break the fourth wall and make this operator talk because he really looks like he has something to say and Courf really want to hear it.

When he got that last call with Ferre, it was because he’d convinced R to join him in his VRS operator hunt which basically involved him repeatedly calling and hanging up until he found the right one, and then being a sarcastic little shit with R since the interpreter seemed to be a sucker for clever jokes and Courf will break him.)

The Snape Dialogues: Luna's Shoes
  • Potions Class: A Never Seen Scene of 3rd Year Luna Lovegood and her Potions teacher
  • Snape: *weaving languidly between the desks of his Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff 2nd year students - he stops when he notes that one student is without shoes* Miss Lovegood, where are your shoes?
  • Luna: *smiles sweetly in the true way of the innocent* The pixies took them, Professor Snape. *blissfully returns to her potion*
  • Snape: *grips his hands behind his back - the only sign of irritation* Do not turn away, Miss Lovegood, and give me the truth about where your shoes have disappeared to.
  • Luna: *Professor Snape casts the Stasis Spell on the Ravenclaw's potion* Thank you, Sir.
  • Snape: The truth, Miss Lovegood. *the Potions Master patiently prompts the flighty-brained girl*
  • Luna: I told you the truth, Professor Snape. Professor Lockhart's Cornish Pixies took my shoes. They also took Mimsy Borograves' hair ribbon.
  • Mimsy: *tries to pretend she doesn't exist as she keeps brewing her potion*
  • Snape: *selects two Sappoporous Beans and transfigures them into a functional pair of shoes - another two beans become simple white socks - he hands them to the witch* It is not wise to attend Potions in bare feet. Put those on, Miss Lovegood.
  • Luna: *takes the new shoes of functional, patent leather black and examines them* New shoes! How wonderful! Thank you, Professor Snape. *she quickly puts on the socks and the new shoes and claps her hands* They fit perfect!
  • Snape: Perfect... ly, Miss Lovegood. *removes the Stasis Spell* Finish your potion, if you would.
  • Luna: *still beaming as she returns her attention to her potion*
  • Snape: *returns to sweeping up and down between the desks until the end of class*
  • Snape: *seated at his desk as he receives the completed potions* Abysmal, Mr. Stangood. You have brewed... sludge. Zero.
  • Alby Stangood: *sighs, hangs head, and turns away*
  • Snape: *takes the sample of the potion from the next student* Acceptable, Miss Leeves.
  • Carolyn Leeves: *smiles in delight* Thank you, Professor!
  • Snape: *one by one the potions are handed in and the students leave until he receives the last one - it is a glowing shade of chartreuse - he glances up at the ill-fated student* Miss Lovegood...
  • Luna: It's pretty, isn't it, Sir? Don't worry, though, it is still Sleeping Draught but I added two chamomile leaves to reduce the acrid taste.
  • Snape: *scowls, uncorks the tube the sample is in, sniffs it, then dips his pinky finger into it and tastes it* Not bad... *hands her the potion* Are you prepared to test it, Miss Lovegood?
  • Luna: *takes the potion* I am, Professor.
  • Snape: *he watches as the girl drinks down the potion - her eyes lower, and she yawns*
  • Luna: *closes eyes* I'll miss... Charms...
  • Snape: *catches the witch before she falls, picks her up, and draws her onto his lap - he administers an antidote - she wakens*
  • Luna: Good morning, Professor Snape.
  • Snape: *smirks in amusement as he returns her to her feet* It is the afternoon, Miss Lovegood, and you have Charms to attend.
  • Luna: Lovely! I didn't miss class. Thank you, Sir.
  • Snape: You have not. However, you do have homework. *Summons a scroll* You will be writing up your modification for publication to Apothecarum. You have earned 10 points for Ravenclaw and an E for today. Now, get to class.
  • Luna: *with absolute delight, leans up and kisses her teacher's cheek, and runs out of the classroom before he can remonstrate with her*
  • Snape: *scowls* Fae creature!

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Test subject 626 *Eyebrow wiggle*

Subject 216, nicknamed “Mutt” by some workers, is one of the first successful attempts at multi-species hybridization in an underground laboratory. Few actually know exactly what it’s a hybrid of, though there are many speculations. 216 is kept in an empty white containment room. Currently it’s curled up in a corner as far as it can get from the observation window. As far as humans go, they’re all awful in her eyes.